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Art by RedDyeNo5 (FA) Shewulf (left) belongs to Shewulf7 Mia (right) belongs to myself (MiaXUla)

Hello again fuzzbutts!

It really has been awhile! In the time that I have been away, I have been thinking about bringing more content to this blog. Unfortunately, prior features like Fursuit Friday and other spotlights were on an older PC, and recovering them has been a bit of a pain. So while I work around how to get them all back and update them to maybe make an appearance on this blog once again, I have been thinking about what new content I could bring to this blog.

The solution seems rather simple: Video-games!

I am a huge gamer, in fact, I am more active on my gaming blog than anywhere else because I am always trying something new. That’s when a thought hit me…

There are so many games that have to do with anthro animals. In fact, several people found the Furry Fandom through popular games like Sonic and Spyro the Dragon. Heck, some even found it through newer titles like FNaF! So, while mulling all of this information over, I decided that some cool new content could be a Furry Gamer series where I discuss all the video-games (that I know of) that could technically be classified as Furry-related.

Not only does this give me a chance to talk about something I am passionate about and love, but it’s also a way to open the eyes of the viewer to all their possibilities. Maybe there are some gaming titles the reader may not know about…and this blog can be their gateway to discovery!

Is it too ambitious for me to carry out? Well, we will just have to see. Luckily I already have a lot of material on my gaming blog (linked above), so all I would have to do is link those reviews, discussions, etc while providing some insight into what the games are, what they cost, and what makes them furry-related.

As for how often I will post said-blogs…well, I already know that giving myself a schedule is a HUGE mistake! But I think this is something I can truly follow-through with as I already have a list of Furry-games written down. I also plan on asking the fandom to recommend me EVEN MORE titles so that I may add them to the roster…and who knows? If this series becomes more popular…maybe we can spread it to other platforms like streams, YouTube, and etc.

…but I’m trying not to get too ahead of myself.

So yes…I am still alive-and-well. I am still interested in bringing you Furry News and other such things to place a positive spotlight on our community, and I really hope you enjoy the new series just as much as I am enjoying the thought of bringing it to you!

But if you have any gaming titles that you think are Furry-related (or are even games made by Furries), then feel free to leave those in the comment-section down below.

I already have a list of 20+ games but could always use more!!!! Thank you all so much for reading, and I look forward to seeing you in the next blog! 😉


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