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Fursuit Friday Feature #21: STARDUSK


Hello everybody and welcome back to another wonderful Fursuit Friday Feature!!!

These have been slow-coming here recently with my having gone to a convention (pics of that coming soon) and also out of pure laziness on my part. For that I do apologize. But, someone recently wanted to revamp the interview they did awhile ago…and when I received their submission, it really motivated me to get the ball rolling again and make my normal Friday post. Besides…who DOESN’T want to see an adorable Dutch Angel Dragon?

Dutchies do seem to be the most popular submission of all my Fursuiters wanting to be in this blog, and I have noticed that the DAD and AD communities have really taken the fandom for a ride as they increase their numbers. So, today we have Stardusk. I love white Dutchies and love all the unique things that can be done with them…so, before I go off rambling some more, lets get down to the questions and really see what Stardusk and her owner are all about.

1.Name: Bethany, but most people call me Beth

2. Character Name: Stardusk

3. Character Species: Dutch angel dragon

4. Fursuit Maker:
Temperance of Komickrazi Studios:

5. Total Cost$2500

6. How long did it take you to get your Fursuit?
—I put down the down payment back in November or early December of last year. She has rolling commissions, so she’s always open, but this means a bit of a wait. However, once it was my turn, she was very quick. My suit was made in two weeks.

7. When did you decide that you wanted a Fursuit?
—At first when I fully became part of the furry fandom and was introduced to fursuits, I didn’t think it was for me. I saw a few videos of cons and fursuiter like Telephone and became more intrigued, but still not convinced I wanted one. Then, I met some friends in my area who were furries. One of them, Lonewolf, had her own fursuit made, and invited me over for an introduction. Once I saw how cute they were in person, I knew I wanted a suit for myself.

8. Do you go out in public while wearing your suit? Tell us one of your favorite experiences!
—I haven’t done so too often, but the few experiences I’ve had were very positive. I went and suited up at an Asian night market, which was lots of fun. I got lots of curious reactions, and lots of people wanting to take my picture. Even got to dance with one kid.I also handed out candy on halloween as Stardusk. Every time I opened the door I got great reactions, the kids loved Stardusk.

9. Have you been to any Cons in suit? If you have gone to multiple ones, which one is your favorite and why?
—I have a few lined up for the coming year, most of them local. Chase con and Genericon in the upstate NY area, and Anthro New England in Boston are definite. I might also go to Furnal Equinox in Toronto, and I definitely want to go to Anthrocon at least once! I recently went to chase con, or Saratoga Comic Con, and met some fellow furs there. Stardusk was quite a hit there, she got lots of people wanting to take pics with her. One little boy really loved her, every time he saw me he would run up to me and give me hugs and pets, it was utterly adorable. I also got complimented by J. G. Herzler, who played general Martok in Star Trek Deep Space Nine, which was super cool.

10. How have people reacted to your Fursuit while you are out in Public?
—Ive had very positive reactions! People are very curious about her, I get lots of exclamations about how cute she is and how soft the fur is.

11. What was your main goal in getting a suit? Did you have any plans for it or did you just get one for fun?
—Partly for fun. But I also really wanted to do some charity things. Maybe raise money for relay for life (my mom is a survivor, so it’s s cause close to my heart) or visiting children in hospitals or nursing homes. I want to bring some smiles and happiness to people.

12. How do you act differently in suit VS when you are dressed as you normally would?
—I’m still refining her character, but I act more cat-like and bouncy when I’m Stardusk.

13. What is your favorite thing about wearing a Fursuit?
—My favorite thing is how fluffy and adorable it is, and how even the few people who have seen her just want to give her a hug.

14. What is your least favorite thing about wearing a Fursuit?
—My least favorite thing is the heat. I’m a cold dweller, I love the cold. It gets rather hot in there after a while. A cooling vest helps! I also want to install a fan inside the head.

15. What advice would you give first-time Fursuiters and those considering getting a Fursuit?
—Have fun with it! Take it slow at first, don’t push yourself to have your first outing ever at a con. Suit up for half an hour to an hour, in a cool place just to get used to how it feels. Take some time to think about the character you want to create. You’re essentially an actor, so get into your role! Make sure you have a handler when you go to cons. It’s hard to see your feet, so having someone to warn you of things you can’t see will help you avoid tripping. And they can remind you to hydrate and take breaks.

16. What would you say is your biggest peeve when it comes to your Fursuit?
—I don’t really have one, I love it!

17. Do you think you will ever get another suit in the future? Would it be an upgrade to your current suit or a different character?
—Probably not, but if I did it would be a different character. Probably my kotae.

18. Do you make any videos while in suit (YouTube):
I have two uploaded right now! I have zero experience editing videos, so it’ll take a bit to get the others I’ve done uploaded. But everyone is welcome to check out my channel in the meantime! Stardusk Dutch Angel Dragon. I’m also over on Instagram, where I post most of my pics: Starduskdutchangeldragon

19. (Final Question): Any extra words of wisdom you would like to add for anyone reading this?:
—Just have fun! Whether you’re cosplaying or fursuiting, go with what you want to do. Don’t let the negativity of others hold you back. Be a positive force in the world, no matter what it is you do. There’s so much darkness in this world, but you have the opportunity to be a beacon of light, so let your light shine!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So there you have it folks! That was Stardusk!!

It really makes me happy when I can see someone that has had an overall positive experience to suiting and going out in suit in general. We all complain about the suits being too hot. But this person loves her Fursuit, loves being in her Fursuit…really took her time in coming around to fursuiting and then deciding what character she wanted to suit as. If you watch her videos…it was 9-months before her suit was even started so…it took a good amount of time for Stardusk to come to life.

Either way, this Dutchie is adorable, and I’m so glad that she has gone out, had fun, and has really been able to spread the joy and fun which is what the Furry Fandom is all about. All this and great advice to boot! So thanks so much Bethany and Stardusk for submitting yourselves to be featured in my blog! 😀

If you or anyone you know is a Fursuiter and you would like to be featured for my Fursuit Feature Friday, then please drop me a link down in the comment-section below to a place where I might reach you (facebook, FA, DA, other) and send you the interview. I’m always looking for new Furries to feature whether it be fursuits, artists, crafters, or a brand-new species…!

As always, thank you all so much for tuning in, and, I will see you all in the next blog 😉


Fursuit Friday Feature #20: REI


It’s Friday!!!
it is Friday, the weekend is here, and that means that we get to have another Fursuit Friday Feature!!! Also, the best news is that this is our 20th Fursuit Feature on this blog!! Thank you so much to all the amazing people that have come together and have answered these questions talked to me on FB and otherwise so that I might go and show off your fantastic creatures to the world! It really has been an honor!

Also, I noticed that this is what people come to the blog for! This is what they look forward to when seeing any new post I make because they want to see if they or their friends were pulled from the hate and/or, they want to see the cute or crazy new suiter that I am showcasing. So many of you have shown off some amazing designs that made people want a Fursuit of their very own, so, thank you for being so awesome, being creative and just being you.

This week we have a Dutch Angel Dragon (I seem to get quite a few of those) named Rei!!! I was posting awhile ago about needing fursuiters for showcasing and for people to answer my new and improved interview sheets and Rei answered that call! So, after a few messages and an e-mail, Rei was saved to the folder where I randomly pick a name each week, and, here we are!!! Sorry it took so long to get to you Rei…but hey! You are lucky number 20!!!!

I love dutchies and love dragons just in general so these are always so fun for me…so I’m not going to ramble anymore, lets get to know Rei a little better!

1.Name: Jennifer McClellan

2. Character Name: Rei

3. Character Species: Dutch Angel Dragon

4. Fursuit Maker: I made him

5. Total Cost (optional)— $500 maybe $600

6. How long did it take you to get your Fursuit?
Um it took me at least five month to finish him.

7. When did you decide that you wanted a Fursuit?
I always wanted one and at one time I tried to create one. But my boyfriend at the time really discouraged me from doing it so I gave up after that. Then I saw a video of Telephone and instantly fell in love again with fursuits. So I took the dive and bought all my supplies and got to work and here he is.

8. Do you go out in public while wearing your suit? Tell us one of your favorite experiences!
My favorite experience was actually not fully outside. When I started making Rei I hid it from my family except for my grandmother. I send her all my work in progress pictures and then when he was finish I facetimed her and showed him off.

9. Have you been to any Cons in suit? If you have gone to multiple ones, which one is your favorite and why?
Um, I haven’t been to any Cons yet. If there is anything closer towards the end of the year that are near Philadelphia I wouldn’t mind going, but I just plan on to Anthrocon next year.

10. How have people reacted to your Fursuit while you are out in Public?
It’s been pretty good to me except when this guy kept hitting me in the muzzle luckily my mother was around and cursed him before I had to say anything.

11. What was your main goal in getting a suit? Did you have any plans for it or did you just get one for fun?
At first it was just to make one and say I have one but now I think I might work on my craft a little bit more and become a fursuit marker. Its fun making them I really wish I can get a following.

12. How do you act differently in suit VS when you are dressed as you normally would?
I’m normally am a hyper kind of person so I made my character a little like me. Rei is a little more quite then what I am and he is a little clumsy. But when the time comes he is there in your corner cheering you to success

13. What is your favorite thing about wearing a Fursuit?
Being able to bring a 2-D drawing to life and portray myself as my character.

14. What is your least favorite thing about wearing a Fursuit?
The heat, it’s very hot in Philadelphia already so when I did wear him I was hot as hell. I think if I line the head differently it might make it better and fur in my mouth I hate that.

15. What advice would you give first-time Fursuiters and those considering getting a Fursuit?
If you have time and money go ahead and commission for one. If you feel that you would do better by making it yourself then do it. But please take constructive criticism with a grain of salt, people are not trying to hurt you when they give it but you can tell what’s being rude and what’s being helpful.

16. What would you say is your biggest peeve when it comes to your Fursuit?
I bought too much fur now I can make extra items like extra paws and extra feet… I kind of wish that my dragon had paws for feet instead of hooves but I just think I’m going to make them and just make them for indoor and have the hooves for outside.

17. Do you think you will ever get another suit in the future? Would it be an upgrade to your current suit or a different character?
I plan on making a sergal towards the end of the year. But it will be a partial instead of a full suit I’m not finding my colors in full yards.

18. Do you make any videos while in suit (YouTube):
I plan on it; I might make a small dance video in a couple of weeks even though I’m not the best dancer (two left feet lol)

19. (Final Question): Any extra words of wisdom you would like to add for anyone reading this?:
Don’t get discourage, try and try again. No one is where they are in life by giving up on the first time

Rei is adorable and I have always loved black-and-white color schemes. I also hope tat if Jennifer makes the Sergal we can one day showcase that one too! Dutchies are really cute and seem to be very popular and a fan fave so…like Rei, I hope to showcase more of those in the future as well.

Really solid advice and really wonderful answers from Jennifer. So, I think this makes for a very good 20th Fursuit Friday Feature, don’t you? We are running low on Fursuiters to showcase which is why I have been trying to spread them out as much as possible. NO ONE and NOTHING IS TURNED DOWN! Whether you have a fullsuit, partial, quadsuit, or just a Fursuit head, it counts! Multiple fursuits is fine as we can do those all in one interview!

So, if you or a friend has a fursuit and would like to be featured, please leave a link down below where i might reach you so that I can send you the interview and such!

Thank you all so much for tuning in. Wondering what else to put in this blog so please, leave me any feedback on where to find things you might want to hear me write about, some topics you want to discuss, and etc.  I want to hear your opinions to please, let me know what’s up.

That’s all we have for this one and we will have another one next Friday. So, as always, i will see you all in the next blog 😉

Talking to strangers on Omegle–


I have never been good with talking to strangers…well, not on a computer anyways. Which is strange when you think about it, because, in person I can chat away and i make friends so easily…but, via  a computer screen? Maybe it is because it seems so impersonal…almost like those people do not really exist that makes it so awkward. As if I am speaking to a video-game character or something along those lines. I thought that maybe suiting as Rune would help me get better with conversation…but, today’s Omegle experience pretty much debunked that theory.

I have been looking forward to getting Rune for so long, just for the sake of trying out Omegle. It’s not even funny. I aw Pinkystylist doing it along with other populr YouTubers and I thought, why not? Maybe it was because it was a Monday…maybe it was because people might be at work and it was somewhat early. but I found myself getting skipped…like, a lot! Granted…now i know that my mic was not always working and my webcam was giving out a lot…but I was skipped. I would wave and talk, and type, but nothing ever came of it. And I guess it made me feel…down?
I was even skipped by a fellow Angel Dragon!

What was i doing wrong? At first I was thinking…”Is it me?” “Is it because I am talking?” “Is it my suit?” “Is it because I only have the head and don’t have any other parts or a squeaker?” I was getting frustrated, was feeling a bit annoyed…and then managed to find a fellow fur that was in the same spot as I was.

“I have been skipped by everyone but you!” he told me,“…and by the way, your fursuit is fabulous!” <—THIS. This right here is how you make friends ❤

Granted, I was not so mad that I had been skipped. but rather, I was mad because I felt like I was doing something wrong to get skipped. At first I could not speak to the first guy because he either did not speak or could not hear me to know what I was saying. I could not type because I can not wear my glasses in the fursuit and therefore can’t see. With the Angel Dragon I wondered if I seemed boring or maybe it was because I lacked a squeaker. So, the fact that someone was finally “excited” to be talking to me. It really brightened up my day.

…and talk we did.
We talked about furries and the hate they get, we talked about sexuality (in some small sense). How people think being a furry automatically means you are part of the perversion (which is not true), talked a little about Angel Dragons, and talked about Pokemon GO 🙂
Then we talked about Instagram and it was all in good fun. We also ended up finding each other again after our mics both gave out and then we talked some more having been skipped again by all the same people. Not to mention I ended up losing my screen capture footage which was no fun. All-in-all…most people would have seen this as a fail, but me, since I managed to meet one really nice person on there that I actually had fun talking to, I would consider this an Omegle-win if anything 😀


Thought I would start off your monday with some optimism and I have more stuff that I will come to post throughout the week. So no worries! Fursuit Friday will be as planned, and then I hopefully have a few more surprises for you coming up.

But, should I try Omegle again? Give it another shot to see people’s reactions? Should I try talking to other furries or should I just blank salte it and see who pops up? Also…what else would you like to see me do for videos? I have gotten some suggestions on topics. Right now I’m just trying to find the best way to record them so I can put them up on YouTube. Might grab some of my Angel Dragon pals and see if they are up for the challenge. Either way, any suggestion is helpful and appreciated…you can just drop those in the comment-section below.

Thanks so much guys for tuning in, for reading this blog and checking out my YouTube channel. I am super happy to have begun making videos again, and while they are not the greatest quality, they are still very fun to make! More coming soon, and as always, I will see you all in the next blog 😉

Omegle Fail Video:


Awe, I got a shoutout!!!

Rune’s Journey to being a Fursuit #3

Rune badge by AJ

***Rune Badge by: AJ Vengeant***

Happy Fursuit Friday everyone!!!

Normally for Friday I would be doing the “Fursuit Friday Feature” but, this week I have decided to do something a little  different and bring back the blogs where I update people on Rune becoming a Fursuit. This blog is not only a progress update, but it also talks about the steps involved in getting a Fursuit when commissioning one from a maker. as mentioned in previous posts like this (as sort of a disclaimer)—do NOT take my personal experience as how it always works for commissioning Fursuits and/or parts of a Fursuit. Every maker is different and every one of them work in their own way. Unfortunately, there are makers more reliable than others…so each experience will be different and unique, as will the quality of the product.


  • In the last blog:
    —The last time I wrote about the progress on Rune,  the furring process on his head had just started and the fur had been laid over the face so that I could make sure that everything was in the right spot. But, there was still a long way to go at this point…and I would say this was mid-way to completion. Rune’s eyes still has to be done, fur had to be sewn and glued onto the foam, and, his mouth still required his teeth, his tongue, and the horns needed to be clothed as well. Still, this was the biggest update of them all up to this point, and, if you’re interested in seeing the previous steps leading up to this, you can check out the previous blog, right [[here]]


Rune foam head phase 7

  • Furring the ears:
    —The ears began their furring phase on May 4th, and the reason they were done separately was because Rune’s ears were meant to be flexible. One of the things I was asked early on was whether or not I wanted to be able to bend and play with Rune’s ears, and naturally, I wanted them to wiggle and bend. So, the ears had to be furred separately, and, I was given a lovely update pic to make sure for the last time that all the patterns on the ears were in the right place!


Rune foam head phase 8

  • Shaving time!
    —With the fur for the ears completed and in the right place, the fur for Rune’s face was placed over the foam head once more and shaving started on May 5th. this was just the initial shaving so that more details could be seen, patterns could be checked again, and, once more of the face was done, Rune’s fur would not cover up any new details and, it would be easier to work with this way.
    Shaving is a very long process as it has to be done multiple times. All fur is bought very long, and it is hard on clippers. Also, Fursuit makers have to make sure not to shave too much which is why shaving is done a little at a time, checked over, and maybe shaved a little bit in-between certain stages so that everything looks clean in the end. It made me chuckle though because, looking at Rune before he was shaved, he was looking like one of those really shaggy dogs that you can not even see their eyes past all that hair XD


Rune foam head phase 9

  • Layering Rune’s mouth, horns, and nostrils:
    —I got a message a little after the shaving stage asking me the details of Rune’s mouth (like what color the inside was, if he still wanted to have teeth, how many teeth I wanted added, as well as the color of Rune’s tongue, and etc). Then, on May 19th, Rune’s mouth had been lined with initial darker green color, and the nostrils had been lined with cloth as well. With the inner mouth lined, more progress could begin on the other parts of the mouth, and, with the nostrils lined, Rune’s face fur could now be added. Horns had also been covered with cloth as well which allowed the face fur to soon be added. He was coming together quite quickly!!!
    —Since the horns had been covered with cloth and the nostrils were finished, the face fur could be added. But, in order to see the details of the horns and to make everything look cleaner and to see details properly, Rune was going to be shaved down a little bit more. The second round of shaving was done on May 25th, and while at first he was looking a little rough, Rune was coming together nicely and was looking a lot smoother the more shaving that was done and the more he was brushed out.


Rune foam head phase 10

  • Eyes:
    —Rune’s eyes were completed on May 27th, and my maker had to discuss with me what colors to use because of Rune’s various designs across the different artwork I had sent in via reference. Instead of just making it one way, my maker took the time to make 2 sets of eyes (one a lighter blue one a darker blue) and then they sent me a comparison pic to see which one I liked best.


We both agreed that the lighter eyes suited Rune better, and they were quickly installed. Luckily the other eyes could be used for later projects. also there was a few more updated pics of the shaving progress and another check on design, on the back horns (located on the back of the head) and etc to make sure that everything looked okay before the eyes were locked into place. Another cool feature on the eyes was that Rune would have “follow me eyes” which is an illusion. For those that do not know, follow-me eyes is where the eyes are pushed back farther in the head to create the illusion that they are looking at you no matter what direction you might be walking.

Rune foam head phase 11

  • Tongue and teeth:
    —After the last update, I ended up going on vacation, and, my maker ended up finding herself to be very busy. We kept communication open during this time since I still had one last payment of $100 to make. After awhile, she did find time to work on Rune again, and his teeth and tongue were put in on June 27th.
    The maker asked if I wanted Rune’s tongue to remain flat or whether I wanted to add in some fluff to make it take up more of the mouth. But, being concerned with ventilation and the like within the fursuit head, and, not knowing exactly what a puffed-up tongue might look like, I decided to keep the tongue flat as to keep things simple. Plus, the tongue already looked good as-is, and, I did not want to mess that up and be difficult for my maker.
    With this final update, the teeth and everything else being in place and lips added to make everything look more realistic…all that was left now was the neck piece for Rune and he would be complete!! The only thing I asked at this point was that Rune be shaved down just a tad bit more to which, my maker would do, but, we could not go much farther without the mesh being visible due to the fur being possibly too thin.


Rune fursuit head completion

  • Completion!!!
    —Rune was completed two days after the last update and the modeling pics were sent to me on June 29th!!! Rune was finally completed and, he looked amazing!! As per my agreement with my maker, I sent the final payment of $100 to her, and she agreed to ship Rune ASAP and to get me a tracking number when she could. At this point, the waiting is the first part because you just get so excited!!!!



  • Shipping:
    —Rune was shipped out on July 4th because there were holidays before that. Also, I had asked my maker to wait and ship Rune once I had come home…and I did not return home until right before the first of July. He shipped from Canada, so, you had to take into account that it had to go through different routes than if it were shipped in the US. When commissioning anyone for a fursuit or fursuit parts…make sure you take into account where they are located, and base your shipping time and prices based on that. For me, shipping was around $50 because it was coming from a different Country.


  • Unboxing Time!!!!
    —Rune arrived safely to me on July 12th, 4-days sooner than originally expected! with the tracking number, I was able to see where he was traveling to and from, when he made it (checked in) and thus was able to plan when it was that I needed to be home so that I could accept the package. Rune showed up in really good condition, he was well packaged and the box was not ripped, smashed, or broken anywhere. Naturally, I got Rune’s head…but, I also got a lovely letter from the maker, a badge made by the maker, a lanyard for the badge if I could get it laminated (and I eventually will) as well as a wire brush for brushing out the head if it happened to get matted at all. All were very pleasant surprises and, I was able to get the unboxing on video while Skyping with some friends!


  • Maker Review:
    —My maker was AJ Vengeant (AJKitty on FA) and, Rune was only the second Fursuit head they had ever made. Since this was not a professional maker, I was taking a risk…but I am in no way disappointed with the result Rune is perfect! What made AJ amazing to work with was the fact that she never acted like i was “pestering” her or “bothering” her when I had questions or I wanted a progress report on Rune. In fact, I only ever had to ask for a progress report twice, and that was just because I had been out of touch for a few weeks and was merely curious (but ever really concerned). AJ was amazing with communicating things with me. She told me when she had gotten a part-time job and said she would have less time to work on Rune, she informed me when making him was taking longer than planned and he would have to be finished in June/July rather than May (which was not even a problem since I was going on vacation anyways and not going to AC). Any time she had a question for me, she would message me immediately and if it concerned colors, then, she would pick out the colors and have me choose between 2-3 different ones to make sure we had the correct shade.

    she did this for Rune’s fur, for his eyes, for the mouth, and for the tongue which was very nice. On top of that, even when I had not asked, she always told me when she was going to be taking a few days to work on Rune, and she also sent me all those lovely WIP photos so that I could see how Rune was coming along every step of the way until his completion. She was always a pleasure to work with and always answered my messages within the day unless she had work. I can honestly say that there was never a moment’s concern with this maker and Rune made it here A-OK without fear of being scammed or him never making it. So, 10/10 I would recommend this maker to anyone if ever she opens to people again for making fursuits/fursuit heads. Not to mention, she added in all those lovely gifts at no extra charge and it was such a lovely gesture and made me feel really appreciated as a customer!! Rune is sturdy and very fluffy. His ears wiggle and flop, and he is everything I could have hoped for. My chin is a tight fit, but, everything else is extremely comfortable, even if it does get very hot (as every Fursuit head does).  Vision in the suit is better than expected and is easy to slip on and off. S, def check them out if ever they are open for fursuits, and their art is really good as well. I know they occasionally do commissions of that nature as well…so I would def recommend you to invest in this artist!! 😀

AJ letter


  • Conclusion:
    —So, Rune’s head is now finished and, I could not be happier! I do plan on making him into a fullsuit eventually that I want to wear to cons and the like. But, until I can afford it, I might just make him a partial for charity events and suiting in public. There is a def I have yet to learn about fursuiting and fursuit care…but luckily, YouTube has several guides and tutorials that have really helped me out.
    Commission a fursuit or fursuit parts does not have to be a scary thing…and, when you see the steps that go into it, you can begin to see how much time it takes with one person working on the one project versus one or two people working on MULTIPLE projects at the same time. Also, now you can gauge how close to completion your own fursuit head might be by taking a look at mine, and what steps were taken in what order. Again, all makers are different and work at different paces with a different work ethic.

But, what do YOU think of Rune? I love him to bits, and I can’t wait to continue this fursuit journey with you…so thanks so much for all the support you all have given me, and thank you for tuning into my blog. It really does mean a lot! Fursuit Friday Feature will come back as planned next week…and until then, I will see you all in the next blog 😉

ASK ME ANYTHING!!! [New YouTube Channel]


It’s a box!!! But what is inside?!?

Rune’s Fursuit Head of course! It’s done, it’s here! He is perfect, and, I can’t wait to share him with all my readers for tomorrow’s blog!!!!

But…that’s not what this blog post is about…well…it sorta is, and sorta isn’t.

The real news is that Rune has a YouTube Channel now!!!

After getting his fursuit head done, I decided to go ahead and make Rune a YouTube Channel to talk about all things Furry-related. This Channel would also include photo slideshows from when I might eventually take Rune out in public, future Cons and Furmeets, as well as some short skits just in general! I have big plans for the Channel, and already I have myself 9 subscribers after posting the unboxing video of Rune!!!

So that’s where YOU come in.

For Rune’s first official video outside of the unboxing one, I would like to do a Q&A while wearing Rune’s head! I feel like this would be a nifty and fun way that my subscribers and myself could get to know one-another a lot better and maybe then it could set off my channel so that I can get more people leaving me feedback on how I can make even more entertaining content for you all!
So, ask me questions…it can be about anything you want…food, furries, both? TV, real life…Pokemon Go, Furries, Angel Dragons…you name it, and I’m willing to talk about it really. 😀

So, if you want to drop a question for me…you can either drop a comment on this blog, or head on over to my YouTube Channel ( and leave me a comment there!

Thank you so much for reading my blog, for tuning in, and for all your continued to support! As always, I will see you all in the next blog 😉

Fursuit Friday Feature #13: JIINXXY


Happy Fursuit Friday everyone!!!

As stated in the last blog, I am back from vacation and I want to thank everyone who sent me well wishes and fun times while I was away. California was a blast, I miss it already…but, now that I am back, I have more time for my blog. With everyone being at Anthrocon, now is the BEST time to show off all the Fursuits you might possibly encounter while you are there…and because this is feature number 13 (the cursed number and jinx), I thought it clever to showcase to you Jiinxxy!!!

Alright…so maybe I thought it was clever even if no one else did (*grumble*), but, what is actually really cool about this feature is that Jiinxxy is friends with our first-ever feature on this blog: PEARL!!!! That’s right! So we get to showcase another adorable Angel Dragon which is always my favorite thing to do!

Jiinxxy was one of the earlier fuzzbutts that got to take my new set of interview questions for a spin, and, I had so much fun being able to look through their DA gallery to find the perfect pics just for this feature! I will admit that it was super hard because, Jiinxxy is just so darned cute! But, I am rambling at this point so lets just dive right in like we always do and get to know this Fursuiter a bit better!

1.Name: Tylar Sutcliff.

2. Character Name: Jiinxxy.

3. Character Species: Chibi angel dragon.

4. Fursuit Maker (can include links to shop if you want): Pawie Paws! (Link)

5. Total Cost (optional)—

6. How long did it take you to get your Fursuit?
I received him in around 3-4 months, I think.

7. When did you decide that you wanted a Fursuit?
Quite a long time ago when I was little, it was only in the past few years I decided that I would go ahead and get one!

8. Do you go out in public while wearing your suit? Tell us one of your favorite experiences!
Sadly Jiinxxy hasn’t been taken out in public. I really want to though.

9. Have you been to any Cons in suit? If you have gone to multiple ones, which one is your favorite and why?
I think he has been out to two cons. Man, that was so fun. London Super Comic Con was where I first met Toxin, Jiinxxy’s brother ❤

10. How have people reacted to your Fursuit while you are out in Public?
Like I said about going out in public, my little dragon hasn’t had the chance. I have taken out Lyrico (Polar wolf) and SKells (Skeletal fox) though. People have been quite fond of Lyrico, even though he does have one eye with a scar over it. I only take SKells out into public on Halloween, she’s perfect for creeping out the teenagers on my estate.

11. What was your main goal in getting a suit? Did you have any plans for it or did you just get one for fun?
Honestly, just for fun and being able to bring a character to life.

12. How do you act differently in suit VS when you are dressed as you normally would?
I tailored Jiinxxy’s character to be quite a lot like me. Energetic, squeaky and fun. I do suppose there is the smallest confidence boost whilst in suit, I wouldn’t really just look at someone and give a loud
peep! if I wasn’t some fluffy dragon creature.

13. What is your favorite thing about wearing a Fursuit?
Being able to portray his character and make people smile if they like it. The highest compliment I could be given is a smile at Jiinxxy ❤

14. What is your least favorite thing about wearing a Fursuit?
Overheating, and every now and again, my hair falling out of the cap and going in my eyes.

15. What advice would you give first-time Fursuiters and those considering getting a Fursuit?
Be aware of any situation that could happen whilst wearing the suit, and have preparations set in case of these situations happening. Like overheating, fursuit damage, being in a big crowd with limited sight. And also be aware of how big your suit is. You don’t want to be bumping into people with a large pair of wings, or tripping people up on your tail.

16. What would you say is your biggest peeve when it comes to your Fursuit?
People being unaware of my sight range. I know it’s not someone else’s fault if I don’t see them and accidentally walk into them or bump them, it’s just a thing when it comes to suits. Luckily Jiinxxy has quite good sight. In Lyrico, who has horrible sight, I have actually had someone come right up to me and just stand in the same spot as I walk right forward into them.

I’ve just thought of another one. Once again, not really anyone’s fault, but it’s something I’ve experienced. Disrespectful kids. Now, I love kids. They are all sweethearts. Even if they’re the one’s yelling out “That’s not a real [insert species here]!”. But I’ve had a hoard of kids run up to me, pull at the fur, and try to undress me from my fursuit. I had to very quickly remove my head and tell them to please take a step back and not do that.

17. Do you think you will ever get another suit in the future? Would it be an upgrade to your current suit or a different character?
I am planning on selling Lyrico and redesigning him to be a jackalope. Bunnies are my favourite animals (I’ve based Jiinxxy’s personality and actions off of my own bunnies). I am thinking of possibly having some alterations to Jiinxxy’s markings, but that’s still something to be thought about in the future.

18. Do you make any videos while in suit (YouTube):
I used to. A few con adventures, a suit-up, a speech and a dance video.

19. (Final Question): Any extra words of wisdom you would like to add for anyone reading this? [it can literally be about anything]:

This is something I’ve noticed a lot of in this particular fandom. First-time suit makers being trashed because their hard work doesn’t look like the definition of perfection.

Darlings, everyone starts from somewhere. Don’t take it to heart if someone has a negative opinion. You keep that first fursuit head. Keep it and keep looking back on it every time you make more. You will notice just how much you’ve improved in time. You will succeed, I promise. This is coming from the guy who didn’t know how to put on eyeliner just over a year ago. But still. Am I getting my point across?

Love you all, sweethearts, and stay absolutely fabulous.

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So there you have it folks! That was Jiinxxy the Chibi Angel Dragon!

To me, it is always amazing the lovely characters people can make just using two colors. Just how they arrange the markings and etc…some might say it’s not so creative, but I think Jiinxxy looks amazing and would def love to be at a con with this suiter one day! Not to mention, I loved the dance video, and would very much recommend you heading over to Jiinxxy’s YouTube even if it is only to say a quick “hello”.

Seeing all the adorable suiters out there really has me looking forward to suiting up myself (one day)…but, for right now, all I have is Rune’s head, so, we will see what I can make happen in the years to come.

But, that’s all we have for this one! If you are a suiter and would like to one day be featured in this blog as well, feel free to drop me a comment linking to your FA, DA, FB, or other so that we can set up an interview! Best part is, you don’t even have to be a fursuiter to get interviewed!!! I like interviewing just the average watcher, furry — I even interview artists and crafters that want to showcase their art pages and their works! So, reach out to me and lets get your name out there!

Also…just real quick: I am still looking for people who are currently at Anthrocon that would like to document their experience for me to showcase!
It’s really easy!!! You write an article about your experiences thus far at Anthrocon…you can submit pictures, raw footage, anything! This way, people that could not go or are debating going in the future can see what Anthrocon is like through your eyes!!! Again, leave a comment if you want to volunteer!!!

So, thank you all for tuning in! I am very glad to be back so that I might bring you more amazing furry content. You know the drill…thank you all for reading and, I will see you all in the next one 😉

I’m going on Vacation!!! [UPDATES]

Orion by Patti Walters
**Orion art by Trigg3rhappy (FA) // Orion belongs to me**

Hey everyone…just a quick update before I forget!!!

First of all…that Dutchie up top is Orion my Greatball DAD.
I’m debating on using him for projects later on, but, he is my Dutchie bab and I figured I would just introduce him because the art I got of him is just too damned cute not to share!!!


I am going on vacation! I am hitting the road tomorrow and then I will be gone for the next 4 weeks! So, if you try and reach me in that time, I might not be able to get to a computer. On my Facebook page, if you leave me a message…my mobile phone sometimes allows me to respond to people, but sometimes not. Apps can be dumb, so, please keep in mind that I am away from home, and I will always get back to you ASAP.

But…for the more important stuff I wanted to talk about:

  • Updated Interviews!

—I am excited to announce that I have finally gotten around to updating the questions on my artist and fursuit friday interviews! After last weeks fursuit friday feature…I realized that the interviews were a little bit…”bland”. The artist interviews are better, but, even then they lacked character, and did not really portray people like I wanted to portray them. I wanted the readers to get to know these artists and characters better…get to know these furries better in general. So, while it took me 10 features to do this, I finally spiced things up.
More questions requiring more in-depth answers. I’m really confident that these new interviews will lead to a much more interesting read!!! So, be sure to check those out! I’m seriously excited. I think people are really going to love it!!!

  • Scheduled Posts:

—Because I am going on vacation, I am going to be scheduling some posts ahead of time.
These posts do not take me too long to put together anyways because they have the pre-written questions if they are interviews, but, I figured I wanted to at least put out Fursuit Friday Features if nothing else. I might try and throw in some other things as well, but, it just depends on how much time I have before I actually leave. I will still try and showcase these features across groups and other things like I normally do, and I hope you will all check out this blog while I am away and see what awesome people I have to introduce you to!!! 😀

  • Thank you!!!

—Finally, the last thing I want to say is “Thank you”.
this blog may not be the most popular, it might not be the biggest Furry blog out there, and there have been debates over certain topics and my seeming “too opinionated” to some…but, nonetheless, I have been blessed with some awesome readers. Those of you that read this blog, my followers, the people who liked my FB page and whom have shared this blog with others…you all are awesome! This is just something I do for fun, and, I promise that I do a lot of research on subjects before posting and I really do try to make my posts the least-opinionated that I possibly can. I may never be true neutral on certain topics, but, it offers discussion and debate, and you all seem to enjoy that…so, I don’t really think it does any harm to keep doing things the way that I have. But, for something that is just a hobby and is just for fun, you guys make me feel like I’m doing something good, that I’m doing something important…so thank you, thank you, thank you. You guys are awesome!


Anyways, thanks for tuning in! Be looking for those features that are going to be the scheduled posts until the first week of July! Hopefully I can get some other stuff in there, and if not, then in a month, I will have new material for you.
So, as always, I will see you all in the next one 😉

FA has been down…and stuff. [Updates]

Rune ref by DreamcatcherDAD

***Art by: DreamcatcherDAD***

So, to start off this blog on a happy note: RUNE GOT HIS OFFICIAL REF!

I have been meaning to get one for awhile, but, I either never had the money or just figured I would eventually change his character so, I never really bothered. Still…having thought long and hard about his design and such…then seeing how people draw Rune differently and the attributes they either added or left out for whatever reason, I decided to change some pieces of his design, add the plushie as an accessory (that goes along with his lore), and decided it was high time for him to get an official ref sheet.

DreamcatcherDAD did more than justice with Rune, and I really could not be happier. You can compare the changes in his design with his old ref HERE:
Rune Angel Dragon

***Lines by Nekomangaka // colored by Amelia Rene Long (myself)***

The biggest changes were with his eyes and ears…I wanted his eyes to actually have some sort of blue pupil inside the blue, and wanted the black to be better pronounced. His ears i wanted to point a little rather than round out…and the last change was a small one, but one that I liked. His paw pads. In the original ref they were pink…but people either never showed the paw-pads, or, when they did make them, Aimee-Lesley-Sim started the trend by first giving Rune alternating paw-pad colors of blue and green, much like his fingers. I actually liked the artistic liberty there…so, I made it part of his design. Lastly, his wings were made more specific, and they now sport blue tips. Over all, I think this new ref is perfect for him…but…enough about that:

  • FA Got hacked…

—Furaffinity had been offline for a couple of days, and just yesterday evening did it come back online. But, there was a lot of stuff missing. People lost watchers, art was deleted, comments were erased, notes mysteriously vanished, journals disappeared as well. There has been a whole mess of things going on…and sadly, ALL of my accounts got affected. Granted, I can not say that I am super disappointed because I know that people who do commissions got it WAY worse than I did. They lost contact with customers, lost their artwork, and even lost their lists of who ordered what and etc.I know a lot of people lost work that they had commissioned and did not have a back-up of. I always keep a back-up of my things…but, that is a tragedy really. But, on my accounts I lost a lot of the work I posted that other people made me as well as stuff I had uploaded for friends. While most of my accounts were okay…Rune’s account got hit the hardest. I not only lost the most recently uploaded pics…but, fursuit pictures are now out of order because some went missing while others did not. Rune’s ref got deleted so, good thing I always save everything I am given. Other than that…nothing seems out of order or harmed.

I know a lot of people are disappointed and are hoping this issue gets fixed. I myself am waiting for a few days to see if the problems correct themselves, but, we will see.

  • Rune’s Species debate:

—A few weeks ago, I was thinking very heavily about Rune’s species. I have been working on his personal lore and how it revolves around my mate’s Dragon-wolf named Escap’e // well, in the end, Rune’s species was determined by his semi-realistic piece that I got from Kitty Zoppe…and I determined that Rune is neither an Angel Dragon or Dutchie outside of the fandom. Rather, in truth…he is just an fuzzy dragon. Th reason for this is because his form was determined by Escap’e who saved Rune’s relic (his heart), and this act of kindness summoned Rune forth into the new world as a miniature version of Escap’e (just with ancient patterns). They became soul bound…but either way, I determined that Rune is really a Fuzzy Dragon…but that I like showing him off as an Angel Dragon (which gives him a more Draconic form)…and also as a Dutch Angel Dragon: where he is more horse-like.

Well…then it got me to thinking about all the people that have Fursonas and then represent the same Fursona but as different species. I know people that have one fursona…but that this Fursona has a human form, a demon form, a Kotae form, and a wolf form…people have Dragon form, and Bundog forms. So, Rune just having 3 separate Dragon forms…I did not think it was so crazy.

Well, sure enough…I posted this thought on the AD Community Group and the DAD Community Group. The AD group approved my post no problem…and many people agreed that they have the same sona only in different forms. But, the DAD group rejected my post…saying that Dutch Angel Dragons can not transform into other species and that Rune was either a DAD entirely or, he could not be a DAD at all. After that, whenever I wanted to post something to show off art…I was asked by Nimbus whether or not Rune was DAD…and then I had to say he was a DAD or else I could not post anything. Nimbus has rejected a number of my posts for silly reasons (in my opinion), and it really gets on my nerves. Rune does not “transform” rather he is interpreted in different ways by different people…and that should not be considered a bad thing. So…that whole issue had me pretty upset for awhile and still bothers me a bit now. But, that was something I was brooding over for some time.

  • Real life stuff…

—So, lets talk my reality.
So, here lately I have not been feeling all that well…and to tell you the truth, it has been because of my weight. I used to actually be average in my weight (which is 150). I was very active, had a job where I was walking all the time, I played sports, went running, and etc…but, that was 4 years ago, and, after 2 years in Germany and now a lot of downtime in Texas…I have gained a LOT of weight. I now weigh in at 225 and it’s awful. I feel…winded all the time, tired all the time, and really weak. So, because of this, I decided it was time to take action…serious action.

I tried dieting before, was working out before…but, I have just gotten so heavy that all-in-all, I was not seeing any results. So, I ended up dishing out $200 to get a Lipo-Den shot and 2-months supply of appetite suppressants. These things have helped soldiers lose 44 pounds in a month, and to me, it was an extreme decision…but it was one I felt I needed to take.

So, I have been on this pill for about a week…and it keeps me from having random cravings as well as giving me energy so that I’m not compelled to sleep all the time. Along with these things…I’m on a revised atkins diet and am required to do 30 minutes of cardio a day. The diet part has been pretty easy…but the cardio part…not so much..I’m still trying, but it has me stressed because I know my weight loss will not be as much as the soldiers. they do PT, they have access to a gym. I do not. Not to mention that I have to self-motivate myself at every turn to get up and get active. It’s not something I’m used too…and what keeps me paranoid is the fear I have wasted $200 and that i will not lose anything…not even a few pounds. So…I have not only not been motivated to work out (even though I still do), but I have not been motivated to do my blogs or anything else here recently either. It’s a problem I hope that I can get over and fix here soon.

  • Blog Updates:

—So, as far as the blog goes…I am going to try my hardest to get back into the swing of things. This blog takes a lot of time, thinking, and planning …and sometimes, I just do not have that time. I do have a job, I do have a wife…so, things can get hectic for me. But, I do want to post more…do want to get more watchers here. And honestly, I would like to see more views come of this from more than just me posting about bad things (like the prior Amber Alert posting which was my biggest hit yet).


Anyways, that’s all I got for now…thank you so much for tuning in. I hope to provide more content for you in the future…and I will see you all in the next one 😉

Rune’s Journey to being a Fursuit #2

Rune CandyGore by OtakuFoxx
***Candygore Rune art by Otaku_Foxx***

Hello everybody, and welcome back to another section of rune’s journey to being a Fursuit! I’m excited to say that: RUNE’S HEAD IS ALMOST FINISHED!!!! I have been very blessed with having an amazing maker (AJ Vengeant on FB // AJKitty on FA) who keeps in contact with me regularly and has been sending me updates like mad the last couple of weeks.  But yes, Rune’s head is almost finished…but, this “category” in the blog list will continue going even after the head is finished…because I do plan on making Rune into a full suit some day. Some of it will be commissioned, other parts are going to be done by my wife and I…so, all-in-all…the journey does not just end at Rune’s Fursuit Head…and I’m so happy to be able to share this with all of you.

[[DISCLAIMER: Please do not take my personal experience with my maker as the basis for all makers. Please understand that a lot of fursuit makers have other customers and will juggle multiple projects at once. Also, not all makers show as many WIP reports as mine has done. Professional makers might handle themselves differently, and their payment plans might be different as well. Please make sure to read and understand your maker’s terms ahead of time so that you know what to expect. Just because you may not get your suit done as quickly as mine has been done, it does not mean you are being scammed. My maker is only working on my fursuit head at the moment and is able to dedicate all that time to it’s completion. So, again, please keep in mind that this is merely my personal experience, and should not be taken as a permanent model of how all makers should and/or would conduct their business…]]

Before I forget! If you have not checked it out already…the first part to this blog series does not only cover my personal story with Rune being made into a Fursuit, BUT, it also goes into how you commission a Fursuit Head…what to expect out of a maker…what professional work is like, how to avoid scams, and etc. So, if that’s something you might be interested in: please click HERE for the link to that first part…

Rune foam head phase 1

  • In the Last Blog:
    —In the last blog I had finally been given the WIP on Rune’s foam head. The mouth still had to be dug out, the foam was still pretty rough (had yet to be smoothed and all that jazz), and the ears and horns had not been added yet. It was a start. This was on April 2nd, and, we did run into a bit of a delay. My maker actually got a part-time job and had started working…not to mention that life got crazy for us both. Unfortunately when it comes to art or crafting of any sort…this type of thing will happen, and so, it’s essential to stay in contact with those that pay for your services so that they are informed. Luckily, my maker has always been kind enough to let me know what is happening ahead of time, and while there was a bit of delay, I understood that life happens, and was fine with waiting a little bit longer for Rune to be finished.


Rune foam head phase 2

  • Ear check:
    —On April 21st (19 days since the last update on the foam head), I was given this picture of an “ear-check” for Rune’s ears. This was because my maker and I had been talking several days prior on how Rune’s ears should look. There were inconsistencies in how he was drawn, so, my maker needed my opinion on what I envisioned for Rune. While Rune has a different form depending on how he is represented (Longer ears if being shown as a Dutchie and shorter when being shown as just a regular Angel Dragon), with this being more of a Dutch-Angel-Dragon base, we eventually decided on longer ears because Rune’s badge actually showed him with longer ears. Not to mention that it was the ears from Reaper’s foam base (the example I was shown before commissioning my maker) that made me want to hire my maker to make Rune anyways. Still, after talking about it for a week, showing several examples of how i thought Rune’s ears should be…this pic was given to me as a temporary ear placement and ear check to see if I approved the design. I loved the design, so, my maker was able to continue working on Rune. Also, my maker noted that the eyes had been rounded out more for better vision, and that the mouth had  been widened for better ventilation. This was a nice touch and was very thoughtful of my maker 🙂


Rune foam head phase 3

  • The Ears are on!!!
    —A week later on April 28th, 2016…Rune’s ears had been fully secured. The foam head had been made a lot smoother, and this was just a check to make sure that the ears looked right. Also, throughout the week, my maker had asked to see if I wanted stiff ears (that won’t fold if you tug on them) or the pull-down ears (flexible enough that you can pull them down and then they will spring back up). I chose the pull-down ears because I felt like that was the best option…me personally liking ears and all. These more permanent ears looked amazing and Rune was really balancing out. At this point, my maker and I were also discussing the third payment. We agreed that the third payment could be made when Rune finally got around to the “furring” stage since he was so close. Since payments were no longer going to materials, it only made sense to me that more progress be made before I send the second-to-last payment, and, my maker agreed. All that was left on his head at this point was to dig out the nostrils and mouth, the spikes on the back of the head had already been added…he still needed his brow horns, and then, he would be ready for taping.


Rune foam head phase 4

  • Spikes and Horns:
    —Only a day after the horns have been attached, on April 29th, the rest of the head was finished. And by finished, I mean that the foam was done, the brow spikes were attached, the nostrils had been dug out, foam was smoothed some more, and the mouth was carved out more than before. The brow spikes look very large on the foam, but, once the fur was added, they would not look as big. The eyes looked a lot better being as round as they were…so, making them larger earlier on had been a good thing. Since I approved all the work and design, Rune could go onto the next step.


Rune foam head phase 5

  • Taping!!!
    —With Rune’s foam design complete, the taping process could now begin. This was also sent to me on April 29th (I understand that my maker works extremely fast since my Fursuit head is their only project at the moment) and it showed the layout of where Rune’s fur would go. It’s like a map for the maker, letting them know what color is supposed to lay where and how it’s all supposed to line up and etc. For Rune, half of his face is grey and the other is white. He has a zig-zag pattern with the fur and on the white side he has a blue spiral and some other markings. My theory of the brow spikes proved to be right as well. Wit the tape, they did not look as big which was good for me. But, with the taping done, I double-checked the markings to make sure they were correct…and then the furring process could begin!


  • The Fur pattern is complete!
    —I first saw these pictures, and, my initial thought was: “Wow, Rune needs a haircut”! XD
    The furring process started on May 2nd, and this was what the fur looked like when laid over the foam head. It had not all been sewn yet, and naturally was awaiting my approval on it. Everything looked in place. The grey looked a little darker than what I expected, but, my maker assured me it was just bad lighting. Still, all the patterns looked in place, and, once Rune was shaved down, it would all look a lot cleaner for sure. So, at this point, all Rune needs is to be shaved down after all his fur is sewn and glued on. Eyes will be added in, maybe some teeth with be added, and he will be getting a little green tongue as well. Out side of that, he will be finished and ready to ship! So I’m looking at maybe another month, plus, however long shipping takes, and, naturally, I have to finish making my payments.



  • Third Payment:
    —Since I got update of Rune’s fur on May 2nd…on May 3rd, I made my third payment of $100 on Rune’s suit as per the agreement with my maker. Now Rune only has one more payment to go which will be given upon his completion. This final payment includes the last $50 owed to my maker for services as well as $50 for shipping the head to me. So, we are in the final stages of the head…and it’s really exciting!!!


In conclusion for this section…Rune’s head is almost finished, and, I cannot even begin to express how excited I am right now. This is a dream-come-true for me…having always wanted a Fursuit and then knowing that I wanted it to be an Angel Dragon. This is one of the biggest investments that I have ever made. I am looking towards the future and seeing the changes I can try and make in the world with Rune, and so, this is one more piece in the giant puzzle I want to complete with this little Angel Dragon.

More progress will come of course. All the next few WIPs on this head will be posted here as well as an unboxing video that I hope to do. Granted, my webcam will not be the best, but, it will still be so much fun to make and place on Rune’s brand-new YouTube Channel (coming soon)!!! So, I hope that all of you will join me for that one!

More content coming to you throughout the week. We will have Fursuit Friday again this week, and hopefully more WYR (Would-You-Rather) next week as well. But, thanks for tuning in, and, I will see you all in the next one 😉

My Fursonas – (Fursona vs Character)

So…I have been seeing this a lot lately, people asking around in groups about whether or not it is: “Okay to have more than one Fursona”. Not only that, but trying to figure out the difference between a Fursona and a Character. So, today…it’s not only my job to explain these things to you…but also, I figured I would introduce you to my Fursonas!

But first…let’s tackle the questions:

  • Can you have more than one Fursona?

—YES! Yes…you can easily have more than one Fursona. For me, a Fursona is a piece of your soul. Some people make a Fursona that embodies all of them, their entire soul…they make a Fursona that is like them (in soul) in every single way. But, there are then people that make Fursonas with only a section of their soul…they make a Fursona with only certain qualities of themselves. I do this, and because of this, I have three Fursonas, each one being a different set of qualities of mine, and each one just as equally precious to me, each one representing me. So while it not always be common, you can have more than one Fursona and it is completely normal. 🙂


  • What’s the difference between a Fursona and a Character?

—As mentioned before, a Fursona is supposed to represent you. A Fursona is a piece of your soul and is your image in the Furry fandom. A character is a little different though. A character is a creature you use for the sake of making stories or maybe you don’t even use them at all but like how they look. A character is something you keep in a folder, occasionally get art of, occasionally use it for RP but, it does not really represent you in any way. A character are like the adopts you impulse buy and then you sell later because you really have no connection with them…or they are old role-playing characters that occasionally you dust off and use, but only your friends know they exist. Samael is a character that runs my smut page…I have demon fox gals, and even a Herm Bunny named Dusty that are all characters and yet, they do not represent me at all in the fandom and half the time, people do not know they are linked to me or even know they are a thing that even exists.


So there you have it! You can have multiple Fursonas, you can have multiple characters…it does not really matter! One of the great things about being in the furry fandom is that you can basically do whatever you want so long as it’s not illegal in some way.

Aaaannnnd…since we got that out of the way, let me introduce you to my different Fursonas!!!

Chibi Mia by Squiddybum
***Art by: Squiddybum***

  • Mia the Winged-Wolf:

—Mia has been my main sona since coming to the fandom. Her design may have changed throughout the years, but, she has grown with me, and, as my Fursona she is just…me. When I say that, I mean that she is “outwardly” me. Not how she looks…but how she acts. Her mannerisms, the way she speaks, the way she laughs, her humor, her quirks and just how she reacts to other people around her. That’s what makes Mia me. Not to mention that she wears clothes I like, and wears my favorite hat. My art account on FA (Element02) has her as the face of it…and she is the Fursona that I buy the majority of the art for because she is so much like me, and she is the partner of my mate.


By Aimee Element_LOWes
***Art by: Aimee-Lesley-Sim***

  • RUNE the Angel Dragon:

—So here’s a face you all know by now, and that is Rune, my Angel Dragon.
I recently made him back in 2015 because I had started watching the Angel Dragons in 2014, and their designs were so cute that I really wanted to make one for myself. Not to mention that their community seemed so tight-knit and friendly that I wanted to be a part of it. While Rune was actually inspired by a W.o.W. Deathknight, he is actually a representation of child-like innocence in my soul. The parts of me that are optimistic, that just want to laugh and have fun. He is also the part of me that wants so desperately to help and t0 educate others which is why he is the face of my blogs, charity, and soon-to-be YouTube Channel.

***Art by: RedDyeNo5***

  • Masika the Leothaun:

—Masika means “Born of the Rain” and she is the newest addition to my Fursona collection. She is a Leothaun which is a species created by my friend (Natalia Hardy //thelostcause86). Masika herself is a Priestess on her home-planet, and she is able to control electricity but what she represents in my soul is actually “Soul-searching”. Masika is often conflicted and wondering if she is meant for something greater in life. She wants more than the day-to-day routine of being a priestess and she longs to be free. Therefore, like me…she is a wandering soul that loves to travel, that fears being stuck, and she is always wondering what her purpose is in life.


So, there they are! Those are my three Fursonas and I love them all dearly because they are me in all my different forms. So…news for this week: We are not doing Would-You-Rather-Wednesday again this week. I know that I have been slipping in that regard but, things have been crazy in my life. I know I missed Fursuit Friday last week as well…but that’s because my wife came home from special training and I was otherwise occupied. Anyways, you know the drill! Tell me about your Fursona or multiple sonas! How many do you have? What species? Names? Any special powers? What traits do they share with you if any? As always, thanks so much for tuning in, and, I will see you all in the next one 😉

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