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Would-You-Rather-Wednesday #4


Heyo everyone and welcome to another installment of “Would-You-Rather-Wednesday”!!!
I will admit, last week was kind of discouraging as not many people answered the question. But this week made up for it by a billion. I’m starting to think it is the nature of the questions moreso than people liking or disliking this feature…but hey, we will just have to see in the future, right?

Anyways…this week’s question was really fun! Lets get to it and see how people answered:

QUESTION: Would you rather experience a sharp pain in your side each time someone says your name or have a bell sound each time you are aroused?

Cresk Adlite art by Fuckie
***Chari owned by Cresk Adlite / Art by: Fuckie***

1.Cresk Adlite: Definitely the bells. because then you could pretty much play the Carol of the Bells year round, and ruin that song for absolutely everybody.

Nico Hurley chari Ricky art by nekosister
***Ricky chari owned by Nico Hurley / Art by: nekosister***

2.Nico Hurley:
I’d prefer a bell because that’s a hell of a lot more pleasant than a sharp pain. Plus if it was a nice bell it might be nice.

Dipstick are and chari by Kayla Jackson
***Dipstick art and chari belong to Kayla Jackson***

3.Kayla Jackson: seeing as how I already have chronic spinal pain, I dont need anymore xD I go with a bell sounding. although it might be awkward in certain situations…like ya know…in public.

Chari and art by Kayla Atkins
***Art and chari belong to Kayla Atkins***

4.Kayla Atkins: sharp pain in side, a bell going off every time I was aroused would be super embarrassing!

Jessica Walsh chari LVLUP art by NovaArts
***LVLUP chari belongs to Jessica Walsh // Art by: NovaArts***

5.Jessica Walsh: I would say the bell when aroused.

Kayla Dixon AION ref by tsebresos
***AION chari owned by Kayla Dixon // Art by: tsebresos***

6.Kayla Dixon: I’m not one for pain, and now we’ll know for whom the bells toll! I don’t care if I’m in public XD a bell ringing is a lot more pleasant than sharp pain in my side whenever someone says my name.

art and  chari by Valor Pearcy
***Art and Chari belong to Valor Pearcy***

7.Valor Pearcy I would go with the pain in the side. It would be easy to start going by a nickname lol

Kyra Elizabeth art by jubilee
***Chari owned by Kyra Elizabeth // Art by: jubilee***

8.Kyrá Elizabeth: A bell. Ding ding I’m down for the dong

Joseph White Jinx chari art by Aiden Alexander Evans
***Jinx xhari owned by Joseph White // Art by: Aiden Alexander Evans***

9.Joseph White: I’d rather have a bell sound go off every time I get aroused. I think that would be pretty interesting and fun.

Alex Griffin art by Cobalt Arson
***Chari belongs to Alex Griffin // Art by: Cobalt Arson***

10.Alex Griffin: I’ll take the bell sound. That way everyone knows lmao

Tooth chari and art by SyCo Skunk
***Tooth art and chari belongs to Samantha Vanderville***

11.Samantha Vanderville: I rather feel a sharp pain.

Jessica Bohmeyer chari Lyen art by Charu

***Lyen chari belongs to Jessica Bohmeyer // Art by: Charu***

12.Jessica Bohmeyer: I would go with the bells cause I would have to hear them as much as my name is used lol

Bri Fay chari bubblegum base by dutchielove colored by Bri
***Bubblegum chari owned and colored by: Bri Fay // Base by: dutchielove***

13. Bri Fay: Um.. Sharp pain I guess..

Chari Ash and art by Alex Hodder
***Ash chari and art owned by Alex Hodder***

14. Alex Hodder: bell because then if there are others around you that are aroused you can do the do. also you can work out if you turn someone on. although it would be awkward when it comes to embarrassing lustfulness after someone you really shouldnt lust after because they are your boss and like 30 years older :L buuuuut still xD

Fae chari and art by Juniper Gin
***Fae chari and art belong to Juniper Gin***

15. Juniper Gin: a bell. definitely a bell. for…. reasons :3

Michael Grotjohn chri Deathstroke art by Heather Collins
***Deathstroke chari owned by Michael Grotjohn // Art by: Heather Collins***

16. Michael Grotjohn: Id say a bell.

Bryane Ghilani chari Berry base by Wild Fuzz Studios colored by Bryane
***Berry chari owned and colored by Bryane Ghilani // Base by: Wild Fuzz Studios***

17. Bryane Ghilani: rather hear the bell ring whenever I’m aroused

Emma Cowart chari Alessa Lowin art by Amanda Rison
***Alessa Lowin chari belongs to Emma Cowart // Art by: Amanda Rison***

18. Emma Cowart: I’d rather have the bell sound when I’m aroused.

Amber Bourassa chari Rinzi art by Brandi Smith
***Rinzi chari owned by Amber Bourassa // Art by: Brandi Smith***

19 Amber Bourassa: Rather have a bell sound every time im aroused

Pearl by Pearl Snow Pare
***Pearl art and chari by Snow Pare***

20. Snow Pare: Bell sound since I rarely get aroused as is so it works in my favor x3

Dakota Reid chari Curcuit by herself
***Circuit chari and art by Dakota Reid***

21. Dakota Reid: Bells, I like them x3

Britty Edge art by Chelsea Mortimer
***Chari owned by Britty Edge // Art by: Chelsea Mortimer***

22. Britty Edge: I would have to go with the sharp pain cause the bell would get annoying very quickly XD

Maya Wolf chari Halloween Lines by Haxzure coloring by Maya
***Halloween chari colored and owned by Maya Wolf // Base by: Haxzure***

23. Maya Wolf: Bell

art and charu by Michaela Winchester
***Art and chari by Spring-locked***

24. Spring-locked [DA]: The sharp pain :0

Cater Chalmers chari Backbone ref art by Tiffany Green
***Backbone chari owned by Cater Chalmers // Art by: Tiffany Green***

25. Cater Chalmers: I would rather hear a bell ring whenever I’m aroused.

Heather Snoen  Roari chari Nitrogen
***Nitrogen chari and art by Heather Pummer-Snoen***

26. Heather Pummer-Snoen: Definitely the bell sound when I’m aroused. That constant pain thing would just be annoying.

Ashley Lawson colored and edited base by chickensmoothie
***Chari owned and lines edited by Ashley Lawson // Base by: chickensmoothie***

27. Ashley Lawson: …bell…. I could NEVER do a pain in my side because my name is said way to much and I would be the only one that knew what the bell was.

Cheyenne Summer chari Chaos art by Hannah White
***Chaos chari owned by  Cheyenne Summer // Art by: Hannah White***

28. Cheyenne Summer: Bell sound. Bells not only because I like the sound but because I really can’t tolerate any form of pain. Just to hear the gentle clear noise of a bell ringing would be very nice to my ears.

Melanie Cerro chari Pumpkin lines by AngelsNest
***Pumpkin chari owned by Melanie Cerro // Lines by: AngelsNest***

29. Melanie Cerro: Bells I like them-You can hear me coming if I got a bell

Heidi Marcil
***Art and chari by Heidi Marcil***

30. Heidi Marcil: Definitely the bell. Im too much of a wimp to stand the pain in my side xD

Rune CandyGore by OtakuFoxx
***Rune chari belongs to Amelia Rene Long // Art by: Otaku_Foxx***

31. RUNE: I would say the bell sounding whenever I’m aroused. It’s not that I am a wimp about pain, but I don’t have anything to be ashamed of when something makes my mind turn dirty. I’m pretty sure that bell would be sounding a lot, especially around my wife…but maybe then sex would be more normalized instead of being something we have to feel embarrassed about. Not to mention it would make life a lot more interesting.

***Shewulf chari and art by: Ruby Alldredge***

32. Ruby Alldredge: I would choose the pain and then just go by a different name. I would not want a bell sound to totally ruin the mood of my being aroused. I would like to keep my lady-boner, thank you.

***Chari belongs to Shizen Jorei // Art by: Dea Hester***

33. Shizen Jorei: I’d much rather prefer the bell.
Though the clapper might fall off…


So there you have it. Another week of “would-you-rather” and it’s nice to see that this question caught everyone’s eyes so that they replied. We are doing this in the blog every week, and if you would like to be featured, then answer this question for next week’s feature: “Would you rather have a large 10 inch long belly button that swayed to music or have accordions for legs?”
this one should be…interesting???

Anyways, thank you all for tuning in! I loved getting to see all the different furries out there participating for this! More blogs to come this week, and as always, I will see you in the next one 😉


Would-You-Rather-Wednesday #3


Welcome to another WYR Wednesday where I ask a question the previous week to be answered by the Furry Community! I’m still trying to get hold of this new feature for Wednesday, and sometimes people bite and other times not so much…

Right now it’s more about finding that balance of what portion of the community will allow these questions in their groups as seems to be my issue right now. But, enough about that…so last week I started asking the question, and this week, this is what we got for answers!!!!

QUESTION: “Would you rather be without elbows or be without knees?”

Michael Harries chari Lucy art by Squiddybum
***Lucy chari belongs to Michael Harris // Art by: Squiddybum***
Michael Harris:  So we still have hands and feet right? If so I would say no knees. There both pretty important but elbows are a important part of playing video games.

art and chari by Samantha Nellie
***Art and Chari belong to Samantha Nellie***
Samantha Nellie:  Hm…knees. I like my elbows, but hey, mermaids have no knees.

Austin James Seever chari Ryuuka made in character creator by Oob
*** Ryuuka chari belongs to Austin Seever // Made in chari creator by Oob***
Austin James Seever:  without elbows. I would rather be able to run lol

Laura Midgie Mew
***Midgie chari and art belong to Laura Mattoon***
Laura Lisabeth Mattoon:  I would rather be without knees- because without elbows I wouldn’t be able to a lot of work like painting, sewing, scratching my rump, etc. Just seems like an overall bad time- whereas without knees I could still get a prosthetic a bit more easily and manage.

Adrian Nash Tea Tiger Boromiatus
***Boromiatus chari and art belong to Adrian Nash***
Adrian Nash: I think if I had to pick one if go without elbows. I don’t know why but that sounds good.

By Justin Daugherty
***Rune chari belongs to Amelia Rene Long // Art by: Justing Daugherty***

RUNE: I would rather be without elbows. To me, I would still have my hands…so I could still grip things and hold things. Range of motion would be harder, but, I could learn to work around that. However, without knees, I would not be able to run…so, looking at it from a survival standpoint, being able to run would be very important. So, I need my knees very, very much.

Thank you so much to everyone that participated throughout last week for this week’s feature!!! If you would like to be in next week’s blog, please answer this question: “Would you rather experience a sharp pain in your side each time someone says your name or have a bell sound each time you are aroused?”
As per usual…be sure to answer the question and drop a pic of your Fursona down below in the comment-section (with the proper credit). I look forward to seeing all of answers! This next week should be really, really fun XD

Thanks for tuning in, and, as always, I will see you in the next one 😉

Would-You-Rather-Wednesday #2


Hello again Furs and Fuzzbutts and welcome to another “Would-You-Rather-Wednesday”!!! If you’re unfamiliar with this type of blog, it is that time of the week where I ask the furry fandom a random question taken from the internet and they put in their responses to be featured right here.

Now, last week we had a lot of different answers and this week we had some new faces, but not as many people answering as before. But, let’s get to the question and see the answers.

  • QUESTION: “Would you rather use eye drops made of vinegar or toilet paper made from sandpaper?”


Nikki Wolfe chari Bugjuice by Jess Napper

**Bugjuice chari owned by Nikki Wolfe / Art by: Jess Napper**

Nikki Wolfe: Oh god both are so pleasurably evil…I would have to go with the sand paper though because after a while your eyes will just dry up or die out but with sand paper…it just get rawer and rawer until you just keel over from the pain. Or at least that’s what Bugjuice would do in torture cases

Andie Clark chari Denim by EmberDragon
**Denim chari owned by Andie Clark / Art By: EmberDragon**

Andie Clark: My answer to this is sandpaper for toilet paper, simply because sandpaper always has the smooth side, so it won’t hurt for one, and since its cardboard basically, then it will absorb more and stiffer means it can get more when wiping the back

KittenLynn AikaKnight chari Phantom colored by  Korrinku Adopts base is by Keesness

**Phantom chari owned by AikaKnight / Base by Keesness / Colored by Korrinku**

Kitten-Lynn AikaKnight:  I would have to say the sandpaper toilet paper. As yes it’s absorbent. But it can also be used for other uses in the bathroom where as the vinegar in the eyes could cause permanent blindness. So, better to be sore than blind I’d have to say.

Sammy Evison-Jones chari Brandish by venoushound

**Brandish chari owned by Sammy Jones / Art by: Venoushound**

Sammy Evison-Jones:  Tbh I would go with vinegar eyes drops, I mean it can’t be worse than getting chili in my eye. I was cutting it up one time I was cooking then rubbed my eye. Worst. Idea. Ever.

Ruby Alldredge

**Shewulf Art and Chari owned by: Ruby Alldredge**

Ruby Alldredge: I go for vinegar… I don’t need eye drops that often, but I do have the need to wipe my ass daily… Temporary distortion in vision is nothing compared to bleeding anus… I love to sit…

Adrian Nash art by Gemma Macklin

**Chari owned by Adrian Nash / Art by: Gemma Macklin**

Adrian Nash:  Sandpaper toilet paper. Vinegar would feel ten times worse

Deanna English chary Eshe Seble art by Elyssa Podge
**Eshe Seble chari owned by Deanna English / Art by: Elyssa Podge**

Deanna English:  I’d use the toilet sandpaper before vinegar eye drops. I say that for undisclosed reasons that happened in real life. Another reason is sandpaper is similar to a cat’s tongue.

by Acid the Angel Dragon

**Rune chari belongs to Amelia Rene Long / Art by: AcidTheAD**

RUNE: I would rather use vinegar for eye drops. Looking at it from the logical standpoint…I never use eye drops. Plus, I would rather do temporary burning than to have scabs all over my hind-end. Blindness threats aside, I feel like vinegar is the least-ouchie option…so yeah, would rather have the vinegar.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in this week’s edition of: “Would-you-Rather-wednesday”! If you would like to be in next week’s blog, then answer this question: “Would you rather be without elbows or be without knees?”

Answer the question above in the comments and leave a link to a picture of your Fursona (make sure it is credited) so that you too can be featured in next week’s blog! More blogs coming this week, thanks for tuning in, and as usual, I will see you in the next one 😉

Would-you-Rather-Wednesday #1


Welcome to a new feature in this furry blog called: “Would you Rather Wednesday”!!!

Every week I plan on asking a new question which the people in the furry fandom answer across all the different groups I am in. This is not only a way to showcase thoughts of people in the fandom, but naturally, they get to showcase their Fursona characters as well.

This feature was a bit last minute, but luckily, I know that every Wednesday, a new question will be posted so that more people can participate in this in the future! So lets get down to the first-ever question for “Would-you-rather-Wednesday”!

QUESTION: “Would you rather live one life that lasts 1,000 years or live 10 lives that last 100 years each?”

Courtney Conder DEPP

***Depp art and chari by Courtney Conder***

Courtney Conder:  Neither. Everyone around me including my friends and family would die. You’d have to keep making new friends. The 10 times 100 years thing would be hell going through middle school an high school again, but then the 1000 year one could be awful you could possibly live to see more wars, nukes and you’d see everyone you love or care about die no matter how many times you made new friends. So I honestly can’t pick.


Caitlin Stubbs BORF art by Gatito Tierno

***Borf owned by Caitlin Stubbs art by: Gatito Tierno***

Caitlin Stubbs: I’d rather live 10 lives that live 100 years. You’d get to experience the changing of tech and the world, bet get to start anew every 100 years. You’d be able to redo things based on past experience as well, make a whole new reputation, achieve new things.

Kajsa Forsberg art by Princessshadowmoon
***chari owned by Kajsa Forsberg // art by: Princess Shadowmoon***

Kajsa Forsberg: I would rather pick 10 lives then one because i think that it would be better to start over 10 times then never have a chance to start over a new life once. You will always have the chance to be the child 10 times then live 1000 years.

Josh Ely art by DeadDog INC
***Chari owned by Josh Ely // art by: DeadDog INC***

Josh Ely : 10 lives that lasted 100 because if and when you die you can start over and you could do whatever you wanted to you would just have be careful on the last few


Ashley Ringwig chari Star Dancer art by Squiddybum
***Star Dancer owned by Ashley Ringwig // art by: Squiddybum***

Ashley Ringwig: Would u rather live one life that lasts 1000 years or live 10 lives that last 100 years each ?
Now that’s a good question . Now I know they are a lot of personal beliefs and some may agree and some may not . But personal I would say 10 life’s for 100. But in all honesty we already do . This isn’t your souls only life . There is truth to the old saying .. you have an old soul . Or deja vu.. your soul lives multiple lives. Living just one would be lonely and boring … you would no longer find the join in the sun .. or watching the breeze push the flowers on a field . To watched ur loved ones pass and u stay the same. Would be more torture then living life . So multiple life’s it is ^.^


Michaela Hardin art by Naoki-chan

***Chari owned by Michaela Hardin // art by: Naoki-chan***

Michaela Hardin: One life thats 1000 years old because i dont want to search for my love every 10p years by the end of the 1000 id have found it and loved him id be lost without him


Deanna English chari Vickie DAD art by Carson Ackerman

***Vickie the DAD owned by Deanna English // art by: Carson Ackerman***

Deanna English: I’d live 10 times that lasts 100 years each because, I think of it as being reincarnated. Phoenixes are a great example


Sundown by TheLostCause86

***Shewulf chari by Ruby Alldredge // art by: Thelostcause86***

Shewulf7: I would rather live 1,000 years as myself.
That would require me to relive the chaos of puberty and childhood all over again. I would rather not.


Allissa Taylor  chariNaru adopted by Cekara Strider

***Naru chari owned by Allissa Taylor // adopted from Cekara Strider***

Allissa Taylor: I would rather live 10 lives for 100 years each that way I can meet people I haven’t met in a previous life and like the movie fluke hopefully one of those times I’m a dog or cat.I like the thought of different perspectives rather than living 1000 years and having to watch several people die in my life when I can die at a good age and start again while only watching a few people die in one life.


Ozzie Xiao

***chari and art by: Ozzie Xiao***

Ozzie Xiao: I would live 10 likes for 100 years because you can be different and play with life


Ashley Marie Hamilton chari Glitter Star base Furvilla colored by Peachiekyuu

***Glitter Star chari owned by Ashley Marie Hamilton // colored by Peachiekyuu // base by Furvilla***

Ashley Marie Hamilton: One Life that lasts a 1000 years because I can learn everything and do all the things I want rather than starting from scratch every single time. Even though I would have a new fresh start, in my opinion it’s not worth going through school again and working my way up all over. I’d rather work my way up once and continue to develop my life. Once I have money around 40 years of age or more I could spend the rest of the time doing all the things I couldn’t. A lot of people die unsatisfied because they never had enough time to do all they wanted. They were too focused on working and earning enough money to get by. So rather than be stuck with 10 mediocre lives, I’d rather have one that lasts longer. Quality over quantity.




Nikki Wolfe chari Dawn art by Squiddybum

***Dawn chari owned by Nikki Wolfe // art by: Squiddybum***

Nikki Wolfe : I would live 10 years of being 100 mostly due to the fact that Dutch Angel Dragons can be ‘reborn like a Phoenix’. That way I get to re-experience life instead of seeing my friends die of old age while I age at a more slower pace.


Gabby Baron chari Erika

***Erika chari owned and art by Gabby Baron***

Gabby Baron : Ten lives. 1000 as one life is so long to not experience so much and you’re essentially stuck in this seemingly endless loop. With ten separate loves you get to see ten different perspectives, and your range of viewing/doing becomes more expanded.


By Aimee Element_LOWes

***Rune chari owned by Amelia Rene Long // art by: Aimee-Lesley-Sim***

RUNE: I would rather live 1,000 years mostly because the 10 different lives are not guaranteed. As in, there’s no telling if I would remember my past life, and there’s no way of choosing what new life I would lead. Yes, it would be exciting to an extent to have a new life and identity each time…but, I would rather watch the world change over 1,000 years and collect all the new knowledge as it comes, would rather see the world evolve as one collective person than to have the ten-life gamble.


Thanks again for everyone that answered this week’s question, and, if you would like to participate for next week, answer me this question:

“Would you rather use eye drops made of vinegar or toilet paper made from sandpaper?”

Submit your answers in the comment-section down below, and drop a link of your Fursona (credit the artist as well please otherwise your image cannot be used) if you would like to be featured in next-week’s blog!!!

Thank you for tuning in, and as always, I will see you all in the next blog 😉


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