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Fursuit Friday Feature #16: WINDWO1F


Happy Fursuit Friday everyone! It has been such an amazing couple of weeks for me, and I always love taking some spare time to whip up these lovely blogs for you showcasing all the unique and lovely characters out there in the furry Fandom!!!

So, while I am still trying to get in the swing of things with this blog I have loved the responses I have gotten from the people that see them. People wanting to be interviewed, people saying that they like this content and that it is a pleasant read and something / people excited about seeing the new suits I post every Friday. It really is one of my favorite things to do is to find new things to write about and new pictures to post up so that I can place a smile on someone’s face.

I do apologize my blogs have not been constant, but, I do have something and someone very awesome for you guys this week! To me, a Fursona or Fursuit does not have to be complicated to be cute, to be fascinating…and it’s the creator, the person on the inside that makes that character fun, animated, and loved by all. While I love all the different (sometimes crazy) designs that have come my way, sometimes I take time to fancy the more simple designs that remind me that it is really the personality behind these suits that makes the magic.

So, today for Fursuit Friday I am introducing you to Wind!!! Wolves have always been my favorite animal and so, I was really excited to come across this suit! But, I know why you are here so, I will quit my rambling and get on with the interview!!!

1.Name: Ellie (WindWolf)
2. Character Name: Wind
3. Character Species: wolf

4. Fursuit Maker: Made by myself. Headbase by Media

5. Total Cost (optional)— $400 (estimate)

6. How long did it take you to get your Fursuit?
It took a couple of months before I received the head kit, but from there I made it in about a week.

7. When did you decide that you wanted a Fursuit?
I first decided I wanted a fursuit back in 2011 and from there I have been making suits for five years now.

8. Do you go out in public while wearing your suit? Tell us one of your favorite experiences!
I’ve gone on several occasions. One fun experience was fursuit sledding at a nearby park. I had way too much fun sliding down the hill and burying my friends in the snow!

9. Have you been to any Cons in suit? If you have gone to multiple ones, which one is your favorite and why?
I’ve been to two cons in this particular suit and five individual cons altogether, some more than once. My favorite though has got to be Anthrocon.

10. How have people reacted to your Fursuit while you are out in Public?
Some think it’s cute and children particularly like my suit, but others have reacted a bit more negatively, some demanding that I take the suit off or talk in suit to make sure I “know I’m a real person”. In general though I get more good reactions than bad.

11. What was your main goal in getting a suit? Did you have any plans for it or did you just get one for fun?
It started as just something to do for fun and a chance to stretch my creativity and from there it’s turned into a bit of a business alongside my art.

12. How do you act differently in suit VS when you are dressed as you normally would?
Out of suit I’m very quiet and like to just remain mostly unnoticed. In suit though I definitely act more playful and bouncy.

13. What is your favorite thing about wearing a Fursuit?
I love the performance more than anything; the ability to make people smile and just the chance to really be yourself without any restraints.

14. What is your least favorite thing about wearing a Fursuit?
Definitely the heat! I’ve nearly gotten sick several times from heat exhaustion in suit and it is no fun.

15. What advice would you give first-time Fursuiters and those considering getting a Fursuit?
If you plan on commissioning a suit than do your research first! Find a maker that suits your needs and is both friendly and trustworthy, there’s no bigger disappointment than spending a good amount of money on a suit and then not having the maker not even get back to you for over a year and ultimately getting ripped off. If you want to try making your own then go for it! Anyone can make a fursuit. There are so many different tutorials out there and people willing to give you helpful advice. Don’t be afraid to start!

16. What would you say is your biggest peeve when it comes to your Fursuit?
Trying to get it look exactly how I want it. I’ve gone through four (not counting a semi-realistic head I also have for the suit) versions of the same suit and I’m constantly finding things to fix and update. It’s the fursuit maker’s never-ending quest for perfection!

17. Do you think you will ever get another suit in the future? Would it be an upgrade to your current suit or a different character?
I have at least one other suit I plan on making for myself along with two I need to fix up. It’ll definitely be a very different character than my fursona. 😀

18. Do you make any videos while in suit (YouTube):
Not in this particular suit (yet). But I do have videos of some of my other fursuits.…..vP&index=3…..BsenPKnzS2lwvP

19. (Final Question): Any extra words of wisdom you would like to add for anyone reading this?:
Fursuiting brings so much joy to others and yourself. Suit on!

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So there you have it! That was Wind!

I agree so much that fursuiting brings so much joy to people’s lives and that people can make so much difference in doing just the simplest things. Whether that is being the loving character that gives that sad person a hug, whether it is dancing and making people laugh, whether it is raising money for charity, or even if it’s just being the best you can be and putting out that positive image for the Furry Community…even without a fursuit there is so much you can do to make this world a better place!

I think Wind seems very positive even though they have not had 100% positive experiences. Fursuiting is obviously a big part of their life and it shows in their character and how much pride they have in doing it and wanting to share that with other people.

I would very much love some day to see Wind’s other suits because this person has just the right attitude, and reading/posting this interview was just so much fun!

Anyways, thanks again so much for reading these blogs! They are just something I do in my spare time, but I love doing it and love that it makes people happy and that people are interested in it and have fun with it! Would love to eventually get more writers maybe, and put more content into this blog so that there is more to read per week.

If you know someone with a fursuit or have one yourself, I am still looking for people to interview!

My queue has started running low again…I have some older interviews that have not been pulled from the hat yet and once those are all showcased then there is nothing I have left in reserves or anything. So, if you’re interested in being part of this blog, feel free to drop a comment with a link to your Facebook, FA, DA…somewhere where I can reach you. I do not only interview fursuiters but artists, crafters, and just your average furry watchers as well. I also want to start showcasing the unique species in the fandom, so, if you are the creator of a species then you can drop me a comment as well!

Thanks for tuning in, and as always, I will see you all in the next blog 😉


Fursuit Friday Feature #15:CRYO & KYLE

Happy Fursuit Friday everyone and welcome back to another amazing fursuit Friday Feature!!! i know I have been busy posting about my new YouTube Channel and my own fursuit head…but this is one feature that I have been looking forward to posting for some time!
The amazing thing about Fursuits and the Furry Community in general is how creative one can get with the character. We have toony styles, we have semi-realistic and realistic makes. We have Scalies, Fuzzbutts, and Avians alike, and there are no limits on what one can create so long as they have the resources to do it! And, while I was browsing through the Fursuit selection one day, I ran across Cryo the armored Fursuit and I knew that I HAD to get an interview!!!

Not only was the owner open for interview, but they did mention that Cryo was not really being worn anymore…and rather, he was suiting up in a character, the Avian character named Kyle. While it was sad to see Cryo retired, it opened up a very good opportunity as I was now able to get a DOUBLE FEATURE up on this blog for the first time ever!!! It never occurred to me that sometimes Fursuiters have multiple characters, and so, this was really exciting for me because both suits are extremely stunning and so, so detailed!!! But…I am rambling…and I just can’t help it because these suits are just SO COOL!

But, lets get down to the interview and get to know more about the suiter and these amazing creature creations!!! 😀

1.Name: Donald Hafner
2. Character Name: Cryo Cyberwolf or Kyle Skyrender
3. Character Species: Arctic Wolf / Shrike

4. Fursuit Maker:
Cryo: Rainbow Productions
Kyle: Coyoroo

5. Total Cost (optional)
Cryo: $14,000
Kyle: $2,300 base + $700 for the armor

6. How long did it take you to get your Fursuit?
Cryo: 9 months / Kyle – 11 months

7. When did you decide that you wanted a Fursuit?
I think the first time that I said that I knew I wanted one was back in 2001. I had seen a picture of Rikter the Cyberdog, the old soccer mascot worn by Yippe Coyote, and immediately wanted one.

8. Do you go out in public while wearing your suit? Tell us one of your favorite experiences!
Yes, though not very often. It’s very rare that I will get into suit unless its a fur meet and only if I have enough time. Both suits do take a bit to get into and sadly with how mine are made they do require the assistance of another.

There was one time that I was at a fur meet in a mall as Cryo. Several cops were also in the mall (real ones not Mall Cops). One of them came up to me and told me that he really enjoyed seeing all of us there and that my suit was awesome and would have loved for me to be their mascot. Needless to say I was flattered.

9. Have you been to any Cons in suit? If you have gone to multiple ones, which one is your favorite and why?
Of course! Any con I go too I will attempt to get into suit at least once. My favorite is probably Anthrocon due to the exposure.

10. How have people reacted to your Fursuit while you are out in Public?
Most people react quite well when they see my suits. They comment on how cool it looks and several want pictures taken of themselves or their families.

11. What was your main goal in getting a suit? Did you have any plans for it or did you just get one for fun?
To be honest, the main goal I had in mind was really to be noticed. My first Anthrocon was great but I saw that most of the people really liked the fursuits and they got most of the attention. I wanted to be a little more known in the fandom as well as wanting to have fun with the other fursuiters.

My first suit was a rather generic suit and for all intents and purposes failed miserably in getting the exposure I wanted. Oh there were a few people who said it was nice but they all thought it was a bear or something. Not what I was going for. It was also pretty bland so it didn’t pop as well as I was hoping. Still it was a learning experience.

12. How do you act differently in suit VS when you are dressed as you normally would?
Cryo and Kyle act very much like the hero would. Cryo is cool and collected and both of them are extremely confident in everything they do. When I am not in suit I am not nearly as confident.

13. What is your favorite thing about wearing a Fursuit?
The attention, paws down! I like it when people come up to me and give me compliments on the suit. I may not have made it but I was the one who had the idea…I just had to get someone to make the idea a reality.

14. What is your least favorite thing about wearing a Fursuit?
THE HEAT!! Probably why MFF is a good con since most of the time its cold. 🙂

15. What advice would you give first-time Fursuiters and those considering getting a Fursuit?
You are going to sweat. You are going to sweat a lot! It is not something that you automatically are going to be used to. You have to build up your tolerance to wearing it. Treat it as a sport or an exercise. Start off small at first then work your way up to longer times. Drink plenty of water and do not suit on a empty stomach. It’s an endurance thing. Keep your suit clean and keep yourself clean as well. Always take a shower immediately after getting out of suit and no, Axe body spray is not a shower!

16. What would you say is your biggest peeve when it comes to your Fursuit?
Getting it on. Both of my suits require assistance to put on and that is probably the biggest hassle when I wear them.

17. Do you think you will ever get another suit in the future? Would it be an upgrade to your current suit or a different character?
I would have to say that I would love to update Cryo. Currently he is retired and will remain so until I can actually get him looking as good as he did when I first got him. Six years is a long time for a fursuit and hes starting to show his age.

As for the other suit, Kyle, I am in the process of upgrading him now. He had some flimsy armor made for him just to get him out into the public but he needed something better if he was going to be a long standing suit like Cryo was. Now I am waiting on actual armor bits that are being made currently. I will have pictures after Anthrocon 2016.

18. Do you make any videos while in suit (YouTube):
I myself don’t but I have been in several that have gone on to the You of Tube.

19. (Final Question): Any extra words of wisdom you would like to add for anyone reading this? [it can literally be about anything]:
Do NOT think that you have to spend a lot to get a suit. My suit was an exception because I had a specific look in mind and it had to be custom to only me. I don’t regret the amount I paid for Cryo as I would do it again if I was able (though I would probably get it from someone different). Kyle is turning out to be a lot of fun even though he’s financially cheaper.

As for Kyle, I really enjoy running around with him because he is something unique. I really like to do unique ideas instead of generic things. Kyle is what is known as a shrike. It is a small bird with a hooked beak that eats insects and small mammals. It however does not kill its pray with its talons as they are too small for that. Instead it grabs its prey and fly’s them to a tree, rose bush or barbed wire fence and impales its prey on it. They are known as butcher birds for this reason and immediately I knew I wanted to be this badass bird.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I originally waited to post this feature as Kyle was supposed to have his armor by the time Anthrocon was coming around the bend, but sadly, the armor was not finished in time…and, when I do see pictures, would love to add them to the slide show or add them to a later part of the feature!!!

But, what I do like about both of these suits is that they are really unique…the characters are interesting and show a lot of personality even though they are suits. I can see where they would be fun to walk around in and how confident they would make the wearer because of their strong essence on the outside. Hats of the owner for having the ideas, and def hands down to the makers of the suits because both did such an amazing job! Both characters were so well thought out, and I really do hope the world can see a re-emergence of Cryo and he can come out of retirement even though it would be super amazing to meet either of these suits first-hand and in person.

This just goes to show that there really is no limit on imagination! There is no limit to the form and idea a Fursona can take, and it’s so amazing to be a part of this community and to see these things be brought to life in this fashion. So, thank you again, Donald for the AMAZING interview and allowing me to see these brilliant suits of yours 😀

And thank you all so much for tuning into my blog! It has been so great getting to do these features every week, and giving more and more furries exposure across the fandom. The more you read and share these blogs, the more people get exposure and we all become a little more connected!! So thanks so much for tuning in, can’t wait until I can bring even more stuff to you, and, as always, I will see you all in the next blog 😉

[PS]= If you or a friend you know is interested in being featured for Fursuit Friday, then don’t be shy! Drop a comment with a link to your Facebook, DA, FA, or otherwise so I can get in contact with you!!! 😀

Talking to strangers on Omegle–


I have never been good with talking to strangers…well, not on a computer anyways. Which is strange when you think about it, because, in person I can chat away and i make friends so easily…but, via  a computer screen? Maybe it is because it seems so impersonal…almost like those people do not really exist that makes it so awkward. As if I am speaking to a video-game character or something along those lines. I thought that maybe suiting as Rune would help me get better with conversation…but, today’s Omegle experience pretty much debunked that theory.

I have been looking forward to getting Rune for so long, just for the sake of trying out Omegle. It’s not even funny. I aw Pinkystylist doing it along with other populr YouTubers and I thought, why not? Maybe it was because it was a Monday…maybe it was because people might be at work and it was somewhat early. but I found myself getting skipped…like, a lot! Granted…now i know that my mic was not always working and my webcam was giving out a lot…but I was skipped. I would wave and talk, and type, but nothing ever came of it. And I guess it made me feel…down?
I was even skipped by a fellow Angel Dragon!

What was i doing wrong? At first I was thinking…”Is it me?” “Is it because I am talking?” “Is it my suit?” “Is it because I only have the head and don’t have any other parts or a squeaker?” I was getting frustrated, was feeling a bit annoyed…and then managed to find a fellow fur that was in the same spot as I was.

“I have been skipped by everyone but you!” he told me,“…and by the way, your fursuit is fabulous!” <—THIS. This right here is how you make friends ❤

Granted, I was not so mad that I had been skipped. but rather, I was mad because I felt like I was doing something wrong to get skipped. At first I could not speak to the first guy because he either did not speak or could not hear me to know what I was saying. I could not type because I can not wear my glasses in the fursuit and therefore can’t see. With the Angel Dragon I wondered if I seemed boring or maybe it was because I lacked a squeaker. So, the fact that someone was finally “excited” to be talking to me. It really brightened up my day.

…and talk we did.
We talked about furries and the hate they get, we talked about sexuality (in some small sense). How people think being a furry automatically means you are part of the perversion (which is not true), talked a little about Angel Dragons, and talked about Pokemon GO 🙂
Then we talked about Instagram and it was all in good fun. We also ended up finding each other again after our mics both gave out and then we talked some more having been skipped again by all the same people. Not to mention I ended up losing my screen capture footage which was no fun. All-in-all…most people would have seen this as a fail, but me, since I managed to meet one really nice person on there that I actually had fun talking to, I would consider this an Omegle-win if anything 😀


Thought I would start off your monday with some optimism and I have more stuff that I will come to post throughout the week. So no worries! Fursuit Friday will be as planned, and then I hopefully have a few more surprises for you coming up.

But, should I try Omegle again? Give it another shot to see people’s reactions? Should I try talking to other furries or should I just blank salte it and see who pops up? Also…what else would you like to see me do for videos? I have gotten some suggestions on topics. Right now I’m just trying to find the best way to record them so I can put them up on YouTube. Might grab some of my Angel Dragon pals and see if they are up for the challenge. Either way, any suggestion is helpful and appreciated…you can just drop those in the comment-section below.

Thanks so much guys for tuning in, for reading this blog and checking out my YouTube channel. I am super happy to have begun making videos again, and while they are not the greatest quality, they are still very fun to make! More coming soon, and as always, I will see you all in the next blog 😉

Omegle Fail Video:


Awe, I got a shoutout!!!

Rune’s Journey to being a Fursuit #3

Rune badge by AJ

***Rune Badge by: AJ Vengeant***

Happy Fursuit Friday everyone!!!

Normally for Friday I would be doing the “Fursuit Friday Feature” but, this week I have decided to do something a little  different and bring back the blogs where I update people on Rune becoming a Fursuit. This blog is not only a progress update, but it also talks about the steps involved in getting a Fursuit when commissioning one from a maker. as mentioned in previous posts like this (as sort of a disclaimer)—do NOT take my personal experience as how it always works for commissioning Fursuits and/or parts of a Fursuit. Every maker is different and every one of them work in their own way. Unfortunately, there are makers more reliable than others…so each experience will be different and unique, as will the quality of the product.


  • In the last blog:
    —The last time I wrote about the progress on Rune,  the furring process on his head had just started and the fur had been laid over the face so that I could make sure that everything was in the right spot. But, there was still a long way to go at this point…and I would say this was mid-way to completion. Rune’s eyes still has to be done, fur had to be sewn and glued onto the foam, and, his mouth still required his teeth, his tongue, and the horns needed to be clothed as well. Still, this was the biggest update of them all up to this point, and, if you’re interested in seeing the previous steps leading up to this, you can check out the previous blog, right [[here]]


Rune foam head phase 7

  • Furring the ears:
    —The ears began their furring phase on May 4th, and the reason they were done separately was because Rune’s ears were meant to be flexible. One of the things I was asked early on was whether or not I wanted to be able to bend and play with Rune’s ears, and naturally, I wanted them to wiggle and bend. So, the ears had to be furred separately, and, I was given a lovely update pic to make sure for the last time that all the patterns on the ears were in the right place!


Rune foam head phase 8

  • Shaving time!
    —With the fur for the ears completed and in the right place, the fur for Rune’s face was placed over the foam head once more and shaving started on May 5th. this was just the initial shaving so that more details could be seen, patterns could be checked again, and, once more of the face was done, Rune’s fur would not cover up any new details and, it would be easier to work with this way.
    Shaving is a very long process as it has to be done multiple times. All fur is bought very long, and it is hard on clippers. Also, Fursuit makers have to make sure not to shave too much which is why shaving is done a little at a time, checked over, and maybe shaved a little bit in-between certain stages so that everything looks clean in the end. It made me chuckle though because, looking at Rune before he was shaved, he was looking like one of those really shaggy dogs that you can not even see their eyes past all that hair XD


Rune foam head phase 9

  • Layering Rune’s mouth, horns, and nostrils:
    —I got a message a little after the shaving stage asking me the details of Rune’s mouth (like what color the inside was, if he still wanted to have teeth, how many teeth I wanted added, as well as the color of Rune’s tongue, and etc). Then, on May 19th, Rune’s mouth had been lined with initial darker green color, and the nostrils had been lined with cloth as well. With the inner mouth lined, more progress could begin on the other parts of the mouth, and, with the nostrils lined, Rune’s face fur could now be added. Horns had also been covered with cloth as well which allowed the face fur to soon be added. He was coming together quite quickly!!!
    —Since the horns had been covered with cloth and the nostrils were finished, the face fur could be added. But, in order to see the details of the horns and to make everything look cleaner and to see details properly, Rune was going to be shaved down a little bit more. The second round of shaving was done on May 25th, and while at first he was looking a little rough, Rune was coming together nicely and was looking a lot smoother the more shaving that was done and the more he was brushed out.


Rune foam head phase 10

  • Eyes:
    —Rune’s eyes were completed on May 27th, and my maker had to discuss with me what colors to use because of Rune’s various designs across the different artwork I had sent in via reference. Instead of just making it one way, my maker took the time to make 2 sets of eyes (one a lighter blue one a darker blue) and then they sent me a comparison pic to see which one I liked best.


We both agreed that the lighter eyes suited Rune better, and they were quickly installed. Luckily the other eyes could be used for later projects. also there was a few more updated pics of the shaving progress and another check on design, on the back horns (located on the back of the head) and etc to make sure that everything looked okay before the eyes were locked into place. Another cool feature on the eyes was that Rune would have “follow me eyes” which is an illusion. For those that do not know, follow-me eyes is where the eyes are pushed back farther in the head to create the illusion that they are looking at you no matter what direction you might be walking.

Rune foam head phase 11

  • Tongue and teeth:
    —After the last update, I ended up going on vacation, and, my maker ended up finding herself to be very busy. We kept communication open during this time since I still had one last payment of $100 to make. After awhile, she did find time to work on Rune again, and his teeth and tongue were put in on June 27th.
    The maker asked if I wanted Rune’s tongue to remain flat or whether I wanted to add in some fluff to make it take up more of the mouth. But, being concerned with ventilation and the like within the fursuit head, and, not knowing exactly what a puffed-up tongue might look like, I decided to keep the tongue flat as to keep things simple. Plus, the tongue already looked good as-is, and, I did not want to mess that up and be difficult for my maker.
    With this final update, the teeth and everything else being in place and lips added to make everything look more realistic…all that was left now was the neck piece for Rune and he would be complete!! The only thing I asked at this point was that Rune be shaved down just a tad bit more to which, my maker would do, but, we could not go much farther without the mesh being visible due to the fur being possibly too thin.


Rune fursuit head completion

  • Completion!!!
    —Rune was completed two days after the last update and the modeling pics were sent to me on June 29th!!! Rune was finally completed and, he looked amazing!! As per my agreement with my maker, I sent the final payment of $100 to her, and she agreed to ship Rune ASAP and to get me a tracking number when she could. At this point, the waiting is the first part because you just get so excited!!!!



  • Shipping:
    —Rune was shipped out on July 4th because there were holidays before that. Also, I had asked my maker to wait and ship Rune once I had come home…and I did not return home until right before the first of July. He shipped from Canada, so, you had to take into account that it had to go through different routes than if it were shipped in the US. When commissioning anyone for a fursuit or fursuit parts…make sure you take into account where they are located, and base your shipping time and prices based on that. For me, shipping was around $50 because it was coming from a different Country.


  • Unboxing Time!!!!
    —Rune arrived safely to me on July 12th, 4-days sooner than originally expected! with the tracking number, I was able to see where he was traveling to and from, when he made it (checked in) and thus was able to plan when it was that I needed to be home so that I could accept the package. Rune showed up in really good condition, he was well packaged and the box was not ripped, smashed, or broken anywhere. Naturally, I got Rune’s head…but, I also got a lovely letter from the maker, a badge made by the maker, a lanyard for the badge if I could get it laminated (and I eventually will) as well as a wire brush for brushing out the head if it happened to get matted at all. All were very pleasant surprises and, I was able to get the unboxing on video while Skyping with some friends!


  • Maker Review:
    —My maker was AJ Vengeant (AJKitty on FA) and, Rune was only the second Fursuit head they had ever made. Since this was not a professional maker, I was taking a risk…but I am in no way disappointed with the result Rune is perfect! What made AJ amazing to work with was the fact that she never acted like i was “pestering” her or “bothering” her when I had questions or I wanted a progress report on Rune. In fact, I only ever had to ask for a progress report twice, and that was just because I had been out of touch for a few weeks and was merely curious (but ever really concerned). AJ was amazing with communicating things with me. She told me when she had gotten a part-time job and said she would have less time to work on Rune, she informed me when making him was taking longer than planned and he would have to be finished in June/July rather than May (which was not even a problem since I was going on vacation anyways and not going to AC). Any time she had a question for me, she would message me immediately and if it concerned colors, then, she would pick out the colors and have me choose between 2-3 different ones to make sure we had the correct shade.

    she did this for Rune’s fur, for his eyes, for the mouth, and for the tongue which was very nice. On top of that, even when I had not asked, she always told me when she was going to be taking a few days to work on Rune, and she also sent me all those lovely WIP photos so that I could see how Rune was coming along every step of the way until his completion. She was always a pleasure to work with and always answered my messages within the day unless she had work. I can honestly say that there was never a moment’s concern with this maker and Rune made it here A-OK without fear of being scammed or him never making it. So, 10/10 I would recommend this maker to anyone if ever she opens to people again for making fursuits/fursuit heads. Not to mention, she added in all those lovely gifts at no extra charge and it was such a lovely gesture and made me feel really appreciated as a customer!! Rune is sturdy and very fluffy. His ears wiggle and flop, and he is everything I could have hoped for. My chin is a tight fit, but, everything else is extremely comfortable, even if it does get very hot (as every Fursuit head does).  Vision in the suit is better than expected and is easy to slip on and off. S, def check them out if ever they are open for fursuits, and their art is really good as well. I know they occasionally do commissions of that nature as well…so I would def recommend you to invest in this artist!! 😀

AJ letter


  • Conclusion:
    —So, Rune’s head is now finished and, I could not be happier! I do plan on making him into a fullsuit eventually that I want to wear to cons and the like. But, until I can afford it, I might just make him a partial for charity events and suiting in public. There is a def I have yet to learn about fursuiting and fursuit care…but luckily, YouTube has several guides and tutorials that have really helped me out.
    Commission a fursuit or fursuit parts does not have to be a scary thing…and, when you see the steps that go into it, you can begin to see how much time it takes with one person working on the one project versus one or two people working on MULTIPLE projects at the same time. Also, now you can gauge how close to completion your own fursuit head might be by taking a look at mine, and what steps were taken in what order. Again, all makers are different and work at different paces with a different work ethic.

But, what do YOU think of Rune? I love him to bits, and I can’t wait to continue this fursuit journey with you…so thanks so much for all the support you all have given me, and thank you for tuning into my blog. It really does mean a lot! Fursuit Friday Feature will come back as planned next week…and until then, I will see you all in the next blog 😉

ASK ME ANYTHING!!! [New YouTube Channel]


It’s a box!!! But what is inside?!?

Rune’s Fursuit Head of course! It’s done, it’s here! He is perfect, and, I can’t wait to share him with all my readers for tomorrow’s blog!!!!

But…that’s not what this blog post is about…well…it sorta is, and sorta isn’t.

The real news is that Rune has a YouTube Channel now!!!

After getting his fursuit head done, I decided to go ahead and make Rune a YouTube Channel to talk about all things Furry-related. This Channel would also include photo slideshows from when I might eventually take Rune out in public, future Cons and Furmeets, as well as some short skits just in general! I have big plans for the Channel, and already I have myself 9 subscribers after posting the unboxing video of Rune!!!

So that’s where YOU come in.

For Rune’s first official video outside of the unboxing one, I would like to do a Q&A while wearing Rune’s head! I feel like this would be a nifty and fun way that my subscribers and myself could get to know one-another a lot better and maybe then it could set off my channel so that I can get more people leaving me feedback on how I can make even more entertaining content for you all!
So, ask me questions…it can be about anything you want…food, furries, both? TV, real life…Pokemon Go, Furries, Angel Dragons…you name it, and I’m willing to talk about it really. 😀

So, if you want to drop a question for me…you can either drop a comment on this blog, or head on over to my YouTube Channel ( and leave me a comment there!

Thank you so much for reading my blog, for tuning in, and for all your continued to support! As always, I will see you all in the next blog 😉

Fursuit Friday Feature #14: BILLY LUGOSI


Hello everyone, and, HAPPY FURSUIT FRIDAY!!!
Like every other week, today is my favorite day of them all…and not just because I then have the weekend to do as i please, but, it’s because today is the day that I get to show off another amazing Fursuit!!! For the last 3-4 weeks (and even farther back), we have had some amazing submissions. We have had fuzzy lions, adorable foxes, an inflatable dolphin, and then a chibi Angel Dragon.

So, for this week to kind of mix it up from the cute and fluffy, I decided to take things in a more “cool” direction, and introduce you to the ever-suave and classy: Billy Lugosi!!! this suit stands out to me for multiple reasons. Not only because the intricate face pattern, but this Fursona has an amazing hair style to boot…not to mention that his is amazing in front of a camera.

I was very excited when I offered to interview this awesome creature and he accepted. So, before I ramble on any further, let us get down to the interview and learn a little bit more about this interesting character!!!

1: Name: William Rodriguez
2: Character Name: Billy Lugosi
3: Character Species: Spectacled Flying Fox (Fruit Bat)

4: Fursuit Maker: Cuttlebone :

5: Total Cost:
He was made from an amalgam of on-hand materials and bought supplies… so less than $500.

6: How long did it take you to get your Fursuit?
Maybe a few months from the start of construction.

7: When did you decide that you wanted a Fursuit?
When I started dating my current partner I was introduced into the ‘fursuiting’ and fursuit-making’ world. After a year or so of being together and having the opportunity to observe a fursuit being constructed from start to finish, I guess the idea of owning one kind of grew on me until I wanted one for myself.

I think after my first convention (FWA 2013) was when I began to mull about commissioning, or making my own fursuit. Between all the room partying and browsing the artist’s alley and dealer’s den, I definitely noticed something; conventions were really focused around the fursuits… and the dancing. Outside my circle of Virginia Beach friends, no one really remembered me being at FWA’13; now, loads more people remember seeing ‘the punk fruit bat with the pompadour.’ I guess, in a way, it was an avenue for me to solidify my existence in this strange fandom. I was leaving more of an impression on people with my character opposed to anything else.

8: Do you go out in public while wearing your suit? Tell us one of your favorite experiences!
I normally don’t go out in my suit solo, but I like wearing it in groups with other fursuiters. I hate being the center of attention for too long so I like anonymity in numbers.

9: Have you been to any Cons in suit? If you have gone to multiple ones, which one is your favorite and why?
I’ve been to several cons since my first: FWA three times, TFF, FTM, Furry New Years Ball, MFF. If I had to choose my favorite con it would be FWA – I’ve just never had a bad time there. MFF is definitely fun too, but I’ve only been there once – gotta go again to make sure .

10: How have people reacted to your Fursuit while you are out in Public?
The usual reaction is a stare and an awkward smile or giggle. People usually want to take pictures or interact with me. I like hearing peripheral voices like, ‘OMG look!’, or ‘what is that?’ I think sometimes I enjoy being around non-furries in suit sometimes. You’re putting a highlight in someone’s otherwise ordinary day.

11: What was your main goal in getting a suit? Did you have any plans for it or did you just get one for fun?
Well back to previous answer where I stated that having a fursuit solidified my purpose for being in the fandom. I have a lot of social anxiety and I’m a huge introvert so being able to remain anonymous while being in public was a huge thing for me. I want to make friends, I want to do silly shit in public and still retain my dignity, haha. It helped/helps me break out of my bubble.

12: How do you act differently in suit VS when you are dressed as you normally would?
Out of suit, I’m pretty straight-faced and less approachable. I’m quiet, shy, and reserved. In suit, I’m much more inclined to be mischievous and exude ‘the attitude’ that comes with my character.

13: What is your least favorite thing about wearing a Fursuit?
My least favorite part of wearing the fursuit is probably the fact that your character is very same-faced, no matter how you feel on the inside. So occasionally you may run into the problem of needing to get to spot where you can just chill, but you’re being constantly stopped for hugs and pictures. Luckily for me, I have no qualms with removing my head in public. I know a lot fursuiters think it’s taboo to ‘ruin the magic,’ but as for me, nah.

14: What advice would you give first-time Fursuiters and those considering getting a Fursuit?
So you want to get a fursuit? Awesome! Join the ranks! Please consider your choice of maker carefully… do your research. Discover the pros and cons of every make and model of fursuit out there. Ask friends online. A good idea is to ask a local friend who already owns one: What do you like/dislike about your fursuit? Can I try the head/body suit on? If you have multiple friends that own suits from different makers, that’s even better! Find out which style fits your taste the best. Remember, you’re about to throw upwards of several thousands of dollars down on this purchase. A fursuit is an investment choice one can’t smartly decide overnight.

Also… prepare to sweat! Fursuits are made of faux fur and high density upholstery foam, if not resin – which traps even more air in. You’re a walking sweat box in a matter of minutes sometimes. You need to be hydrated… like yesterday. Drink plenty of water… eat something light so you have energy. Be familiar with the zippers and snaps on your suit in case you need to quickly get out of suit on your own.

You’ll be smart to invest in some kind of compression gear or dive skin that can make getting in and out of less troublesome and less itchy; also you’ll want, and NEED, an extra barrier to keep excess sweat from getting on the fabric of your suit. Buy a hang-air drying fan to air out your body suit after use and maybe a small fan to dry out your head as well. Dryer sheets with a fresh scent really help to absorb odor and freshen up your head when it’s not in use. And a good rule of thumb is to just wash the suit after coming back from a convention, even before going if it’s been in storage for some time. Make sure to brush your suit often before and after wearing it with a wire dog grooming brush to keep your longer fur from getting wavy and tangled.

15: Do you think you will ever get another suit in the future? Would it be an upgrade to your current suit or a different character?
I probably will get another version of my character someday. Whether I’ll make it myself or commission it is still undecided.

16: Do you make any videos while in suit (YouTube):
I have been in some videos… nothing too big, just silly stuff for a laugh.

Unfortunately, I was not able to find said videos…but it would be cool to someday see this Fursuit in action 🙂

But, I really liked reading this interview afterwards. It would seem that the person underneath the character actually has some really good advice and has really done his research when it comes to Fursuits. I agree with what he has to say though. Fursuits are a VERY big investment and must be considered VERY carefully. You have to choose a maker, then decide if the character you are thinking about having done is one you will wear for a long time to come. While some people feel it is necessary to have a suit in the fand,…be aware that only 15%-20% of the fandom actually suits…so, do what makes you feel comfortable 🙂

It’s also amazing to see the contrast of the people while in their suit versus how they are outside of it. Also the contrast between looks. Some Fursonas tend to look similar to their creator, and others are completely different. That is why Fursuit Friday is always such a treat for me, and, readers have shown that they really like these blog posts as well!!!

So thank you Billy for participating in the Fursuit Friday Feature for this week! If YOU would like to one day be featured in the Fursuit Friday Feature for this blog, I am always looking to do new interviews! All you have to do is drop a comment down below with a link to your FB, FA, or DA where I might be able to contact you. Also, if you have friends that might be interested, don’t hesitate to share this blog with them!!! But, thanks so much for tuning in. I really love writing for this fandom and showcasing all the different people within it. Doesn’t matter to me…regufur, watcher, artist, crafter, or suiter. You are all unique to me and I can’t wait to showcase you some day!
But, that’s all I have for now…so, as always, I will see you all in the next blog 😉

Fursuit Friday Feature #13: JIINXXY


Happy Fursuit Friday everyone!!!

As stated in the last blog, I am back from vacation and I want to thank everyone who sent me well wishes and fun times while I was away. California was a blast, I miss it already…but, now that I am back, I have more time for my blog. With everyone being at Anthrocon, now is the BEST time to show off all the Fursuits you might possibly encounter while you are there…and because this is feature number 13 (the cursed number and jinx), I thought it clever to showcase to you Jiinxxy!!!

Alright…so maybe I thought it was clever even if no one else did (*grumble*), but, what is actually really cool about this feature is that Jiinxxy is friends with our first-ever feature on this blog: PEARL!!!! That’s right! So we get to showcase another adorable Angel Dragon which is always my favorite thing to do!

Jiinxxy was one of the earlier fuzzbutts that got to take my new set of interview questions for a spin, and, I had so much fun being able to look through their DA gallery to find the perfect pics just for this feature! I will admit that it was super hard because, Jiinxxy is just so darned cute! But, I am rambling at this point so lets just dive right in like we always do and get to know this Fursuiter a bit better!

1.Name: Tylar Sutcliff.

2. Character Name: Jiinxxy.

3. Character Species: Chibi angel dragon.

4. Fursuit Maker (can include links to shop if you want): Pawie Paws! (Link)

5. Total Cost (optional)—

6. How long did it take you to get your Fursuit?
I received him in around 3-4 months, I think.

7. When did you decide that you wanted a Fursuit?
Quite a long time ago when I was little, it was only in the past few years I decided that I would go ahead and get one!

8. Do you go out in public while wearing your suit? Tell us one of your favorite experiences!
Sadly Jiinxxy hasn’t been taken out in public. I really want to though.

9. Have you been to any Cons in suit? If you have gone to multiple ones, which one is your favorite and why?
I think he has been out to two cons. Man, that was so fun. London Super Comic Con was where I first met Toxin, Jiinxxy’s brother ❤

10. How have people reacted to your Fursuit while you are out in Public?
Like I said about going out in public, my little dragon hasn’t had the chance. I have taken out Lyrico (Polar wolf) and SKells (Skeletal fox) though. People have been quite fond of Lyrico, even though he does have one eye with a scar over it. I only take SKells out into public on Halloween, she’s perfect for creeping out the teenagers on my estate.

11. What was your main goal in getting a suit? Did you have any plans for it or did you just get one for fun?
Honestly, just for fun and being able to bring a character to life.

12. How do you act differently in suit VS when you are dressed as you normally would?
I tailored Jiinxxy’s character to be quite a lot like me. Energetic, squeaky and fun. I do suppose there is the smallest confidence boost whilst in suit, I wouldn’t really just look at someone and give a loud
peep! if I wasn’t some fluffy dragon creature.

13. What is your favorite thing about wearing a Fursuit?
Being able to portray his character and make people smile if they like it. The highest compliment I could be given is a smile at Jiinxxy ❤

14. What is your least favorite thing about wearing a Fursuit?
Overheating, and every now and again, my hair falling out of the cap and going in my eyes.

15. What advice would you give first-time Fursuiters and those considering getting a Fursuit?
Be aware of any situation that could happen whilst wearing the suit, and have preparations set in case of these situations happening. Like overheating, fursuit damage, being in a big crowd with limited sight. And also be aware of how big your suit is. You don’t want to be bumping into people with a large pair of wings, or tripping people up on your tail.

16. What would you say is your biggest peeve when it comes to your Fursuit?
People being unaware of my sight range. I know it’s not someone else’s fault if I don’t see them and accidentally walk into them or bump them, it’s just a thing when it comes to suits. Luckily Jiinxxy has quite good sight. In Lyrico, who has horrible sight, I have actually had someone come right up to me and just stand in the same spot as I walk right forward into them.

I’ve just thought of another one. Once again, not really anyone’s fault, but it’s something I’ve experienced. Disrespectful kids. Now, I love kids. They are all sweethearts. Even if they’re the one’s yelling out “That’s not a real [insert species here]!”. But I’ve had a hoard of kids run up to me, pull at the fur, and try to undress me from my fursuit. I had to very quickly remove my head and tell them to please take a step back and not do that.

17. Do you think you will ever get another suit in the future? Would it be an upgrade to your current suit or a different character?
I am planning on selling Lyrico and redesigning him to be a jackalope. Bunnies are my favourite animals (I’ve based Jiinxxy’s personality and actions off of my own bunnies). I am thinking of possibly having some alterations to Jiinxxy’s markings, but that’s still something to be thought about in the future.

18. Do you make any videos while in suit (YouTube):
I used to. A few con adventures, a suit-up, a speech and a dance video.

19. (Final Question): Any extra words of wisdom you would like to add for anyone reading this? [it can literally be about anything]:

This is something I’ve noticed a lot of in this particular fandom. First-time suit makers being trashed because their hard work doesn’t look like the definition of perfection.

Darlings, everyone starts from somewhere. Don’t take it to heart if someone has a negative opinion. You keep that first fursuit head. Keep it and keep looking back on it every time you make more. You will notice just how much you’ve improved in time. You will succeed, I promise. This is coming from the guy who didn’t know how to put on eyeliner just over a year ago. But still. Am I getting my point across?

Love you all, sweethearts, and stay absolutely fabulous.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So there you have it folks! That was Jiinxxy the Chibi Angel Dragon!

To me, it is always amazing the lovely characters people can make just using two colors. Just how they arrange the markings and etc…some might say it’s not so creative, but I think Jiinxxy looks amazing and would def love to be at a con with this suiter one day! Not to mention, I loved the dance video, and would very much recommend you heading over to Jiinxxy’s YouTube even if it is only to say a quick “hello”.

Seeing all the adorable suiters out there really has me looking forward to suiting up myself (one day)…but, for right now, all I have is Rune’s head, so, we will see what I can make happen in the years to come.

But, that’s all we have for this one! If you are a suiter and would like to one day be featured in this blog as well, feel free to drop me a comment linking to your FA, DA, FB, or other so that we can set up an interview! Best part is, you don’t even have to be a fursuiter to get interviewed!!! I like interviewing just the average watcher, furry — I even interview artists and crafters that want to showcase their art pages and their works! So, reach out to me and lets get your name out there!

Also…just real quick: I am still looking for people who are currently at Anthrocon that would like to document their experience for me to showcase!
It’s really easy!!! You write an article about your experiences thus far at Anthrocon…you can submit pictures, raw footage, anything! This way, people that could not go or are debating going in the future can see what Anthrocon is like through your eyes!!! Again, leave a comment if you want to volunteer!!!

So, thank you all for tuning in! I am very glad to be back so that I might bring you more amazing furry content. You know the drill…thank you all for reading and, I will see you all in the next one 😉

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