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My Fursonas – (Fursona vs Character)

So…I have been seeing this a lot lately, people asking around in groups about whether or not it is: “Okay to have more than one Fursona”. Not only that, but trying to figure out the difference between a Fursona and a Character. So, today…it’s not only my job to explain these things to you…but also, I figured I would introduce you to my Fursonas!

But first…let’s tackle the questions:

  • Can you have more than one Fursona?

—YES! Yes…you can easily have more than one Fursona. For me, a Fursona is a piece of your soul. Some people make a Fursona that embodies all of them, their entire soul…they make a Fursona that is like them (in soul) in every single way. But, there are then people that make Fursonas with only a section of their soul…they make a Fursona with only certain qualities of themselves. I do this, and because of this, I have three Fursonas, each one being a different set of qualities of mine, and each one just as equally precious to me, each one representing me. So while it not always be common, you can have more than one Fursona and it is completely normal. 🙂


  • What’s the difference between a Fursona and a Character?

—As mentioned before, a Fursona is supposed to represent you. A Fursona is a piece of your soul and is your image in the Furry fandom. A character is a little different though. A character is a creature you use for the sake of making stories or maybe you don’t even use them at all but like how they look. A character is something you keep in a folder, occasionally get art of, occasionally use it for RP but, it does not really represent you in any way. A character are like the adopts you impulse buy and then you sell later because you really have no connection with them…or they are old role-playing characters that occasionally you dust off and use, but only your friends know they exist. Samael is a character that runs my smut page…I have demon fox gals, and even a Herm Bunny named Dusty that are all characters and yet, they do not represent me at all in the fandom and half the time, people do not know they are linked to me or even know they are a thing that even exists.


So there you have it! You can have multiple Fursonas, you can have multiple characters…it does not really matter! One of the great things about being in the furry fandom is that you can basically do whatever you want so long as it’s not illegal in some way.

Aaaannnnd…since we got that out of the way, let me introduce you to my different Fursonas!!!

Chibi Mia by Squiddybum
***Art by: Squiddybum***

  • Mia the Winged-Wolf:

—Mia has been my main sona since coming to the fandom. Her design may have changed throughout the years, but, she has grown with me, and, as my Fursona she is just…me. When I say that, I mean that she is “outwardly” me. Not how she looks…but how she acts. Her mannerisms, the way she speaks, the way she laughs, her humor, her quirks and just how she reacts to other people around her. That’s what makes Mia me. Not to mention that she wears clothes I like, and wears my favorite hat. My art account on FA (Element02) has her as the face of it…and she is the Fursona that I buy the majority of the art for because she is so much like me, and she is the partner of my mate.


By Aimee Element_LOWes
***Art by: Aimee-Lesley-Sim***

  • RUNE the Angel Dragon:

—So here’s a face you all know by now, and that is Rune, my Angel Dragon.
I recently made him back in 2015 because I had started watching the Angel Dragons in 2014, and their designs were so cute that I really wanted to make one for myself. Not to mention that their community seemed so tight-knit and friendly that I wanted to be a part of it. While Rune was actually inspired by a W.o.W. Deathknight, he is actually a representation of child-like innocence in my soul. The parts of me that are optimistic, that just want to laugh and have fun. He is also the part of me that wants so desperately to help and t0 educate others which is why he is the face of my blogs, charity, and soon-to-be YouTube Channel.

***Art by: RedDyeNo5***

  • Masika the Leothaun:

—Masika means “Born of the Rain” and she is the newest addition to my Fursona collection. She is a Leothaun which is a species created by my friend (Natalia Hardy //thelostcause86). Masika herself is a Priestess on her home-planet, and she is able to control electricity but what she represents in my soul is actually “Soul-searching”. Masika is often conflicted and wondering if she is meant for something greater in life. She wants more than the day-to-day routine of being a priestess and she longs to be free. Therefore, like me…she is a wandering soul that loves to travel, that fears being stuck, and she is always wondering what her purpose is in life.


So, there they are! Those are my three Fursonas and I love them all dearly because they are me in all my different forms. So…news for this week: We are not doing Would-You-Rather-Wednesday again this week. I know that I have been slipping in that regard but, things have been crazy in my life. I know I missed Fursuit Friday last week as well…but that’s because my wife came home from special training and I was otherwise occupied. Anyways, you know the drill! Tell me about your Fursona or multiple sonas! How many do you have? What species? Names? Any special powers? What traits do they share with you if any? As always, thanks so much for tuning in, and, I will see you all in the next one 😉


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