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A fellow Furry…murdered.


Some are still finding out about this…but I have seen this for a little while now and avoided writing about it until I got further information on the story. But, it would seem that three of our own in the Furry Community have been murdered.

When this story first appeared, there were little to no details about what had happened and it had the community up in arms because they immediately thought that this had to have been a “furry hate crime” but, as more details come into play, this is not the case…


It was a triple homicide in which Frank Felix (25) and Josh Acosta (21) along with a third suspect (still unknown) murdered: Christopher Yost (34), Jennifer Yost (39), and their friend Arthur Boucher (28) inside their own home. The teenage daughter (who is 17-years old) was missing at the time in which the bodies were discovered. She was eventually found and then taken into custody, originally as a suspect as well.

The murderers were also Furry, putting to rest that this was a Furry hate crime. As it would turn out, this all became an ordeal over a forbidden relationship between Jennifer’s 17-year-old daughter (Katlynn) and Felix. According to multiple news sources…Felix was not allowed to see the daughter, and it is still unknown what encouraged the second man to help in the murder…but, there are a lot of theories.

What is known is that friend of the victim Jennifer said that the mother was always calling her because of whom her daughter was hanging out with. She was often concerned about Felix and said that he was not allowed to see her daughter anymore. Then on the 24th, 911 received a called from one of Jennifer’s daughters (the youngest one who was 6) saying that her parents were dead.

“To protect her daughter, Chris and Jenn were like, ‘We don’t want you to be friends with our daughter anymore,”’ Giles told the Associated Press. “It is really sad because they didn’t deserve that. Those little girls didn’t deserve to wake up to dead parents.”
—From the DailyNews Article

Acosta was at Ft.Irwin at the time…people who had met him remember him being a very laid back guy, and that he would often talk with people about his military experience but there was never anything out of the ordinary. Felix was always on Katlynn’s facebook page. She was an artist in the community and would suit up for multiple events with her Mother. Felix would like her posts about anime, and sources say he was the “bullied” kid that never felt like he belonged.

The two men that did the shooting did not harm Jennifer’s children…the 6 and 9-year-olds were unharmed (thank goodness)…and Mercury News says that Katlynn Goodwill Yost is being let go from juvenile hall without charges being pressed on her for the murder (even though she was originally suspected of having asked the men to come and kill her parents because she had been forbidden to see Felix).

It’s all very sad…and go figure that the media is not so much focusing on the details on the murder…but that it was a murder among furries. Yes, they post about the family having a GoFundMe Page for funeral expenses (will post that down below) and that people are mourning the loss of a very kind-hearted woman considered a “Mom to many” in the community…but, you can be sure they make the biggest point in showing that Jennifer and Katlynn both spent their time suiting up as colorful animal characters.

Because of this…the comments on all these news stories are full of people saying that they were all deranged thinking they were stuffed animals, that they were disgusting, no one even noting it as a tragedy…but those outside the fandom almost seeing it as a joke. And it breaks my heart.

While looking through news-stories trying to find more on this issue, there was an article on talking about Katlynn Goodwill Yost being a furry, how she explained the Furry fandom as a way to escape reality, and the author then points out that it is the Furry fandom which made her almost inhuman in that she lacked empathy and could not connect to real people…being furry made her lack emotion, that she was mentally unstable, and abusive to people…that her behavior was messed up and wrong, and it was all due to her being in the fandom. It also points out the suspects and what was “wrong” with them…talking about their other hobbies and fandoms, pointing them out as the weirdos and trying to say: “This is what being a freak does…makes you murder people”.

I have never been a fan of the way furries are portrayed in the media…but, when they are taking a  murder of such a sweet and loving set of friends and making it all seem like some crazy joke just because they were furries, and that the daughter is deranged solely because the fandom made her that way…that’s going WAY too far.

Even ABC News, a top-nmed news source used the tagline:

Suspects, Victims in California Killings Were ‘Furries’

To get more views…and here’s what the comment section sparked because of that:

They apparently were fine with indulging in weird sexual fetishes with her, so I have to wonder what these guys did to make the parents say “no, THAT’S over the line”…
It’s always been obvious that these ‘furries’ are some warped people.

Animals kill

As always, the actions of one Furry affects us all…and while the names of those lost are being slandered by those wishing to bash our community…these beautiful souls are being mourned by their family, being mourned by the now-orphaned children, and being mourned by the Furry Community alike:

“Our job on this planet is to spread peace, light, and love. We are furries. We are probably one of the last groups of humans who actually give a damn about those three things. Yeah we have a lot of drama and silly small things, but what makes us so special is the fact despite it all, despite the hate and the rumors and lies spread about us, we still have those three key things and choose to share it with everyone around us. Reminding people of what true love and peace is.”
—Luna Gryphon / Furry Amino

As of right now, the curt has yet to decide the sentence of the men involved in the shooting of these three people, and while they say the daughter is not being charged, it is unknown whether or not she has been released from juvenile hall or what the real story was with her and the older man. also, it is still unknown (as stated before) the motive of the man from Fort Irwin, only that all people involved knew each other and might have been, at one point, “friends”. So, police keep stressing that this was no random act of violence.

Furries are shaken up as many were very touched by “Mama Jen” as she was sometimes called and the fact that she helped so many furries with their problems and conflicted emotions. Also, those that commissioned her or her daughter at any point are heartbroken as well as those that knew her from the community located there in Southern California.

We are now going to have to work to rebuild our name, and work to show people that we are not all crazed killers wearing animals costumes. So many people still see it as nothing more than a sick fetish from those that cannot tell fantasy from reality. It’s only going to get tougher because, for every one good deed done there seems to be 5 more deeds done showing us as nothing more than high disturbed individuals that do not fit in with society.

All I ask is that, if you have the money to spare…please check out the family’s GoFundMe page located down below and help with the funeral expenses. Also, whether you do or do not have the funds to help…any positive vibes, prayers, or good thoughts that could be sent to the family and Jennifer’s daughters would very much be appreciated. Goodness knows they need all the love and support that they can now get.

Sorry for all the sad and negative news…
Until the next blog 😦

–_–Family’s GoFundMe Page for funeral expenses–_–

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