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Protogens are the new craze!!!


^^ Art by Malice-Risu on FA / Comparison chart for Primagen VS Protogen / Primagen are a CLOSED species – Protogen are an OPEN species with common and uncommon variants being free-to-make ^^

Have you ever heard of the Primagen Species?

While you could always check out the official document on them HERE …I will go ahead and sum it up for you: Primagens were made by extraterrestrial beings in another universe. They are artificial beings (with biological bits and pieces) that are tasked with a multitude of things across the universe. They have a very raptor-like appearance and are mostly machine – however, aspects of them still seem to be organic/biological. They have visors as faces that display their emotions…and they are EXPENSIVE!

They are a closed-species, created and run by Malice-risu on FA – and the only way to obtain a Primagen is to bid on the auctions they occasionally hold on their FA page. And let me tell you, those auctions are no joke!

While the creators are nice enough to allow payments plans, I have seen a single Primagen go for well over $1200! Granted, the more you pay, the more awards are unlocked with the purchase of one’s Primagen…but still. It can get really crazy. I myself never even knew Primagens existed until my buddy Captain told me about the Primagen suit she adored and then lead me over to the creator’s page on FA. Seems like everyone wants to get their hands on one, but, with prices reaching what they do…it seems that Primagen are only for the extremely dedicated or the extremely rich.

But, don’t blame the creators. They put the ladder up with a very affordable ‘minimum bid’ and it turns into a “pay what you want” situation. And who is going to turn down $1200? I wouldn’t…

But, I am getting off track. So…Primagens. So many people want one but can never get one. So, what would you say to getting the next best thing?

Well on April 8th, Cedar Andrews (also part of the account Malice-risu on FA) opened up a sub-species to the widely sought-after Primagens and called them: “PROTOGENS“!

So…why are they so special? Well, it’s because they are an OPEN species and therefore they are FREE to make! Well…the common and uncommon variants anyways. But, this seems to be good enough if not better for a majority of the fandom who are always teetering on the edge of ‘broke’…therefore the Protogens have exploded over the last few days, completely clogging my feed.

So…a species like this has to have rules right? Well, Cedar Andrews was sure to post those up along with a nice little anatomy chart detailing how the Protogens work:

Protogen Guidelines

โ˜† Protogens are an open species, you may make your own so long as it follows the species design guidelines.
โ˜† Some design limitations for protogens include:
– Generally no Dinosaur anatomy, as it reflects too close to Primagens.
– Their bodies are designed to be bipedal (Walks on 2 legs) so are unable to take a full feral form, but modded limb attachments can make a more feral appearance.
– STRICTLY biological ears only, Mechanical ears are one of the Prime design features of Primagen


Protogen means “prototype” so that in canon the Protogens were the first-version models of what would later become the Primagens. Pretty cool, right?

  • But…what are the differences to Primagens?

A lot of people seem to be asking the same question over and over and making the same observation…and that is: “How are these different from Primagens?” because, without reading and going on sight alone, there really doesn’t seem to be too much that is different, right?ย  Wrong. Protogens have several differences that set them apart…it’s only that most of it is what the Protogens have on inside and what they CANT do as a species. But, there are other differences as well.

  1. Primagens have more dinosaur-anatomy and traits. Protogens are not allowed to have ANY dinosaur traits or anatomy, thus why they have to have paws.
  2. Primagens are mostly artificial thus look more robotic. Protogens are still very-much biological. And no matter what, Protogens must have biological ears while Primagens have the robotic ears.
  3. Primagens have longer faces (because of the whole raptor-thing) and Protogens have rounded and shorter faces.
  4. Primagens can not eat or digest food nor open their mouths – Protogens can and must do this because they have working organs inside of them.
  5. Primagens can be hybrids and can also take on feral forms – Protogens can only be bipedal with no feral forms or hybrid fusions allowed.
  6. Protogens are not allowed to have wings unless they are of the rare variant (auction only)

So those are just a few of the differences between the species. People have still complained that this is not enough to really separate the two species, but what is done is done…and Malice-Risu says they are proud of their creation and of their species- as they should be!


  • Are there Protogen Adopts?

Yes, already people have been posting Protogen adopts all over the furry groups on facebook and in the official facebook group for the species. But, you are only allowed to put up 2 adopts for sale within a 7-day period. People may only make common and uncommon variants for adopt. Rare variants can only be obtained through auction via the creators.


  • Common, Uncommon, and Rare Protogen:

These can be found on the Protogen anatomy chart. Common Protogens are open and free to make. They have one set of ears and no horns. Uncommon Protogen are also open and free to make. The uncommon types have 2-sets of ears and can have basic horns. The RARE Protogen are closed and only available via adopt. Malice-Risu said these rare adopts will be at a set price unlike their Primagen auctions (but later they made them into auctions just like Primagen) – rare creatures have more than 2 sets of ears and they have horns, and they can even have wings! Other special traits such as extra visors have also been seen in the rare variants.


  • Where to find Protogen:

While you can find them by checking out Malice-Risu on Furaffinity – the best place to research the Protogen and see what other people are creating is by checking out the Official Primagen & Protogen Group on Facebook!

Also these little dudes have been popping up on instagram / FA / and Furry Amino.


PORTAL by flamesvoices V2

^^Art by: flamesvoices (FA) // Portal the Primogen belongs to me aka RuneAngelDragon on FA ^^

So, I did it…I jumped on the bandwagon and my buddy made me a Protogen because like a lot of other people, I don’t have hundreds and thousands of dollars to get myself a custom Primagen. And you know what? I feel like this species better suits me. I like the more biological look and feel of it while still keeping the cool display-face. I don’t mind a shorter snout…and I prefer not having the dinosaur traits and anatomy.

So yes…just in case you were wondering what the recent explosion of creatures has been on FA and in facebook groups…no, they are not robot-sergals…and don’t let anyone try and convince you otherwise / they are probably the new Protogen ๐Ÿ˜€

Thank you all so much for your continued support on this blog! Thank you for taking the time to read up on Protogens, they are a nifty little species indeed! Special thanks to Malice-Risu for opening up these guys to us…

More to come in the future! And so, as always, I will see you all in the next blog! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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53 thoughts on “Protogens are the new craze!!!

  1. Dude, thats cool… i want one. Though i cant even afford a normal suit at the moment


    • Well, even if you can not get a suit right away, you can still start out by making yourself a character to play around with ๐Ÿ˜€
      But yes, I love Protogens!


  2. I hope no accuses me of copyright infringement, I have a crap ton of characters that are really similar to this species.


    • There are a ton of robotic creatures…and robot sergals look really similar as well. But, you might wanna check. Malice-Rsu have copyrighted a lot of their characters and they are very heavily-regulated, especially their Primagens. So just double-check if anything.


  3. AUDIO the protogen on said:

    i really just got the whole protogen fursuit!!!!! icant believe it took this long to get ONE SINGLE FURSUIT…PROTOGEN FURSUIT IN FACT!!!!! im so HaPpY :3


  4. Hi!! You can Gift me the Portal Oc?
    (Trying :”v


    • I am sorry, but he belongs to me and I will not be giving him away any time soon. If I may offer some advice, please do not go around asking people to give you their OCs. It’s kind of rude and comes off as begging which is highly frowned upon in the fandom.

      Try the Protogen facebook group and maybe see if anyone is giving away a Protogen for free or something.


  5. Pingback: This is NOT okay: (Begging & asking to buy characters that are not for sale!) | Rune's Furry Blog

  6. Lightningwing Skye on said:

    Hey there, I saw a post on furry amino saying that protogens were strictly NOT allowed to have paws, but everywhere else (including here) says that they HAVE to have them. Which is the correct?


    • They must have paws. They are not allowed to have Raptor claws because those are exclusive to Primagens which are a closed species. If you check out the official facebook page for them (linked in my article) they have an anatomy chart for people to follow.




    • They were created by MalicexRisu, I am just reporting on them. I am not the creator ^^;
      But yes, they are really neat. Good thing Protogen are free to make, and some people even have free bases for them, so I highly suggest checking out the Official Facebook Group and getting those bases so you can make one unless you want to draw your own from scratch ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Could I make a little like.. fluffy part at the end of the tail for the protogen? Sort of like a lions fluff ball at the end of its tail


    • Yes, this is within the rules as far as I know. But, if you want to get a better opinion, I highly suggest joining the Official Primagen and Protogen group on Facebook, or checking out MalicexRisu’s FA page (all linked in the blog) to double-check the guidelines.


  9. meeturself on said:

    So… if I made a primagen OC, what would happen? Would I face legal consequences, or would I be told to fuck off?

    The whole idea of a “closed species” that you can only get characters for with boatloads of money is really dumb, and it invalidates the whole “create your own persona” aspect of the fandom.


    • Well considering it is copyrighted then yes, if you made a Primagen without the permission of the creators then you could face legal penalties for that. Also, you would be told by multiple people to either change it to a protogen or something else.

      If you failed to comply then you would most likely face multiple bewares in Furry groups which could keep you from getting commissions or selling anything in the Furry fandom. It would also get you booted from groups.

      I am not fond of closed species either, I agree it kinda breaks the whole idea of creating something that speaks to you, or being the version of yourself you want to be. However, I do not make these rules. Some people want to protect what they have created, they want to have a better handle of their species and not see it spiral out of control (like what we see often in popular open-species such as Dutch Angel Dragons). So while I do not like the idea of closed species, I see why they are the way they are…

      And really what it comes down to is: Dont wanna pay all that money for a character? Don’t buy it. But don’t steal it either. Find something else that speaks to you or make something of your own.


      • meeturself on said:

        Sorry for my very late reply, but when you specify legal penalties, what penalties would apply? Are Primagens copyrighted/patented?


      • Yes they have been copyrighted by the creators…
        And even for those that have not had something patented, you have to remember that copyright exists the moment an artist creates something that is original.

        Penalties would start with a cease and desist order…and after that, it would be up to the owners/creators to decide if they want to press further charges which could result in you paying fees.

        I shouldn’t have to go into detail on what penalties would apply. It’s very simple: respect the creators, respect their rules, it is a closed species, don’t make one without permission.

        If you do so knowing there could be legal actions against you…then you’re just a selfish prick that obviously doesn’t care about the hard work that people have put into this thing. :/


  10. meeturself on said:

    It seems my comment was not deleted, my apologies.


    • No worries…but yes, if you stole a Primagen or made your own, as said before you could face legal consequences and yes, you could be blacklisted or banned from auctions in the future if the creators wanted it that way. They handle everything in a case-by-case basis so there is not “standard” for what the punishment is.
      It also depends on if you cooperate with the Primagen Admins or moderators on the situation.


  11. Lucas on said:

    hi! I would like to know if i can write stories involving just protogens on plataforms such as Amino, Facebook and Etc…?


    • As long as they are not sold for profit or sent to a publishing company then yes. Creative works like art or short-stories involving protogens or primagens are allowed. I wrote a small story for one of my own Protogen…but they are copyrighted as a species so you may not publish them in a novel or claim them as your own creation. But posting them as a creative work on Amino or Facebook is okay. Just give credit to the creators of the species somewhere in those posts like you would credit a piece of art etc.

      Also, because Primagen are a closed species, do not write about them unless you own one.
      But writing about Protogen should be okay since they are an open-species. But, if you’re still unsure, please check out the official Primagen/Protogen facebook group (link in my article) to ask the Admins and Mods to make sure.


  12. HiddenSnowDragon on said:

    I was wondering after reading the hybrid fusions part so say i was combining an Angel Dragon like Telephone and a Protogen like Portal (just using as example) would that not be allowed or is that ok to have it,like that as long as it dose not look like them.


    • Well Dutchies cannot be fused with anything…and Protogens can not be hybrids either. You would be breaking 2 species rules and then copying 2 characters even though you are making something unique in the end. So no, it would still not be allowed.


  13. Weeb God on said:

    HI, I don’t know if you’re the creator or not because I’m what you call stupid. But I was wondering if when you were making a protogen could they be losely based off of another species of animal (say bear for example) you don’t have answer this I just wanted to ask


    • I am not the creator. In my blog, I mentioned it is MaliceXRisu…as for the Protogen, they can have some variants on their body (like big paws and stub tails), But their visors have to have a certain look and they must stand on 2 legs. The official rules for the Protogen have been linked in the blog.
      Since Protogen must have ears, I am not sure if bear-ears would be allowed because I’m not sure there was ever a solid guideline for that. So ask the creators first before making one if you can’t find the answers on your own.


  14. Just a question, my friend created a protogen and now we’re using it in a novel, can I specify it’s your species, and I do plan on crediting you โค


    • and yeah, I know you’re not the creator, I plan on crediting them, but I needed to contact someone


      • You can contact the creators through the official facebook group (linked in my blog) or their furaffinity (also linked in my blog)—but again, if it’s a novel you are writing to get published and sell, using Protogen is illegal and you will get into legal trouble if the creators do not give you permission. But if it’s a free novel then proper credit for the species is necessary- anytime you post anything protogen related, credit to the creators is necessary,


    • Protogen were created by Malice x Risu which I stated in my blog several times.
      Also…if it’s a novel that is free to read, then if you credit the creators, there should not be an issue. But, if you plan on publishing and selling this novel- then using Protogen in that novel is illegal and you can get in serious trouble for doing so.


  15. Banana on said:

    wait so lets say i made a primates oc just for fun. Not gonna sell or show case it out to the world its just for fun. Would i get in trouble still?


    • If you posted it somewhere and you were found out then yes. Most likely you would be messaged by the mod team and without cooperation would get a beware.
      I mean…I understand asking questions, but it’s a pretty simple premise. Primagen are a closed-species…meaning you can’t make one. So don’t make one. Make a Protogen because those are open. It’s all about respect towards the creator, and by ignoring the rules, even for private-whatever you are still being disrespectful to the creator and their rules :/


  16. Banana on said:

    sorry auto correct


  17. If I wanted a protogen with wings, would I have to buy it? Or could I just design it myself and then pay?


  18. I was wondering, do you think Protogens can have weapons? I just need to know since I am making one based on a biologist and zoologist. In addition, what about clothing? Are they allowed to wear hats, gloves, socks, etc?


  19. Now You Can Hate Me on said:

    1st step. Get an idea of a fursona species they nobody ever make before
    2nd step. Get a patent…
    3rd step. Let everyone know about your new creation…
    4th step. Make a auctions
    5th step. Boom… You’re rich and half of the world saying that it was only for the money
    This is visualization how stupid it is… Making “rare” fursona species… Like plz… Nobody would ever do things like that unless you’re greed AF… Soon you won’t be able to do anything cause some great brain will set patent on furry itself…


    • Nothing wrong with copyrighting an idea…how do you think people get credit for their inventions? Thier novels? It’s not greed…you work hard on something and you want the world to know it was you who made the idea, not whoever else comes after.

      Honestly you just sound bitter and that’s a bit much to just assume that anyone that gets a patent for something is just greedy.


      • Now You Can Hate Me on said:

        Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with copyrighting your ideas, unless they cost hundreds of dollars for something that doesn’t even cost that much… 1200$ for something that won’t last long, don’t you think that you might put this cash into something else? Like into buying a car? It’s like skins, paying for cosmetic upgrade, if I can call it like that, why then they make protogens if this is almost the same? What this few additional arms or primal behaviors would give you on paper? It’s just pointless. Now imagine ppl that bought it, and suddenly primagens becoming free cause there’s no more ppl that want to buy it.
        They might earn much more money if they would make it as subscription like think…
        For example :
        100$ – full primagen kit + (idk… 4 basic emotes?)
        And that might be something that ppl would like cause when you see price like 1000$ for something that is not something material it’s like…
        “WTF how stupid you have to be to buy this”
        No offense for ppl who doing this but it’s really pointless…


      • It’s an auction…people pay what they want to pay. The basic price is only anywhere from $50-$100 and then people decide to pay more in order to get the custom slot or character.
        That’s not the creator’s fault…it’s basic supply and demand. Again, it’s your opinion but that’s not how these things work. If people are willing to waste the money, a creator has every right to provide a product whether you like it or not.


  20. Hey would anyone mind helping me make a protogen fursona with no fee if so let me know.


  21. Hey, I’ve heard that this is known as a “closed species”, I have recently made a protogen character, I do not plan to make it into a fursuit. However would I still need to send you a picture or something like that.. (I’ve never dealt with a closed species befor so please help me out here…)


  22. I plan to just draw this character or add it to a pin or a shirt.


  23. JamieJinx on said:

    I’m kinda curious. I know protogens aren’t aloud to have claws, but I was wondering if maybe that if they could have hooves. I didn’t see anything about that and so I wanted to ask before drawing out an idea I had. I wouldn’t want to cause a dispute lmao


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