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By NexyPoptarts

Art by Nexybutt (FA)

Tl;DR Version

[For the longer more detailed version visit the “Welcome” Page]
Rune’s Furry Blog is meant as a way to showcase people within the Furry Community…their characters, life, thoughts, and beliefs as well as talking about furry issues and Furries that are appearing within the media and etc.

All the while also being a personal Blog for the character: Rune the “Fuzzy Dragon”.

If you wish to be interviewed as a Furry, please reach out to Rune either via a comment on this blog or via the other pages down below:

Rune’s Facebook Page:
Rune’s Furaffinity:
Rune’s YouTube Channel:

21 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Rune, nice work with your blog! You were recently linked here:

    If you like, contact me at patch.ofurr (at) gmail to get a guest poster login at my site. It would be great to host your writing for anything you want, but specifically, consider sharing a monthly digest of what’s going on here. Just a “hey guys, look at this” plus the month’s links, if you want potential traffic from several thousand furs who follow mine via Twitter/Facebook.

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  9. How do I join your community!! I would love to join. When’s the first meeting?


    • My community or the Furry Fandom in general? Feel free to check out my “Free resources for Furries” which provides some neat groups as well as free resources you can use to make a Fursona. As for my own personal community…well I don’t really have one. I have a facebook page for the character, but I am most easily accessed here on wordpress.


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  12. Hey rune. I just recently read your Protogen Species post and I loved it. I’m a new furry blogger myself, so I am always looking to improve my style of writing. It’s cool to see a successful furry blogger and perhaps my blog may become successful one day, who knows. If you want to read my blog you can find it at . Have a good rest of your day, and stay Fuzzy!



    • Heya. Glad you liked it! Also Happy New Year! I will def have to check out your blog some time so thanks for letting me know about it! I am sure your blog will do great. The best advice I can give is to have an idea of why you want to write about the things you do, stay consistent, and try to keep your content as fresh and relevant as possible. I had a hard time with this as a lot of things in the Furry Community can be pretty dramatic, so I have stepped away from blogging a bit. But who knows? It’s a new year, and maybe I will get back into it at some point. Good luck! 😀

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      • Thanks for the reply! I’m sorry to hear you had to step away for a while. You aren’t the first furry blogger I have talked to so far that had to take a break due to furry drama, which is an eye opener.


      • It can get hectic. For all the good the Furry Fandom does, it’s easy for it to get swallowed in the bad. But it’s not all bad, and I really should get back to doing interviews or my Furry Highlights at least. But, at the end of the day, I feel like I will be writing and doing more YouTube once my suit is refurbished or the other one I have in the works is completed.


  13. katarafurryneko on said:

    Bonjour cher ami(e)s du Furry Fandom.

    Je recherche le/la créateur(trice) des Primagen, Malice-Risu. Je voudrais lui parler pour quelques informations en privé. Son compte est désactivé sur furaffinity et je dois vraiment lui parler. Merci à ceux et celles qui pourrons me renseigner.


    • Try the Official Facebook group and ask for the creator there. That would be the best place to look, or maybe Twitter if you can not find them on Furaffinity.

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      • Je viens tout juste de regarder et je ne trouve aucune trace de ce blog. Ma question sur les Primagen porte sur : Est-ce que je peux utilisée le Primagen même si l’espèce contient des droits d’auteurs? C’est tout.


      • Since Primagen are a closed species, you are not allowed to make one or use them in any way (you can not make adopts or anything else either). Protogen are open though, so you can make your own.


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