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Exploring 2D animation in the Furry Fandom


Animation by Jib_Kodi Character belongs to Todd the Red Fennec

Art has always been one of the biggest staples of the Furry Fandom outside the love of anthropomorphic animals itself, and it seems shocking to me that one of the least-spoken of mediums is animation. In the Furry Fandom, animation has a very special place, especially when you look at 2D animation.

A Brief History

The history of 2D animation dates all the way back to 1824 – originally using motion (the spinning of a wheel or twisting of a rope) and still images to create the illusion of movement. It was only in 1908 that 2D animation was revolutionized when Emile Cohl created the first 2D animation known as “Fantasmagorie” by using over 700 black-and-white drawings of a stick figure. This animation, though using hundreds of images, was only 70 seconds in length. Either way, this was the first animated cartoon. So, how does this relate to Furries?

After Emile Cohl paved the way for 2D animation, other artists followed suit. Walt Disney created “Steamboat Willie” in 1928 which introduced the world to Mickey Mouse, and from there, 2D animation only grew in popularity. Walt Disney, Hannah-Barbara, Warner Brothers, etc. So many notable characters have come from 2D animations, and a lot of people have found the Furry Fandom through their love of these 2D characters. Bugs Bunny, Simba, Balto, Roger Rabbit, Bambi – do these sound familiar to you? How about these films & cartoons: “Fox and the Hound”, “All Dogs go to Heaven”, “101 Dalmations”,  “Lady and the Tramp”, “Aristocats”, “Secret of Nymh”, “Pokemon”, “Digimon” -Do any of those ring a bell?

Cartoons, movies, anime, and even some video-games have all been produced using 2D animation…and through the love of certain characters, people have found their Fursona and the Furry Fandom in general.
(Source: The History of 2D Animation)

Furry Animators

There are a lot of animators in the fandom, and each one has their own unique way of animating and style. Nowadays, a lot of animation is done using computer-generated images, but there are still those that delve into traditional animation as well. While I am sure there are some names that might pop up more often than others within the fandom, rather than talk about the most popular animators, I have decided to pick out my favorites to share their animations with you.


  • Jib_Kodi:

Jib_Kodi (also called Jibbin_Kodiyak) is one of the more well-known animators in the community – known for his unique style as well as his character/fursuit. Their involvement in the fandom begins in 2017…but, if you want to read more about them in-depth, I would suggest checking out their interview with DogPatch Press.

What I love about their style in particular is the “sketchy” nature of it. The wiggling lines and the way everything sort of jiggles as the animation is playing. It’s more rough compared to other 2D animation, but I love it for this reason. Generally, Kodi’s style is full of bright colors and they often tell stories pertaining to their feelings or their real life. Their animations involve road trips and visits to cons, other people finding out they are a furry, or other shenanigans involving their home life and/or friends. It’s very down-to-earth, and though exaggerated in their animations, it is often very relatable in some way.

One of my favorite animations that they did was something I found on Google years ago (though you can also find it on their FA which I will link), but it is still something that gives me a good chuckle:


“Damn Deers” by Jib_Kodi

If you want to check out Jib’s work for yourself, you can find their animations via their Furaffinity / Twitter / and Instagram.


  • Cerberus:

Cerberus is someone that I discovered more recently while browsing through FA. I originally noticed them because of their unique art style, but, as I went deeper into their gallery, I noticed that they also dabbled in 2D animation. What I really like about their style is how it can be both simplistic and complicated at the same time. How they break down something into its most basic shapes but when it all comes together, they use this method to create such fluid movements. Their animations are also interactive as far as getting them to play, and I have always enjoyed this newgrounds-feeling flash animation.

My favorite pieces of animation when it comes to Cerberus would have to be: “Rescuing Ghosts” and I love it for a few reasons. The first is what I mentioned up above…it’s the style in which Cerberus uses simplicity to break things down into their most basic shapes, and yet, putting it all together creates some of the most fluid movement I have ever seen in a 2D animation. The next reason would have to be the story. I wont spoil anything since it really is an animation you would have to experience for yourself. Lastly, I love it because it involves others in the Furry Fandom. Swiftcutter helped in creating the characters and Foxamoore provided the music. I think it’s great how this is a collaborative piece and I’m sure anyone can agree that the finished result is breathtaking.

I also really liked their piece “Rockoons TV” partly due to the fact that I loved the song they chose…but also because of the setting and how everything plays out. Again, not going to spoil anything here, but the narrative is really spectacular and I suggest checking it out.

But if you want to check out Cerberus’ material for yourself, you can find them via their FA Page.


  • Bolgy Wolgy:

While this is NOT an animator but rather a very popular meme (albeit cringy) within the fandom, I have to say that it is worth mentioning because it has produced some pretty infamous 2D animations. The original rap was made by senzawa on YouTube who used a bad copypasta for the lyrics. Since it was making fun of Furries, the Furry Fandom quickly picked it up and made it into their own.

The original meme animation is credited to candiewrapper:

But one of the more commonly-known animations for this piece belongs to Seelmaru:

Both are excellent 2D animators doing original animations as well as music videos, so they are worth checking out.


In conclusion, just like any other art form out there, animation is a huge part of the fandom and who we are…because of the popular cartoons and movies, a lot of us found our way into the fandom, and some of these things even inspired our Fursonas. Animation continues to be a huge part of the fandom today but it does seem to often be shadowed by the success of things like digital commissions and fursuits. Still, I think we should tip our hats to all the amazing animators out there and really let them know how much we appreciate them (as we should do to all the artists and creators out there that continue to make this community bright and magical).

Who are your favorite animators? What draws you to them or to their style? Let me know in the comment-section down below. Are you an animator? Feel free to link yourself in the comment-section as well so that others can check out your material. 

Wanna know more about 3D animation? Check out Fuzzball’s Story Time article on 3D art and how it embodies the Furry Fandom!

That’s all I have for this one, so thank you all for reading and your continued support of this blog. I will see you all in the next article! 😉

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