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Stolen Fursuit Head…

I saw this today on Facebook (it was being shared via  friend)- and I figured I would share it here. I guess there has been a Fursuit head stolen from a table at FC (Further Confusion) located in San Jose, California.

The people who made the head/ were displaying it are asking the Community for its safe return. They are asking people to contact the con staff if they see it or if anyone has any information on it :/

I understand that there are people that really want a fursuit…and there are people that really need money as well, but stealing is NEVER okay, and if there’s anything I hate more in this community it’s a thief. So, lets help catch the person who did this and get this Fursuit head back to it’s rightful owner please.

Thank you.



Fursuit Friday Feature #24: TOGO

**Christopher holding Togo**

Hello everyone and happy Fursuit Friday!
Welcome back to another Fursuit Friday Feature!!!! I wanted to make sure I got this done as early as possible since I will be busy the rest of the night and for the rest of the weekend at that. But anyways, we have an awesome feature for you today considering that this entry was so lovely as to actually approach me about being interviewed and featured in this blog! Well, I think it’s super exciting as usually, when I run low on entries I have to go around mailing people saying: “Hey, I love your suit, can I interview you?”

But this person likes my blog, and I must say that I was very flattered.I kinda had started to think that no one ever looked at these entries let alone my blog…so, when I was approached by said person and they said they loved my work and wanted to be featured, well, it was a very happy moment for me and was a big boost to my mood. So, having missed last Friday and having been talking to this very sweet person over Twitter and such, I just had to feature them this week! So, let me introduce you all to Togo!!!

I love wolf characters!!! My main Fursona is a wolf and my wife is a wolf. So, when I see a wolf, I am instantly in love because they are my favorite animal. But another thing to note is, I really like Togo’s colors. I don’t think I have ever seen an orange wolf, and I love the yellow as well…I think it blends really well and makes for a pretty interesting character to say the least.

That and those realistic eyes ❤ It’s insta love!

I am usually partial to more cartoony characters unless they are canine for reasons unknown so, resin eyes are my favorite when it comes to canine suits for sure! But as per usual I am rambling. You came here to see more of Togo and learn more about the character and the suiter. So, lets get down to the interview, shall we?

1.Name: Christopher Brucker

2. Character Name: Togo

3. Character Species: Wolf

4. Fursuit Maker:
Most of it I made myself, with help from my girlfriend Megan (aka Saphira). I bought my pawpads, claws, and the resin base of my head from DreamVision Creations (


5. Total Cost:
Between the fur, resin base, foam and other supplies, I’d say I’ve spent around $800 to date.

6. How long did it take you to get your Fursuit?
I started buying supplies to make it a few months after I decided that I wanted one. It took me about 2 months to complete my head, tail and hand paws. A while later, I decided to make it a more complete suit, so I made a torso for myself. I’m currently working on adding legs and feet. I’m also redoing my hand paws.

7. When did you decide that you wanted a Fursuit?
Aw, man! For years, my girlfriend and I had established that we were “furries”, and she tried to sell me on the idea of becoming active in the fandom, getting fursuits and going to conventions. But, I was really hesitant (regrettably). I come from a more conservative background, and while the idea sounded fun, the whole thing seemed kind of weird to me.

But, that didn’t stop my girlfriend from building a fursuit of her own. In recent years, she finally convinced me to attend our first con, and we went to Furpocalypse in 2015. She wore her fursuit and I handled for her. After watching her have sooo much fun, and after interacting with her and so many other suiters, I knew I had to have one too!

8. Do you go out in public while wearing your suit? Tell us one of your favorite experiences!
Yes! I got to public suit with a group of our friends in Pittsburgh for the first time earlier this year, and it was a blast! I highly recommend it, and can’t wait to do it again.

Probably my favorite moment was when we first suited up and started to walk around the city. I was excited, but I was also super nervous, because I really wasn’t sure how people were going to react to seeing something like us walking around. I had heard that people in Pittsburgh were warm towards furries (because of Anthrocon), but I was still uneasy. I never would have expected what happened right off the bat. We walked into a light rail station to catch a train, and had to ride an escalator up to get to the platform. We got about halfway up, when I heard a woman yell, “FURRIES!!!” I looked down and saw her and a group of people smiling and waving up at us. As we waved back, I thought, “Wow, this is cool.” But then when we reached the platform, not even a minute went by, and we were swarmed! Everybody wanted to talk to us, get pictures with us and be near us. That’s how most of the day was. We felt like celebrities!

9. Have you been to any Cons in suit? If you have gone to multiple ones, which one is your favorite and why?
Yes I have. I’ve been to Furpocalypse in Connecticut two years in a row on Halloween weekend, once without and once with my suit. In the future, I hope to attend Midwest FurFest, AnthroCon, and FurryCon in my hometown of Rochester, NY.

Conventions are a lot of fun, even if you don’t have a fursuit. For years I wasn’t really sure about going, but when my girlfriend started showing me con videos on YouTube, I was like, “Wow! There’s so many cool characters that people portray there. And there’s shows, too? There’s games and dance competitions? There’s panels and gatherings? Sheesh…I want to go!” And it really is an incredible experience.

10. How have people reacted to your Fursuit while you are out in Public?
Surprisingly, 98% positive. Usually the most negative reaction I’ve gotten is someone not acknowledging me as I walk past. Even if it’s worse than that, I’m always having too much fun to notice. Probably the best reactions I’ve gotten are from kids. They run right up to you, and want to hug you, play with you and talk to you. And best of all, their parents love it!

I remember one time, a woman and her daughter walked up and stopped about ten feet in front of me. The daughter was shyly hiding behind her mom’s leg, but her mom pointed to me and said to her, “See sweetie? That’s a furry. Want to go say hi?” I waved to her daughter and took a step closer, but she ducked behind her mom. So, I stopped and got down on one knee so I could be at her level. Eventually she came out for a hug, and warmed up to me and my friends. And later, she didn’t want to leave! Moments like that just made the day that much better.

11. What was your main goal in getting a suit? Did you have any plans for it or did you just get one for fun?
I mainly just wanted to get involved in the fursuiting aspect of the fandom once I learned more about it. I thought it was cool that so many other people were as big of fans of cartoon animal characters as I was, and that many of them cosplayed in this way. I’ve always loved my Disney movies and cartoons, well into adulthood. My friends joke around about how I’m like a “big kid”. I never knew that there was an entire fandom full of people just like me. I was attracted to the whole idea of creating your own character, and getting to portray it just for fun.

12. How do you act differently in suit VS when you are dressed as you normally would?
When I’m in suit, I act goofy and cute to try and be like my character. I’ll give hugs, play tag and hide and seek with friends, chase squeakers, laser pointers and other toys. I love making people laugh and go “aww.” But I still talk and converse like I normally would. I’d say that Togo is a reflection of sort of a playful, more innocent side of myself.

They say that furries are adults who never lost touch with their inner child, and I couldn’t agree more! How awesome is that?

13. What is your favorite thing about wearing a Fursuit?
I love the fact that when you wear a fursuit, you get to behave so unconventionally. I have no problem with being mature and professional when I need to be. But, it’s so cool that when you put a costume on, you can act silly, even child-like, and everyone loves you for it!

There’s so many different aspects of fursuiting too. It’s cosplaying, it’s acting, and it’s freelance mascotting. I love it all!

14. What is your least favorite thing about wearing a Fursuit?
Just the fact that it gets really hot very quickly, especially if you’re running around and having fun. Also, the fact that you can’t do much with your hands when wearing paws. I have to take them off just to check my phone, but it’s well worth it!

15. What advice would you give first-time Fursuiters and those considering getting a Fursuit?
For those fursuiting for the first time, I’d say just have fun! Interact with people and other suiters. You’d be surprised what kind of reactions that you get!

For those considering getting a fursuit, make sure you do your research. If you’re planning on getting a commission done, shop around online for fursuit makers. Get an idea for what their art is like, and pick your favorite before spending the money. Or, if you plan on making one yourself, search for tutorial videos, and get an idea of what you need to do. Also, don’t get discouraged if you have trouble getting it to look the way you want. Keep at it!

16. What would you say is your biggest peeve when it comes to your Fursuit?
Ugh, I hate when my fur gets all scruffy. It happens so easily too. Drives me crazy how much I have to brush it to get it to look the way that I want. But again, worth it!

17. Do you think you will ever get another suit in the future? Would it be an upgrade to your current suit or a different character?
I’m sure I will. I would probably upgrade my current suit first. I might do it myself if I learn better crafting methods, or get it redone by a commission artist. But down the road, I don’t mind the idea of getting another character.

18. Do you make any videos while in suit (YouTube):
Yes I do! My girlfriend and I have a YouTube channel [HERE]  with videos of us at cons, and public suiting. Please check it out if you care to!


19. (Final Question): Any extra words of wisdom you would like to add for anyone reading this?:
I would say, if you have any desire to check out furry conventions or to give fursuiting a try, do it! Don’t hesitate like I did, because it seems weird, or because you’re nervous about what friends and family might think. It really is a lot of fun, and most people are accepting of it. If you explain it in layman’s terms, and use words like “cartoons”, “costumes” and “mascot characters”, most people will understand what you’re talking about. Many even react positively!

So there you have it! That was Togo!!! 😀

There were so many times while reading this interview that I had the “omigosh same”-thought pop into my head. I can relate with so many of the things that were said, especially since I started fursuiting.

I remember being a Furry and not really wanting to be get super involved in the fandom because of all the negative stigma surrounding the fandom and etc…and this was because my whole family thought it was weird and disgusting. Then, even when I became more involved online, I never really wanted to go to a con, and never considered fursuiting until I saw it online and thought that it looked like so much fun. I kinda chuckled since the suiter was in the same position I was in…where they saw other people having fun and kinda caught the “fursuit envy”. I feel you dude, I really do!!!

But I am really glad this person has had a positive experience and that they have been able to share this experience with others. They did offer some great advice of researching fursuit makers and really practicing and watching tutorials if you’re going to make your own. I did not trust myself enough to make Rune, so, I paid others to do it for me…so, I really respect this guy for making his own. It really ended up looking great! And, if he goes through with improving it as his skills get better, this suit can only look cooler in the future…so, if you’re reading this, Togo, keep up to date with me! I wanna see how much your suit improves!!!

But, my favorite piece of advice that he had to offer was in not being afraid to give something a try. The Furry Fandom is surrounded by a lot of negativity, a lot of people afraid of what they do not understand…but, what makes the community great is that, despite all the stereotypes and the stigma, we still grow larger and larger every day, we continue to support one-another, and we continue to have fun! You alone are in charge of your life and your happiness, so, if fursuiting is something you wanna try…give it shot! And don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it because of whatever silly reason :p

But thank you so much Togo for letting me interview! It’s been awesome being able to have you here on the blog!

And thank you guys so much for taking the time to read this.
I love posting the Fursuit Friday Features and really hope to become more active with this blog in the future! If you have a Fursuit, you do furry art, or you make furry crafts and you would like to be featured in this blog, please drop me a comment with a link to your FA, fb, or DA where I might reach you. Also, if you have friends you think might want to be featured, feel free to point them in my direction or vice-versa!

Thank you all for your continued support of this blog, and, as always, I will see you in the blog 😉

Ask Rune & Captain!!!

-Art by: flamesvoices (FA)-

So, I know it has been a minute since I posted anything outside of the Fursuit Friday Features, but, I have been working on something with my buddy Emi…and this might just be my favorite set of videos in a LONG time!!!

As most of you might already know, I have a YouTube Channel where I make a multitude of videos…mostly talking about fandom issues, or talking about fursuits, and for awhile I was doing some Q&A’s to really kick the channel off.

Anyways, here lately I have been traveling to Austin to visit my pal Emi. She was rather close to me and since we were both going to be headed to TFF in March, we figured it would be best to get to know one another a little better…so, we started hanging out. I can not tell you how much of a blast I have been having just hanging out and goofing off with this silly gal! Not to mention, she has been teaching me things here-and-there about how to be a better fursuiter…and all of this hanging out finally came down to one question: “Why don’t we make videos?”

So that’s where it kinda began.
At first it was just the Christmas shenanigans video (which you can find HERE) and from there we realized just how crazy we were in suit and just how much more fun, funny, and amazing we could really make this thing. But, what were we going to record? Well, Rune recently got some upgrades to his suit – and by that, I mean some paws (courtesy of flamesvoices for the building of them and CCSMascots for the fur) and a squeaker! So, now that we had the squeaker…what if Rune answered questions but…as Rune? Also, having Captain there would be hilarious because the two dragons in personality are like black-and-white.

Rune is like…a derpy-potato-baby that knows nothing about the world…and Captain…Captain is just insane!!! XD

So, we decided that we were going to ask people all over to submit us their questions and, we would answer them in suit!!! 😀

We got enough questions to make a few videos, but, that does not mean that we aren’t looking for more to answer in the future so: ASK US ANYTHING!!!

But anyways…you came for a video right? Here is what happens when you ask these two dragons questions on the interwebs:


And because that was not near enough laughs and silly stuff…my friend actually kept the footage that we recorded before we managed to get our final take and made a Bloopers reel on her channel! And who said making videos wasn’t hard? It took us SEVEN MINUTES just to get an intro!!!

But, we had so much fun, the whole thing was a blast and had us crying because we were laughing so hard. So, be sure to submit your questions and be looking for Part 2 in the near future!

Thank you all so much for supporting this blog and reading! Fursuit Friday Feature is coming up in two days – I wonder who it will be? Anyways, I will see you all then in the next blog 😉

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