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OWO-chan (Truth in the Meme)


The Furry Fandom has always been known as a place of acceptance, a place to be whatever you want to be. We have our rules, our codes of conduct- but even with all the love, acceptance, and creativity…we all have our cringe stories. We have all encountered the more “unlikable” characters in the fandom and have our stories because of them. While a lot of the fandom tries to sweep these characters under the rug, their presence is everywhere: beware groups, the constant battles on Furry Twitter, there is no escaping it.

Now take a look at the character known as: OWO-Chan.

I started seeing the character in Furry groups across Facebook and was immediately invested in learning more. While the comics and shorts portraying OWO-Chan were meant as jokes, there was no fooling me that there was a lot of truth behind what was being shown as well. From the way the character degrades artists, to the harassment of other creators, begging for free art, etc. There was a deep truth behind the meme whether anyone wanted to admit it or not. I often found myself laughing and shaking my head at the small panels and knew this was something I wanted to feature on my blog.

Because, if there’s one thing I think is important to cover…it is all sides of the fandom as it stands. This means covering the good, the bad, and ugly.

So I reached out to the artist (SQUISHYMOON) and they were kind enough to answer a few questions for me about the character, its creation, and overall purpose.

Describe OwO-chan for those that may not know the character:


OWO-Chan is a very basic female fursona, and what I mean by that is she has the most “common” aspects of the furry community made into a design. She’s blue and white with a curly tail and normal wolf/dog ears, she’s not super unique and probably looks like 1000s of other fursonas in the fandom. She also has a large bust and hips, along with a bulge that gets bigger in every comic.

Her personality is based off a toxic popfur, the reason I say ‘toxic popfur’ and not just ‘popfur’ is because I believe there are popular furries who are good people and that not everyone who’s a “popfur” is bad. She’s based off everything wrong, toxic, and gross in the furry fandom. Because just like every fandom out there, there’s always gonna be bad with the good.


What inspired their design?

That’s a hard question, I wasn’t planning on making this a “real” fursona. It started off as a “shitty” doodle I made last second in a regular art I was making, I thought up the most annoying furry in the fandom and BAM: owo was made. I didn’t even choose her name, it was the name the fandom gave her so I went with it.


What was the first OwO-chan comic and what brought it about?


She actually started off as a crappy doodle in a random artwork I did, and after over 100 people liked and commented on it I started making comics! All requested by people in the fandom, it seems like a lot of people have also dealt with someone like owo-chan. Every comic I make is based off someone’s request in the fandom along with my own experiences with toxic people, so honestly owo-chan was brought about from many different people not just me.


What do you hope the comics accomplish (if anything)?

At first, I just wanted to make a stupid meme because I thought it was funny. After seeing other people’s stories in the fandom: all the hate, sadness, and being able to make people laugh about something that probably wasn’t the best thing to deal with..makes me really happy. Now I want to help spread information around Facebook, showing exactly what a toxic furry is. Maybe we can stop new furries and even old furries from behaving this way, while also being able to joke about it. A lot of furries have been this person at one time, and that’s okay. As long as you learn from your past mistakes that’s all that matters, but you shouldn’t be held to your past the rest of your life. Most of all, I just want to make people laugh. And also maybe non-furries will see that this type of person isn’t what our fandom is about.

Since the comics seem to revolve around particular (unlikable) characters that exist in the fandom…how do you think certain issues in the fandom could be solved?

I don’t particularly think it can be solved, at least not in my lifetime. All fandoms big and small have a “dark side”. Furries are seen as perverts who have sex is fursuits, in the MLP fandom they’re seen as gross old men who jack off to clop porn. Sometimes you have to just accept there’s always gonna be “that person” in the fandom. I think what could help, is standing up to people who are this way. Stand up to bullies, stand your ground when getting commissions, stop letting people tell you that you charge too much for art. Basically I think we need to stop letting “bad” “toxic” people run around thinking they can get away with stuff because they’re popular or because they have a “mental illness”. We are all responsible for our actions ya know?

Everyone seems to ask, so can you confirm that OwO-chan’s bulge and breasts seem to grow with every comic?


Yes, I can confirm her tits/thighs and bulge are getting bigger in every photo. But shhhhhhh you didn’t hear it from me!! Haha


Has there been any negative attention because of the comics?

Sadly yes, there have been a few “bad” comments and messages regarding the comics. A few have said I’m making it seem like being a toxic person is okay, that younger furries will think it’s okay to act that way, and that I’m making furries seem super sexual, and that I need to stop.
And one person said I probably drew this because I’m actually like the person I draw! That one wasn’t very nice to hear, but, those are just some things people have said. It’s not easy hearing negativity, but it’s also not something I’m exactly scared of. I have been hearing negativity my whole life, most of us have. It hurts, but the good always over-grows the bad! And if I can make 100’s of people smile and bring the fandom together, then those 10-30 negative comments or messages don’t matter. Who knows maybe one day I can even win over the negative people with my art!

What is the best thing to come from the OwO-chan comics?


Well, firstly my page had 56 likes/follows five days ago. Today I have over 300, being able to share my art with that many people is amazing. The best thing in my opinion is, owo-chan is basically everyone’s fursona. I don’t claim her to be just mine, I let everyone draw her and use her however they please. If the whole fandom wants to use her as a mascot to show what bad furries look like I’d be 100% okay with that! If someone wants to put her on a t-shirt, go ahead. She’s everyone’s, and we can all enjoy making memes and jokes together while spreading information about toxicity in the fandom!

Anything to add?


I’d just like to say, I’m super glad people are enjoying the character. It makes me even happier we can all bond over awful experiences in the community and fandom, and maybe in the future we can have less people like owo-chan.

Find me other places:

So there you have it folks!

I just want to give a huge “thank you” to Squishymoon, not only for taking time to answer my questions (and draw for some of them as well), but just for creating the character in general. I think it takes a lot of guts to have such a sense of humor in the fandom. A lot of the time what we see is more along the lines of pretending something doesn’t exist rather than tackling it head-on. And those that do try and tackle issues in the Furry Fandom tend to be on the side of witch-hunts that I see doing more harm than good. I think tackling toxic furries in a humorous way that highlights what real bad behavior looks like is actually good for the community. I agree with Squishymoon in that it is something to bring us all together and to teach new and old furries on how not to behave and teach them what is not acceptable without having to put them on blast directly.

So thank you again Squishymoon for taking the time to do this for me! And remember to check out their linked pages above for more OwO-chan and more amazing art in general!

But what do YOU think?

What are your opinion on OwO-chan? What do you think is a good way to confront and eliminate toxic furry behavior? What are some of your furry cringe stories? Do you think the fandom sweeps too much under the rug and doesn’t like confronting its dark side?

As always, let me know your thoughts/opinions in the comment section down below. Thank you all for reading, and I will see you all in the next blog! 😉



The Goodest Boy and his victory lap against ALS-


Vet tech, runner, fursuiter, grease monkey, motorcycle hysteric and full time nutjob. ALS can kiss my fuzzy butt. I ain’t scared! –DogBomb

Words on a profile that are not even a shadow of the figure that Tony “DogBomb” Barrett would create when he was diagnosed with ALS in March of 2018. Furries, for all the negative backlash they receive have often shown light in many ways throughout their communities. Whether that be placing smiles on the faces of adults and children alike, raising money for animal organizations through their conventions, or, in the case of Tony (DogBomb), raising money and awareness for a very serious disease…Furries have always been there to lend their helping paw.

Tony not only shed light on his condition by documenting it as it was happening, but he showed how something so terrible and devastating did not have to bring a person down. ALS is very real, and very serious…but Tony never let it stop him from loving and living his life in the only ways he knew how. Wherever he went he continued spreading positivity and love, all while educating the public on why taking action and making an effort towards research was important and even crucial if a cure was to be found for future generations.

He took something terminal in stride as he continued to walk, boat, ride, and sit down with friends all the while confessing that he shouldn’t be doing such things, but he had a point to prove, even with his doctor’s disapproval. Through laughs and moments of honesty, and even a few moments of vulnerability- DogBomb had nothing to hide from the community he loved so much, and all he ever asked is that we pay it forward, and keep shining that light after he had gone.

“No one should be broken up over my passing. Sadness or anger at ALS is appropriate, but there is nothing to grieve about when you consider the ride that I was afforded. Wag every day, please. Hug your dogs and your friends. Smile when you think of me. No regrets.”


-About ALS-

(Provided here is just a summary but you can read all about ALS: HERE )

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive neuro-degenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. The progressive degeneration of the motor neurons in ALS eventually leads to their death. When the motor neurons  die, the ability of the brain to initiate and control muscle movement is lost. With voluntary muscle action progressively affected, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed.

With voluntary muscle action progressively affected, people may lose the ability to speak, eat, move and breathe.

ALS usually strikes people between the ages of 40 and 70, and it is estimated there are more than 20,000 Americans who have the disease at any given time. ALS can affect anyone, and can also run in families. While scientists have made leaps and bounds in their discoveries and treatment of ALS, there is no cure.

“People often ask me if I’m scared. For whatever reason, I’m not scared at all. I’ve never been afraid of much in this life, except for the thought of losing my independence, which absolutely terrifies me.”



-A Mutt’s Journey-

Tony gained attention in the fandom in August of 2010 when a picture started circulating of him in his Fursuit standing next to a wheelchair user. This moment he recorded as “Courage on Two Wheels” on his Furaffinity.  This was the moment where Tony showed his loving and honest character, saying that people always saw him as “courageous” for Fursuiting in public, whereas the true courage came from the people such as the girl in the wheelchair (named Sarah).

“As the crowds parted to make way for the upright canine, a young
lady in a wheelchair caught my attention.
Unable to speak, or even wave for that matter, she used her beautiful
eyes to lure me over.

She was alone in her chair, body twisted and lacking in coordination,
betraying its owner with a vengeance. She was bereft of speech, couldn’t
hold a pen and lacked the motor skills to write if she could, yet when I
held her hand in my paw, her eyes danced. They spoke volumes.

I spent the better part of half an hour in this angel’s company.
She felt my claws and leaned her head against my fur.
We watched the throngs hurry past, the waves wash over the shore
and the gulls shriek and take flight.
A peaceful island in a sea of activity.

Eventually, she released my paw and made a motion with her head.
It was time for me to bid farewell.
I gave her shoulder a pat and I saw that terrific smile flash
across her face. I felt calm and blessed by her company.”

DogBomb as said in “Courage on Two Wheels”

His journey to finding the fandom was somewhat similar to my own as he found it after a friend merely referred to him as being a Furry. I personally saw nothing else about this moment in Tony’s life, but it’s something fun to imagine as I have personally gone from living under that rock to falling down the rabbit hole.

It was March in 2018 when Tony was diagnosed with ALS and given an estimated life-span of 1-3 years. The disease varies from person-to-person…and as to how quickly his physical state would deteriorate no one knew. But “You can’t keep a good dog down”.


Since his diagnosis, Tony has been adamant on raising money and awareness for ALS, all the while making more ‘personal’ contributions to help ALS research. On November 10th, 2018- Tony and others marched a mile in the name of ALS research and raised $34,000 for the cause! As Tony exclaimed: “The organizers were blown away by the exuberant fun that a whole mass of fursuiters brings to an event. It was the first time that the local ALSA reached their fundraising goal and it was the biggest walk ever.
Yeah, furries did that.

Tony also participated in a clinical trial in an attempt to stop the disease. And though he was declined in becoming an organ donor because of his ALS, he did sign over his body to science for use as a cadaver. Even then, he showed his bright and humorous side, wanting nothing more than to provide a few good laughs to doctors-to-be.

It was then on March 29th 2019 that Tony announced he would be ending his life on his own terms- refusing to let the disease take him, and that the date he had chosen was April 5th, 2019. In that time he traveled to have drinks with friends, say his last goodbyes, all the while still spreading light and positivity throughout the fandom. DogBomb was not defeated by ALS but rather, the fandom agreed that the goodest of boys had taken the victory lap on it all:

-Furries fighting ALS and Stigma-

Furries have always been the butt-end of the joke (sexual pun intended? Unintended?) when it comes to society. We know that people see us just as the weirdos in the animal costumes that may or may-not do questionable things behind closed doors. But if there’s one thing that Furries come together on despite fandom drama and spite from the outside…it’s fighting the good fight for a good cause.

Not only did Furries raise over 30k for ALS back in 2018, but on March 24th 2019 Furries took to the streets in a marathon once more to raise money for ALS research and to spread awareness. Spear-headed by Tony as “Team Smelly Mutt”, they raised over $110,000 for charity and continue to raise money for ALS by selling art, doing streams, selling stickers, t-shirts, and other goods all in the name of “DogBomb” and his message:

“There are some that view furries as a punchline, but I can tell you that the ALS association takes us very seriously. The fandom has been an absolute fund raising force, and no group has ever risen to the occasion like you all. Over $100,000 raised so far. Let that sink in…

Almost every single person at the meet and greet had questions about what furry is, and there is a huge buzz about our participation in the marathon. Perceptions are changing, my friends, and that’s due to your hard work. Am I proud to be a furry? You’re damn right I am.”


…these acts of kindness, charity, determination, and overall love for a member of the community has helped in shedding light on the Furry Fandom as a whole, and really brought back what the fandom is all about: teamwork, inclusiveness, positivity, creativity, a place where anyone and everyone can find their place and belong. This fandom is a fandom of LOVE, and we shine brightest when we are all together working towards a common goal.

Tony “DogBomb” has given permission to use the likeness of his character but only if those proceeds go to ALS research. And, if you wanna send a few bucks to help out, you can still do so by checking out Team Smelly Mutt’s page: HERE or by visiting


-Time too short but a whole life lived-

If it was one thing that DogBomb asked of others (outside of being kind to one another) it was to live. It was to live and do the things you loved, tell others how much they mean to you, and to sit back with a cold one. But most of all, he asked that others not mourn his death, but rather celebrate his life and smile.

After his time came and went and he crossed that rainbow bridge, Twitter went dark in honor of DogBomb. Profile pics faded to black with the rainbow lei to represent his journey into the next life, with hashtags calling for a toast for DogBomb with several people speaking up about their amazing interactions with this man who was an inspiration (and still is) to so many.

I myself never got to meet him, and only this year did I start following his journey, not knowing how drawn in I would become, nor how deeply I would feel the loss of someone who is technically a total stranger. That’s part of the reason why this blog has taken so long to write…because the words just couldn’t form in my mind as I can’t speak on experience about any of this…only that watching this journey further affirmed why I love the fandom, further inspired me to continue writing about the fandom, and it restored my faith in both humanity and the fandom. It also caused me quite a few tears before my work shift that I can not say I am ashamed of…because even through text I could feel the love radiating off of the goodest boy, and all of those touched by his spirit and determination to kick ALS’ butt!

So while it may be a few days late, I think I will snuggle my loved one just a little bit closer tonight, and I think I will pop open a beer. And when I get paid next, you will be seeing a little donation (even if not much) from this little fuzzbutt.

Happy trails, Peaceful Paws!


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My first time having a character stolen…


Art by Flamesvoices- character belongs to me

I have been on that side of the fence where I catch someone impersonating my friends in the Fandom…heck, I even made a massive beware on someone trying to make a suit out of a friend’s original character that they already had a suit for! The Furry Fandom can be crazy with drama and publicity incidents…but one of the biggest problems the fandom has is with continuing art theft.

I have written several bewares on snarky kids and teenagers that think they somehow own something because they found it on Google and saved it to their phone or computer…but I guess it’s shocking when it happens to you. Character theft isn’t something only reserved for the Popufurs. Unfortunately, if you have ever posted a picture of your Fursona anywhere online, someone will find it…and someone will probably use it at some point.

But the really frustrating part? They is hardly anything you can do to stop people from doing it—

So, some friends of mine were browsing TikTok when they noticed that someone decided to use my character “Cheshire” and call themselves “FurryQueen”. They have no videos, tons of fans…but overall had no content posted. You can tell the image they chose of Cheshire was taken right off of Google, screenshot with the transparency squares and all…and immediately, I made a TikTok account to message them and let them know that they did not have the right or permission to use a character I have spent a ton of money on.

I know this person is probably a child, they might not even be aware of what character theft is…but what they are doing by taking my character is putting their own image on that character. If they make terrible videos or make some racist or homophobic remark…that gets put onto ME. So the next time I post that character or walk around in the fursuit of this character, it can really cause a bad situation.

CHARACTER THEFT IS NEVER OKAY—and the fact that people don’t understand this from the start is baffling. I understand the Furry Fandom can be a place where one might feel it’s hard to fit in. That’s why I provide so many free resources on my blog. I try and educate people on the DOs and DONTs in the fandom so that they get a good experience from the start. But ignorance of a rule does not justify breaking that rule.

…and the final thing I noticed is that reporting these people SUCKS! There really is nothing out there to protect from character theft. You can report an account for impersonating…but unless they are impersonating a real person, that website or app will hardly ever take action. On a site like TikTok…if that person isn’t following me back, the chances are high that they will never see my message and therefore won’t change their ways.

I can post a beware on Facebook, on my character’s page, on Furry Amino, on this blog, and on my instagram…but that’s more a warning for others to look out for their beloved characters and doesn’t save mine from this current predicament. There is a great feeling of helplessness when things like this happen because there is only so much you can do before you are forced to sit and wait. It’s both maddening and frustrating and popular apps like TikTok are a cancerous breeding ground for such thieves.

But what do YOU think?

How do you go about protecting your character? What would you do in this situation? Do you think apps and websites should take into account character theft as being valid because the Furry Community is so large as are other fandoms with original characters?

“SonicFox” just won a gaming award!


As a passionate gamer, I found myself watching the game awards on Mixer when the nominations for “Best Esports Player” came up. Sure enough, a fellow Furry ended up taking the trophy…now called “the Lebron James of sitting” by the announcer.

Dominique McLean also known in the Furry and gaming communities as “SonicFox” has been in the spotlight several times. As a gamer he is a 4-time EVO champion from 2014-2018 in games such as Injustice, Mortal Kombat, and Dragon Ball FighterZ. In the Furry community, he is the gamer that plays in his fursuit. At least, that’s how I know of him.

But it’s an exciting day in the Furry Fandom when we have someone that can represent us in such a public light. Millions upon millions are tuned into Mixer as it streams the gaming awards LIVE, and that’s not including the hundreds that are there in attendance. It was a proud moment for furries, and a proud moment for SonicFox as he could hardly get words out between his nervous laughter.

Still taking the stage in his fursuit, he thanked the Furry Community, his gaming team, his mentors, and noted how it was never about winning for him…it was always about enjoying the games. He also mentioned how his intentions of winning were always to help others in need including a close-friend whose Father was suffering from Cancer.

He also thanked his LGBTQ+ friends in being part of that spectrum as well.


But one thing I didn’t like in his speech?

The politics…

Jokes are common during awards as everyone is there to have a good time and bond over the thing they enjoy (in this case, it is games). However, not all gamers are the same. Black, white, brown…gay, straight, trans, cis, we all comes in different shapes and sizes.

So while I can applaud our fellow Furry for his accomplishments and the recognition he has brought us in being “unafraid” and unashamed in being himself (especially on stage)- I can’t exactly applaud his need to express being gay, Furry, and black…with the need to say afterwards that he is “everything Republicans hate”.

Hopefully this can be chalked up to his nervousness…but it didn’t really garner a huge reaction, and I’m waiting for the headlines to pop up talking about this unnecessary remark in his speech as it was really in poor taste. It was a cringy moment for sure, and his words do not define all Furries and their views…yet as a fursuiter and now an award-winner…his voice will be plastered upon the vast majority of us until this moment is forgotten.

This is why we must remember that even though we do not reflect all Furries, often we are chalked up to being one-and-the-same in how we think and how we act. This especially becomes apparent when you read about Furries in the media, and how it classifies us all in one way even when we are very unique. So the people who are most-often heard such as the popufurs, the Furrytubers, and now the award-winners…they really have to be careful in what they do and/or say, because it can come back on the fandom for better or for worse.

Still…congrats to SonicFox- and thank you for never hiding who you are and what you love!

Furry Gamer Series (#1): MMOs!


Art by RedDyeNo5 (FA) Shewulf (left) belongs to Shewulf7 Mia (right) belongs to myself (MiaXUla)

Hello fuzzbutts!
I finally got myself together to decide what I should cover first in my Furry Gamer series! It was such a challenge since there are so many amazing games out there that have captured the hearts of Furries and have inspired so many of us in our creations!

But rather than focus on a single series, I decided to cover something much bigger for my first blog (in this series), and that is MMOs!


MMORPG means “massively multiplayer online role-playing game”, and that basically sums up the experience. A lot of MMOs follow the same formula: you log on, you create a character, and you play the game however you want!
This can be anything from doing quests, participating in player-versus-player, joining guilds and/or clubs, running dungeons, role-playing, and more!

So how does this tie in with Furries?

Well, whether you participate in it or not, role-playing is very popular in the fandom. It allows people to express themselves in ways they might not be able to do in reality. Through role-playing, people can be the person they always wanted to be…or the animal. We get to explore our other sides and for some of us (myself included) a lot of important relationships were formed through the people we met role-playing…and it has helped so many of us through the darker parts of our lives.

For Furries especially, getting the chance to play as our Fursona can be really fun and an amazing adventure. A lot of MMORPGs give us the grounds to do just that…play out a character in a fantasy world where the possibilities are endless!!!

Not to mention, a lot of MMORPGs allow you to create your own character…for some, this was how they made their Fursona in the first place! Most MMOs offer a mixture of races to play as, and some offer anthro characters like giant cats, werewolves, and more!

So, here is a list of a few MMOs (that I know of) that offer players the chance to create an anthro character of their very own:


Guild Wars 2


My Charr Engineer (Aulli)

I am the biggest nerd when it comes to Guild Wars! I played classic Guild Wars all through high school, and then waited over 5 years for the release of Guild Wars 2 (GW2). I remember crying when I saw the announcement trailer, and the game has exceeded all my expectations and then some!

GW2 is an MMO where the main campaign is free to download and play! There are no subscription fees, and the only cost is to buy the expansions and their “Living World” series which unlocks more story content. But what makes GW2 ‘furry-friendly’ is the race called the Charr.

As a fan of classic Guild Wars, I have mixed feelings when it comes to the Charr. They are a race of massive felines with 4 ears and they grow horns. They can speak common, and in GW2 they are technologically advanced in steam and coal-powered machinery. They build brutal war machines, and their entire city is constructed of metal. They may have been the main enemies in the original Guild Wars, but my guilty pleasure has been in making several Charr characters that I play as (even if they are not my main characters); this includes my female engineer (Aulli) and my male warrior (Aegir).

What I love about the Charr is that they don’t mimic any feline in particular. Some look like leopards, some look like house cats…there are lions and tigers in the mix there as well…so for fans of felines, you can basically go crazy. GW2 has an amazing character creation that allows you to control what your character looks like down to the very last detail. Eye size, head size, body structure, fur pattern, horns, that’s all in your control to customize as you wish, and I love it!

If you choose to buy the expansions, the “Path of Fire” introduces mounts into the game! There is a Raptor, a Springer (rabbit), Skimmer (manta-ray), Jackal, and a Gryphon in there with skins that can be purchased to customize those looks as well. There are also cute pets to collect, and if you play as a Ranger class, you may also tame animals to fight by your side!

Not to mention, the game has an amazing story and great graphics. So if big-cats are your go-to (and you want something easier on the wallet), then Guild Wars 2 is the game for you!!!

World of Warcraft


My Pandaren Frost-Mage Mayreen

Whether you are big into MMOs or not, a name everyone knows is “World-of-Warcraft”. It is the most popular MMO in the world, and is generally the go-to for Furries (and for good reason).

While WoW is not as wallet-friendly as the free MMOs out there, it does offer a wide-variety of anthro characters for players to choose from. On the Alliance-side, there is the Worgen. Basically these creatures are werewolves. So while you still design their human side, you may choose to play in their transformed-state and you can customize their Worgen-looks to a certain extent as well. I hate how the female Worgen look, but the males look amazing…and even if I do not play her often, I did make a Worgen rogue.

The Horde-side also has its own anthro option which are the Tauren. The Tauren are bovines…so cows and bulls essentially. With the newest expansion (Battle for Azeroth) being released, there is a new allied race for the Horde called the Highmountain Tauren…which look like regular Tauren but they have more customization options than regular Tauren.

There is also a race that is technically “neutral” until you choose a side…and that race is the Pandaren. Regular Pandas, Red Pandas…you can design them however you want. But they are there for you to pick from as well. I love the Pandaren even if they are the least-intimidating species on the roster…and I enjoy playing as my Frost Mage as often as I can.

Even if you do not like the anthro options, there are other races which allow you to choose a class called “Druid”. Druids can transform into animals in order to change their abilities. This means your Druid can change into a bear, into a large feline, into a bird, and even into a sea-lion for swimming. If you play as a Ranger, you can tame animals to fight alongside you.

There are several mounts in WoW to choose from…
Some can be bought with gold and others with real money (and then some earned by quests, etc), not to mention the battle pets that you can collect in a very Pokemon-esque fashion.
And for those that like demons and/or demon-like creatures…there are the demon-hunters (literally possessed by demons) to play as OR you can play as the Draenei which sport a pair of goat legs.

But unfortunately when it comes to WoW, there is a charge of $15-per month in order to play it. However, you can play unlimited up to lv.20, for free and there are several good RP servers where one doesn’t have to be a high level to enjoy some good company anyways.


I do not have too much experience with many MMOs. Most of the ones I have played offered unique races that were humanoid, but none that really captured that “Furry feel” for me. So rather, I decided to make a list of honorable mentions in case you (the reader) wanted to see what other options were out there.

  • Final Fantasy XIV:
    —This MMO actually has a neko-race and I did play it for about 4 hours. It’s one of those MMOs that does cost money (I believe they still have a subscription fee), but they do offer times where the main campaign is free to play. I made a cat girl, but then found the game was a bit too difficult to play with a keyboard.
    Still, it’s a highly-recommended MMO with beautiful graphics, an active gamer community, and some amazing mounts for people to quest for and purchase.


  • Elder Scrolls Online:
    —This is an MMO that can actually be played on console, and the best part about it is the ability to play as an Argonian or a Khajit. So for felines and scalies that like medieval worlds with dark gods, dragons, and magic…well, this might just be the game for you. It also has decent character creations, lots of quests…and there is even the ability to be turned into a vampire or werewolf for those that like that sort of thing.
    Again, nothing that I played…but luckily the game has no subscription fee. All you have to do is pay for the base-game once (and then the expansion if you want) and then begin your adventure!


  • TERA:
    —TERA is a game I know nothing about…only that it could be played on console or PC and that it is still kicking as an MMO. There are also several races that are furry-friendly in that they are anthro in some way such as the Popori (red-pandas or raccoons), the Elin (very child-like with rabbit ears), the Castanic (demons), and the Aman (humanoid descendants of dragons). I can’t say much for the story, but graphics look great, and again, this game does not have a subscription fee!


  • Perfect World International:
    —This was a game I tried long-ago and did not understand it one bit. Back when I tried it, the controls were messy, the graphics were good, but the rest of the game just seemed ‘meh’, and so I never went back. But PWI is a free-to-play MMO. It used to be extremely popular, even if the population on the servers is extremely low now.
    But, like all the other games mentioned, PWI offered players the chance to make an anthro character in the form of the Tideborn and the Untamed. The Tideborn are basically mermaids while the Untamed are beastly in their appearances. The Untamed vary on how they look depending on their class. Venomancers have the ability to transform into a were-beast form and when in humanoid form look human but with animal ears and tail. The Barbarian untamed look more bestial in their appearance but I can’t say much else since I have never played as one.


All-in-all, MMOs are a great place for Furries to come together in order to express themselves in all manners of ways…from role-playing, to sharing their passion for gaming, to the characters they create and equip with several different types of clothing and armor.

Furry Guilds have become a lot more common over the years as well as Furry discords for the mentioned games…and I think we will only see this increase in the future.

But have you tried any of these games before? Were there any MMOs not mentioned that you feel should be on the list?

As always, feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section down below, thank you all so much for reading, and I will see you in the next installment of the Furry Gamer Series! 😉

NEW: Furry Gamer Series!


Art by RedDyeNo5 (FA) Shewulf (left) belongs to Shewulf7 Mia (right) belongs to myself (MiaXUla)

Hello again fuzzbutts!

It really has been awhile! In the time that I have been away, I have been thinking about bringing more content to this blog. Unfortunately, prior features like Fursuit Friday and other spotlights were on an older PC, and recovering them has been a bit of a pain. So while I work around how to get them all back and update them to maybe make an appearance on this blog once again, I have been thinking about what new content I could bring to this blog.

The solution seems rather simple: Video-games!

I am a huge gamer, in fact, I am more active on my gaming blog than anywhere else because I am always trying something new. That’s when a thought hit me…

There are so many games that have to do with anthro animals. In fact, several people found the Furry Fandom through popular games like Sonic and Spyro the Dragon. Heck, some even found it through newer titles like FNaF! So, while mulling all of this information over, I decided that some cool new content could be a Furry Gamer series where I discuss all the video-games (that I know of) that could technically be classified as Furry-related.

Not only does this give me a chance to talk about something I am passionate about and love, but it’s also a way to open the eyes of the viewer to all their possibilities. Maybe there are some gaming titles the reader may not know about…and this blog can be their gateway to discovery!

Is it too ambitious for me to carry out? Well, we will just have to see. Luckily I already have a lot of material on my gaming blog (linked above), so all I would have to do is link those reviews, discussions, etc while providing some insight into what the games are, what they cost, and what makes them furry-related.

As for how often I will post said-blogs…well, I already know that giving myself a schedule is a HUGE mistake! But I think this is something I can truly follow-through with as I already have a list of Furry-games written down. I also plan on asking the fandom to recommend me EVEN MORE titles so that I may add them to the roster…and who knows? If this series becomes more popular…maybe we can spread it to other platforms like streams, YouTube, and etc.

…but I’m trying not to get too ahead of myself.

So yes…I am still alive-and-well. I am still interested in bringing you Furry News and other such things to place a positive spotlight on our community, and I really hope you enjoy the new series just as much as I am enjoying the thought of bringing it to you!

But if you have any gaming titles that you think are Furry-related (or are even games made by Furries), then feel free to leave those in the comment-section down below.

I already have a list of 20+ games but could always use more!!!! Thank you all so much for reading, and I look forward to seeing you in the next blog! 😉

Sunny and Moony [Thoughts]


Sunny & Moony art by: blue1kitty1cat1

What can I say other than: “I am a sucker for a good story”. I love reading, and fantasy has always been one of my favorite genres. But strangely enough, I have not read a lot of Furry-works, and so I was super excited when blue1kitty1cat1 reached out to me and asked if I might check out their new story called “Sunny and Moony”.

They were nice enough to send me both the trailer and the first chapter, both of which was posted via their YouTube Channel.

I will admit, reading stories on YouTube is something new to me. I tried writing stories on YouTube once, but never took time to try and read stuff that others had created. For me, it can be hard if the slides are too long or if there is too much going on in the background. But in the case of “Sunny and Moony”, there was a lot that was done right.

  • The Trailer:

Already the Trailer has drawn me in with those cute characters…and it’s good to have something that gives off a visual. I think that without having seen the trailer, I might not have had the same ideas or images in my head had I just read chapter one alone.
I like that the trailer is short and it isn’t very complicated. It shows character sketches and concept art which shows that this is something that took time, effort, and that there was care involved. I also liked the music. But can I just say that both these characters are just too adorable? They are frickin’ precious and I love it! But the trailer was a good way to advertise something new, and it had me curious enough that I was eager to give Chapter One a solid read…


  • Chapter One:

First, let me get my nit-picks out of the way. The trailer showed a cute image and really made you curious about what the story might be like once you jumped into it. And while the video for chapter one does have a title card at the beginning to show you the characters…when just looking at this thumbnail and seeing words rather than an image of the characters drawing you in, most people would just keep scrolling…

…but that’s just me seeing this from a “viewer” perspective and knowing (as a YouTube creator) that thumbnails are important!!!

But with that out of the way- here are my thoughts on the actual story.

In summary, the story is told from Moony’s perspective as she looks back on a fateful encounter she had a few days prior with a rabbit from the Sun Kingdom. Obviously there is some strife between her kind (the Moon Kingdom) and the Sun Kingdom because Moony has always learned that they are vicious warriors- she has heard of their dangerous nature from her teacher: Lunette. This gives me the vibe that the two factions were once at war or that there is some dark history there that keeps these two races apart. Meeting the Sun Rabbit fills Moony with dread…she sees it as some dark omen or sees it as a threat to the other citizens of the Moon Kingdom. We know that Moony herself is small and sees herself as inconsequential and weak.

Then there is Sunny…

I was actually surprised to learn that Sunny is a female, and her horns give off the vibe that she is someone of importance. Moony notes that horns and antlers belong to the ancient race of Jackalopes, and the only other person she knows with these antlers/horns is the ruler of the Moon Kingdom (Artemis). But Sunny is not like the Sun Rabbits that Moony has learned about. Her nature is very calm, collective, patient…she is understanding and knowing that Moony is terrified of her, she takes time in showing that she is no threat to the little bunny.

So the characters are well-paced for the most part, and the story lets you ease your way into knowing how they handle situations. They interact very realistically, even if this means that some parts of the story move a little slower than others.

But back to the plot: Sunny has come to the Moon Kingdom because she believes that Moony is in danger. She saw Moony calling out to her from a dream, and she has arrived to protect the little bunny. But Moony does not recall any such dreams involving Sunny, and she becomes concerned. This is where I have to point out that I am glad that Moony is at least realistic. She is very wary of the race she has heard nothing but terrible things about…on top of that, she does not immediately believe the things that Sunny is telling her. Moony eventually flees from Sunny and it brings us back to the present where Moony is washing dishes.

We are then shown that Moony regrets running away, but she does not have time to dwell on it because she blacks out after realizing she has not finished her task from Lunette- and we are left with a cliffhanger until Chapter Two.

Another thing that makes a good story (in my opinion) is if the plot draws you in enough to where you can theorize about it and/or it leaves you with questions. We are left with a cliffhanger…and immediately thoughts were running through my head: “Lunette is not what she seems, maybe she is the one behind the threats to Moony? She obviously lied about Sun rabbits…is this a conspiracy of some kind? What happened between the Sun and Moon Kingdoms? Who is Sunny really? What secret makes Moony so important? What is so special about the Jackalopes?”

Not only does a good story allow you to theorize, but it actually makes you feel things…like joy, suspense, and curiosity. And I had all those feelings while reading. It has me wanting to read on so I can answer the questions left behind…and I really want to know where everything is heading. It’s a good intro to draw people in and get them hooked. There are just some ways in which it could be done a little better.

And while the YouTube format can be a bit rough…I think “Sunny and Moony” has all the makings of what can be a great story, the most important thing it has is POTENTIAL!

If I could give some advice, I would recommend better thumbnails in the future. The author is also an artist, and I see a lot of talent going to waste if there is not a thumbnail to show the story off with. A good thumbnail can do wonders for the viewer counts…so the author should use that to their advantage!

Another thing I might add (and again, this is my opinion) is artwork in between so many slides. Add a break from the reading and really give the person a visual on where they are and what is going on. Atmosphere is something this story can be seriously lacking at time, and a visual on the Kingdom, surroundings, etc can only add to the emotion. I think doing so would keep people interested for longer and add just a little bit more substance to make the story really feel alive.

Lastly, I would make the videos SHORTER.

The story was good…but I can not think of many people who can focus on words for 26-minutes via a YouTube video…especially if it is not being read to them. I am glad there are no voices, but to keep an audience interested, split the chapters into 2-videos per chapter that way you can hold people’s attention for longer. There is no need to cut down on the writing, just make videos 10-12 minutes with words, images, etc…and I think this author has a great formula for success!

On that final note, the music that gives this story its atmosphere is A+ so please keep using it (but credit where you found it of course).

Because I wanted to do this story justice, I asked around to see if some friends could also lend their thoughts for this blog:

  • Other reviews:

“Firstly, I’d love to comment on the trailer: it was well done and definitely looks inviting to those who haven’t heard of or seen anything about the series before. The editing on it is absolutely wonderful. The transition between the introduction and the story is interesting; the descriptive language flows, and the storytelling is unique and interesting. The use of the video format helps give your writing an extra dimension in depth and makes it step forward even more. I especially love the ambiance, sound effects, and musical transition that provides the story with more atmosphere, and would love to continue seeing it as the story progresses. There are some major things done well, and a few that could be done better or focused on; while your writing and music sets the mood, it’s still somewhat difficult to understand your characters’ world and the significance of some things about which they speak. Some of the relationships mentioned between some of the named characters are also not described or given details that might help your audience identify with and grow more attached to your characters.”



“It’s something I think people would like. But, I can also see where it could use some polishing. Some more sentence structure could use some work, and I look forward to the atmosphere flushing out in future uploads. Video is a very different way to upload a story.”

—Larue Fox

But what do YOU think?

Check out the story and let me know what you thought of “Sunny and Moony” in the comment-section down below. Also, if there are other Furry-works you would like me to review, feel free to drop a link for me in the comment-section as well.

Here in the next couple of months I will be at ACFI with my buddy Flamesvoices and my wife…so look forward to more posts after that convention in October.

Thank you all so much for reading and for your continued support. I will see you all in the next one! 😉

Missing Furry-[Found]


Original LINK to post: HERE

Last Updated: 06/01/2018

It would seem that a fellow Furry has gone missing…and a police report has been filed.

As the image states above, Paul Christopher Beyer (Furry name: Skitch) went missing in California before he was supposed to attend BLFC-several friends have confirmed they didn’t see him at BLFC, so his disappearance before the con seems more likely.

There have been some saying they might have seen him in a group photo or two (meaning he made it to the convention) but this has not yet been confirmed.

We ask that anyone that attended BLFC check their photos to see if he might have been there…and:

Anyone with information should contact authorities immediately!

I know that it is the friend that is looking for him, but, this is not always safe. We don’t know who this friend is, nor if they have some alternate intentions. We don’t want to assume but, there have been cases in the past where abusive exes or stalkers have used a missing person poster in order to find someone that was avoiding them.
So, for the safety of the missing person, please notify the police if you know his whereabouts or have any clues on where he might be.

We don’t know his reasons for going under the radar…and truthfully, it’s not really our business. But, as a person…I know that I would want him to be safe and sound.

As far as we know, this person is either not very close to and/or doesn’t really have any family that would know their whereabouts and/or would be able to give us any information. Everything we know will be posted in the updates.
Their roommate is the only other person actively searching and looking for leads at the moment and most info is coming from them.

We can only hope that Skitch makes it back home safely….

This blog will be updated as I receive more information!

  • [Update #1]: He was last seen in a black Honda Civic. 90’s model. The police have his plates. Still nothing.
  • [Update #2]: His roommate called his manager, said he hasn’t shown up in 3 weeks and thought he quit.
  • [Update #3]: Rumors have been floating around that this fur was found. The rumors are not true. Authorities have reached out to his Father, but the Father doesn’t know where he is either. Please remember to contact the authorities if you know anything….NOT the roommate.
  • [Update #4]: The missing fur was found as confirmed by the roommate via a picture. Dogpatch Press also confirmed. No, we were not given a reason for the disappearance but we can at least know that this fur is safe. Please respect his privacy during this time.

#bringemmaback2018 – Incident at BLFC


Biggest-Little-Furcon, a furry convention taking place in Nevada for well over 5 years now. It sported over 3,500 attendees last year and raised $36,000 for charity. A lot of my favorite suiters attend this con yearly, and I will admit that I have never heard anything bad about it.

But this year the convention has taken the Furry Fandom by storm due to a bullying incident surrounding a girl named Emma.

Emma was attending the con and gathering around for the furuit photo shoot that takes place before/after every fursuit parade. That’s when she was approached by two mice that started to bully her about her fursuit. The young woman was so embarrassed that she ran out without her Father saying that she hated being a Furry and that she did not want to be in the fandom anymore. Here is the story as told by a witness:

Now, I’m not one to go around spreading unnecessary Furry drama. Bad things happen in the fandom all the time…BUT, bullying is NEVER okay. The Furry fandom is a very accepting place. We often welcome in everyone and do not judge backgrounds, illnesses, lifestyles, etc. But if there is one thing the Furry fandom is NOT tolerant of…it’s bullies.

This little girl loves furries and just wanted to be part of the con in her fursuit. It does not matter that she was wearing a maskimal…it should not matter that she didnt have full sleeves or paws…or anything like that.
As a fandom, we have to remember that this is a place in which we show our creativity! In this fandom, some people buy their suits, and some people make them. Some people are full-suiters, and some only wear partials. There are those still trying to afford a whole suit, so maybe they are just wearing a head.

Some people at conventions dress in tails and ears, and some people just wear their regular clothes. It’s the fact that we can all be varied and yet come together to celebrate the same things that make us the amazing fandom that we are!!!

But hey, at least this story has a happy ending!

After Emma was bullied and ran out of the con, the Father and witnesses banded together to get her back at BLFC. People started rallying being hashtags such as #emmaisawesome & #bringemmaback2018 in order to show their support on multimedia platforms.

Emma’s instagram was blown up with nothing but kind words from those that wanted her to still have the best Furry convention of her life, and art thread-after-art thread have been popping up in Furry groups across facebook gathering art for Emma of her cute tiger sona.

As for the mice, at least one of them has been pointed out by Emma (to the con staff which is proper procedure) and their badge has been taken from them. Their names have not been made public for good reason, and for their sake…I really hope it stays that way. Hopefully this will teach them a lesson about making fun of little girls.

Let this be a lesson to anyone that thinks making fun of someone is okay that there are consequences to your actions! Keep your negative thoughts to yourself. No one has any more entitlement to be in this fandom than the other person. Material possessions do NOT make you any more of a Furry than anyone else. Now Emma is getting the love and support she deserves from this amazing fandom, and the bullies will be sitting at home missing the rest of an amazing convention.

But, if you would also like to show Emma some love and support, you can find her official Twitter handle:


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