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Maskimals…if you are in the Furry Fandom, you have already seen a lot of uproar over these things. Whether you love them or you absolutely hate them, they still exist.

They are a Walmart-brand of animal masks that may-or-may-not be marketed for and to the Furry Fandom…and they are one of the newest things that the fandom has been fighting and arguing over. Are they good or bad? Should they be used for fursuits? Does this hurt fursuit makers? Is this a good way to get our fandom out there and have it normalized? All of these have been topics of discussion.

So, trying to put my personal opinion aside (as best that I can), I decided to explore some of these questions and put in an ‘more-mature’ 2-cents…


  • Should Maskimals be used as Fursuits?

—Whether I say yes or no, they will still be used, so, the question is a bit irrelevant. Conventions will still be flooded with these masks and will still become cluttered with people claiming them as their Fursona, same as what happened with the Mr.Fox mask.
But, in all honesty, the answer is “yes”. Yes they CAN be used as Fursuits…but should they be? Well, it’s all a matter of opinion.

I believe that for people that have never fursuited before (but that might be interested in doing so), this might be a good starting point. The materials are cheap, but, I hear the vision is good, and it breathes well enough. It won’t give you the real-feel on what it is truly like to wear a fursuit but, if you can’t handle wearing these masks all day…then perhaps fursuiting is not for you. I would rather someone pay $20 and decide they don’t like it rather than pay $500+ on a suit and then realize the same thing.

Also, for younger fursuiters that can not afford a suit (and have yet to finish growing), these heads could be a really good starting point for them. I see so many kids at conventions wearing Fursuits that they will outgrow in a few years. That’s a lot of time and materials that cost a lot of money…
Some kids wanna suit but are not allowed to try and make their own. So, this allows them to get in on the fun…even if I do think these things look horrible.

For those people (like me) that think these things are ugly, well, I have actually seen a few people online doing a complete re-haul on these heads. They were able to add new ears, new eyes…they were able to add more designs, and etc. You can barely tell that they were a Maskimal, and they can actually look pretty cool. Again, the materials may not be the greatest…and even with someone redoing the head, because of the way it was manufactured it will always be just so-so in quality, but, they can end up looking really cool and could be a really great starting point for younger Fursuit Makers.


  • Do they hurt the Fursuit Makers (business)?

—One of the more major complaints on the Maskimals (outside of how they look) is that people fear this will hurt a Fursuit-Makers business. They feel like finding a cheap substitute for an animal costume will make the fandom move away from the custom-suits…thus, artists and makers will suffer. Is this true? I personally do not think so.

In fact, I actually think these Maskimals will do the opposite. I feel like they might actually increase the number of fursuiters, thus bringing a boost in business. Not only that, but I feel like these Maskimals might actually increase the number of potential Fursuit Makers out there as people develop an interest in customizing their characters, and making something more unique. I have never seen other cheap-animal masks conquering the fursuit-market before…so I doubt it would happen now.

Why do I think this? Let me put this into a scenario for you to better understand…

Telephone, Majira Strawberry, Tayerr, Beauty of the Bass, Pocari Roo…
If you are in the Furry Fandom, chances are you know these fursuiters (some or all of them) and/or you have seen them on YouTube. They are part of a group known as the ‘Popufurs’…meaning they are really popular and adored, pretty much ‘revered’ in the fandom with a massive fan-base. While the people themselves are loved, most of their popularity has come from their Fursuits and the characters they portray.
Whether or not, people want to admit it…a good chunk of the fandom only wants a fursuit for the recognition it brings them in the fandom. They get noticed more, they get more likes, they get more messages…fursuiters get more of the spotlight. This is nothing new. So, when you take a bunch of people wanting to be the next Telephone or the next Pocari on YouTube, and then you place them in a Maskimal…they will realize, that they are not getting the attention they want or crave. After that, it’s just a cycle of events.
That person will want to make a custom character and stand out…they might mod their Maskimal, or, they might even start saving the money to buy a pre-made suit. If they mod their Maskimal, that might make them become interested in fursuit-making, and thus start them down the path to doing fursuit commissions and bettering themselves and perfecting their craft.
As these people make their own custom character, get more attention, and etc…they will want the better suits, they will want a partial, then maybe a fullsuit. They will want more views on their YouTube or more likes on their Twitter. It will become like an addiction, and business can only flourish from this.
They will need refs if they want someone else to build a suit for them, they will want art of the character and badges for conventions. They will want everything that comes with being a Furry and that means more money going into the community and more artists getting recognized and funded.

This (of course) is a more extreme case. And it was merely an example…but, if you have been in the fandom as long as I have, and if you have seen the younger furries coming into the fandom and what they desire and why, then you know that what I am saying is true…

Yes, you may roll your eyes and groan. I understand your feelings completely, but, you have to understand that we all start somewhere…and it’s up to us to set the example and really help them understand the fandom, and do the thing our fandom is known for: being open and accepting.


  • A good way to normalize the fandom?

—I have seen many debates on whether or not these Maskimals were marketed towards the Furry Fandom. My personal opinion is that it’s a mixture. Walmart makes a lot of money, and they are not stupid as to what consumers want. When Fursuit-making became a larger-thing in the community, suddenly Walmart decided to sell faux-fur in their sewing sections.

As the Furry Fandom continued to grow and gain more attention in the media, suddenly the Maskimals appear. Not to say that they are strictly marketed towards furries, but, the fandom is still a huge demographic for them outside of children and perhaps some very-drunk, very-crazy college kids X’D

But, is this a good way to normalize the fandom? To get people used to seeing other people walk around in huge, foam, animal heads? I personally would NOT like to be represented this way. Furries have…evolved. Looking back on old conventions in the 80’s and 90’s is terrifying…and thank goodness styles have evolved and changed. Even people outside of the fandom have a particular taste, and, they know what looks cute, and what looks absolutely cringy.

So, while it might be a way of normalizing the fandom… I would not want it to become normalized via cheap heads sold at Walmart. I would rather the fandom be normalized because people see the amazing conventions that are hosted, and the charities that these conventions help. I want it to become normalized because furries are visiting children’s hospitals and other places where people are sick, or injured…and because furries really brighten up the day.

I want it to become normalized via accurate representation on the news and on TV shows…but, if these Maskimals help, then, so be it…it’s just not my personal preference.

  • Conclusion:

—Unfortunately, what a lot of people get when they post about Maskimals is a bunch of hate from the fandom. People talking about how they are not fursuits, how they are ugly, how they are cheaply made, and etc. I was one of those people that said they look pretty terrible…but I at least tried to say it in a way that was not harsh.

But some of the people posting against the Maskimals can be downright mean, and it does show the uglier side of the fandom. Since the fursuiting portion of the fandom is only about 20%, it does show that we have developed a standard for fursuiting…but we fail to realize that in trying to uphold a standard and being brutally (and cruelly) honest with our opinions and feelings on these things, we have been discouraging a lot of the younger members of the fandom, and really making the furry fandom a less inviting and accepting place than we claim to be.

I think the YouTuber called “Hugh” the German Shepherd said it best when they said that by doing this to people without the money for a suit, and without the means to make their own, we are discouraging someone that could be the next big Fursuit Maker…
We are discouraging possible talent, someone that could possibly contribute greatly to the fandom.

We are (in a sense) really ruining our image…and these Maskimals will bring a new flux of people in that will come in wanting to make friends and make art, only to be shunned, bashed, and ridiculed because people thing a Maskimal only looks good when it is on fire >.>;;;

Yes, everyone has a right to their own opinion…but it is in how you execute that right that separates the good person from the internet bully. So, even if you don’t like the Maskimals, try and give the pros and cons in an educated and mature manner. When confronted with a post about them where you know you can not be nice in any way…hide the post, or be an adult and just IGNORE it unless you have something “constructive” to contribute.

I have posted some furry videos down below discussing the Maskimals that cover the good and bad of it all, and I highly suggest you check those out.

But, as always, you can drop me your opinion in the comment-section down below and let me know what YOU think about these things. As always, thank you all so much for reading and your continued support…I will see you all in the next blog 😉

  • Videos:

^^This one was my favorite video. Very straight-to-the point without a lot of ranting going on. I say this is the best for a positive opinion.

^^Obviously a younger fur that makes their point via a rant. Def more aggressive but still makes a point. The only thing that makes you a Furry is the love of anthro animals. So, whether you have a top-notch fursuit or a Maskimal…you are still valid in the fandom. Do I believe you should call it your Fursona? Well…no. I think fursona’s should be unique in a way, but, if you wanna say that’s your Fursona, I would never stop you. They make a very good point in that you can not copyright nature.

^^ A more popular furry in the fandom with a professional fursuit that does not like Maskimals for obvious reasons. Has a more negative opinion on them, and actually supports making fun of them. Has some good points as to why they are NOT fursuits but, overall talks about saving for a professionally-made fursuit and etc. Advises people not to buy them (unless it’s as a joke), but acknowledges he can not stop someone from buying them. Acknowledges that people that buy these will probably be made fun of in the fandom. I only posted this to show what the regular-hate for these things looks like.

BioMutant: A fuzzy-new RPG!


Originally, when I heard about BioMutant, I was not sure whether or not it should be featured on my Furry Blog or my Gaming Blog— so I just went ahead and decided that it should be featured on both!

So, the last time I ever saw cute, little, fuzzy creatures being the main stars of ANY console RPG, it was actually when I learned about TERA. Did I ever play it? No…
But, for those who love the MMO-scene, and especially for furries, this was a huge deal. When it comes to RPGs on consoles, I do not ask for much. I do not care the race of my characters so long as there is a bit of customization involved (even if it is just a difference in your appearances based on weapon or armor equipped), and if the game has a deep-story, well, I am all set.

If I want character customization, I just stick to my PC-MMORPGS like World-of-Warcraft or Guild Wars 2…but I must say that after reading about BioMutant, I am actually curious to see what more it will have to offer in the future, and, with it being on the XBOXone, I am actually considering making this a part of my purchase wish-list when it hits the market-shelves.


  • So what is BioMutant?

”THQ Nordic revealed BioMutant, an “open-world, post-apocalyptic kung fu fable,” for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.”

—But we want more of an explanation than that, right?

Well, we do not know who these raccoon-like creatures are, where they originated, or anything like that but, according to the Official Website for the game, we know that the Tree of Life is DYING.

The main life-source for this world has been contaminated, and now it is up to your character to save the world? Or can it even be saved? According to the website there are divided tribes which must now be re-united to face off against the great evils coming from the root of the plague-stricken tree…buuuuuut that’s all the developers seem to be leaking about the main story.


  • What makes the game so unique?

—The game itself is supposed to be a unique twist on 3rd person combat. The main allure to the game will be the way in which your character utilizes their own fighting style. These little creatures learn combat from various Masters scattered across the land. You can mix-ad-match kung-fu combos which is supposed to keep the combat new and always something fresh so that it never gets boring.

But, hand-to-hand combat is not the only thing that can be used to defeat the monsters of this world. There is a weapon crafting system…allowing your characters to mix-and-match parts to create unique weapons which can be used to defeat enemies as well. Articles such as the one written by “Polygon” suggest that while the weapon-system may seem cool…the main focus of the game will be the mastery of the kung-fu styles and really getting up-close-and-personal with your opponents.

Lastly, there are the “powers”. These are harder to explain and while they can be used for various things including fighting, this also seems to tie in with the way character customization will work.


  • So what are these Mutations?

—The game is called BioMutant, right? So how does Mutations work in this world? Well, according to the official website…as you traverse this work, radioactive substances, bio-contamination, as well as other chemicals will allow you to re-code your genetic structure to unlock attributes. These attributes change your appearances such as giving you long claws, barbed tails, and other things. Other attributes are not so much seen…but it is said you will be able to unlock things such as Telekenisis and Levitation which is sure to change the way you play the game. Some things may make combat easier while other might be used strictly for traversing the world in brand-new ways. But, not much else has been said or shown on this development.

As far as other character customization options, there has been nothing shown, thus, I do not think there is anything on this just yet (and there might not be). All character customization might stay strictly to the gear and the mutations.


  • Is it an MMO?

—Though screenshots have shown multiple furry-creatures in one frame, this does not seem to be an MMORPG of any sort. It is not being advertised as such. I think it might be cool if it were, but with all the stuff being incorporated, I think that keeping it a single-player experience is for the best.



  • An Open World…

—There is so little known of the game- though it has claimed that a player gets to build their own adventure in this open world. The official website has also said that the ending does depend on the actions of the players and give us a very “Fable-ish” feel to it because it claims that we can either be the force that unites the tribes or we can be the force which brings them down. The official website claims that this is an: “Unusual Story with an Unusual End” which is guided by a narrator as we make the choices which determine the fate of this world. So, replay-ability seems rather high for this game already with a limitless amount of possibilities since the world is going to be so massive!


  • Conclusion:

—So, in conclusion I am personally excited for a game like this! Open-World games have always been a favorite of mine. I do tend to get lost sometimes in just exploring (and forget to do the campaign), but, that’s really the appeal of games like this. It’s all at your own pace, it’s everything that is done at your own leisure. I love the fact that I get to choose how my story ends, and the character customization being as unique as it is…well, it will mean a lot of fun experimenting to get that “perfect character” that fits a person’s personal play-style!

It looks beautiful, the characters are unique. I think that it has been awhile since we had a good RPG set in a fantastical world where it wasn’t all online. Don’t get me wrong, I love MMORPGs, but, I miss the old days of Oblivion and Skyrim, even Fallout and Fable…and just having that singular adventure.

I am also excited because this game mixes my two favorite genres being Fantasy and Post-apocalyptic-worlds!

But let me know what YOU think? Are you excited for this game? Why or why not? What would you hope they add into the game to make it that much better? Let me know in the comment-section down below, and as always, I will see you all in the next blog 😉

Welcoming my Sister to the Furry Fandom!


*”Welcoming my Sister” – Art by thelostcause86 (FA)
Mia-the-winged-wolf belongs to me / Strawberry belongs to my Sister*

It’s one of those bonds that are really hard to explain. The relationships can be so varied. I know siblings that used to love each other as kids, and now, they can barely stand one another. Then, there are cases like my Sister and I where…we hated each other when we were little. But despite even that, I always had her back…and as adults, we are closer to best-friends.

But, no matter your current sibling-relationship, there is always that time in your life when your siblings looks up to you…and/or they want the things you want and want to be involved in the things you’re involved in. Imagine my shock then when 10+ years later and my Sister is asking for a Fursona!!!!

So, this all happened after the Dallas Convention I had attended (Texas Furry Fiesta 2017), and all my photos of it had been posted on facebook. I get a call from my younger Sister who is feeling a bit down (because her hubby just went to Basic Training for the Army)…and she starts talking to me about the fursuits.

She said they all looked cute, and it looked like so much fun. She said that I should have a full-suit because wearing skinny jeans with monster feet just looked silly. Then she says: “I want one.”

I was quiet for a moment. The statement took me by surprise: “Um…what?”
“I want a fursuit! I think it would be fun!”
“What would you even be?”
“I would be a pink kitty! Or maybe a white one, I dunno.”

I could hear the voice of Captain screaming in my ear at the mention of a white Fursuit, and I remember telling her that white was not a very good idea if she wasn’t prepared for the upkeep of it. Still, my Sister wanting a fursuit? Where did this come from?
I mean, I have heard of “Furry Conversion” in a sense…where people introduce family into the fandom, make them a sona, and then slowly try and get them into it all but, with my Sister and I being nearly black-and-white when it comes to personality…well, one could maybe see and understand where I might be a little confused.

So then what else could we do but try and determine her Fursona? She already said she wanted a kitty…so that was a start. My main sona was a wolf but, she didn’t really care for that…again, a black-and-white situation.

So, long-story-short I am talking to my buddy flamesvoices as all of this is unwinding and she starts sending me fox sonas and feline sonas she had stashed away in her magical folders. Then at long last she sends a pink kitty my way, and sure enough, my Sister falls in love with it.

Lets just be clear…I think pink is gross haha.

by Brit Mapes

*Art by Brit Mapes*

So, on that day my Sister became known as “Strawberry the Kitten”. She wasn’t going to keep that name at first but, then she decided that changing it would be too much of a hassle. Still, she loved the character and I wanted to give my Sister an authentic Furry experience.

So what did I do?
Well, I posted in some free art groups I was part of on facebook and tried to get her some art to try and start her collection (since I knew she would not have money for art for some time). And sure enough, the fandom pulled through…I mean, it REALLY pulled through! My sister got more art in the first 24 hours of having the character than I got my first 4 YEARS of being in the fandom!

*(Top left) Art by flamesvoices / (Top right) Art by theacriliccat – colored by Emma Parks/
(Bottom left) Art by Casey Renner / (Middle) Art by Emma Louise Jarvis / (Bottom right) Art by Emma Louise Jarvis w her character and Strawberry*

My Sister was thrilled each time she got a gift. She was so surprised with how nice people were, how awesome they had been in accepting her. I told her that it was one of the things I loved most about the fandom.

So many people were merely excited that a family member had decided to try this thing out for themselves. I think a bit of it was people being relieved that she had such an open-view of the whole ‘furry’ thing when there are people whose families do not always take it so well.

But, I have always been lucky in that my Sister is open-minded, and she really does her research on things before passing judgement. Like everyone else, she has heard the misconceptions about furries, and she has heard what people ‘claim’ a Furry is. But, unlike most other people…rather than just believe the first thing she heard, she decided to come to me (someone in the fandom) and ask me about it. Now, outside of my wife, she is my biggest supporter, and, she even watches my YouTube videos from time-to-time.

So, if ever you see Strawberry out-and-about on Forums and the like, feel free to give her a nice warm welcome! Also, if you wanna say some words to her here, I will be glad to pass on the message!

But, this was more a personal blog just letting everyone know that I am still alive, all-the-while giving a big, warm, Furry-welcome to my Sister!!!

See you all in the next blog 😉

Protogens are the new craze!!!


^^ Art by Malice-Risu on FA / Comparison chart for Primagen VS Protogen / Primagen are a CLOSED species – Protogen are an OPEN species with common and uncommon variants being free-to-make ^^

Have you ever heard of the Primagen Species?

While you could always check out the official document on them HERE …I will go ahead and sum it up for you: Primagens were made by extraterrestrial beings in another universe. They are artificial beings (with biological bits and pieces) that are tasked with a multitude of things across the universe. They have a very raptor-like appearance and are mostly machine – however, aspects of them still seem to be organic/biological. They have visors as faces that display their emotions…and they are EXPENSIVE!

They are a closed-species, created and run by Malice-risu on FA – and the only way to obtain a Primagen is to bid on the auctions they occasionally hold on their FA page. And let me tell you, those auctions are no joke!

While the creators are nice enough to allow payments plans, I have seen a single Primagen go for well over $1200! Granted, the more you pay, the more awards are unlocked with the purchase of one’s Primagen…but still. It can get really crazy. I myself never even knew Primagens existed until my buddy Captain told me about the Primagen suit she adored and then lead me over to the creator’s page on FA. Seems like everyone wants to get their hands on one, but, with prices reaching what they do…it seems that Primagen are only for the extremely dedicated or the extremely rich.

But, don’t blame the creators. They put the ladder up with a very affordable ‘minimum bid’ and it turns into a “pay what you want” situation. And who is going to turn down $1200? I wouldn’t…

But, I am getting off track. So…Primagens. So many people want one but can never get one. So, what would you say to getting the next best thing?

Well on April 8th, Cedar Andrews (also part of the account Malice-risu on FA) opened up a sub-species to the widely sought-after Primagens and called them: “PROTOGENS“!

So…why are they so special? Well, it’s because they are an OPEN species and therefore they are FREE to make! Well…the common and uncommon variants anyways. But, this seems to be good enough if not better for a majority of the fandom who are always teetering on the edge of ‘broke’…therefore the Protogens have exploded over the last few days, completely clogging my feed.

So…a species like this has to have rules right? Well, Cedar Andrews was sure to post those up along with a nice little anatomy chart detailing how the Protogens work:

Protogen Guidelines

☆ Protogens are an open species, you may make your own so long as it follows the species design guidelines.
☆ Some design limitations for protogens include:
– Generally no Dinosaur anatomy, as it reflects too close to Primagens.
– Their bodies are designed to be bipedal (Walks on 2 legs) so are unable to take a full feral form, but modded limb attachments can make a more feral appearance.
– STRICTLY biological ears only, Mechanical ears are one of the Prime design features of Primagen


Protogen means “prototype” so that in canon the Protogens were the first-version models of what would later become the Primagens. Pretty cool, right?

  • But…what are the differences to Primagens?

A lot of people seem to be asking the same question over and over and making the same observation…and that is: “How are these different from Primagens?” because, without reading and going on sight alone, there really doesn’t seem to be too much that is different, right?  Wrong. Protogens have several differences that set them apart…it’s only that most of it is what the Protogens have on inside and what they CANT do as a species. But, there are other differences as well.

  1. Primagens have more dinosaur-anatomy and traits. Protogens are not allowed to have ANY dinosaur traits or anatomy, thus why they have to have paws.
  2. Primagens are mostly artificial thus look more robotic. Protogens are still very-much biological. And no matter what, Protogens must have biological ears while Primagens have the robotic ears.
  3. Primagens have longer faces (because of the whole raptor-thing) and Protogens have rounded and shorter faces.
  4. Primagens can not eat or digest food nor open their mouths – Protogens can and must do this because they have working organs inside of them.
  5. Primagens can be hybrids and can also take on feral forms – Protogens can only be bipedal with no feral forms or hybrid fusions allowed.
  6. Protogens are not allowed to have wings unless they are of the rare variant (auction only)

So those are just a few of the differences between the species. People have still complained that this is not enough to really separate the two species, but what is done is done…and Malice-Risu says they are proud of their creation and of their species- as they should be!


  • Are there Protogen Adopts?

Yes, already people have been posting Protogen adopts all over the furry groups on facebook and in the official facebook group for the species. But, you are only allowed to put up 2 adopts for sale within a 7-day period. People may only make common and uncommon variants for adopt. Rare variants can only be obtained through auction via the creators.


  • Common, Uncommon, and Rare Protogen:

These can be found on the Protogen anatomy chart. Common Protogens are open and free to make. They have one set of ears and no horns. Uncommon Protogen are also open and free to make. The uncommon types have 2-sets of ears and can have basic horns. The RARE Protogen are closed and only available via adopt. Malice-Risu said these rare adopts will be at a set price unlike their Primagen auctions (but later they made them into auctions just like Primagen) – rare creatures have more than 2 sets of ears and they have horns, and they can even have wings! Other special traits such as extra visors have also been seen in the rare variants.


  • Where to find Protogen:

While you can find them by checking out Malice-Risu on Furaffinity – the best place to research the Protogen and see what other people are creating is by checking out the Official Primagen & Protogen Group on Facebook!

Also these little dudes have been popping up on instagram / FA / and Furry Amino.


PORTAL by flamesvoices V2

^^Art by: flamesvoices (FA) // Portal the Primogen belongs to me aka RuneAngelDragon on FA ^^

So, I did it…I jumped on the bandwagon and my buddy made me a Protogen because like a lot of other people, I don’t have hundreds and thousands of dollars to get myself a custom Primagen. And you know what? I feel like this species better suits me. I like the more biological look and feel of it while still keeping the cool display-face. I don’t mind a shorter snout…and I prefer not having the dinosaur traits and anatomy.

So yes…just in case you were wondering what the recent explosion of creatures has been on FA and in facebook groups…no, they are not robot-sergals…and don’t let anyone try and convince you otherwise / they are probably the new Protogen 😀

Thank you all so much for your continued support on this blog! Thank you for taking the time to read up on Protogens, they are a nifty little species indeed! Special thanks to Malice-Risu for opening up these guys to us…

More to come in the future! And so, as always, I will see you all in the next blog! 😉

Sharing a Furry Fandom Comic + thoughts


Art by Keovi

Hi, hi everyone!
It has been awhile since I wrote an ACTUAL blog outside of my interviews and such. But there have been some things that have been on my mind lately that I really feel I should put my two cents is…

…and that is the Furry Fandom and how it’s so divided because of how people view furries and the idea that being a furry is sexual. So, I thought I would just take a moment to talk about that, and then show off a comic I just found today.

So, let’s get right into it:

DISCLAIMER: The following thoughts and comic below contain NSFW (not safe for work) content and it is advised that you are 18+ to view.  Also, these thoughts merely reflect my own personal opinion. I am not forcing my views on others, only ask that they be more open-minded and more educated on certain matters.

  • Is the furry fandom all about sex?

—Of course it’s not. The fandom (as stated on any website and as told by any personal knowledgeable of the fandom) is all about the liking of anthropomorphic animals. Animals with human-like qualities. That is the ONLY thing that defines a furry. BUT, before you go saying: “See? I knew sex had nothing to do with the fandom!” you have to acknowledge that while it is not applicable for everyone…sometimes being a furry can be a fetish for someone. Same as we do indeed have zoophiles in the fandom (even though we do not condone this behavior and most places will ban or delete any bestiality posts they find). These people exist, but they do not define the fandom as a whole. And for those that consider ‘furry’ as alternative-sex…they should not be shamed or even shunned for it because guess what? Sex is normal.


  • Sex is normal:

—And sex exists in ALL fandoms. Even the most innocent thing eventually ends up getting porn drawn of it and someone that actually finds it attractive and a turn-on. We do have kids in the fandom, yes. But, it’s not our responsibility as a fandom to be their parents. So while I agree that social sites with rules on porn (like facebook) should be censored, sites like Furaffinity with its labeling system should not be the target of people complaining that NSFW is disgusting and not what the fandom is about…just because there are children. The warning labels are there, and, if their parents can’t keep track of them then it’s not our fault they ended up seeing a penis.
Also, the more you ‘shame’ sex…the more you draw attention to the fandom. You validate it when people say the fandom is full of freaks because you are making a natural act suddenly “unnatural”. You are wagging the finger at normal people doing normal things with loved ones and partners. you are shaming a typical act carried out by consenting adults…and fueling the fires of hatred, disgust, and fear just because it’s something that you yourself are not into.

  • But some of those kinks tho…

—I will agree that some of the fetish art in the fandom goes beyond me. But, I can’t really shame them because I understand that I have kinks of my own that some people would easily look down on and criticize if they had the chance. Lets be clear, bestiality and anything relating to pedophilia will NEVER be okay. These things are illegal (in most places) for a damn good reason…and luckily, most furry sites have taken stances against said-things. However, your typical fetishes like latex, inflation, BDSM, plushies, and feet…all of these things existed outside of the fandom first, and naturally, with sexually-active people being furries, and sex being normal, those fetishes were bound to leak into the fandom at some point. Also, some of us actually found the furry fandom through fetishes. Can it get overwhelming at times? Yes. In fact, on FA it feels like the people addicted to vore all post at the same time every day. However, there is a little thing called a “filter”, and they exist for a fucking reason…


  • Filters exist for a reason:

—Time for people to stop whining all the time. If you don’t like something, slap a filter on it. On facebook, you can easily hide posts you don’t like. You can even hide users, you can block them, and you can unfollow so that their material does not show up on your feeds. On FA they have the SFW-filter which allows you to get rid of all the adult and mature content on your feed so that you’re not seeing all the sex and fetish stuff. And it actually works!!! So, instead of posting on every, single, adult-post saying how: “This isn’t what the fandom is about” or saying: “Ugh. This fandom should not have sex in it.” and etc etc etc like an A+ douche-canoe…please be the bigger person, show an ounce of maturity and just hide the post, block the person, or move right along like any normal, sensible person would do.

So, in conclusion to that small little rant…the furry fandom is not all about sex. In fact, “furries” by themselves are nothing sexual…but sex does exist as an extra to some furries, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of! The media doesn’t help either…goodness knows I have seen plenty of interviews that paint furries as mental-messes and sexual deviants and it makes me wanna scream because I understand that this is MASSIVE misrepresentation!!
Still, to say that sex has no place in the fandom and that you’re against sex…well, unless you can be an adult and just move right along from it like I mentioned above, you really don’t have a place in this fandom because an attitude like that is toxic. All it does is give power to those who hate furries, and it alienates our fandom even further as something strange and unnatural. Furries are meant to be tolerant…the fandom is meant to be a safe space, a tolerant space for those who are different and want to show the world who they really are in a way that feels comfortable and secure.

But anyways…ON TO THE COMIC!!!!

The comic

Check it out via the link HERE


This comic was originally published on Oh Joy, Sex Toy by Keovi and Kyell Gold.

  • Why is this comic important?

To be honest, this comic is important because it reflects on a lot more furries than you would think. I can already list over 50 furries whom I know that relate to this story, to how they found this fandom, and etc. From the break-ups, to their first relationship being furry and online…to the sexual mishaps, even from the changing of a character to better reflect themselves. And the thing is…I am one of them.

I joined the furry fandom in 2007 and even then, I was a “closet-fur”. I never told anyone I was a furry. Even the person that introduced me to the fandom knew better than to call me a furry in front of my friends. I grew up in a place where being furry was weird and it was misunderstood. Hell, I did not even fully understand the fandom until 2014. That’s 7-years I thought being a furry was a fetish and then suddenly realized it wasn’t all about sex and fetishes…so I can understand why people get mad and think that it is but shouldn’t be and etc. But case-and-point those people that think that way are just ill-informed same as I was ill-informed.

But, I did start my adventure under a guise. I played Furcadia…I role-played. I had several “sexual” encounters online…I even have a character who is only known for that because that’s how I played her. That character, what I was doing…it seems silly now, almost embarrassing at times – but, I was discovering myself. I was young and I was experimenting. But, I was doing it in a way that was still safe, that was still private…in a way I would not get hurt and I realize now, it was with people I knew I could trust.

This comic is important because it shows that sex is normal…that the act of it is part of growing up. That being in the fandom can be the time when we grow up as well, that the fandom might be the place where we do our growing, and it can teach us life lessons in multiple forms. It shows that the fandom has been an “opportunity” of sorts for people…whether it is an opportunity to fly our true flag and colors, whether that be our opportunity to experience love, or, yes, whether that be our opportunity to experience sex and fetishes…the fandom holds many different things for many different people, and we all have our own things we have gained from this fandom, this family, this place. We have experienced friendship, love, loss, heartbreak…pain and anger, happiness, and we have all had our own strokes of luck.

So while some people will grumble and say: “I thought this was going to show me how to talk about furries…and for something saying it’s not about sex, it shows a lot of sex.” I really think you’re missing the point of it. It’s showing that for some people, this fandom is life. It takes us down a road of experiences…and while those experiences vary from person-to-person…even if the fandom has sexual stuff in it, there’s MORE to it than that, and that above all, we as a fandom should be able to embrace these things. Because it’s normal…we are normal.

Anyways, that was just my two-cents on it.

Thank you all so much for watching!!! Furry Friday Feature is tomorrow, and I really hope you like it! As always, feel free to drop your thoughts and ideas in the comment-section below, and, I will see you all in the next blog 😉

Ask Rune & Captain!!!

-Art by: flamesvoices (FA)-

So, I know it has been a minute since I posted anything outside of the Fursuit Friday Features, but, I have been working on something with my buddy Emi…and this might just be my favorite set of videos in a LONG time!!!

As most of you might already know, I have a YouTube Channel where I make a multitude of videos…mostly talking about fandom issues, or talking about fursuits, and for awhile I was doing some Q&A’s to really kick the channel off.

Anyways, here lately I have been traveling to Austin to visit my pal Emi. She was rather close to me and since we were both going to be headed to TFF in March, we figured it would be best to get to know one another a little better…so, we started hanging out. I can not tell you how much of a blast I have been having just hanging out and goofing off with this silly gal! Not to mention, she has been teaching me things here-and-there about how to be a better fursuiter…and all of this hanging out finally came down to one question: “Why don’t we make videos?”

So that’s where it kinda began.
At first it was just the Christmas shenanigans video (which you can find HERE) and from there we realized just how crazy we were in suit and just how much more fun, funny, and amazing we could really make this thing. But, what were we going to record? Well, Rune recently got some upgrades to his suit – and by that, I mean some paws (courtesy of flamesvoices for the building of them and CCSMascots for the fur) and a squeaker! So, now that we had the squeaker…what if Rune answered questions but…as Rune? Also, having Captain there would be hilarious because the two dragons in personality are like black-and-white.

Rune is like…a derpy-potato-baby that knows nothing about the world…and Captain…Captain is just insane!!! XD

So, we decided that we were going to ask people all over to submit us their questions and, we would answer them in suit!!! 😀

We got enough questions to make a few videos, but, that does not mean that we aren’t looking for more to answer in the future so: ASK US ANYTHING!!!

But anyways…you came for a video right? Here is what happens when you ask these two dragons questions on the interwebs:


And because that was not near enough laughs and silly stuff…my friend actually kept the footage that we recorded before we managed to get our final take and made a Bloopers reel on her channel! And who said making videos wasn’t hard? It took us SEVEN MINUTES just to get an intro!!!

But, we had so much fun, the whole thing was a blast and had us crying because we were laughing so hard. So, be sure to submit your questions and be looking for Part 2 in the near future!

Thank you all so much for supporting this blog and reading! Fursuit Friday Feature is coming up in two days – I wonder who it will be? Anyways, I will see you all then in the next blog 😉

I’m giving away a Dragon Adopt for 250 subs on YouTube!!!

***Art by: Holyhell111***

Hello lovelies, I know it has been awhile…

Anyways, I recently came back from Alamo City Comic Con and, I realize that while I have been mostly away and doing adult-things my YouTube Channel went and reached over 250 subscribers!!!

This is really amazing to me…like, WOW! I honestly can’t believe it. It seems like just yesterday I was at home opening up Rune’s Fursuit head, and then suddenly my YouTube Channel was blowing up with thousands of views on that vid and…yeah. It’s just insane that I have had so many different Channels with so many different themes…none of them ever reached more than 70 subscribers and now here I am with my Angel Dragon Channel with over 250 subscribers, replying almost daily to the comments you guys leave me…and it is just so wonderful, so amazing…


  • History of the Adopt:

—So, originally I had a creature made custom for me called a “Paradice Fragon” (species created and owned by Amber Compton aka ReapersGold) and I really loved it, but, over time, I just did not connect with it anymore. Not wanting to waste such a lovely design, I commissioned a friend (Holyhell111) to make the creature into an Angel Dragon.
She did such an AMAZING job but, unfortunately, I never used the characer and…over time lost connection with this new version as well.

I did try selling the character, but, no one seemed interested. I understand that it was probably due to the prices being too high…but, after awhile of trying to sell it, and no one biting, I decided to give it away as a Free Adopt to one lucky subscriber on my YouTube Channel to celebrate reaching 250 subs! 😀



  • Rules:

—The rules of the contest are simple and a winner will be chosen on Friday – November 4th, 2016:

  1. You MUST be subscribed to my YouTube Channel to win this adopt.
  2. On the Video for the Adopt you must write in the comment-section WHY you want this Dragon Adopt.

I want her to go to a good home! I don’t want her going to someone that collects a bunch of adopts but then never uses the character and she just sits in a folder collecting dust like she has been. That’s why I’m not doing a random number generator or anything like that. I want to try and make sure that whoever gets her is going to love and cherish her and not just turn around and give her away again…or worst yet…delete her.



  • Thank you Guys!

—Thank you guys so much for bringing me so many smiles and good memories from this YouTube Experience. It really has been awesome thus far! While my editing is still pretty crappy due to lack of a reliable video-maker, I hope that as time goes on, I can continue making videos…make better and more entertaining videos, and right now I’m taking suggestions for what to do when I reach 300 subs!!! I have some ideas in mind, but, would still like to hear what YOU guys would like to see!!!

Video for the adopt is down below…give it a watch, give it a like, and enter to win the adopt if you are a subscriber of my Channel. Anyways, as always, I will see you all in the next blog 😉



  • Video:

Talking to strangers on Omegle–


I have never been good with talking to strangers…well, not on a computer anyways. Which is strange when you think about it, because, in person I can chat away and i make friends so easily…but, via  a computer screen? Maybe it is because it seems so impersonal…almost like those people do not really exist that makes it so awkward. As if I am speaking to a video-game character or something along those lines. I thought that maybe suiting as Rune would help me get better with conversation…but, today’s Omegle experience pretty much debunked that theory.

I have been looking forward to getting Rune for so long, just for the sake of trying out Omegle. It’s not even funny. I aw Pinkystylist doing it along with other populr YouTubers and I thought, why not? Maybe it was because it was a Monday…maybe it was because people might be at work and it was somewhat early. but I found myself getting skipped…like, a lot! Granted…now i know that my mic was not always working and my webcam was giving out a lot…but I was skipped. I would wave and talk, and type, but nothing ever came of it. And I guess it made me feel…down?
I was even skipped by a fellow Angel Dragon!

What was i doing wrong? At first I was thinking…”Is it me?” “Is it because I am talking?” “Is it my suit?” “Is it because I only have the head and don’t have any other parts or a squeaker?” I was getting frustrated, was feeling a bit annoyed…and then managed to find a fellow fur that was in the same spot as I was.

“I have been skipped by everyone but you!” he told me,“…and by the way, your fursuit is fabulous!” <—THIS. This right here is how you make friends ❤

Granted, I was not so mad that I had been skipped. but rather, I was mad because I felt like I was doing something wrong to get skipped. At first I could not speak to the first guy because he either did not speak or could not hear me to know what I was saying. I could not type because I can not wear my glasses in the fursuit and therefore can’t see. With the Angel Dragon I wondered if I seemed boring or maybe it was because I lacked a squeaker. So, the fact that someone was finally “excited” to be talking to me. It really brightened up my day.

…and talk we did.
We talked about furries and the hate they get, we talked about sexuality (in some small sense). How people think being a furry automatically means you are part of the perversion (which is not true), talked a little about Angel Dragons, and talked about Pokemon GO 🙂
Then we talked about Instagram and it was all in good fun. We also ended up finding each other again after our mics both gave out and then we talked some more having been skipped again by all the same people. Not to mention I ended up losing my screen capture footage which was no fun. All-in-all…most people would have seen this as a fail, but me, since I managed to meet one really nice person on there that I actually had fun talking to, I would consider this an Omegle-win if anything 😀


Thought I would start off your monday with some optimism and I have more stuff that I will come to post throughout the week. So no worries! Fursuit Friday will be as planned, and then I hopefully have a few more surprises for you coming up.

But, should I try Omegle again? Give it another shot to see people’s reactions? Should I try talking to other furries or should I just blank salte it and see who pops up? Also…what else would you like to see me do for videos? I have gotten some suggestions on topics. Right now I’m just trying to find the best way to record them so I can put them up on YouTube. Might grab some of my Angel Dragon pals and see if they are up for the challenge. Either way, any suggestion is helpful and appreciated…you can just drop those in the comment-section below.

Thanks so much guys for tuning in, for reading this blog and checking out my YouTube channel. I am super happy to have begun making videos again, and while they are not the greatest quality, they are still very fun to make! More coming soon, and as always, I will see you all in the next blog 😉

Omegle Fail Video:


Awe, I got a shoutout!!!

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