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I’m giving away a Dragon Adopt for 250 subs on YouTube!!!

***Art by: Holyhell111***

Hello lovelies, I know it has been awhile…

Anyways, I recently came back from Alamo City Comic Con and, I realize that while I have been mostly away and doing adult-things my YouTube Channel went and reached over 250 subscribers!!!

This is really amazing to me…like, WOW! I honestly can’t believe it. It seems like just yesterday I was at home opening up Rune’s Fursuit head, and then suddenly my YouTube Channel was blowing up with thousands of views on that vid and…yeah. It’s just insane that I have had so many different Channels with so many different themes…none of them ever reached more than 70 subscribers and now here I am with my Angel Dragon Channel with over 250 subscribers, replying almost daily to the comments you guys leave me…and it is just so wonderful, so amazing…


  • History of the Adopt:

—So, originally I had a creature made custom for me called a “Paradice Fragon” (species created and owned by Amber Compton aka ReapersGold) and I really loved it, but, over time, I just did not connect with it anymore. Not wanting to waste such a lovely design, I commissioned a friend (Holyhell111) to make the creature into an Angel Dragon.
She did such an AMAZING job but, unfortunately, I never used the characer and…over time lost connection with this new version as well.

I did try selling the character, but, no one seemed interested. I understand that it was probably due to the prices being too high…but, after awhile of trying to sell it, and no one biting, I decided to give it away as a Free Adopt to one lucky subscriber on my YouTube Channel to celebrate reaching 250 subs! 😀



  • Rules:

—The rules of the contest are simple and a winner will be chosen on Friday – November 4th, 2016:

  1. You MUST be subscribed to my YouTube Channel to win this adopt.
  2. On the Video for the Adopt you must write in the comment-section WHY you want this Dragon Adopt.

I want her to go to a good home! I don’t want her going to someone that collects a bunch of adopts but then never uses the character and she just sits in a folder collecting dust like she has been. That’s why I’m not doing a random number generator or anything like that. I want to try and make sure that whoever gets her is going to love and cherish her and not just turn around and give her away again…or worst yet…delete her.



  • Thank you Guys!

—Thank you guys so much for bringing me so many smiles and good memories from this YouTube Experience. It really has been awesome thus far! While my editing is still pretty crappy due to lack of a reliable video-maker, I hope that as time goes on, I can continue making videos…make better and more entertaining videos, and right now I’m taking suggestions for what to do when I reach 300 subs!!! I have some ideas in mind, but, would still like to hear what YOU guys would like to see!!!

Video for the adopt is down below…give it a watch, give it a like, and enter to win the adopt if you are a subscriber of my Channel. Anyways, as always, I will see you all in the next blog 😉



  • Video:


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