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Spokane girl Aiyanawolfe found SAFE


Yesterday it was finally reported that Kiera Inman (Aiyanawolfe) was found SAFE in Ohio.


Herself and Kelo had been spotted first in Idaho and then were tracked to a remote rest-stop where the two of them were found sleeping in the man’s car.
She is being returned to her family, and Kelo has been sent to jail possibly facing a first-degree kidnapping charge.

I must give many thanks to the people who have read the previous blog about the alert and have helped to spread the word and find the girl. But, while the community really pulled through…a lot of people in the fandom left me severely disappointed with how they handled the situation.

The goal was to get Kiera home safe and sound…but instead, it turned into a debate on who was right and who was wrong. Was Aiyana the one in the wrong? Or was it Kelo?
As mentioned before…Kelo is 28, and Aiyana is 16 with the mental age of an 11-year-old due to her disability. While some claim 16 is the age of consent…because of her disability, she is not considered to be able to give consent, thus placing Kelo in the wrong for taking her. Even if she did have him convinced that she was 19…once he heard the Amber  Alert…he should have turned her into authorities and pleaded his case. But, to continue driving on, avoiding authorities, and then posting online to get medication for her liver issues (since she only left home with a blanket and teddy)…puts him in the wrong. There were many instances the man could have saved himself, and did not. Still, what’s done is done.

But…people were arguing whether or not she was even with the man to begin with, and again, even if he was innocent, he should have turned himself into authorities and proved he did not have the girl to clear his name…either way it was not possible because she was found with him, in his vehicle, on their way to his home state in Virginia. Were they in love? They might have been…but it doesn’t matter. Two years is not a long time to wait for love…I myself have been in a purely online relationship before that was 5 years. So, to be so impulsive and then ruin your lover’s life by putting them in jail…it’s not fair to the man, BUT, he should have been smarter as well being as old as he is.

Another thing that disappointed me was that people wanted to point out that he was being spotlighted as a Furry. Both Kelo and Aiyana are furries…both play their part in the fandom. And, of course the media would jump on the opportunity to use a term that will draw people’s attention. People in the fandom need to get it through their heads that this fandom will always stick out like a sore thumb. People will always hate and fear on something that they do not understand…and yes, Kelo’s actions reflect badly on us all, same as those that use Murrsuits reflect on us all as having the same fetish, same as the porn that is drawn in the fandom reflects on us all and puts us under the general category of all being “sex crazed” even though that isn’t true. I would have rather seen everyone pulling together to find the girl rather than picking out the smaller issue which was the fact that this man was making “furries look bad”.

Still, despite that disappointment…for those that did ban together, that made posters, that shared via Facebook, FA, and all other forms of social media to get people on the lookout for the two of them: THANK YOU!!!
You are all amazing, and Kiera is now back home where she belongs because of your efforts. You are all awesome!!!! 😀

More blogs coming tomorrow.
Fursuit Friday will be featured as it usually is. Thank you all for tuning in, and, as always…I will see you all in the next one 😉


[Edited ALERT]: Virginia Man a suspect in kidnapping a 16-year-old girl


Zachary Jones aka Kelo (The furry, wingless Dragon) is suspect in kidnapping 16-year-old Kiera Inman aka Aiyana Wolfe

Kelo’s FA Page:
Aiyana’s FA Page:

***Art by Aiyanawolfe***

So, this news is rather depressing…and it’s another one of those things where the Furry Fandom is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. But, either way…I’m posting this because people need to be on alert for this girl…
Kiera Inman aka AiyanaWolfe (FA) has been missing for over 2 days now. She left her home in Spokane Washington, and supposedly took off with a “Zachary Jones” aka Kelo from Virginia.

Kelo is 28 and Aiyana is only 16…
Though she left on her own accord, that does not mean that she is not in any danger. Her family reports her as mentally delayed and that they feel that Kelo could be very easily manipulating her. Aiyana left her family a note upon leaving saying that she would never come back, and might even be dead (not sure if she is suicidal or not…no one knows the complete story).

The stories go that Kelo is a suspect because of his budding relationship with Aiyana online. They met on a furry website (not sure which one) and they hit it off. Aiyana had even told her friends at school that she was in a long-distance relationship with Kelo. He has been to furmeets around Virginia and might be blacklisted now—people need to keep a lookout as the family has high hopes she will be returned home. Chances of her turning herself in seems highly unlikely…so it’s up to others to tell the police if they see Kelo or the missing girl out in public. There are no leads on where they might have gone.

All I ask if that you read the Amber Alert article and spread the word.

It’s just so sad and depressing that this is how furries are represented. How the family of this missing girl are so worried for their daughter and all they can think about is getting her home, and how she was online talking to people that were “playing out their inner animals” and going by “fake names”.  I always talk about setting the example…and this is where we need it the most.
The fault of one becomes the fault of us all…one person’s bad deeds in the fandom, puts that dark image on all of us and gives the entire fandom a bad name that is met with hostility because these things went on within our forums, on our websites, and etc.

So please…do all you can to spread the word on this man. If you see him, call the police immediately. Lets work together to get this girl home…show that this man’s behavior means nothing as to what a Furry is. People say age is just a number…but a 28 year old man has no business being with a girl that is not even of legal age…

So, if you hear of any updates, please, let me know.

[EDIT]: So…last night I wrote this blog hastily while in a certain “mood”, and let me clarify a few things since I have been getting some harsher words on the matter. YES—the girl in question might not have been “kidnapped” and instead decided to “run away”. I agree that it is her own fault for lying about her age online and then running off with a stranger. But, what it comes down to is: We don’t have the full story, and either way, both of them are in the wrong.
First of all…this guy might have known her age all along. She only changed her age because she draws NSFW which is not allowed on FA unless you are 18+. But, when it comes to her relationship with this guy, she could have very well told him from the start her real age, and then they decided to run away together anyways. Secondly, even if they guy did not know her age and then took off with her thinking she was 19, by now he would have heard or seen the AMBER Alerts, and would know the truth. He should have turned her into authorities by now and given his side of the story, BUT, he hasn’t. And because of this…he is in the wrong. Is it fair that she has ruined his life by possibly lying? Of course it’s not fair…but it happened, and all he can do now is turn himself in, get himself a good lawyer, and either way he is going on the sex offender list. But, say that he knows her age and is STILL in a relationship with her…then either way, that’s considered pedophilia. That is ILLEGAL. So…either way, both people are in the wrong…and this guy should have had the common sense not to just run away with someone he only knew online. No matter what she told him.
So…for those defending him…you’re right. We don’t have the whole story, but, either way he has created a mess for himself. He needs to turn in both himself and the girl ASAP before things get even worse.

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