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Furry Gamer Series (#1): MMOs!


Art by RedDyeNo5 (FA) Shewulf (left) belongs to Shewulf7 Mia (right) belongs to myself (MiaXUla)

Hello fuzzbutts!
I finally got myself together to decide what I should cover first in my Furry Gamer series! It was such a challenge since there are so many amazing games out there that have captured the hearts of Furries and have inspired so many of us in our creations!

But rather than focus on a single series, I decided to cover something much bigger for my first blog (in this series), and that is MMOs!


MMORPG means “massively multiplayer online role-playing game”, and that basically sums up the experience. A lot of MMOs follow the same formula: you log on, you create a character, and you play the game however you want!
This can be anything from doing quests, participating in player-versus-player, joining guilds and/or clubs, running dungeons, role-playing, and more!

So how does this tie in with Furries?

Well, whether you participate in it or not, role-playing is very popular in the fandom. It allows people to express themselves in ways they might not be able to do in reality. Through role-playing, people can be the person they always wanted to be…or the animal. We get to explore our other sides and for some of us (myself included) a lot of important relationships were formed through the people we met role-playing…and it has helped so many of us through the darker parts of our lives.

For Furries especially, getting the chance to play as our Fursona can be really fun and an amazing adventure. A lot of MMORPGs give us the grounds to do just that…play out a character in a fantasy world where the possibilities are endless!!!

Not to mention, a lot of MMORPGs allow you to create your own character…for some, this was how they made their Fursona in the first place! Most MMOs offer a mixture of races to play as, and some offer anthro characters like giant cats, werewolves, and more!

So, here is a list of a few MMOs (that I know of) that offer players the chance to create an anthro character of their very own:


Guild Wars 2


My Charr Engineer (Aulli)

I am the biggest nerd when it comes to Guild Wars! I played classic Guild Wars all through high school, and then waited over 5 years for the release of Guild Wars 2 (GW2). I remember crying when I saw the announcement trailer, and the game has exceeded all my expectations and then some!

GW2 is an MMO where the main campaign is free to download and play! There are no subscription fees, and the only cost is to buy the expansions and their “Living World” series which unlocks more story content. But what makes GW2 ‘furry-friendly’ is the race called the Charr.

As a fan of classic Guild Wars, I have mixed feelings when it comes to the Charr. They are a race of massive felines with 4 ears and they grow horns. They can speak common, and in GW2 they are technologically advanced in steam and coal-powered machinery. They build brutal war machines, and their entire city is constructed of metal. They may have been the main enemies in the original Guild Wars, but my guilty pleasure has been in making several Charr characters that I play as (even if they are not my main characters); this includes my female engineer (Aulli) and my male warrior (Aegir).

What I love about the Charr is that they don’t mimic any feline in particular. Some look like leopards, some look like house cats…there are lions and tigers in the mix there as well…so for fans of felines, you can basically go crazy. GW2 has an amazing character creation that allows you to control what your character looks like down to the very last detail. Eye size, head size, body structure, fur pattern, horns, that’s all in your control to customize as you wish, and I love it!

If you choose to buy the expansions, the “Path of Fire” introduces mounts into the game! There is a Raptor, a Springer (rabbit), Skimmer (manta-ray), Jackal, and a Gryphon in there with skins that can be purchased to customize those looks as well. There are also cute pets to collect, and if you play as a Ranger class, you may also tame animals to fight by your side!

Not to mention, the game has an amazing story and great graphics. So if big-cats are your go-to (and you want something easier on the wallet), then Guild Wars 2 is the game for you!!!

World of Warcraft


My Pandaren Frost-Mage Mayreen

Whether you are big into MMOs or not, a name everyone knows is “World-of-Warcraft”. It is the most popular MMO in the world, and is generally the go-to for Furries (and for good reason).

While WoW is not as wallet-friendly as the free MMOs out there, it does offer a wide-variety of anthro characters for players to choose from. On the Alliance-side, there is the Worgen. Basically these creatures are werewolves. So while you still design their human side, you may choose to play in their transformed-state and you can customize their Worgen-looks to a certain extent as well. I hate how the female Worgen look, but the males look amazing…and even if I do not play her often, I did make a Worgen rogue.

The Horde-side also has its own anthro option which are the Tauren. The Tauren are bovines…so cows and bulls essentially. With the newest expansion (Battle for Azeroth) being released, there is a new allied race for the Horde called the Highmountain Tauren…which look like regular Tauren but they have more customization options than regular Tauren.

There is also a race that is technically “neutral” until you choose a side…and that race is the Pandaren. Regular Pandas, Red Pandas…you can design them however you want. But they are there for you to pick from as well. I love the Pandaren even if they are the least-intimidating species on the roster…and I enjoy playing as my Frost Mage as often as I can.

Even if you do not like the anthro options, there are other races which allow you to choose a class called “Druid”. Druids can transform into animals in order to change their abilities. This means your Druid can change into a bear, into a large feline, into a bird, and even into a sea-lion for swimming. If you play as a Ranger, you can tame animals to fight alongside you.

There are several mounts in WoW to choose from…
Some can be bought with gold and others with real money (and then some earned by quests, etc), not to mention the battle pets that you can collect in a very Pokemon-esque fashion.
And for those that like demons and/or demon-like creatures…there are the demon-hunters (literally possessed by demons) to play as OR you can play as the Draenei which sport a pair of goat legs.

But unfortunately when it comes to WoW, there is a charge of $15-per month in order to play it. However, you can play unlimited up to lv.20, for free and there are several good RP servers where one doesn’t have to be a high level to enjoy some good company anyways.


I do not have too much experience with many MMOs. Most of the ones I have played offered unique races that were humanoid, but none that really captured that “Furry feel” for me. So rather, I decided to make a list of honorable mentions in case you (the reader) wanted to see what other options were out there.

  • Final Fantasy XIV:
    —This MMO actually has a neko-race and I did play it for about 4 hours. It’s one of those MMOs that does cost money (I believe they still have a subscription fee), but they do offer times where the main campaign is free to play. I made a cat girl, but then found the game was a bit too difficult to play with a keyboard.
    Still, it’s a highly-recommended MMO with beautiful graphics, an active gamer community, and some amazing mounts for people to quest for and purchase.


  • Elder Scrolls Online:
    —This is an MMO that can actually be played on console, and the best part about it is the ability to play as an Argonian or a Khajit. So for felines and scalies that like medieval worlds with dark gods, dragons, and magic…well, this might just be the game for you. It also has decent character creations, lots of quests…and there is even the ability to be turned into a vampire or werewolf for those that like that sort of thing.
    Again, nothing that I played…but luckily the game has no subscription fee. All you have to do is pay for the base-game once (and then the expansion if you want) and then begin your adventure!


  • TERA:
    —TERA is a game I know nothing about…only that it could be played on console or PC and that it is still kicking as an MMO. There are also several races that are furry-friendly in that they are anthro in some way such as the Popori (red-pandas or raccoons), the Elin (very child-like with rabbit ears), the Castanic (demons), and the Aman (humanoid descendants of dragons). I can’t say much for the story, but graphics look great, and again, this game does not have a subscription fee!


  • Perfect World International:
    —This was a game I tried long-ago and did not understand it one bit. Back when I tried it, the controls were messy, the graphics were good, but the rest of the game just seemed ‘meh’, and so I never went back. But PWI is a free-to-play MMO. It used to be extremely popular, even if the population on the servers is extremely low now.
    But, like all the other games mentioned, PWI offered players the chance to make an anthro character in the form of the Tideborn and the Untamed. The Tideborn are basically mermaids while the Untamed are beastly in their appearances. The Untamed vary on how they look depending on their class. Venomancers have the ability to transform into a were-beast form and when in humanoid form look human but with animal ears and tail. The Barbarian untamed look more bestial in their appearance but I can’t say much else since I have never played as one.


All-in-all, MMOs are a great place for Furries to come together in order to express themselves in all manners of ways…from role-playing, to sharing their passion for gaming, to the characters they create and equip with several different types of clothing and armor.

Furry Guilds have become a lot more common over the years as well as Furry discords for the mentioned games…and I think we will only see this increase in the future.

But have you tried any of these games before? Were there any MMOs not mentioned that you feel should be on the list?

As always, feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section down below, thank you all so much for reading, and I will see you in the next installment of the Furry Gamer Series! 😉


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