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Fursuit Friday Feature #25: MUERTE


Happy Fursuit Friday everyone!

It seems like such a long time since we have been able to do one of these things. In fact, the whole month of March was like one big Fursuit-Friday celebration since it was female-fursuiter-month. But, now we are here in April and it’s back to the regular features of these amazing fursuiters that I have gotten the pleasure of interviewing!

So, here is one from the vaults. Today I present to you: MUERTE the Butterfly Dragon!!!!

what caught my eye with this character was the scaling pattern in the ears and on the tail. It’s so mesmerizing and I really loved the colors. the more i looked at the character, the more unique detail I was seeing, even down to the patterns on the back and the skulls in the eyes.

But, a butterfly dragon? I have never heard of it before which makes it all the more fascinating to me! I am all about unique characters and new species…but, enough rambling, lets get down to the interview!!!

1.Name: Kiara Blackburn (Aisling Knight)

2. Character Name: Muerte

3. Character Species: Butterfly Dragon

4. Fursuit Maker: Hollow Creature Creations

5. Total Cost: Personal suit i made myself. Worth $2850.

6. How long did it take you to get a Fursuit?
Made the fullsuit in a span of 2-3 months

7. Do you go out in public while wearing your suit? Yes

8. Have you been to any Cons in suit? Yes. Debuted at FWA 2016

9.How have people reacted to your Fursuit? They seemed to really like it. Said it was really cute. Had some fun playing around with kids and making them smile.

10.What was your main goal in getting a suit? Did you have any plans for it or did you just get one for fun? My main goal for making this suit was to show my new style for fursuits and to have my own suit i can wear to cons.

11. Do you make any videos while in suit (YouTube): I have videos of him on my business page.

So there you have it! Short and sweet!

Naturally the interview questions are all optional…so, anything that does not apply to someone and/or they just do not want to answer, they do not have to. I must say that a suit of that quality and with that much detail…being completed in 2-3 months is really impressive to me! So a major round-of-applause for the maker because that takes a lot of skill!

But I find Muerte to be extremely charming and I hope they are still able to go to cons and such, and maybe I might have the honor and luxury of meeting them some day!

So, this has been our Fursuit Friday Feature! Thanks so much for tuning in and thanks for your continued support with this blog!

More to come in the future so, as always, I will see you all in the next blog ๐Ÿ˜‰


Fursuit Friday Feature #16: WINDWO1F


Happy Fursuit Friday everyone! It has been such an amazing couple of weeks for me, and I always love taking some spare time to whip up these lovely blogs for you showcasing all the unique and lovely characters out there in the furry Fandom!!!

So, while I am still trying to get in the swing of things with this blog I have loved the responses I have gotten from the people that see them. People wanting to be interviewed, people saying that they like this content and that it is a pleasant read and something / people excited about seeing the new suits I post every Friday. It really is one of my favorite things to do is to find new things to write about and new pictures to post up so that I can place a smile on someone’s face.

I do apologize my blogs have not been constant, but, I do have something and someone very awesome for you guys this week! To me, a Fursona or Fursuit does not have to be complicated to be cute, to be fascinating…and it’s the creator, the person on the inside that makes that character fun, animated, and loved by all. While I love all the different (sometimes crazy) designs that have come my way, sometimes I take time to fancy the more simple designs that remind me that it is really the personality behind these suits that makes the magic.

So, today for Fursuit Friday I am introducing you to Wind!!! Wolves have always been my favorite animal and so, I was really excited to come across this suit! But, I know why you are here so, I will quit my rambling and get on with the interview!!!

1.Name: Ellie (WindWolf)
2. Character Name: Wind
3. Character Species: wolf

4. Fursuit Maker: Made by myself. Headbase by Media

5. Total Cost (optional)— $400 (estimate)

6. How long did it take you to get your Fursuit?
It took a couple of months before I received the head kit, but from there I made it in about a week.

7. When did you decide that you wanted a Fursuit?
I first decided I wanted a fursuit back in 2011 and from there I have been making suits for five years now.

8. Do you go out in public while wearing your suit? Tell us one of your favorite experiences!
I’ve gone on several occasions. One fun experience was fursuit sledding at a nearby park. I had way too much fun sliding down the hill and burying my friends in the snow!

9. Have you been to any Cons in suit? If you have gone to multiple ones, which one is your favorite and why?
I’ve been to two cons in this particular suit and five individual cons altogether, some more than once. My favorite though has got to be Anthrocon.

10. How have people reacted to your Fursuit while you are out in Public?
Some think it’s cute and children particularly like my suit, but others have reacted a bit more negatively, some demanding that I take the suit off or talk in suit to make sure I โ€œknow I’m a real personโ€. In general though I get more good reactions than bad.

11. What was your main goal in getting a suit? Did you have any plans for it or did you just get one for fun?
It started as just something to do for fun and a chance to stretch my creativity and from there it’s turned into a bit of a business alongside my art.

12. How do you act differently in suit VS when you are dressed as you normally would?
Out of suit I’m very quiet and like to just remain mostly unnoticed. In suit though I definitely act more playful and bouncy.

13. What is your favorite thing about wearing a Fursuit?
I love the performance more than anything; the ability to make people smile and just the chance to really be yourself without any restraints.

14. What is your least favorite thing about wearing a Fursuit?
Definitely the heat! I’ve nearly gotten sick several times from heat exhaustion in suit and it is no fun.

15. What advice would you give first-time Fursuiters and those considering getting a Fursuit?
If you plan on commissioning a suit than do your research first! Find a maker that suits your needs and is both friendly and trustworthy, there’s no bigger disappointment than spending a good amount of money on a suit and then not having the maker not even get back to you for over a year and ultimately getting ripped off. If you want to try making your own then go for it! Anyone can make a fursuit. There are so many different tutorials out there and people willing to give you helpful advice. Don’t be afraid to start!

16. What would you say is your biggest peeve when it comes to your Fursuit?
Trying to get it look exactly how I want it. I’ve gone through four (not counting a semi-realistic head I also have for the suit) versions of the same suit and I’m constantly finding things to fix and update. It’s the fursuit maker’s never-ending quest for perfection!

17. Do you think you will ever get another suit in the future? Would it be an upgrade to your current suit or a different character?
I have at least one other suit I plan on making for myself along with two I need to fix up. It’ll definitely be a very different character than my fursona. ๐Ÿ˜€

18. Do you make any videos while in suit (YouTube):
Not in this particular suit (yet). But I do have videos of some of my other fursuits.…..vP&index=3…..BsenPKnzS2lwvP

19. (Final Question): Any extra words of wisdom you would like to add for anyone reading this?:
Fursuiting brings so much joy to others and yourself. Suit on!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So there you have it! That was Wind!

I agree so much that fursuiting brings so much joy to people’s lives and that people can make so much difference in doing just the simplest things. Whether that is being the loving character that gives that sad person a hug, whether it is dancing and making people laugh, whether it is raising money for charity, or even if it’s just being the best you can be and putting out that positive image for the Furry Community…even without a fursuit there is so much you can do to make this world a better place!

I think Wind seems very positive even though they have not had 100% positive experiences. Fursuiting is obviously a big part of their life and it shows in their character and how much pride they have in doing it and wanting to share that with other people.

I would very much love some day to see Wind’s other suits because this person has just the right attitude, and reading/posting this interview was just so much fun!

Anyways, thanks again so much for reading these blogs! They are just something I do in my spare time, but I love doing it and love that it makes people happy and that people are interested in it and have fun with it! Would love to eventually get more writers maybe, and put more content into this blog so that there is more to read per week.

If you know someone with a fursuit or have one yourself, I am still looking for people to interview!

My queue has started running low again…I have some older interviews that have not been pulled from the hat yet and once those are all showcased then there is nothing I have left in reserves or anything. So, if you’re interested in being part of this blog, feel free to drop a comment with a link to your Facebook, FA, DA…somewhere where I can reach you. I do not only interview fursuiters but artists, crafters, and just your average furry watchers as well. I also want to start showcasing the unique species in the fandom, so, if you are the creator of a species then you can drop me a comment as well!

Thanks for tuning in, and as always, I will see you all in the next blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

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