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The Goodest Boy and his victory lap against ALS-


Vet tech, runner, fursuiter, grease monkey, motorcycle hysteric and full time nutjob. ALS can kiss my fuzzy butt. I ain’t scared! –DogBomb

Words on a profile that are not even a shadow of the figure that Tony “DogBomb” Barrett would create when he was diagnosed with ALS in March of 2018. Furries, for all the negative backlash they receive have often shown light in many ways throughout their communities. Whether that be placing smiles on the faces of adults and children alike, raising money for animal organizations through their conventions, or, in the case of Tony (DogBomb), raising money and awareness for a very serious disease…Furries have always been there to lend their helping paw.

Tony not only shed light on his condition by documenting it as it was happening, but he showed how something so terrible and devastating did not have to bring a person down. ALS is very real, and very serious…but Tony never let it stop him from loving and living his life in the only ways he knew how. Wherever he went he continued spreading positivity and love, all while educating the public on why taking action and making an effort towards research was important and even crucial if a cure was to be found for future generations.

He took something terminal in stride as he continued to walk, boat, ride, and sit down with friends all the while confessing that he shouldn’t be doing such things, but he had a point to prove, even with his doctor’s disapproval. Through laughs and moments of honesty, and even a few moments of vulnerability- DogBomb had nothing to hide from the community he loved so much, and all he ever asked is that we pay it forward, and keep shining that light after he had gone.

“No one should be broken up over my passing. Sadness or anger at ALS is appropriate, but there is nothing to grieve about when you consider the ride that I was afforded. Wag every day, please. Hug your dogs and your friends. Smile when you think of me. No regrets.”


-About ALS-

(Provided here is just a summary but you can read all about ALS: HERE )

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive neuro-degenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. The progressive degeneration of the motor neurons in ALS eventually leads to their death. When the motor neurons  die, the ability of the brain to initiate and control muscle movement is lost. With voluntary muscle action progressively affected, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed.

With voluntary muscle action progressively affected, people may lose the ability to speak, eat, move and breathe.

ALS usually strikes people between the ages of 40 and 70, and it is estimated there are more than 20,000 Americans who have the disease at any given time. ALS can affect anyone, and can also run in families. While scientists have made leaps and bounds in their discoveries and treatment of ALS, there is no cure.

“People often ask me if I’m scared. For whatever reason, I’m not scared at all. I’ve never been afraid of much in this life, except for the thought of losing my independence, which absolutely terrifies me.”



-A Mutt’s Journey-

Tony gained attention in the fandom in August of 2010 when a picture started circulating of him in his Fursuit standing next to a wheelchair user. This moment he recorded as “Courage on Two Wheels” on his Furaffinity.  This was the moment where Tony showed his loving and honest character, saying that people always saw him as “courageous” for Fursuiting in public, whereas the true courage came from the people such as the girl in the wheelchair (named Sarah).

“As the crowds parted to make way for the upright canine, a young
lady in a wheelchair caught my attention.
Unable to speak, or even wave for that matter, she used her beautiful
eyes to lure me over.

She was alone in her chair, body twisted and lacking in coordination,
betraying its owner with a vengeance. She was bereft of speech, couldn’t
hold a pen and lacked the motor skills to write if she could, yet when I
held her hand in my paw, her eyes danced. They spoke volumes.

I spent the better part of half an hour in this angel’s company.
She felt my claws and leaned her head against my fur.
We watched the throngs hurry past, the waves wash over the shore
and the gulls shriek and take flight.
A peaceful island in a sea of activity.

Eventually, she released my paw and made a motion with her head.
It was time for me to bid farewell.
I gave her shoulder a pat and I saw that terrific smile flash
across her face. I felt calm and blessed by her company.”

DogBomb as said in “Courage on Two Wheels”

His journey to finding the fandom was somewhat similar to my own as he found it after a friend merely referred to him as being a Furry. I personally saw nothing else about this moment in Tony’s life, but it’s something fun to imagine as I have personally gone from living under that rock to falling down the rabbit hole.

It was March in 2018 when Tony was diagnosed with ALS and given an estimated life-span of 1-3 years. The disease varies from person-to-person…and as to how quickly his physical state would deteriorate no one knew. But “You can’t keep a good dog down”.


Since his diagnosis, Tony has been adamant on raising money and awareness for ALS, all the while making more ‘personal’ contributions to help ALS research. On November 10th, 2018- Tony and others marched a mile in the name of ALS research and raised $34,000 for the cause! As Tony exclaimed: “The organizers were blown away by the exuberant fun that a whole mass of fursuiters brings to an event. It was the first time that the local ALSA reached their fundraising goal and it was the biggest walk ever.
Yeah, furries did that.

Tony also participated in a clinical trial in an attempt to stop the disease. And though he was declined in becoming an organ donor because of his ALS, he did sign over his body to science for use as a cadaver. Even then, he showed his bright and humorous side, wanting nothing more than to provide a few good laughs to doctors-to-be.

It was then on March 29th 2019 that Tony announced he would be ending his life on his own terms- refusing to let the disease take him, and that the date he had chosen was April 5th, 2019. In that time he traveled to have drinks with friends, say his last goodbyes, all the while still spreading light and positivity throughout the fandom. DogBomb was not defeated by ALS but rather, the fandom agreed that the goodest of boys had taken the victory lap on it all:

-Furries fighting ALS and Stigma-

Furries have always been the butt-end of the joke (sexual pun intended? Unintended?) when it comes to society. We know that people see us just as the weirdos in the animal costumes that may or may-not do questionable things behind closed doors. But if there’s one thing that Furries come together on despite fandom drama and spite from the outside…it’s fighting the good fight for a good cause.

Not only did Furries raise over 30k for ALS back in 2018, but on March 24th 2019 Furries took to the streets in a marathon once more to raise money for ALS research and to spread awareness. Spear-headed by Tony as “Team Smelly Mutt”, they raised over $110,000 for charity and continue to raise money for ALS by selling art, doing streams, selling stickers, t-shirts, and other goods all in the name of “DogBomb” and his message:

“There are some that view furries as a punchline, but I can tell you that the ALS association takes us very seriously. The fandom has been an absolute fund raising force, and no group has ever risen to the occasion like you all. Over $100,000 raised so far. Let that sink in…

Almost every single person at the meet and greet had questions about what furry is, and there is a huge buzz about our participation in the marathon. Perceptions are changing, my friends, and that’s due to your hard work. Am I proud to be a furry? You’re damn right I am.”


…these acts of kindness, charity, determination, and overall love for a member of the community has helped in shedding light on the Furry Fandom as a whole, and really brought back what the fandom is all about: teamwork, inclusiveness, positivity, creativity, a place where anyone and everyone can find their place and belong. This fandom is a fandom of LOVE, and we shine brightest when we are all together working towards a common goal.

Tony “DogBomb” has given permission to use the likeness of his character but only if those proceeds go to ALS research. And, if you wanna send a few bucks to help out, you can still do so by checking out Team Smelly Mutt’s page: HERE or by visiting


-Time too short but a whole life lived-

If it was one thing that DogBomb asked of others (outside of being kind to one another) it was to live. It was to live and do the things you loved, tell others how much they mean to you, and to sit back with a cold one. But most of all, he asked that others not mourn his death, but rather celebrate his life and smile.

After his time came and went and he crossed that rainbow bridge, Twitter went dark in honor of DogBomb. Profile pics faded to black with the rainbow lei to represent his journey into the next life, with hashtags calling for a toast for DogBomb with several people speaking up about their amazing interactions with this man who was an inspiration (and still is) to so many.

I myself never got to meet him, and only this year did I start following his journey, not knowing how drawn in I would become, nor how deeply I would feel the loss of someone who is technically a total stranger. That’s part of the reason why this blog has taken so long to write…because the words just couldn’t form in my mind as I can’t speak on experience about any of this…only that watching this journey further affirmed why I love the fandom, further inspired me to continue writing about the fandom, and it restored my faith in both humanity and the fandom. It also caused me quite a few tears before my work shift that I can not say I am ashamed of…because even through text I could feel the love radiating off of the goodest boy, and all of those touched by his spirit and determination to kick ALS’ butt!

So while it may be a few days late, I think I will snuggle my loved one just a little bit closer tonight, and I think I will pop open a beer. And when I get paid next, you will be seeing a little donation (even if not much) from this little fuzzbutt.

Happy trails, Peaceful Paws!


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“SonicFox” just won a gaming award!


As a passionate gamer, I found myself watching the game awards on Mixer when the nominations for “Best Esports Player” came up. Sure enough, a fellow Furry ended up taking the trophy…now called “the Lebron James of sitting” by the announcer.

Dominique McLean also known in the Furry and gaming communities as “SonicFox” has been in the spotlight several times. As a gamer he is a 4-time EVO champion from 2014-2018 in games such as Injustice, Mortal Kombat, and Dragon Ball FighterZ. In the Furry community, he is the gamer that plays in his fursuit. At least, that’s how I know of him.

But it’s an exciting day in the Furry Fandom when we have someone that can represent us in such a public light. Millions upon millions are tuned into Mixer as it streams the gaming awards LIVE, and that’s not including the hundreds that are there in attendance. It was a proud moment for furries, and a proud moment for SonicFox as he could hardly get words out between his nervous laughter.

Still taking the stage in his fursuit, he thanked the Furry Community, his gaming team, his mentors, and noted how it was never about winning for him…it was always about enjoying the games. He also mentioned how his intentions of winning were always to help others in need including a close-friend whose Father was suffering from Cancer.

He also thanked his LGBTQ+ friends in being part of that spectrum as well.


But one thing I didn’t like in his speech?

The politics…

Jokes are common during awards as everyone is there to have a good time and bond over the thing they enjoy (in this case, it is games). However, not all gamers are the same. Black, white, brown…gay, straight, trans, cis, we all comes in different shapes and sizes.

So while I can applaud our fellow Furry for his accomplishments and the recognition he has brought us in being “unafraid” and unashamed in being himself (especially on stage)- I can’t exactly applaud his need to express being gay, Furry, and black…with the need to say afterwards that he is “everything Republicans hate”.

Hopefully this can be chalked up to his nervousness…but it didn’t really garner a huge reaction, and I’m waiting for the headlines to pop up talking about this unnecessary remark in his speech as it was really in poor taste. It was a cringy moment for sure, and his words do not define all Furries and their views…yet as a fursuiter and now an award-winner…his voice will be plastered upon the vast majority of us until this moment is forgotten.

This is why we must remember that even though we do not reflect all Furries, often we are chalked up to being one-and-the-same in how we think and how we act. This especially becomes apparent when you read about Furries in the media, and how it classifies us all in one way even when we are very unique. So the people who are most-often heard such as the popufurs, the Furrytubers, and now the award-winners…they really have to be careful in what they do and/or say, because it can come back on the fandom for better or for worse.

Still…congrats to SonicFox- and thank you for never hiding who you are and what you love!

Cultura Colectiva+ video is literal GARBAGE!


Heyo fuzzbutts it has been awhile…and it has been FOREVER since I covered “Furries in the Media”. So, lets be honest for a moment: nowadays, things like Buzzfeed and Vice are a go-to for information when it comes to the younger generation.
Even older people are falling into these trends of watching things like “The Dodo”, Vice, Buzzfeed, and using these things are their good-book for knowledge.

But like with anything on the internet…opinions are on either the left side of the street or the right. These things are biased, and, because they rely on views, they generally go for the “shock factor” rather than looking to spread the TRUTH.

So, today a friend shared a video posted from Cultura Colectiva+ on facebook. It was supposed to explain the Furry Subculture (you can view the video HERE) and the video was absolute GARBAGE!

Here are the reasons why:

  • The video showed clips of well-known Murrsuiters:
    —So here’s the thing. We know that murrsuiters exist. We know that they are in the fandom and it’s fine. HOWEVER, sex does NOT represent what the Furry community is. It has a very small portion in comparison to everything else, and if you’re going to show furries, you shouldn’t show suits that only come out after dark. I have nothing against NSFW suiters or art and I accept them- however, when educating the public on furries, this type of stuff should be left out because it’s something extra that doesn’t count towards the vast majority of those in the fandom.
  • They brought up in the video how it’s “not about the sex”:
    —You’re right…it’s not about the sex- BECAUSE SEX ISNT INVOLVED! Being a Furry is only the liking of animals with human-like characteristics. THAT’S IT! A lot of furries are too young to even be thinking about sex! Sex is natural, it’s in every fandom, every facet of every part of the world. So why make it seem like something out-of-the norm for furries? Why bring it up at all? It makes absolutely NO SENSE! It just paves the way for people to find us even more disturbing and disgusting…and it’s not educating anyone!
  • They used clips from “My Strange Addiction”:
    —As if they didn’t already pick a lot of cringy videos that they had no right to use…they just had to include clips from “My Strange Addiction”- a show that most of us furries know is actually scripted to make people look bad. As a community and fandom we try and move away from CSI and shows like MSA- but sure enough, dumb facebook videos like this keep dragging the public back into a state of ignorance when it comes to furries because they use these clips.
  • They used clips of Therian/Otherkin:
    —If you are Therian or Otherkin…chances are you might have been in the furry fandom while finding yourself and/or you are still in the fandom. But it doesn’t mean all furries are therian or otherkin. Not all of us feel like we are our fursona in our day-to-day lives. Maybe when we put on the suits, sure…but not all of us connect to an animal or feel like we become that animal on every level but physical. Not only did they choose to add in something that doesn’t represent “furries” as a whole…again, they chose the most cringy clips from “My Strange Addiction”.
  • Something about connecting with the Fursona on a religious level?
    —No. Again…doesn’t have anything to do with all furries…it’s something that is individual, and just NO! Religion is hardly brought up in the furry community. The fandom is an escape from real life! Some people may have religious markings on their characters or might base a character on a specific faith…but again, it’s a very small percentage, and this was in no way educational to anyone. All it did was make the lot of furries sound like a bunch of mental freaks.
  • They focused on the Fursuits:
    —FACT: Only about 20% actually own a fursuit. That leaves 80% that don’t walk around in costumes. Way to show that you have no fucking clue what you are talking about ‘Cultura Colectiva’ :/

So in the end this video offered nothing educational about the fandom. It failed to mention that Furries raise thousands of dollars per year from their conventions, or that they visit sick children and/or the elderly. They failed to mention what it means to really be in the fandom…except they got the ‘dancing’ and the ‘making friends’ part right. As always we were shown to be a sexual-adult fandom where adults run around in costumes and act like children whenever they get together…
Never mentioning art, things like animations, novels, or even video-games. We are just the weird animal people…and the comment-section was DISGUSTING.

It was so full of hate and people saying that furries exist because of sheltered upbringings etc. None of which was true, but all of which was spurred by an uninformed video about who we are.

So what can we do?

  1. Well, the first thing would be to post on “Cultural Colectiva” telling them their video was wrong and telling them why.
  2. The next would be to post on the video itself with FACTS! No one needs to know why you wear a suit…no one cares how much you like to make people smile (because those people still got hate and got bullied)- they need FACTS! They need to know what the fandom is, what the fandom isnt, and why the video was wrong!!!

Link people to sources, decent FAQs that will fill them in about the truth of the fandom. Show them the charity listings and how much money that furries collect per year. Give them numbers of how many people are in the fandom versus how many dress in fursuits. I know I was in the comments giving my two-cents (just not as lengthy as this blog)- and if you want to, report the video.

If for nothing else, the video makes use of clips that were not made for them nor did they have permission to use it. It has spurred bullying and harassment, so if it gets taken down, that will be for the better.

But yeah…this video is absolute trash and I hope it burns.


Fursuit Friday Feature #26: FANG/ZAPHIRA

Heya fuzzbutts, and happy Fursuit Friday!!!!

It has been awhile, but, I wanna welcome you to another Fursuit Friday Feature!
I would have gotten one out much sooner, but, for those of you who follow my YouTube channel, you wil know that my activity all but stopped until recently. My computer has been on the fritz…and while I try and get this issue fixed, well, hopefully this is something to bring a smile to your face because it brought one to mine!

I was approached by a buddy named Togo that said he knew a fursuiter that would like to be interviewed. How could I refuse? I love featuring people in my blog, and I have not been disappointed. Fang and Zaphira are both incredible suits to see, and the stories behind them even more amazing!

I love experienced Fursuiters and people that have been in the fandom long enough to have a ton of adventures and a ton of stories. With those things also come a ton of helpful advice which we are never too short on 😀

But enough rambling, welcome back to Fursuit Friday Feature, and here’s to getting to know the personality and these amazing suits!!

1.Name:  James Miller

2. Character Name(s): Fang/ Zaphira

3. Character Species:  Wolf/ Cat-Dragon

4. Fursuit Maker (can include links to shop if you want):  I made my suits myself along with one additional one.  All three were created in the past 2 years along with plans of making 2 more in the near future.  I will be constructing them for my wedding dated for November 10th, 2018.  

5. Total Cost (optional)—  Fang cost about $200.  He is my Jo Anne Fabrics baby.  I got their crap, 60% off discounted fur along with discounted foam and discounted hot glue sticks.  My mother had some craft supplies that I borrowed and used into the suit.  Zaphira was a bit more involving DreamVisonCreations materials such as their large feline resin head blank (c – hinge joints), all the head accessories, and paw shaping materials (claws and palm pads).  Also, I used better fur purchased from at $25 per yard.  Zaphira came out to be a whopping $1,000.  Both look about 250 man hours to make.  

6. How long did it take you to get your Fursuit?  As stated previously, 250 man hours per suit.  As far as months, Fang was about 3 months start to finish.  With Zaphira, I took more time on her and she came out about 15 months later.  

7. When did you decide that you wanted a Fursuit?  I actually knew back around 2011. I started a dragon head using needlepoint mesh after I was in Pittsburgh during Anthrocon. It ended when I went to college and was thrown out in 2015 (wish I didn’t).   I gave up due to life and lack of interest. Then, months after the dragon was in the garbage (1 month after I took my first job), I was in the city for work and witnessed another Anthrocon!  This time, I was able to purchase a day pass for Sunday, dress up in a spandex suit and Halloween wolf mask, passed a ball around with a few welcoming fursuiters, and fell in love. Side story, my fiancé at the time was with me, and that July, I found out she was cheating on me. The second sighting and her betrayal was the life spark for prototype Fang. 3 months later, Fang was fully born as a full suit.

8. Do you go out in public while wearing your suit? Tell us one of your favorite experiences!
Do I?!  I live in the wonderful city of Pittsburgh, home to Anthrocon. Once Fang was made, I was out between 2 – 4 weekends a month (including winter). I have ice skated, bar crawled, and toured. I have participated in events like a mascot meet, the Pittsburgh arts festival, animal convention, anime convention, numerous  bowling meets, baseball games, and even designed a yearly fursuit Pittsburgh stroll before Anthrocon. Not to mention being at different cons, Niagara Falls, and was offered a job as Fang here in Pittsburgh. My two favorite experiences would be Niagara Falls and Station Square. The falls because even out of the country, the people knew who we were. We were always being photographed, pulled aside to show others, and swarmed to such a point that I was uneasy as to how we could get away. There, Minion and I met up with good friends of ours, Togo and Saphira, that joined us in suiting, as well as Hoopycat that was a major help handling for us. Station Square was my stomping ground. There, I had fans that want every other weekend to meet me. They would always buy me a drink so they could watch me drink in suit. They were fun but not as impactful as the children. They would be by the water fountain and they would play ball with me. The people’s reactions watching from the restaurants were hilarious to watch as I pass the Melting Pot and the Grand Concourse. I loved suiting there until security told me to stop. No one was complaining but it was the fact that my head was covered. It is private property so I have respect them.

9. Have you been to any Cons in suit? If you have gone to multiple ones, which one is your favorite and why?
I have been to Anthrocon x3 (soon 4), WPAFW x2 (soon 3), AnthrOhio, Furpocalypse, and Fur-The-More. I loved AnthrOhio 2016. Alkali was there and made my entire experience. I had watched videos of him before but was never able to meet him in person. He was so approachable, funny, and relaxed the environment. He didn’t make himself the center, he was one of us. He was looking to us for the entertainment instead of being the focal point himself which he so easily could have. He was a guest like us and joked with us but brought so much to the table. He is now my idol.

10. How have people reacted to your Fursuit while you are out in Public?  On average, people enjoy interacting with me. I would say that 5% ignore me and 1% don’t like me wherever I am. I look to make high fives, waves and smiles everywhere I go. I do get an incalculable amount of pictures and the occasional hug from children. I had a kid that was scared of me at first, played fetch with me, followed me for well over an hour, and cried when we had to leave. I love my experiences suiting in public.

11. What was your main goal in getting a suit? Did you have any plans for it or did you just get one for fun?  Smiles. Smiles and to brighten everyone’s day. I could get into how bad day to day is for everyone and their mother, so I want to be a smile. If I can make someone smile, great. If I can make someone’s day, even better. People’s happiness is a way that I can be happy. I see the smiles and it is contagious to me and to everyone they meet.

12. How do you act differently in suit VS when you are dressed as you normally would?  In suit, I can express myself as I normally would like but often isn’t socially acceptable. It normally isn’t socially acceptable to kneel down and give a child a hug in the middle of the street. Nor is it to talk threw a modified dog toy squeaker. Not to over express an emotion or heightened energy level. I can’t normally boop noses or chase some tail (without my fiancé killing me). I can’t say hello to everyone I pass with a smile and wave like greeting friends at the door. And I surely can’t spread the laughter and excitement that we all need in our day to day life.

13. What is your favorite thing about wearing a Fursuit?
My favorite thing about wearing a fursuit is the ability to be myself and to have fun. I am able to have childish fun because I feel secure behind the mask. This definition of childish fun includes romping around, having massive amounts of energy, and being goofy to random passerbys. Of course, I need to include, all the smiling faces and pictures doesn’t hurt or bring me down any. What gets me the most, I guess, living in the city of Pittsburgh, is the level of acceptance both from fellow fursuiters and from muggles. Everywhere I go there is some level of acceptance towards us, just within the city of Pittsburgh, there is more of a craving. Store owners, event managers, even bartenders not only invite us in, but ask if there are others nearby. I guess my favorite thing about wearing a fursuit is wearing a fursuit and being whoever I want to be.

14. What is your least favorite thing about wearing a Fursuit?
My least favorite thing about wearing a fursuit would be the heat. I try many different ways to keep air ventilation for my suits the highest possible. No matter how many different ways I include, it is me wearing fur material from head to toe. I naturally run a bit warmer than the normal person so staying in suit is difficult especially considering the amount of energy I like to give off while in suit. I try to keep cool with vent holes, fans, and recently an ice vest. My advise is hydration is key and monitor yourself.

15. What advice would you give first-time Fursuiters and those considering getting a Fursuit?
I would say, make sure you clean your suit, make sure you are done growing, and make sure it is what you want. Clean your suits. I use rubbing alcohol spray mixed with some wintergreen alcohol spray. Highest percentage to really clean the suit. I spray it down with a spray bottle and brush it all out after every time I wear a suit. Also, I leave it out to air dry and to not get mold. I keep dryer sheets in the suits as well to keep them dry and smelling nice.

16. What would you say is your biggest peeve when it comes to your Fursuit?
See above

17. Do you think you will ever get another suit in the future? Would it be an upgrade to your current suit or a different character?
Currently working on 2 new ones. Upgrading my Fang suit.

18. Do you make any videos while in suit (YouTube): No

19. (Final Question): Any extra words of wisdom you would like to add for anyone reading this? [it can literally be about anything]: Have fun, watch who you choose to be friends with, it’s a social support group and do what makes you happy.

Thanks to James for the amazing interview!!!

It is true that suits often liberate us from certain constraints. I know that in Rune I feel much more confident, and all I aim to do when wearing him is to bring happiness to others. The smiles and hugs that you get in suit is its own kind of reward that can not be easily explained…and suiting is a journey all in itself.

Whether you make your own or you buy one, there is a process we all go through in getting used to the suit, in judging what things are okay, what is not. It is true, there are things we must be wary about as well. Suiting is fun, but not everyone understands…and it all comes down to respect. There is still a code of conduct we must follow when out in public, and its important to remember that even when we are in a costume playing at fantasy, we are still in reality.

But it’s always wonderful to hear about the journey…the progress that people make in their creations and even in suiting in general. In this case, the first suit, to all the care and extra work put into a second. I can only wish this person so much more amazing things in the future and I look forward to seeing the upgraded Fang and other future suits to see just how much more progress has been made!! 😀

So thanks to James again and thanks to Togo for directing him this way! So awesome to have you both in my blog!!!

Thank you everyone for your continued support! Remember, I am always accepting new people to interview. It doesn’t even have to be for Fursuit Friday! Artists, crafters, if it’s Furry-related, we can get you featured! Just leave a link to your FA, facebook, or Twitter down below and I will get to you ASAP!

But until then, I will see you all in the next one 😉

TLC “My Strange Addiction” -It’s a lie!


So, here is something that I have not done in awhile…but, it’s talking about Furries in the media. For those that might not have come to my blog often, I have made a few posts in the past where I would watch something on the news…and really point out how the media lied and really made a bad impression on the world about what this fandom is and what it is truly about.

After one or two times of doing this, I kind of made it my mission that whenever I would see furries in the actual media, I would then write something of a review or critique on that video and show how the media represented the fandom…point out the “flaws” and kinda show why certain areas were incorrect and how furries can later combat questions if people use these media videos as reference to their curiosities.

Anyways, I remembered once seeing a section on “My Strange Addictions” (I actually really like the show) about Furries/Fursuits. Having been taking a break from the fandom and still rather uneducated about it at the time, I really thought nothing of it. In fact, the passage I saw on it had a girl and her boyfriend wearing fursuit heads and chasing each other through the park. Well, I decided to look it up.
I did not find the part about the girl and her boyfriend. But, what I did find was a video clip about the beginning / on the furry called “Kira” and how TLC labelled her fursuiting as a ‘fetish’.

Here is the video:

Now, watching that…it was just a small clip. But, did you notice anything strange? I mean, first I think we must address the most important thing…and that is that “Furry is not a fetish”
Now I can already hear the trolls and people uneducated within the fandom saying: “But, it IS a fetish! Furry porn and murrsuits…blah, blah, blah.”
Yes. Yes, I am quite aware these things exist. But so does Steven Universe porn (ugh) and MLP porn as well. But are those fetishes? No. They are fandoms. They are things people enjoy as a hobby and past-time. But, there is always that 10-15% that turn it into something sexual. That’s just how people work. So even when they roll their eyes and say that “not all furries” is a bad way to start an argument…well, how else should we start it? Tell you to check the fucking numbers and statistics? Maybe talk to an actual furry and fucking educate yourself?
Because seriously…this fandom is only the liking of anthropomorphic animals and the sharing of art. All the sex, fetishes, and other things are sub-sets of the fandom that do not apply to the majority.

So, already TLC has made it easy for people to look down on this fandom as something that is “wrong” that is “twisted and deranged” because they labelled it as a ‘fetish’. This was only to get views of course…but what they fail to care about is that they are putting a dark cloud on a lot of people that are actually pretty normal and do not even delve into the darker side of the fandom. And it opens the floodgates to trolls, to bullies, and to hate…which is not what anyone in this fandom wants.

But, did you notice anything else? Weird behavior? Doing stuff that even regular fursuiters don’t really do?

As a fursuiter myself…I can tell you that there are some things I would never think to do in my fursuit. Like, why is she waving at traffic? The first time I saw the action I thought it was odd. Are furries performers? Yes! Do they like to entertain people? Of course! But we don’t do it by standing around waving at people or trying to distract them! Why act for people that can not stop and enjoy you? Why throw yourself out there when it can not be appreciated? It might seem odd to say and might not make sense to a lot of people…but fursuits are meant to draw people in. To get people to stop, to laugh, smile, take pictures…be silly. They are not meant to be a distraction to those that are busy, they are not meant to just stand around and act like they are trying to get you to eat at a new fast food joint or get your taxes done by a specific company. They are NOT mascots…

So, already this was odd…

And then reading a book?! Are you kidding me???
Even though the holes in her eyes were open…fursuiter vision is very limited. And I can not imagine reading a book in one. It doesn’t make sense! I don’t even think I could turn pages with my paws on…it just looked so…weird, out-of-place.

And I was not the only one that noticed either. Plenty of furries actually commented saying that certain things looked forced or did not make any sense for a fursuiter. They could tell that some behaviors did not really match up with what furries actually did half the time.

Even Aberguine the Furry-YouTuber was able to point out some things they noticed just from this small clip:

But we notice these things because we are actually furries…we know these things because we are an ACTUAL part of the fandom, so, weird behaviors are very easy to spot. But, what about the general public?

Well, as you can imagine, it was a lot of people saying that this ‘fetish’ was disgusting and needed to die…and then there were the typical jokes about drinking bleach as well. Then there were those talking about how being a Furry was the same as bestiality and zoophilia (one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to this fandom) and people talking about that one furry friend they had that was a freak because they just happened to be a murrsuiter…so that’s the only side of the fandom they had ever known.

The only relief was that most of the comments were pretty laid back, and even non-furries mostly expressed that this was tame in comparison to the other addictions they had seen on the show. But, it does not change the fact that it shed negative light on our fandom…and the worst part?


The Furry? She was real…she was an actual furry and a fursuiter. But, when casted to do the show, she had no idea it was about addictions and fetishes. She only knew it had to do with strange hobbies…and she thought that by joining in on this show that she could spread a positive look and vibe on the furry fandom. It was noble, for sure…

…and everything was going good at first: until she signed TLC’s contract.

That’s when she became their puppet, their actor…and she said that everything she was trying to do went up in smokes because she had to do what they wanted her to and they controlled every part of the show from the minute she put pen to paper.

She posted about the experience on her Furaffinity Account 3-years ago…and asked people to stop trying to spotlight the fandom to try and make a positive impression…because the media was not going to help you, rather, they were going to twisted everything for shock value so that they could get the ratings and earn the money.

You can read her statement HERE / and below (for those that do not have an FA):

That Dr. Phil thing going around? Avoid it. All media is just whack, but shows like this are out for nothing but drama and exploitation and going off of those “bad” vibes. They want shock and awe, and they’ll turn you into their puppet. Don’t think you can be a hero or come out clean, because you won’t. I promise you, you won’t.

Take a look at the “titles” of talk shows. Do you hate your family members? Are you a binge drinker? Did your boyfriend sleep with your mom? Were you abused? Do you not know who the father of your kid is? Are you 13 and pregnant? They want shock value! They want people to go “Holy shit, this person is insane! I gotta see this!”. They don’t want a seemingly normal kid to come on there and talk about some quirky hobby they have for 30 minutes. They want over-the-top shit that will keep people watching and talking about you for as long as possible.

I hate bringing up the past, especially this part of it, but believe me on this. I was on TLC’s My Strange Addiction back in 2009. I went on for the sole purpose of bringing a positive image onto the fandom. The show seemed so innocent, saying they were just interested in talking about my hobby, the making of fursuits and the fun, cute things. Once I was under contract, they told me it was about harmful addictions, but I couldn’t do anything. I was contracted. I became an actor. Well, more of a puppet, I should say. They told me what to say, what to do, made me do things I openly resisted against (running around in a muddy forest in white fur, jumping over sticks and rocks and risking my safety? Waving at cars in the middle of a busy intersection? Running around in a busy strip mall disturbing people’s daily outings for laughs that were never had? Going to a state park where there were huge crowds of people and walking flight upon flight of stairs in suit just for footage of peoples reactions?), but they had me on a ball and chain and I was toted around like a prop. Nothing good can come of it. They tell you “Oh, it’ll be fun and cute! We’re not gonna talk about anything bad or weird, don’t worry.” But once they have you, they’ll take it and run, and they will lie and lie until you start to believe it and go with it. You’ll come in thinking it’ll be all fine and dandy and “I’ll show them! I’ll be the turning point, I’ll make furries look awesome!” but they are powerful, and you’ll have no say in what happens once the tapes go into editing. They’ll make a fool out of you, just like anyone who gets excited about these things and tries out for shits and giggles, or even for the most innocent, positive intentions. They turned my life story into a mockery, and into an excuse for my “problem” that I never had.

Just don’t do it, for the sake of yourself and the community and everything. I fucked up for all of us once when i was young and naive and it sucked. Badly. I don’t want to see anyone else going through it.

Being told to lie…to make a fool of yourself. Made to do things harmful to your health, your safety in general, and doing things harmful to your suit? She was under contract…and could do nothing else…and worse, they made her family lie as well.

Sure, she got compensation in the form of money…but even she said it was a mistake because she knew it was going to reflect negatively on the fandom that she obviously adored.

Every time I hear or see of someone ‘talking to the news’ about furries…hoping to set a positive image for the fandom, it always goes wrong. One person who commented on Laura’s blog post said that National Geographic (or someone like that) came to a fur meet to talk about the fandom, but promptly left when they realized that furries in real life are actually pretty boring…and they are actually pretty normal.

I have only seen ONE positive outlook on Furries in the media just ONE (you can find it HERE) // this was the first and only time that furries were shown for what they really are…and they even showcased a very famous fursuit maker. The person doing the interviews even got into a suit! And she had a blast!!! But this show? It’s just like all the rest…

News teams often find the weirdest person in a group of furries and they use this person to market the whole fandom to the world. Even the chlorine attack at a convention was laughed at because they chose to talk to the guy that was constantly “in character” and he basically made us all look like we were crazy and living in some lala-land. And when that isn’t happening…they choose a furry that also identifies as Therian or Otherkin…and they express how they don’t feel “completely human”…another misrepresentation and misconception of the fandom since we don’t all think we are animals.

It’s sad…and sure the episode is old…but, it’s a problem still happening today. Recently the Alamo City Furry Invasion was contacted by a news-team doing a show on weird hobbies and the leader of the convention accepted the invitation. I’m still waiting to see how all that goes since, according to the leader of the convention, the news promised not to make furries look bad.

So you might just be seeing a blog on that in the future to see if they got their facts straight.

Anyways, sorry for the negativity…it just always gets me so fired up to see these things in the media. Either way, I thank you all so much for watching!
More “Female Fursuiter Month” posts are coming! So be on the lookout for those!

As always, thank you all for your continued support and as always, I will see you all in the next blog! 😉


The best portrayals of Furries in the media thus far?

I know that I am often very aggressive when it comes to Furries being shown in the media…
A lot of the time, we have seen that Furries are still made fun of, even by reporting professionals in their work, and we have seen that a lot of documentaries covering the Furry Fandom often describe it as something closer to a mental illness than something people do just for fun.

But, today while browsing across Facebook, I noticed a video posted by Tanner Cotham in one of the various Furry groups that I am a part of, and it had a lot of likes and hearts because people were claiming that this was the best representation of Furries that the media had dished out thus far.

The video already had 17,000 views, and I was wary upon first starting the video…but by the end of it I was smiling and was actually very pleasantly surprised. Here we have a reporter that goes to talk with a bunch of mil-furs (Military and/or ex-military Furries) in the San Diego area. She meets with the friendly red dragon named “Chance” (real name is Alex), and, he describes what the Furry Fandom is really about.

Unlike the other documentaries and interviews where people are describing themselves as being something more than human (which is not applicable for all Furries), rather, Chance says that being a Furry is more for people who have managed to keep a piece of their childhood alive…that it’s all about fun and freedom and that, while society tells us how we should act and be as adults, the stresses of life are unhealthy, and being a Furry for most is more therapeutic. He says this especially applies for people in the military that have a stricter code for behaving than most people.

After talking with Chance, the reporter then goes and visits “Mischief Makers” who make Fursuits (you will know them for making the suit of Majira Strawberry and other popular Furries). There the reporter tries on a fursuit which she will be wearing the entire day. I must say that I was actually impressed with this. Most reporters that want to “get Furry” often just slap on a tail and a pair of ears. Either that or they wear a silly animal onsie you can buy at Walmart and then interview Furries in their new “fursuit”. Even though they are trying to be funny, all they are really accomplishing is pointing out that they don’t take the fandom seriously and/or that the whole thing is just a joke assignment to them…and for Furries, it can actually be pretty insulting.

But this reporter donned a fullsuit from Mischief Makers…they walked with other Furries to the park, took photos with people and kids, danced, and really just did what Furries normally do…all the while interviewing different Furries who explained that wearing the costume for them is breaking loose. For military people and anyone really, it allows them to be free, to be silly without fear of someone judging them for their behavior. It gives people a massive confidence boost when wearing a mask and they can just be themselves which the reporter seemed to understand entirely.

Afterwards, she went back to Chance’s house and they all had a Furry rave. It was Furries doing Furry stuff, and even the reporter had fun and said that yes, it was “silly” but, at the same time, she realized it was silly as in “fun” and that, that was the whole point of the fandom.

I felt happy…and I felt relieved. Someone finally “gets it”. Someone finally sees what being a Furry is all about. there was no interview with the strange kid barking and growling at everyone. There was not that person talking about how they knew they were this-certain-creature since they were born and that they are not fully human. Naturally, while there are people in the fandom like that…this was the first time, that the answers could honestly apply to the fandom in what I believe was 100%, and even the reporter realized that what makes the fandom great is not the costumes, is not the creatures, but just the amazing and loving community in general!!!

So…I’m very happy.
I’m very happy to finally see an honest take and view into the Furry fandom…a view that is true, that is fair, that is respectful, and that can actually be used to show others what the community is like.

But, what do YOU think?

Do you think this is accurate to the Furry Fandom? Where did you think the video was lacking? What would you like to see more of? I understand they on;y showed Fursuiters which make up such a small portion of the community. But, I honestly feel like it was better this way. Fursuiters are the only ones people tend to notice, talk about, and even care about if they are not in the fandom…so, I feel like people will listen more to a Fursuiter than they would someone out of costume.

Anyways, as always…thank you all so much for reading this blog. Leave your opinions in the comment-section below, and, as always, I will see you all in the blog 😉

A fellow Furry…murdered.


Some are still finding out about this…but I have seen this for a little while now and avoided writing about it until I got further information on the story. But, it would seem that three of our own in the Furry Community have been murdered.

When this story first appeared, there were little to no details about what had happened and it had the community up in arms because they immediately thought that this had to have been a “furry hate crime” but, as more details come into play, this is not the case…


It was a triple homicide in which Frank Felix (25) and Josh Acosta (21) along with a third suspect (still unknown) murdered: Christopher Yost (34), Jennifer Yost (39), and their friend Arthur Boucher (28) inside their own home. The teenage daughter (who is 17-years old) was missing at the time in which the bodies were discovered. She was eventually found and then taken into custody, originally as a suspect as well.

The murderers were also Furry, putting to rest that this was a Furry hate crime. As it would turn out, this all became an ordeal over a forbidden relationship between Jennifer’s 17-year-old daughter (Katlynn) and Felix. According to multiple news sources…Felix was not allowed to see the daughter, and it is still unknown what encouraged the second man to help in the murder…but, there are a lot of theories.

What is known is that friend of the victim Jennifer said that the mother was always calling her because of whom her daughter was hanging out with. She was often concerned about Felix and said that he was not allowed to see her daughter anymore. Then on the 24th, 911 received a called from one of Jennifer’s daughters (the youngest one who was 6) saying that her parents were dead.

“To protect her daughter, Chris and Jenn were like, ‘We don’t want you to be friends with our daughter anymore,”’ Giles told the Associated Press. “It is really sad because they didn’t deserve that. Those little girls didn’t deserve to wake up to dead parents.”
—From the DailyNews Article

Acosta was at Ft.Irwin at the time…people who had met him remember him being a very laid back guy, and that he would often talk with people about his military experience but there was never anything out of the ordinary. Felix was always on Katlynn’s facebook page. She was an artist in the community and would suit up for multiple events with her Mother. Felix would like her posts about anime, and sources say he was the “bullied” kid that never felt like he belonged.

The two men that did the shooting did not harm Jennifer’s children…the 6 and 9-year-olds were unharmed (thank goodness)…and Mercury News says that Katlynn Goodwill Yost is being let go from juvenile hall without charges being pressed on her for the murder (even though she was originally suspected of having asked the men to come and kill her parents because she had been forbidden to see Felix).

It’s all very sad…and go figure that the media is not so much focusing on the details on the murder…but that it was a murder among furries. Yes, they post about the family having a GoFundMe Page for funeral expenses (will post that down below) and that people are mourning the loss of a very kind-hearted woman considered a “Mom to many” in the community…but, you can be sure they make the biggest point in showing that Jennifer and Katlynn both spent their time suiting up as colorful animal characters.

Because of this…the comments on all these news stories are full of people saying that they were all deranged thinking they were stuffed animals, that they were disgusting, no one even noting it as a tragedy…but those outside the fandom almost seeing it as a joke. And it breaks my heart.

While looking through news-stories trying to find more on this issue, there was an article on talking about Katlynn Goodwill Yost being a furry, how she explained the Furry fandom as a way to escape reality, and the author then points out that it is the Furry fandom which made her almost inhuman in that she lacked empathy and could not connect to real people…being furry made her lack emotion, that she was mentally unstable, and abusive to people…that her behavior was messed up and wrong, and it was all due to her being in the fandom. It also points out the suspects and what was “wrong” with them…talking about their other hobbies and fandoms, pointing them out as the weirdos and trying to say: “This is what being a freak does…makes you murder people”.

I have never been a fan of the way furries are portrayed in the media…but, when they are taking a  murder of such a sweet and loving set of friends and making it all seem like some crazy joke just because they were furries, and that the daughter is deranged solely because the fandom made her that way…that’s going WAY too far.

Even ABC News, a top-nmed news source used the tagline:

Suspects, Victims in California Killings Were ‘Furries’

To get more views…and here’s what the comment section sparked because of that:

They apparently were fine with indulging in weird sexual fetishes with her, so I have to wonder what these guys did to make the parents say “no, THAT’S over the line”…
It’s always been obvious that these ‘furries’ are some warped people.

Animals kill

As always, the actions of one Furry affects us all…and while the names of those lost are being slandered by those wishing to bash our community…these beautiful souls are being mourned by their family, being mourned by the now-orphaned children, and being mourned by the Furry Community alike:

“Our job on this planet is to spread peace, light, and love. We are furries. We are probably one of the last groups of humans who actually give a damn about those three things. Yeah we have a lot of drama and silly small things, but what makes us so special is the fact despite it all, despite the hate and the rumors and lies spread about us, we still have those three key things and choose to share it with everyone around us. Reminding people of what true love and peace is.”
—Luna Gryphon / Furry Amino

As of right now, the curt has yet to decide the sentence of the men involved in the shooting of these three people, and while they say the daughter is not being charged, it is unknown whether or not she has been released from juvenile hall or what the real story was with her and the older man. also, it is still unknown (as stated before) the motive of the man from Fort Irwin, only that all people involved knew each other and might have been, at one point, “friends”. So, police keep stressing that this was no random act of violence.

Furries are shaken up as many were very touched by “Mama Jen” as she was sometimes called and the fact that she helped so many furries with their problems and conflicted emotions. Also, those that commissioned her or her daughter at any point are heartbroken as well as those that knew her from the community located there in Southern California.

We are now going to have to work to rebuild our name, and work to show people that we are not all crazed killers wearing animals costumes. So many people still see it as nothing more than a sick fetish from those that cannot tell fantasy from reality. It’s only going to get tougher because, for every one good deed done there seems to be 5 more deeds done showing us as nothing more than high disturbed individuals that do not fit in with society.

All I ask is that, if you have the money to spare…please check out the family’s GoFundMe page located down below and help with the funeral expenses. Also, whether you do or do not have the funds to help…any positive vibes, prayers, or good thoughts that could be sent to the family and Jennifer’s daughters would very much be appreciated. Goodness knows they need all the love and support that they can now get.

Sorry for all the sad and negative news…
Until the next blog 😦

–_–Family’s GoFundMe Page for funeral expenses–_–

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My problem with Furries represented in the Media #1


[[DISCLAIMER: I understand that a lot of the clips I find are years old and that there are better documentaries out there. Some of the words I use or things I sat may offend some people, but these are my opinion. I do not joke about mental health as I am diagnosed with an array of things deeming me “mentally ill” / also, as a Therian, I do not look down upon the Therian and Otherkin groups, I just merely express that they are separate from the Furry Fandom, not one and the same thing, and they are in no way related even if Therians and Otherkin decide to join said-fandom. The Furries mentioned in this clip are doing nothing wrong, the only thing I am trying to express is that their views and behaviors do not encompass everyone in the fandom and that National Geographic was setting up an image of Furries that was not realistic to the entire fandom.]]

Every once in awhile, I like to go on random websites like YouTube, Google, or Yahoo and search up “furries”. I don’t know why I do it…in fact, a lot of the time it’s torture because, my results get narrowed down to anti-furry propaganda (for some reason) or “cringe compilations”.

Either way, one thing always remains the same when it comes to these little searches of mine…and that is that I generally HATE the way that furries are represented in the media. I would say that 9/10 times, the furries that are interviewed are the image that the public believes encompasses us all…and that could not be FARTHER from the truth! Not only does this often give us a weird or negative representation, but, it sets these false ideas of what our fandom is actually about! It makes these fake rules that newcomers to the fandom think they have to follow when they are not even rules at all!

For example…
The other day, someone pointed out that they needed a Fursuit because they wanted to be a Furry. I commented that they did not need a Fursuit to be a Furry. In fact, I stated there were furries that did not even have a Fursona. And, this kid was confused. He tried to rebuttal, saying that all the videos he had ever seen about furries were people in Fursuits…every interview, every vine, everything. All I could do was shake my head because…they were right. All those videos that the news channels would show, the documentaries made by people outside of the fandom…MOST of them focused around the Fursuits even though only 15-20% of the fandom suit up. It’s frustrating honestly…

That’s why a lot of new people come waltzing into the fandom thinking they know everything, and then in less than a year, they have left the fandom because they really had no idea what the fandom was about in the first place!!! It’s aggravating, it’s annoying!

…and you wanna know what? It gets even worse!

So…let me just tell you about something that I was watching today. On YouTube, I found something just called “Furries” and it was on the National Geographic Channel. Not just a local-news station, not even one of those chat shows my Mom likes to watch during the afternoon…no. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.
So I’m already thinking: “Okay…at least this thing is legit.”
And, I decided to give it a watch.

The aftermath? It was that face that basically said: “Uh…wtf, did I just watch?!”
Now, please take note that there are people that will be offended by my opinions…but, they are what they are, we are all individuals, and I just do not agree with most of the image this part of a documentary was trying to portray.

First of all…the clip in question that I watched was part of “Taboo: Secret Lives” and this clip was uploaded in 2012 (so I am assuming this documentary was on TV in the same year). Is it old? Sure…but it doesn’t change the fact that National Geographic hasn’t really made an effort to change what they originally said on this show.

The first thing that was off and wrong was that the narrator said that Furries are a growing fandom of people that think they are half human and half animal. This is not true? Like, not at all…
A furry on its own is just a person who is a fan of anthropromorphic animals (animals with human characteristics), and, this liking goes into different sub-groups of the fandom like those that appreciate art, movies, writing, or even mascoting/fursuiting. Even if a lot of the fandom does not want to admit it, one of these sub-groups does stem into the fetish and sexual areas…but not all Furries think they are half animal. In fact, not all furries even have a Fursona (animal character used to portray a person within the fandom) or even call themselves furries, let alone consider themselves to be half animal.

Even further on in the clip, they state again this fact but instead of saying ALL furries consider themselves as half animal, they claim that 85% of furries believe they are not entirely human. I wouldn’t really take those numbers seriously…especially not nowadays. Also, thinking you’re an animal is NOT furry…it’s Therian or Otherkin. That’s something separate from the fandom itself even if Therians and Otherkin types join the fandom. It’s not the same thing and thus, should not be lumped together as being “furry”.

As a lesbian, that would be like the news telling me that all lesbians hate men or something rubbish like that. I don’t hate men, neither does my wife, and neither do my lesbian friends. Do some lesbians hate men? I would not doubt it…but most do not hate men, they just do not find them attractive and therefore do not have sex with them. It’s like when people compare furries to zoophiles and say we all fuck animals or when they say all furries do is dress in costumes and have massive orgies. None of these things are true for all of us…and so, it’s pretty insulting that we are not being properly represented and we are being lumped together into assumptions that might make us uncomfortable.
Now…each fandom has its extremists, and each fandom has those people that are best left alone because they are not really an image we want to have so we best avoid it, and honestly, each fandom has those group of people that meet a stereotype that falls into borderline disgusting and/or illegal…you can’t avoid it — but, why classify everyone else like that? Why give the false image?

Well…it’s because:
A. The media does not really care to properly portray us.
B. They just want the views.

I mean, did you read what the clip is from?! Taboo? Secret Lives???

What is really so taboo about it all? The animals costumes? Well again, not every furry has a fursuit or will ever have one. Not even half of the fandom suits up. When they do? Not all fursuiters even fursuit in public places. Some believe it’s something only meant for local meets and conventions, and there are those that never even wear their suits outside of their own homes. But, then you have people going shopping in their suits, going to McDonalds in their suits…going to parks, and to school, and going sledding and going to the beach in their Fursuit. Yeah, it weirds some people out, they find it unnatural…but then again, some people really love Fursuits, find them cute, entertaining, and they bring a smile to people’s faces and brightens people’s days. So just because it’s not so common, it’s taboo? As far as I know, Fursuiting doesn’t go against any real laws, does not go against any religion…and as far as a secret life? Well, most furries don’t keep their involvement in the fandom a secret, they just don’t feel the need to shove it down people’s throats.

Going back to the whole lesbian thing…I am one, but it’s not like I tell everyone I meet. I don’t introduce myself that way, and usually, I don’t mention I have a wife but simply state that I am married because it is not anyone else’s business to know. At work, most people do not even know my orientation until they ask directly, and then I let them know so that there is no confusion. But, it’s not something I go around flaunting, it’s not something I feel I should “shout to the world”. I feel that being a furry is the same way…it’s your hobby and is no one else’s business. If someone asks, then you can tell them…but, if they don’t ask, why tell them? Why do they need to know? Furry is not a sexuality it’s not something you need to “come out of the closet” about. You like what you like and you share it with others that like it the same as you do. So, while some feel like its this heavy burden of a secret they carry with them…for most of us, we are who we are, we like who we like, and, if you don’t like the same things we won’t try and force you to like it, we won’t shove it down your throats, and if you tell us you hate it then it’s whatever because we really just do not care.

But the woman speaking in the clip does make a point as to why furries might make people feel uncomfortable. She describes it as child’s play and something best left in the past once we grow up. It is true people think adults should be beyond certain things like playing out characters using our imagination, especially dressing up in costumes and playing on playgrounds with our friends…but, it’s nothing harmful, it doesn’t cause any damage. Worst-case scenario is that a kid might be scared of the furry creature walking near the hiking trails and starts to cry…but that’s about it. On the subject of being too childish? Well, when you think about it, a lot of Fursuits were purchased and not made by the person wearing it. These suits are not cheap. They can easily be thousands of dollars and you have to be able to make payments of hundreds of dollars per month. So, furries have jobs, they are going to college. They are dentists and doctors and engineers. Some are in the military, others are traveling the world trying to find a place where they feel more at home. People live alone off making furry art and making the Fursuits people want to claim are “so childish”…furries have made their own companies this way. Yet, we are children that have just failed to grow up? Hardly.

But, the clip…
This whole thing seems to link Fursonas and Fursuits as kind of a disassociate disorder…kinda like having multiple personalities or an identity crisis. They treat being furry like a mental illness…and it’s not correct in the slightest, and I know more than a few furries that would find that insulting. Since I actually suffer from depression (medically, not self-diagnosed), paranoia, and extreme anxiety disorder…mental illness is nothing to joke about. Also, having studied to be a psychologist for some years, I can tell you that while some people do indeed create a Fursona based on their “other voices” or personalities…most people merely use themselves for inspiration and only put what personality and traits are already there…and make it into an animal form. There are furries that use their character to get rid of their anxiety and to be more sociable, especially online…but ultimately they understand that they themselves and their characters are no different…that they are still one and the same person. I have 3 such characters, and while each one is different, their personalities combine to make me as a whole. My wolf is my outward self as people see me. Not so shy but not always talkative. When I do talk, I don’t shut up…I like to joke and make people laugh. I don’t mind being in a crowd but sometimes need those days where I am left alone to do my own thing. then I have my Leothaun and she is more my “brooding” and “pondering” self. She is those deep thoughts I have in the shower or while I’m laying in bed. She is always questioning things and wondering if something bigger out there for her. then you have Rune. He is my silly side, my prankster side. He is my innocent childhood imagination and colorful ideas all in one. Then again, some people aim to make their complete opposite because it’s more exciting for them. Either way, they are merely expressed differently online and know that this character is not them.

But the way they focus on the Courtney (Nuka) in the documentary clip…the ominous music and blurred background while they show him snuggling some fur, narrating that sometimes he has to sometimes “unleash his inner kitten”. Like, you know they are just poking fun at us…right? They think we are all suffering from some disorder because we are in this fandom? As if we were not all loved as children and now we are so desperate for attention that we go and dress like giant stuffed animals and cartoon characters??? This is what they want the world to think we are! They want to portray us all in this way because the more crazy, the more weird, and the more awkward we look…the more times their video gets liked on Facebook, and the more people will tune into their show and share it with their friends so that they can both discuss how weird furries are and how strange it is.

I am not saying Nuka and his comrades shown are not furries…because they are. But the way they behave, the way they act, and even their personal beliefs about not being entirely human is just not an accurate portrayal of all people in the fandom. Even out of suit they behave in such a way most people outside of the fandom would find a little too crazy and too…awkward? I myself am not that close to anyone in my friend-circle, so, I cannot really relate. A lot of other people cannot relate as well, making them a target for media because they stand out…and that’s who the media go after when they want to talk to furries. They don’t go to just anyone, they look for the people who stand out…the people that really stick out like a sore thumb, and then they ask them vague questions where everything that furry says can be taken in a weird way and can be twisted.

Strangely enough…the furries that understand what the fandom is about and how it really varies, and just how unique we all are…the popufurs like Majira and Pocari Roo, and Blu…they know what’s up when it comes to the Furry Fandom, but, you do not see them being interviewed (even though they are madly popular on YouTube and in the fandom as well). You see the people not in suits that are scared to even step up to the microphone. You see the kid that is running around and barking and growls at the reporter. They could have edited that clip out…but did they? No. They would never do that because it was weird, it made the reporter laugh because he was freaked out and uncomfortable…and they show it on TV so people can make that scrunched up face of confused disgust and that clip alone can be placed into the thousands of future cringe compilations that will now pop up online for all the world to see. This is who the media looks for, this is who the media tries to talk to…and yes, they will then talk to someone that has a better idea of what the fandom is about, but, are people paying attention to that person? No…
They don’t care what the expert says because that kid barked at someone and growled and scratched at the reporter. The viewers don’t care because they just saw a massive furry cuddle pile on the floor as the narrator started talking about the sexual side of the fandom. Are those people even into the yiffing? They might not and could have just been goofing off…but what does it matter? The media got it on camera and can now say whatever they want whether it is true or not.

As for Nuka? I am sure he is a really cool guy. His friends look incredibly fun and they all look like amazing people that I would love to hang out with for a day just to catch a glimpse of the world through their eyes. The suits look great, and I love how open they are about being in the furry fandom without really saying or showing anything that would insinuate them shoving it down other people’s throats. So, I don’t think they are odd, I do not dislike them at all or find them cringey…but, I don’t like how furries are all placed together as being all the same way and I’m sure they would be just as disappointed if they were lumped as being just like me when we are two completely different sets of people that just happen to share a liking of a fandom.

So, it’s highly frustrating!!!

This is why I always say to newcomers to  learn the rules of the fandom…to be mature and to really watch their behavior because the actions of all seem to come back and haunt all of us whether we were involved or not.

So, expect more of these blogs in the future…
But, for now, I will leave you with the clip I watched and if you feel like putting in your two cents, you can do so in the comment-section down below. Thanks for tuning in everyone, and, as always, I will see you all in the next one 😉

Spokane girl Aiyanawolfe found SAFE


Yesterday it was finally reported that Kiera Inman (Aiyanawolfe) was found SAFE in Ohio.


Herself and Kelo had been spotted first in Idaho and then were tracked to a remote rest-stop where the two of them were found sleeping in the man’s car.
She is being returned to her family, and Kelo has been sent to jail possibly facing a first-degree kidnapping charge.

I must give many thanks to the people who have read the previous blog about the alert and have helped to spread the word and find the girl. But, while the community really pulled through…a lot of people in the fandom left me severely disappointed with how they handled the situation.

The goal was to get Kiera home safe and sound…but instead, it turned into a debate on who was right and who was wrong. Was Aiyana the one in the wrong? Or was it Kelo?
As mentioned before…Kelo is 28, and Aiyana is 16 with the mental age of an 11-year-old due to her disability. While some claim 16 is the age of consent…because of her disability, she is not considered to be able to give consent, thus placing Kelo in the wrong for taking her. Even if she did have him convinced that she was 19…once he heard the Amber  Alert…he should have turned her into authorities and pleaded his case. But, to continue driving on, avoiding authorities, and then posting online to get medication for her liver issues (since she only left home with a blanket and teddy)…puts him in the wrong. There were many instances the man could have saved himself, and did not. Still, what’s done is done.

But…people were arguing whether or not she was even with the man to begin with, and again, even if he was innocent, he should have turned himself into authorities and proved he did not have the girl to clear his name…either way it was not possible because she was found with him, in his vehicle, on their way to his home state in Virginia. Were they in love? They might have been…but it doesn’t matter. Two years is not a long time to wait for love…I myself have been in a purely online relationship before that was 5 years. So, to be so impulsive and then ruin your lover’s life by putting them in jail…it’s not fair to the man, BUT, he should have been smarter as well being as old as he is.

Another thing that disappointed me was that people wanted to point out that he was being spotlighted as a Furry. Both Kelo and Aiyana are furries…both play their part in the fandom. And, of course the media would jump on the opportunity to use a term that will draw people’s attention. People in the fandom need to get it through their heads that this fandom will always stick out like a sore thumb. People will always hate and fear on something that they do not understand…and yes, Kelo’s actions reflect badly on us all, same as those that use Murrsuits reflect on us all as having the same fetish, same as the porn that is drawn in the fandom reflects on us all and puts us under the general category of all being “sex crazed” even though that isn’t true. I would have rather seen everyone pulling together to find the girl rather than picking out the smaller issue which was the fact that this man was making “furries look bad”.

Still, despite that disappointment…for those that did ban together, that made posters, that shared via Facebook, FA, and all other forms of social media to get people on the lookout for the two of them: THANK YOU!!!
You are all amazing, and Kiera is now back home where she belongs because of your efforts. You are all awesome!!!! 😀

More blogs coming tomorrow.
Fursuit Friday will be featured as it usually is. Thank you all for tuning in, and, as always…I will see you all in the next one 😉

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