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“SonicFox” just won a gaming award!


As a passionate gamer, I found myself watching the game awards on Mixer when the nominations for “Best Esports Player” came up. Sure enough, a fellow Furry ended up taking the trophy…now called “the Lebron James of sitting” by the announcer.

Dominique McLean also known in the Furry and gaming communities as “SonicFox” has been in the spotlight several times. As a gamer he is a 4-time EVO champion from 2014-2018 in games such as Injustice, Mortal Kombat, and Dragon Ball FighterZ. In the Furry community, he is the gamer that plays in his fursuit. At least, that’s how I know of him.

But it’s an exciting day in the Furry Fandom when we have someone that can represent us in such a public light. Millions upon millions are tuned into Mixer as it streams the gaming awards LIVE, and that’s not including the hundreds that are there in attendance. It was a proud moment for furries, and a proud moment for SonicFox as he could hardly get words out between his nervous laughter.

Still taking the stage in his fursuit, he thanked the Furry Community, his gaming team, his mentors, and noted how it was never about winning for him…it was always about enjoying the games. He also mentioned how his intentions of winning were always to help others in need including a close-friend whose Father was suffering from Cancer.

He also thanked his LGBTQ+ friends in being part of that spectrum as well.


But one thing I didn’t like in his speech?

The politics…

Jokes are common during awards as everyone is there to have a good time and bond over the thing they enjoy (in this case, it is games). However, not all gamers are the same. Black, white, brown…gay, straight, trans, cis, we all comes in different shapes and sizes.

So while I can applaud our fellow Furry for his accomplishments and the recognition he has brought us in being “unafraid” and unashamed in being himself (especially on stage)- I can’t exactly applaud his need to express being gay, Furry, and black…with the need to say afterwards that he is “everything Republicans hate”.

Hopefully this can be chalked up to his nervousness…but it didn’t really garner a huge reaction, and I’m waiting for the headlines to pop up talking about this unnecessary remark in his speech as it was really in poor taste. It was a cringy moment for sure, and his words do not define all Furries and their views…yet as a fursuiter and now an award-winner…his voice will be plastered upon the vast majority of us until this moment is forgotten.

This is why we must remember that even though we do not reflect all Furries, often we are chalked up to being one-and-the-same in how we think and how we act. This especially becomes apparent when you read about Furries in the media, and how it classifies us all in one way even when we are very unique. So the people who are most-often heard such as the popufurs, the Furrytubers, and now the award-winners…they really have to be careful in what they do and/or say, because it can come back on the fandom for better or for worse.

Still…congrats to SonicFox- and thank you for never hiding who you are and what you love!


Furry Gamer Series (#1): MMOs!


Art by RedDyeNo5 (FA) Shewulf (left) belongs to Shewulf7 Mia (right) belongs to myself (MiaXUla)

Hello fuzzbutts!
I finally got myself together to decide what I should cover first in my Furry Gamer series! It was such a challenge since there are so many amazing games out there that have captured the hearts of Furries and have inspired so many of us in our creations!

But rather than focus on a single series, I decided to cover something much bigger for my first blog (in this series), and that is MMOs!


MMORPG means “massively multiplayer online role-playing game”, and that basically sums up the experience. A lot of MMOs follow the same formula: you log on, you create a character, and you play the game however you want!
This can be anything from doing quests, participating in player-versus-player, joining guilds and/or clubs, running dungeons, role-playing, and more!

So how does this tie in with Furries?

Well, whether you participate in it or not, role-playing is very popular in the fandom. It allows people to express themselves in ways they might not be able to do in reality. Through role-playing, people can be the person they always wanted to be…or the animal. We get to explore our other sides and for some of us (myself included) a lot of important relationships were formed through the people we met role-playing…and it has helped so many of us through the darker parts of our lives.

For Furries especially, getting the chance to play as our Fursona can be really fun and an amazing adventure. A lot of MMORPGs give us the grounds to do just that…play out a character in a fantasy world where the possibilities are endless!!!

Not to mention, a lot of MMORPGs allow you to create your own character…for some, this was how they made their Fursona in the first place! Most MMOs offer a mixture of races to play as, and some offer anthro characters like giant cats, werewolves, and more!

So, here is a list of a few MMOs (that I know of) that offer players the chance to create an anthro character of their very own:


Guild Wars 2


My Charr Engineer (Aulli)

I am the biggest nerd when it comes to Guild Wars! I played classic Guild Wars all through high school, and then waited over 5 years for the release of Guild Wars 2 (GW2). I remember crying when I saw the announcement trailer, and the game has exceeded all my expectations and then some!

GW2 is an MMO where the main campaign is free to download and play! There are no subscription fees, and the only cost is to buy the expansions and their “Living World” series which unlocks more story content. But what makes GW2 ‘furry-friendly’ is the race called the Charr.

As a fan of classic Guild Wars, I have mixed feelings when it comes to the Charr. They are a race of massive felines with 4 ears and they grow horns. They can speak common, and in GW2 they are technologically advanced in steam and coal-powered machinery. They build brutal war machines, and their entire city is constructed of metal. They may have been the main enemies in the original Guild Wars, but my guilty pleasure has been in making several Charr characters that I play as (even if they are not my main characters); this includes my female engineer (Aulli) and my male warrior (Aegir).

What I love about the Charr is that they don’t mimic any feline in particular. Some look like leopards, some look like house cats…there are lions and tigers in the mix there as well…so for fans of felines, you can basically go crazy. GW2 has an amazing character creation that allows you to control what your character looks like down to the very last detail. Eye size, head size, body structure, fur pattern, horns, that’s all in your control to customize as you wish, and I love it!

If you choose to buy the expansions, the “Path of Fire” introduces mounts into the game! There is a Raptor, a Springer (rabbit), Skimmer (manta-ray), Jackal, and a Gryphon in there with skins that can be purchased to customize those looks as well. There are also cute pets to collect, and if you play as a Ranger class, you may also tame animals to fight by your side!

Not to mention, the game has an amazing story and great graphics. So if big-cats are your go-to (and you want something easier on the wallet), then Guild Wars 2 is the game for you!!!

World of Warcraft


My Pandaren Frost-Mage Mayreen

Whether you are big into MMOs or not, a name everyone knows is “World-of-Warcraft”. It is the most popular MMO in the world, and is generally the go-to for Furries (and for good reason).

While WoW is not as wallet-friendly as the free MMOs out there, it does offer a wide-variety of anthro characters for players to choose from. On the Alliance-side, there is the Worgen. Basically these creatures are werewolves. So while you still design their human side, you may choose to play in their transformed-state and you can customize their Worgen-looks to a certain extent as well. I hate how the female Worgen look, but the males look amazing…and even if I do not play her often, I did make a Worgen rogue.

The Horde-side also has its own anthro option which are the Tauren. The Tauren are bovines…so cows and bulls essentially. With the newest expansion (Battle for Azeroth) being released, there is a new allied race for the Horde called the Highmountain Tauren…which look like regular Tauren but they have more customization options than regular Tauren.

There is also a race that is technically “neutral” until you choose a side…and that race is the Pandaren. Regular Pandas, Red Pandas…you can design them however you want. But they are there for you to pick from as well. I love the Pandaren even if they are the least-intimidating species on the roster…and I enjoy playing as my Frost Mage as often as I can.

Even if you do not like the anthro options, there are other races which allow you to choose a class called “Druid”. Druids can transform into animals in order to change their abilities. This means your Druid can change into a bear, into a large feline, into a bird, and even into a sea-lion for swimming. If you play as a Ranger, you can tame animals to fight alongside you.

There are several mounts in WoW to choose from…
Some can be bought with gold and others with real money (and then some earned by quests, etc), not to mention the battle pets that you can collect in a very Pokemon-esque fashion.
And for those that like demons and/or demon-like creatures…there are the demon-hunters (literally possessed by demons) to play as OR you can play as the Draenei which sport a pair of goat legs.

But unfortunately when it comes to WoW, there is a charge of $15-per month in order to play it. However, you can play unlimited up to lv.20, for free and there are several good RP servers where one doesn’t have to be a high level to enjoy some good company anyways.


I do not have too much experience with many MMOs. Most of the ones I have played offered unique races that were humanoid, but none that really captured that “Furry feel” for me. So rather, I decided to make a list of honorable mentions in case you (the reader) wanted to see what other options were out there.

  • Final Fantasy XIV:
    —This MMO actually has a neko-race and I did play it for about 4 hours. It’s one of those MMOs that does cost money (I believe they still have a subscription fee), but they do offer times where the main campaign is free to play. I made a cat girl, but then found the game was a bit too difficult to play with a keyboard.
    Still, it’s a highly-recommended MMO with beautiful graphics, an active gamer community, and some amazing mounts for people to quest for and purchase.


  • Elder Scrolls Online:
    —This is an MMO that can actually be played on console, and the best part about it is the ability to play as an Argonian or a Khajit. So for felines and scalies that like medieval worlds with dark gods, dragons, and magic…well, this might just be the game for you. It also has decent character creations, lots of quests…and there is even the ability to be turned into a vampire or werewolf for those that like that sort of thing.
    Again, nothing that I played…but luckily the game has no subscription fee. All you have to do is pay for the base-game once (and then the expansion if you want) and then begin your adventure!


  • TERA:
    —TERA is a game I know nothing about…only that it could be played on console or PC and that it is still kicking as an MMO. There are also several races that are furry-friendly in that they are anthro in some way such as the Popori (red-pandas or raccoons), the Elin (very child-like with rabbit ears), the Castanic (demons), and the Aman (humanoid descendants of dragons). I can’t say much for the story, but graphics look great, and again, this game does not have a subscription fee!


  • Perfect World International:
    —This was a game I tried long-ago and did not understand it one bit. Back when I tried it, the controls were messy, the graphics were good, but the rest of the game just seemed ‘meh’, and so I never went back. But PWI is a free-to-play MMO. It used to be extremely popular, even if the population on the servers is extremely low now.
    But, like all the other games mentioned, PWI offered players the chance to make an anthro character in the form of the Tideborn and the Untamed. The Tideborn are basically mermaids while the Untamed are beastly in their appearances. The Untamed vary on how they look depending on their class. Venomancers have the ability to transform into a were-beast form and when in humanoid form look human but with animal ears and tail. The Barbarian untamed look more bestial in their appearance but I can’t say much else since I have never played as one.


All-in-all, MMOs are a great place for Furries to come together in order to express themselves in all manners of ways…from role-playing, to sharing their passion for gaming, to the characters they create and equip with several different types of clothing and armor.

Furry Guilds have become a lot more common over the years as well as Furry discords for the mentioned games…and I think we will only see this increase in the future.

But have you tried any of these games before? Were there any MMOs not mentioned that you feel should be on the list?

As always, feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section down below, thank you all so much for reading, and I will see you in the next installment of the Furry Gamer Series! 😉

NEW: Furry Gamer Series!


Art by RedDyeNo5 (FA) Shewulf (left) belongs to Shewulf7 Mia (right) belongs to myself (MiaXUla)

Hello again fuzzbutts!

It really has been awhile! In the time that I have been away, I have been thinking about bringing more content to this blog. Unfortunately, prior features like Fursuit Friday and other spotlights were on an older PC, and recovering them has been a bit of a pain. So while I work around how to get them all back and update them to maybe make an appearance on this blog once again, I have been thinking about what new content I could bring to this blog.

The solution seems rather simple: Video-games!

I am a huge gamer, in fact, I am more active on my gaming blog than anywhere else because I am always trying something new. That’s when a thought hit me…

There are so many games that have to do with anthro animals. In fact, several people found the Furry Fandom through popular games like Sonic and Spyro the Dragon. Heck, some even found it through newer titles like FNaF! So, while mulling all of this information over, I decided that some cool new content could be a Furry Gamer series where I discuss all the video-games (that I know of) that could technically be classified as Furry-related.

Not only does this give me a chance to talk about something I am passionate about and love, but it’s also a way to open the eyes of the viewer to all their possibilities. Maybe there are some gaming titles the reader may not know about…and this blog can be their gateway to discovery!

Is it too ambitious for me to carry out? Well, we will just have to see. Luckily I already have a lot of material on my gaming blog (linked above), so all I would have to do is link those reviews, discussions, etc while providing some insight into what the games are, what they cost, and what makes them furry-related.

As for how often I will post said-blogs…well, I already know that giving myself a schedule is a HUGE mistake! But I think this is something I can truly follow-through with as I already have a list of Furry-games written down. I also plan on asking the fandom to recommend me EVEN MORE titles so that I may add them to the roster…and who knows? If this series becomes more popular…maybe we can spread it to other platforms like streams, YouTube, and etc.

…but I’m trying not to get too ahead of myself.

So yes…I am still alive-and-well. I am still interested in bringing you Furry News and other such things to place a positive spotlight on our community, and I really hope you enjoy the new series just as much as I am enjoying the thought of bringing it to you!

But if you have any gaming titles that you think are Furry-related (or are even games made by Furries), then feel free to leave those in the comment-section down below.

I already have a list of 20+ games but could always use more!!!! Thank you all so much for reading, and I look forward to seeing you in the next blog! 😉

Sunny and Moony [Thoughts]


Sunny & Moony art by: blue1kitty1cat1

What can I say other than: “I am a sucker for a good story”. I love reading, and fantasy has always been one of my favorite genres. But strangely enough, I have not read a lot of Furry-works, and so I was super excited when blue1kitty1cat1 reached out to me and asked if I might check out their new story called “Sunny and Moony”.

They were nice enough to send me both the trailer and the first chapter, both of which was posted via their YouTube Channel.

I will admit, reading stories on YouTube is something new to me. I tried writing stories on YouTube once, but never took time to try and read stuff that others had created. For me, it can be hard if the slides are too long or if there is too much going on in the background. But in the case of “Sunny and Moony”, there was a lot that was done right.

  • The Trailer:

Already the Trailer has drawn me in with those cute characters…and it’s good to have something that gives off a visual. I think that without having seen the trailer, I might not have had the same ideas or images in my head had I just read chapter one alone.
I like that the trailer is short and it isn’t very complicated. It shows character sketches and concept art which shows that this is something that took time, effort, and that there was care involved. I also liked the music. But can I just say that both these characters are just too adorable? They are frickin’ precious and I love it! But the trailer was a good way to advertise something new, and it had me curious enough that I was eager to give Chapter One a solid read…


  • Chapter One:

First, let me get my nit-picks out of the way. The trailer showed a cute image and really made you curious about what the story might be like once you jumped into it. And while the video for chapter one does have a title card at the beginning to show you the characters…when just looking at this thumbnail and seeing words rather than an image of the characters drawing you in, most people would just keep scrolling…

…but that’s just me seeing this from a “viewer” perspective and knowing (as a YouTube creator) that thumbnails are important!!!

But with that out of the way- here are my thoughts on the actual story.

In summary, the story is told from Moony’s perspective as she looks back on a fateful encounter she had a few days prior with a rabbit from the Sun Kingdom. Obviously there is some strife between her kind (the Moon Kingdom) and the Sun Kingdom because Moony has always learned that they are vicious warriors- she has heard of their dangerous nature from her teacher: Lunette. This gives me the vibe that the two factions were once at war or that there is some dark history there that keeps these two races apart. Meeting the Sun Rabbit fills Moony with dread…she sees it as some dark omen or sees it as a threat to the other citizens of the Moon Kingdom. We know that Moony herself is small and sees herself as inconsequential and weak.

Then there is Sunny…

I was actually surprised to learn that Sunny is a female, and her horns give off the vibe that she is someone of importance. Moony notes that horns and antlers belong to the ancient race of Jackalopes, and the only other person she knows with these antlers/horns is the ruler of the Moon Kingdom (Artemis). But Sunny is not like the Sun Rabbits that Moony has learned about. Her nature is very calm, collective, patient…she is understanding and knowing that Moony is terrified of her, she takes time in showing that she is no threat to the little bunny.

So the characters are well-paced for the most part, and the story lets you ease your way into knowing how they handle situations. They interact very realistically, even if this means that some parts of the story move a little slower than others.

But back to the plot: Sunny has come to the Moon Kingdom because she believes that Moony is in danger. She saw Moony calling out to her from a dream, and she has arrived to protect the little bunny. But Moony does not recall any such dreams involving Sunny, and she becomes concerned. This is where I have to point out that I am glad that Moony is at least realistic. She is very wary of the race she has heard nothing but terrible things about…on top of that, she does not immediately believe the things that Sunny is telling her. Moony eventually flees from Sunny and it brings us back to the present where Moony is washing dishes.

We are then shown that Moony regrets running away, but she does not have time to dwell on it because she blacks out after realizing she has not finished her task from Lunette- and we are left with a cliffhanger until Chapter Two.

Another thing that makes a good story (in my opinion) is if the plot draws you in enough to where you can theorize about it and/or it leaves you with questions. We are left with a cliffhanger…and immediately thoughts were running through my head: “Lunette is not what she seems, maybe she is the one behind the threats to Moony? She obviously lied about Sun rabbits…is this a conspiracy of some kind? What happened between the Sun and Moon Kingdoms? Who is Sunny really? What secret makes Moony so important? What is so special about the Jackalopes?”

Not only does a good story allow you to theorize, but it actually makes you feel things…like joy, suspense, and curiosity. And I had all those feelings while reading. It has me wanting to read on so I can answer the questions left behind…and I really want to know where everything is heading. It’s a good intro to draw people in and get them hooked. There are just some ways in which it could be done a little better.

And while the YouTube format can be a bit rough…I think “Sunny and Moony” has all the makings of what can be a great story, the most important thing it has is POTENTIAL!

If I could give some advice, I would recommend better thumbnails in the future. The author is also an artist, and I see a lot of talent going to waste if there is not a thumbnail to show the story off with. A good thumbnail can do wonders for the viewer counts…so the author should use that to their advantage!

Another thing I might add (and again, this is my opinion) is artwork in between so many slides. Add a break from the reading and really give the person a visual on where they are and what is going on. Atmosphere is something this story can be seriously lacking at time, and a visual on the Kingdom, surroundings, etc can only add to the emotion. I think doing so would keep people interested for longer and add just a little bit more substance to make the story really feel alive.

Lastly, I would make the videos SHORTER.

The story was good…but I can not think of many people who can focus on words for 26-minutes via a YouTube video…especially if it is not being read to them. I am glad there are no voices, but to keep an audience interested, split the chapters into 2-videos per chapter that way you can hold people’s attention for longer. There is no need to cut down on the writing, just make videos 10-12 minutes with words, images, etc…and I think this author has a great formula for success!

On that final note, the music that gives this story its atmosphere is A+ so please keep using it (but credit where you found it of course).

Because I wanted to do this story justice, I asked around to see if some friends could also lend their thoughts for this blog:

  • Other reviews:

“Firstly, I’d love to comment on the trailer: it was well done and definitely looks inviting to those who haven’t heard of or seen anything about the series before. The editing on it is absolutely wonderful. The transition between the introduction and the story is interesting; the descriptive language flows, and the storytelling is unique and interesting. The use of the video format helps give your writing an extra dimension in depth and makes it step forward even more. I especially love the ambiance, sound effects, and musical transition that provides the story with more atmosphere, and would love to continue seeing it as the story progresses. There are some major things done well, and a few that could be done better or focused on; while your writing and music sets the mood, it’s still somewhat difficult to understand your characters’ world and the significance of some things about which they speak. Some of the relationships mentioned between some of the named characters are also not described or given details that might help your audience identify with and grow more attached to your characters.”



“It’s something I think people would like. But, I can also see where it could use some polishing. Some more sentence structure could use some work, and I look forward to the atmosphere flushing out in future uploads. Video is a very different way to upload a story.”

—Larue Fox

But what do YOU think?

Check out the story and let me know what you thought of “Sunny and Moony” in the comment-section down below. Also, if there are other Furry-works you would like me to review, feel free to drop a link for me in the comment-section as well.

Here in the next couple of months I will be at ACFI with my buddy Flamesvoices and my wife…so look forward to more posts after that convention in October.

Thank you all so much for reading and for your continued support. I will see you all in the next one! 😉

Missing Furry-[Found]


Original LINK to post: HERE

Last Updated: 06/01/2018

It would seem that a fellow Furry has gone missing…and a police report has been filed.

As the image states above, Paul Christopher Beyer (Furry name: Skitch) went missing in California before he was supposed to attend BLFC-several friends have confirmed they didn’t see him at BLFC, so his disappearance before the con seems more likely.

There have been some saying they might have seen him in a group photo or two (meaning he made it to the convention) but this has not yet been confirmed.

We ask that anyone that attended BLFC check their photos to see if he might have been there…and:

Anyone with information should contact authorities immediately!

I know that it is the friend that is looking for him, but, this is not always safe. We don’t know who this friend is, nor if they have some alternate intentions. We don’t want to assume but, there have been cases in the past where abusive exes or stalkers have used a missing person poster in order to find someone that was avoiding them.
So, for the safety of the missing person, please notify the police if you know his whereabouts or have any clues on where he might be.

We don’t know his reasons for going under the radar…and truthfully, it’s not really our business. But, as a person…I know that I would want him to be safe and sound.

As far as we know, this person is either not very close to and/or doesn’t really have any family that would know their whereabouts and/or would be able to give us any information. Everything we know will be posted in the updates.
Their roommate is the only other person actively searching and looking for leads at the moment and most info is coming from them.

We can only hope that Skitch makes it back home safely….

This blog will be updated as I receive more information!

  • [Update #1]: He was last seen in a black Honda Civic. 90’s model. The police have his plates. Still nothing.
  • [Update #2]: His roommate called his manager, said he hasn’t shown up in 3 weeks and thought he quit.
  • [Update #3]: Rumors have been floating around that this fur was found. The rumors are not true. Authorities have reached out to his Father, but the Father doesn’t know where he is either. Please remember to contact the authorities if you know anything….NOT the roommate.
  • [Update #4]: The missing fur was found as confirmed by the roommate via a picture. Dogpatch Press also confirmed. No, we were not given a reason for the disappearance but we can at least know that this fur is safe. Please respect his privacy during this time.

#bringemmaback2018 – Incident at BLFC


Biggest-Little-Furcon, a furry convention taking place in Nevada for well over 5 years now. It sported over 3,500 attendees last year and raised $36,000 for charity. A lot of my favorite suiters attend this con yearly, and I will admit that I have never heard anything bad about it.

But this year the convention has taken the Furry Fandom by storm due to a bullying incident surrounding a girl named Emma.

Emma was attending the con and gathering around for the furuit photo shoot that takes place before/after every fursuit parade. That’s when she was approached by two mice that started to bully her about her fursuit. The young woman was so embarrassed that she ran out without her Father saying that she hated being a Furry and that she did not want to be in the fandom anymore. Here is the story as told by a witness:

Now, I’m not one to go around spreading unnecessary Furry drama. Bad things happen in the fandom all the time…BUT, bullying is NEVER okay. The Furry fandom is a very accepting place. We often welcome in everyone and do not judge backgrounds, illnesses, lifestyles, etc. But if there is one thing the Furry fandom is NOT tolerant of…it’s bullies.

This little girl loves furries and just wanted to be part of the con in her fursuit. It does not matter that she was wearing a maskimal…it should not matter that she didnt have full sleeves or paws…or anything like that.
As a fandom, we have to remember that this is a place in which we show our creativity! In this fandom, some people buy their suits, and some people make them. Some people are full-suiters, and some only wear partials. There are those still trying to afford a whole suit, so maybe they are just wearing a head.

Some people at conventions dress in tails and ears, and some people just wear their regular clothes. It’s the fact that we can all be varied and yet come together to celebrate the same things that make us the amazing fandom that we are!!!

But hey, at least this story has a happy ending!

After Emma was bullied and ran out of the con, the Father and witnesses banded together to get her back at BLFC. People started rallying being hashtags such as #emmaisawesome & #bringemmaback2018 in order to show their support on multimedia platforms.

Emma’s instagram was blown up with nothing but kind words from those that wanted her to still have the best Furry convention of her life, and art thread-after-art thread have been popping up in Furry groups across facebook gathering art for Emma of her cute tiger sona.

As for the mice, at least one of them has been pointed out by Emma (to the con staff which is proper procedure) and their badge has been taken from them. Their names have not been made public for good reason, and for their sake…I really hope it stays that way. Hopefully this will teach them a lesson about making fun of little girls.

Let this be a lesson to anyone that thinks making fun of someone is okay that there are consequences to your actions! Keep your negative thoughts to yourself. No one has any more entitlement to be in this fandom than the other person. Material possessions do NOT make you any more of a Furry than anyone else. Now Emma is getting the love and support she deserves from this amazing fandom, and the bullies will be sitting at home missing the rest of an amazing convention.

But, if you would also like to show Emma some love and support, you can find her official Twitter handle:


Cultura Colectiva+ video is literal GARBAGE!


Heyo fuzzbutts it has been awhile…and it has been FOREVER since I covered “Furries in the Media”. So, lets be honest for a moment: nowadays, things like Buzzfeed and Vice are a go-to for information when it comes to the younger generation.
Even older people are falling into these trends of watching things like “The Dodo”, Vice, Buzzfeed, and using these things are their good-book for knowledge.

But like with anything on the internet…opinions are on either the left side of the street or the right. These things are biased, and, because they rely on views, they generally go for the “shock factor” rather than looking to spread the TRUTH.

So, today a friend shared a video posted from Cultura Colectiva+ on facebook. It was supposed to explain the Furry Subculture (you can view the video HERE) and the video was absolute GARBAGE!

Here are the reasons why:

  • The video showed clips of well-known Murrsuiters:
    —So here’s the thing. We know that murrsuiters exist. We know that they are in the fandom and it’s fine. HOWEVER, sex does NOT represent what the Furry community is. It has a very small portion in comparison to everything else, and if you’re going to show furries, you shouldn’t show suits that only come out after dark. I have nothing against NSFW suiters or art and I accept them- however, when educating the public on furries, this type of stuff should be left out because it’s something extra that doesn’t count towards the vast majority of those in the fandom.
  • They brought up in the video how it’s “not about the sex”:
    —You’re right…it’s not about the sex- BECAUSE SEX ISNT INVOLVED! Being a Furry is only the liking of animals with human-like characteristics. THAT’S IT! A lot of furries are too young to even be thinking about sex! Sex is natural, it’s in every fandom, every facet of every part of the world. So why make it seem like something out-of-the norm for furries? Why bring it up at all? It makes absolutely NO SENSE! It just paves the way for people to find us even more disturbing and disgusting…and it’s not educating anyone!
  • They used clips from “My Strange Addiction”:
    —As if they didn’t already pick a lot of cringy videos that they had no right to use…they just had to include clips from “My Strange Addiction”- a show that most of us furries know is actually scripted to make people look bad. As a community and fandom we try and move away from CSI and shows like MSA- but sure enough, dumb facebook videos like this keep dragging the public back into a state of ignorance when it comes to furries because they use these clips.
  • They used clips of Therian/Otherkin:
    —If you are Therian or Otherkin…chances are you might have been in the furry fandom while finding yourself and/or you are still in the fandom. But it doesn’t mean all furries are therian or otherkin. Not all of us feel like we are our fursona in our day-to-day lives. Maybe when we put on the suits, sure…but not all of us connect to an animal or feel like we become that animal on every level but physical. Not only did they choose to add in something that doesn’t represent “furries” as a whole…again, they chose the most cringy clips from “My Strange Addiction”.
  • Something about connecting with the Fursona on a religious level?
    —No. Again…doesn’t have anything to do with all furries…it’s something that is individual, and just NO! Religion is hardly brought up in the furry community. The fandom is an escape from real life! Some people may have religious markings on their characters or might base a character on a specific faith…but again, it’s a very small percentage, and this was in no way educational to anyone. All it did was make the lot of furries sound like a bunch of mental freaks.
  • They focused on the Fursuits:
    —FACT: Only about 20% actually own a fursuit. That leaves 80% that don’t walk around in costumes. Way to show that you have no fucking clue what you are talking about ‘Cultura Colectiva’ :/

So in the end this video offered nothing educational about the fandom. It failed to mention that Furries raise thousands of dollars per year from their conventions, or that they visit sick children and/or the elderly. They failed to mention what it means to really be in the fandom…except they got the ‘dancing’ and the ‘making friends’ part right. As always we were shown to be a sexual-adult fandom where adults run around in costumes and act like children whenever they get together…
Never mentioning art, things like animations, novels, or even video-games. We are just the weird animal people…and the comment-section was DISGUSTING.

It was so full of hate and people saying that furries exist because of sheltered upbringings etc. None of which was true, but all of which was spurred by an uninformed video about who we are.

So what can we do?

  1. Well, the first thing would be to post on “Cultural Colectiva” telling them their video was wrong and telling them why.
  2. The next would be to post on the video itself with FACTS! No one needs to know why you wear a suit…no one cares how much you like to make people smile (because those people still got hate and got bullied)- they need FACTS! They need to know what the fandom is, what the fandom isnt, and why the video was wrong!!!

Link people to sources, decent FAQs that will fill them in about the truth of the fandom. Show them the charity listings and how much money that furries collect per year. Give them numbers of how many people are in the fandom versus how many dress in fursuits. I know I was in the comments giving my two-cents (just not as lengthy as this blog)- and if you want to, report the video.

If for nothing else, the video makes use of clips that were not made for them nor did they have permission to use it. It has spurred bullying and harassment, so if it gets taken down, that will be for the better.

But yeah…this video is absolute trash and I hope it burns.


Rune’s Official TFF 2018 Con Video!

I want to start doing more on this blog that ties it to my YouTube Channel.
While the blog has its own purpose and such, I feel like bringing these two worlds together might help me remain more active and still do something that I enjoy.

Also, while I have the links to my YouTube listed- lets be honest: it’s much easier for someone to click a video already placed in a blog than if you ask them to go searching for something on their own, right?

But, with that being said…my YouTube is important to me. It inspires me to do bigger and better things and to learn to bring in more “entertainment” factors to my projects (this blog included). I also said that this blog covered everything Furry-related, right? What’s more Furry than a convention video?!?

But enough of the rambling…
I just want to say that for as chaotic and new as TFF 2018 was, I still had an amazing and magical experience. I tried something different and something new. I was striving to enjoy this convention in new ways as to make it something more memorable for myself and for my wife, and I think we succeeded in making a con that we will not forget any time soon. I also made it a point to accomplish more goals that I had made for myself after the previous TFF…this meant making more friends, attending more panels, and being less shy about getting pictures with suiters and etc.

So, hopefully you enjoy the video…I plan on adding more in the future and might just write little stories about Rune and all his adventures. But tell me what you think of the idea and if this is something you would like to see more of in the future?

Thank you all for tuning in…more blogs coming soon! 😉

TFF 2018 Review!


“We’re all mad here…”

This year at Texas Furry Fiesta, 3866 fuzzbutts fell asleep and found themselves in Wonderland! This number bumped up the convention to being on the top 5 conventions list, falling just under Furry Weekend Atlanta (FWA).

This was my 2nd time going to TFF and it has always held a special place in my heart for being my first-ever con. This year was an adventure as the convention had grown so much that it was in a new venue for a brand-new experience! Because it was so fresh and so new, I decided that a type of review was in order. So, taking from my personal experiences and the comments from others, I compiled a list of things that set the convention apart, and maybe the not-so favorable things about the convention that can hopefully be fixed in the future.

So buckle up and take this trip down the rabbit-hole with me as we explore the brand-new Texas Furry Fiesta (Lonestar Wonderland)!


(Right-Left): Radar & Owen
  • Growing Numbers!
    —I have made a habit of reading through the con-books because they always offer the most interesting information. As someone that is still new to TFF, I could not believe how small they started in comparison to other conventions. In ten years their numbers have grown so drastically when their first con only had 542 people in attendance! Crazy, right? Now here we are in 2018 and we almost broke 4,000 people…it really just blows me away!
    But a growing number means a demand for a larger space…and this year the convention took place at the Hyatt Regency, right next to the Reunion Tower in Dallas Texas.  Already I noticed an improvement from last-year’s space (which I will go into detail about down below)- and it made for a much more comfortable con-experience than the previous year.Because of the larger space, I found that I had more time to actually notice what was around me. I saw a lot of familiar faces and the ‘Texas regulars’, but I also saw a lot of new faces as well. New suiters and a lot of people new to the con-scene. I saw even younger fursuiters than I witnessed last year and at ACFI and just the amount of people really shows how the fandom continues to grow, to evolve, and to include more-and-more people of varied ages, backgrounds, etc. It’s exciting. Every convention is like witnessing another moment in Furry history…and I always find myself getting excited and just feeling so humbled and honored at the thought that I get to be part of it all.


  • Hyatt Regency!
    —The Hyatt Regency is a gorgeous hotel placed right next to the Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas. It has 28 floors, multiple rooms to rent for panel spaces (spanning across 3 floors from ground-level)- a pool, a hot tub, a bar, and even a gift shop. It conveniently attaches to the DART Train for easy travel between points, and I heard it was close to some of the most interesting neighborhoods/communities in Dallas.The layout of the hotel had mixed reviews…but I must admit that I had no trouble finding my way around. The pocket-booklet that everyone was given at registration gave an incentive to travel around the convention and locate all the most popular spots. Think of it like an interactive-tour or some sort of scavenger hunt for stamps. Upon filling your pocket-booklet with stamps from the various locations, you were given a special TFF pin at the help desk. My only complaint was that more people did not know what this part of the booklet was for, let alone that there was a prize. I found myself telling many people about it when they were wandering around lost… but again, the layout was not that bad. I feel like after wandering around for one night, I had most of the locations memorized. I did not have to refer to the map very often and only got lost one time the entire 3 days that I was there. The hotel also had various maps scattered across their walls so that people could use it for reference if they did not have their paper map (again, located in the pocket booklet).

    Most panels seemed to take place on the 2nd floor and past the bar. There were multiple small rooms down a hallway located right next to a set of elevators. If anything, I could see where such a small hallway could be missed or overlooked- but at least people could go straight from the panels to their rooms. All the bigger events like the raves, concerts, and the dance competition all took place on the first floor where they could set up the stages. The Dealer’s Den was also located on the first floor.

    The lobby area contained the Artist Alley as well as the Art show…and while not as convenient as other locations, at least they had a sizable space. As a fursuiter though, I will say that having the Headless Lounge in the lobby could be kind of a chore. Going up-and-down escalators when tired and/or hot…then mixing that with low-visibility seemed more like a hazard…but at least on Sunday it was moved to the 1st floor where it was more accessible. The Hyatt also had a massive outdoor area for smokers and a place where people could just cool off if they really needed to. This space was located on the first floor and conveniently placed next to the front desk.

    Last year’s TFF seemed ‘cramped’ at best, with a lot of people shoving past each other and people being shoulder-to-shoulder. So, the relocation to the Hyatt really was a breath of fresh air. I found myself able to see more of the convention since I was not constantly bumping past other people, and it was a lot more comfortable walking from space-to-space. Even activities and panels were more roomy and there was barely anyone left with places not to sit. Compared to last year where people were listening to their panels out in the hallways for lack of room, this really was a treat.

    As for the location of the hotel, I was not a fan. That seemed to be one of the more major complaints. While the hotel did connect directly to the DART Train, for those that were driving, getting to the hotel could be confusing. Also, there was a lack of stores and other such places around the hotel which some people heavily rely on when they travel. UberEats and other delivery services were a near necessity because the Hyatt almost seemed isolated compared to other hotels. It was also a more ‘expensive’ space…but I found that the comfort of having enough room to walk and play in suit made it worth it.

    Parking for the convention was not fun and was another major complaint that I will go into detail about down below-but overall, it is something that I believe can be fixed for later cons. If I could change anything about the hotel rooms it would only be that they add in a microwave and maybe a bigger refrigerator. Overall I would say the move to the Hyatt was a smart one, and overall it was a raging success!

  • Elevator-con:
    —After the first night, the convention was being referred to as “Elevator Hell” and “Elevator Con” because with 3800 people all running around the convention, the elevators quickly became backed up. People were trying to pile in the elevators in dangerous numbers just to get up to their rooms. I was on the 11th floor, and though my wife was fit enough to take the stairs…I was not (especially while in fursuit). Unfortunately, the inability to get up the stairs applied to several furries, and hostilities quickly grew with people trying to determine who and what had priority when it came to traveling in the elevators.

Volunteers and con-staff did eventually step in and create a line system for the elevators, but this was only taking place on the floors with panel spaces (1st and 2nd floors respectively)- this grouping helped people get up to their rooms but it did nothing for the people trying to get down. I say the worst of it was on Saturday because my friends and I could not get down from our room for the longest time, and it nearly resulted in our missing the fursuit parade.

From what I heard, a lot of it boiled down to the hotel not understanding just how insane this convention was going to be. Their lack of knowledge on the fandom and how it operates made for a lot of confusion in more than just the elevators. We occupied most of the hotel for that weekend, and naturally they had other guests as well that did not know what to do when it came to furries. They did not have enough staff to have people monitoring every elevator segment on every floor, and this is understandable. Like parking and other things…I think this just means that next year there can be room for some major improvement. Also, considering this was our first year at the Hyatt, my thoughts are that it can only get better from here.

But people really should be more considerate when it comes to elevators. If they are already packed and your room is not too far away- if you  are able to, please take the stairs! Also, have courtesy for those with luggage or for those wearing fursuits. Please let them in the elevator before you because chances are they are in the bigger hurry and have the most need to get somewhere.



(Left-Right): Escap’e, Unknown, Rune
  • Parking Problems:
    —Like the location of the hotel, the parking was really confusing. There were 3 parking lots where one could park for the convention, but there was not many indicators of which parking lot you were in when parking! The radish-lot was the main hotel parking which quickly filled up. It was the one located closest to the front of the hotel.
    There was also the Reunion Tower parking which was the larger of the parking lots. It was the 2nd closest parking lot being right behind the main entrance to the hotel. Lastly, there were parking lots located far down the street called lots B-through-E where there were a lot of parking spaces available…but the location was so far and so isolated from the hotel that most people did not know those spaces even existed. While a lot of people got the con-rate parking for $5…there were those of us (like myself) that parked in the Reunion Tower parking (thinking it was the hotel parking) only to leave the convention with a $57 parking bill to pay. I do agree with others that while the Hyatt’s website had a list of parking rates…it was very unclear which lots were what and what prices people would actually be paying. So, this convention was not so kind for those of us actually staying at the hotel even though staying at the Hyatt was meant to be more convenient.

So the costs were not nice for those that could not get the con-rate, and the locations were not the best with people bringing in a lot of luggage. I found that the location of the parking was not kind to fursuiters nor was it kind to those with disabilities as the back of the hotel lacked ramps of any kind even though most of the parking was in the back of the hotel, and the doors lead directly into the lobby space.

There were those that said that using the DART Train was the best way to get around if traveling around Dallas, and while we did have experience with Uber, getting them to find your location at the hotel was not very successful unless you were willing to meet the Uber at the front doors. There were those that rented bicycles to get around but for most of us it was just too cold.

At least for next year I have learned what I can do better to cut down on costs. Getting con-rates for parking is a MUST, and getting to the con 2 days before the con is probably the way to go. My first night in Dallas (Thursday)- the parking lots were already full. We spent so much time circling the hotel to find a lot that was open and  that had space that we missed pre-registration by 14-minutes. So, even though we were at the convention, we could not take part in any of the early events. But, we don’t blame the hotel or the convention, and we can only do better and plan better for next year!


  • The overall cost increase:
    —I will say that expenses have increased since TFF last year. Even with con rates and such, a lot of people ended up spending a lot more money than they intended. The Hyatt did not provide any form of free breakfast but I found that their massive servings could work if people were splitting meals. I shared steak and eggs with my wife which cost us $18, but we easily split it and still felt full. The only downside was the coffee costing so much…the drinks were not cheap so it made up most of the bill.

Bars at a hotel are never on the cheap side, so it’s often recommended that you bring your own booze. I did like the bar’s selection but found that they added a lot more alcohol than most places, and I was not sure on the quality versus the cost. There was also a $50 holding fee for those that opened a tab…and that hurt a lot of people’s bank accounts (in which I hope they got everything sorted out).
Like mentioned before, the parking was rather costly for those that were not able to get the con-rate. For those needing to use Uber or take the Dart Train…by far the train was cheaper, with Ubers ranging anywhere from $25-$65 depending on the type of vehicle you might need. Lyft was a more expensive option, and cabs are even more expensive than that. Again, there were bikes to rent, and while cheap, the weather was really cold…so riding a bike on slick sidewalks was not at all advised.

Food ended up being the biggest cost for those going to the con. While there were microwaves downstairs, they were few in number. The shops in the hotel were overpriced with small drinks costing $3 or more. Even vending machines were $2 and did not take cards which meant a trip to an ATM and paying the ATM fee if you do not carry cash. Pizza delivery and other delivery services were available- as well as services like UberEats.

The Hyatt was not cheap. A room for 4-nights and multiple beds spiraled past $700 easily. Take that into account with registration costs of $50 and then parking, food, and spending money for souvenirs, and there were people easily going past 2k for the trip. So it was much more costly than last year and that was a problem for a lot of people. But, like with all Furry Conventions, these cons are a luxury and something you need to save and budget heavily for. My wife and I made sure we brought our own food to eat (for the most part) and next year we will bring a lot more variety as well as snacks to cut on spending.



(Left-Right): Rune & Elana
  • Scheduling & Panels:
    —I personally thought that panels this year were a lot more varied than cons-past. I found that there were more panels and more things that I was interested in personally. I also liked that they seemed to have more ‘adult’ panels than last year. But, there was a good blend of new things and familiar favorites like the McGuiver Fursuit Challenge and the Fursuit Games. I did not hear many complaints about scheduling, and everything that I attended always started on time.

There might have been some confusion for the panels that got swapped on Sunday (to new locations), but I was not affected by this personally. As far as I know, only some game rooms had issues with what times they needed the rooms versus what times the hotel let them stay in said-rooms. Also, there was a bit of a flub when it came to the closing ceremonies not reserving the room they wanted to be in…but all-in-all, everything was very organized and went very smoothly.

I found that there really was something for everyone, and my problem this year was trying to get to everything while balancing my shopping and my suiting! By far my favorite events was the Rocky Horror Picture show performance, the Dance Competition, and learning how to brew beer. I also really liked the video game room (even though I did not play anything)- I liked how much space they had this year and variety, and my friends spent a lot of time in the tabletop gaming room which they enjoyed very much!


  • Food Trucks!
    —A solid improvement to the convention were the food trucks. It was something that TFF had in the past but that was not available for last year’s con. They were in high demand and this year we got some down the road from the Hyatt. They had a limited window, but they offered a nice alternative to eating at the hotel restaurant or having to order another pizza. My wife bought a cuban sandwich for $10 that easily fed the both of us and it was delicious!
    Some people complained about the weather and the lines, but those were minor things. For the time they were there, I found them to be really convenient and very cost-effective for those on a budget!



[Fursuiters unknown- if you know them please tell me so I can credit them properly!]
  • The Fursuit Parade!
    —I loved the fursuit parade this year! Like the rest of the convention last year…the parade last year at TFF was stuffy and cramped. There was not much space between the suiters and the crowd and overall it was hot and mostly uncomfortable. But this year was such a breath of fresh air!

Not only was there enough space to where 2 suiters could easily walk side-by-side with each other, but there was space between the fursuiters and the crowd! They also placed a tape trail on the ground, marking the route for the parade, and it was super helpful! The route was short-and-sweet…but it was set up to where everyone got the chance to see all the suits in all their glory. I had no complaints about any of it, I really thought that the organization, the space, the lines, and the route were excellent. So my hat (or fursuit head) goes off to whoever set it all up because they did a fantastic job! Even the room where all the suits were waiting to leave was roomy and cool which was a real treat and made for a wonderful experience!


  • Compliments to Con-staff!
    —I did not hear a single complaint about the con staff this year. All the volunteers and the people involved were more than helpful, and with all the chaos that a new convention brings, I really feel like they went above and beyond to help people out. I utilized the help desk often and they always had an answer for my questions. Even when it came to “elevator hell” the staff stepped in and got everything under control as best as they could.

There were reports of people in suits having trouble with people touching them without permission, suits getting damaged, and other sorts of complaints in which they said the staff went above-and-beyond to help those suiters and make them feel safe in their suits again. I can not imagine the time and energy it takes in running the con, so again, I applaud the amazing staff and volunteers at TFF and everything they do so that we can have a fun and fuzzy weekend!


[Shewulf got photobombed! Please tell me who this awesome suiter is!]

A new venue space (much like a new convention) is bound to be chaotic. There are going to be flaws and be hiccups, but that’s all stuff that can be fixed. For some issues, that falls on con-staff and the hotel to fix…and for others, it’s a matter of learning from experiences and making better choices the next year around. But it’s fixable.

This year I followed my con-prepping tips and really tried something different. I tried to find that balance between time spent suiting, and time just walking around and taking everything in. I took less photos and videos because I wanted to remember the convention as something I lived first-hand rather than through a phone screen or camera lens.

Naturally, there were panels I missed, plans that fell through, and things I did not get to do…but those were small things that I took as they were. I did not feel as ‘obligated’ to do certain things and I did not push myself to rush to everything that looked interesting. So, by far, this was a much more relaxed and stress-free con than the previous year’s. This was my wife’s first TFF and she said it was not as overwhelming as she thought it might be. She too was able to relax and she said that she had a blast! She saw some amazing suits, and we ran around and played, and everything about it was a good time despite the massive bill that we placed on our credit cards.

So, I still say that this was a good year for Texas Furry Fiesta…and I can not wait to see how it gets better in the years to come! I’m already looking forward to next year’s theme which was revealed to be Dungeons&Dragons (tabletop RPG)!!!! So let the hype and countdown for 2019 begin!!!!!

But let me know what YOU think! Did you attend TFF? What was your favorite thing about the convention? What was your least favorite thing? What was your favorite suit that you saw? What about your favorite panel? Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comment-section down below.

Thank you all so much for reading, and as always, I will see you all int he next blog! 😉

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