Rune's Furry Blog

Furry Highlights!


By NexyPoptarts

Art by Nexybutt (FA)

Tl;DR Version

[For the longer more detailed version visit the “Welcome” Page]
Rune’s Furry Blog is meant as a way to showcase people within the Furry Community…their characters, life, thoughts, and beliefs as well as talking about furry issues and Furries that are appearing within the media and etc.

All the while also being a personal Blog for the character: Rune the “Fuzzy Dragon”.

If you wish to be interviewed as a Furry, please reach out to Rune either via a comment on this blog or via the other pages down below:

Rune’s Facebook Page:
Rune’s Furaffinity:
Rune’s YouTube Channel:


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Rune, nice work with your blog! You were recently linked here:

    If you like, contact me at patch.ofurr (at) gmail to get a guest poster login at my site. It would be great to host your writing for anything you want, but specifically, consider sharing a monthly digest of what’s going on here. Just a “hey guys, look at this” plus the month’s links, if you want potential traffic from several thousand furs who follow mine via Twitter/Facebook.

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