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Dear Artists…[Discussion]

These two posts have been getting a rise out of the Furry Community, and I can see why…

Basically, as the image says…a person tried to make the point that, if they pay for artwork of their character…that finished product now belongs to the customer, and, they in turn can do whatever they like with it…this includes removal of watermarks and signatures. Whether or not the original post was written by the “Martin Lindorff” shown above, it is pretty obvious he supports this message saying that if he gets artwork with a watermark on it…he will ask for a refund.

Now, here is my two-cents on it:

Being something of an artist myself as well as a customer…I can understand a few sides. But, the point being made up above is just…ghastly. It is terrible, and it makes me angry just looking at it either way.

So…when you pay for a piece of artwork, you are paying for something that someone has taken time and effort to make for you. As mentioned in my blog about a good artist- complicated pieces take time, have multiple stages of development…and, even if that customer did not get any WIP sketches for approval, they still ended up with an amazing finished product that they want to show off to their friends! So, is removing the watermark okay JUST because they paid for it? NO!!!!
Just like artists of old had their own signatures and tags for their particular art pieces…so people too have signatures and watermarks that said that they created this. It’s not so much advertisement as it is the fact that they are proud of their work, they want the world to know it was them who made it…and not to mention…art thieves…are thieves are EVERYWHERE!

I’m not even kidding. You find one piece of artwork that does not have a watermark or signature and then suddenly there are 10 people or more claiming that as their piece, and tracing it to make a quick buck and/or snagging it to slap on T-shirts that they can sell at a Furry Convention…this stuff is NOT okay.

So, if you don’t like signatures on your art or watermarks for that matter…then just don’t buy art. Draw your own, get just as good as those other artists, and then deal with having YOUR art stolen because you don’t feel like signatures and watermarks are worth it.

Now granted, the guy did say he would not claim the art for his own…so, I’m not saying that he would personally be a thief, but, I am saying that other people would do that. And it’s the guy, by erasing the watermark or signature, that started that vicious cycle for that art piece IF it gets stolen. I also have the feeling that the person who wrote this has never really had a character stolen and misrepresented which is why he doesn’t even seem to think that others would take his character and then give him a bad rep because of how they might use it.

*takes in a deep breath*

The guy compares himself to a walking billboard…and you’re right, that’s how you might be. But honestly…if a person does a great service and a great job, then I don’t mind showing off their work. Talented people deserve to be recognized for what they can do…and it’s not like it affects me that they get a few new customers because someone like the picture I posted SO MUCH that they too would like one from the same artist. It actually makes me feel honored, and I’m not even the person who made the piece of art! That a picture representation of my character would look so awesome or so beautiful that someone might want one too…that’s an amazing feeling, and, keeping it all to yourself like that…it’s selfish.

You also have to take into account that sometimes, art is the only way that these people LIVE. They NEED that advertisement because their artwork pays their bills, pays for their groceries, and etc. So it’s pretty hateful and pretty pathetic that you would deliberately make them unknown and deny them their meal ticket. It’s not like they are scamming people…they provide a service people want, and thus, they deserve to be known and credited for that work that they did.

Also, it’s not like it hurts you to type out an artist’s name when posting the artwork. If you’re showing it off on FA or DA…you type it into the description and you never have to fuck with it again. You don’t even need to attach the icon of the person if you don’t want to. So long as you give the artist’s name…well, people have Google and they can figure it out.

Now…on the point of the customer:

I will agree that some artists have watermarks that take up the whole fucking picture…and that (I think) is ugly and annoying. I don’t mind a watermark in the corner, or even a small signature. But, when the watermark covers the entirety of the page, it really takes away from the drawing itself. I understand the purpose of the watermark is prevent theft — but, while I will say that giant watermarks are ugly…as a customer, if I don’t like the way someone does something, I just don’t buy from them. It’s as simple as that. The second picture where the guy says any watermarked art would require a refund for him…well, that’s stupid. Before you buy art, you’re supposed to look at other pieces of work that the artist has done. Know what it is that you are paying for…

If they have a watermark on all their other art pieces…then chances are that your piece will also have a watermark. Also, keep in mind that some artists provide a watermarked version of their art (for posting online), and then an un-watermarked version for personal use…so, those people with the giant watermarks that take up EVERYTHING…sometimes they just post the watermarked version online, but, the customer would receive a cleaner version.

All around, this man’s behavior and attitude is insulting to artists…and the hard work they put into their trade. I have seen beware posts on the Martin guy already, people telling artists not to accept commissions from him…and honestly, part of me feels like it is fair. To re-post this and have little to no respect for the artists that sign their pieces and are proud of their work…I wouldn’t want him editing my art either. I also would not want my art going to someone that acts like it really means so little to them. And I sure as hell would not give that guy a refund for a finished product just because I signed it.

*Sighs* What a way to start of the week, eh?

But, let me know your thoughts on the matter. Do you think he was right for what he said? Or do you think he was wrong? Maybe you meet somewhere in the middle? Let me know your thoughts in the comment-section down below. No WYR Wednesday again this week. But, I will be posting more artists features and personal blogs. So, thank you all for tuning in, and, as always, I will see you in the next one 😉


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