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Fursuits are a LUXURY [not a NEED]


Character: Syber

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Convention: Further Confusion 2012

I know that I have been doing a lot of ranting, but, this is something I feel I need to address or else I might just explode.

I recently joined a group on Facebook known as “Furries with real Fursuits”…the reason should be really obvious as I am always looking for new people to showcase for my “Fursuit Friday Feature”…and, I figured this place would be a great place to look for future suiters.

The group in itself is great. There are a lot of people there who are attempting to make their own Fursuit, they are getting really good advice and links to tutorials when they need them…not to mention the group itself shows off some very impressive suits. Pictures follow characters from start to finish on their production and it’s really neat and nifty to look at. HOWEVER…the one thing I cannot stand about this group is that occasionally it will get flooded with people begging for money towards a Fursuit.

I will admit right now that I used to have a GoFundMe for Rune…
Some friends talked me into it, convinced me it was for charity reasons…but, no one donated to me at all, and honestly, it opened my eyes a little. Even if it was for charity, what it came down to was that a Fursuit is a luxury item…it’s not a necessity in the Furry Fandom, but, some people in the group fight tooth and nail that it is.

It’s not even so much that people ask for money to buy a fursuit…but that they go around asking Fursuit-makers to make their character for FREE. Then, when they are denied, they get mad and go on a rampage…and the Admins have had to put their foot down. They explained that fursuits are luxury items and not essential to being a Furry…
They also had to explain that minors can not be sold Fursuits, and that begging for money for a Fursuit was wrong and ultimately annoying as it clogged up the page. While I applaud the Admins for saying what needed to be said…their words were met with a lot of negative backlash.

For example:



Troll: I think a fursuit is a vital part of who we are, and thus a need. I thought people here would understand
Admin: Mmmm no. It’s not a NEED. It is a WANT. Do you NEED a fursuit to survive? To go to work/school? No; want. Do you need a job to survive? A home? Food? Yes; need. Learn the difference.
Admin 2: No, not a need at all. It’s a luxury item that you have to save up and earn.

This was just one of the many people who were confused as to why they were being “called out” about wanting a Fursuit…and a lot of them were minors that did not get why most people would not help them/ sell to them or whatever due to their age or the fact that they were begging.

While again, I applaud the Admins for putting out that post…they did not really “explain” anything…rather they just kept expressing that a Fursuit was a luxury. Some people offered a few examples, but I decided to make this blog to show why a Fursuit is not needed, and also cover why minors should not go out and try and get themselves a Fursuit:

  • Only 20% of people in the fandom wear a Fursuit:

—The Furry fandom is made up of thousands of people and it is growing every single day! Nowadays the furry fandom is more mainstream than ever…but, out of all those thousands of people, only 20% of them actually wear fursuits. These are not even just fullsuits…but these count partials as well. Having a fursuit is not an essential part of being part of the fandom. There are people in the fandom that do not even have a Fursona! These things and parts of the fandom are completely optional…and therefore having a fursuit does not automatically mean you are now “official” any way…it just means you want to suit up.It’s not a need though…it’s not a necessity. No one is going to ban you from the fandom for not having a suit. Having a suit does not even guarantee that you will make more friends. Having a suit does not guarantee instant popularity either…so saying that you need one is rubbish. Fursuits are a luxury and it is something you should earn for yourself by working hard to get one just like everyone else.

  • Makers do not buy from minors for fear of being scammed:

—Lets be honest for a minute: What minor has thousands of dollars to throw away? You have to be aware that even a partial Fursuit can start running you from $300-$700 and a full-suit costing anywhere between $1000-$3000!!! Sure, people offer payment plans…but, at 14-16-years-old, can you afford paying $200 a month? Would your parents be willing to give you that much money for a costume that is non-essential? It’s silly really…and, even if you have a job at 16-17…you’re not getting paid that much, your hours are only part-time by law, and there’s no guarantee you will keep that job or even be getting enough hours to make decent payments. A lot of minors think they can afford a Fursuit and then start making payments, only to realize they lose hours or that they are spending so much that they can do little to nothing else with their hard-earned money. Most minors don’t send payments for years to complete their suits…and what they usually do is say they no longer want their suit done…and then they ask for a refund. Well guess what? you won’t get a refund if you decide to stop making a suit…
You have your down-payment (which is not returned so the maker can at least make a profit for you wasting their time), and then you have supply cost. Anything left over from supply cost, you might get back…but, it won’t be much. And, you can’t blame the maker either…they started their work, they did their part…they owe you nothing if you suddenly change your mind because it’s more expensive than what you imagined. Then what happens to the suit you were having made? well…if you don’t finish making it and paying for it…you don’t get it. Simple as that.
A maker is not going to ship you the foam and fur…more than likely, they will finish making the head with a different fur pattern, sell it as a pre-made to earn some of their money back from the time you wasted, and/or they might be able to use the foam for another customer who wants a suit from them.

Also, minors sometimes think they can get away with stealing Mom and Dad’s credit cards to make payments (as if they won’t notice…and yes, this has happened)! That could get a maker into serious legal trouble…so, in turn, most makers will not do deals with minors because they are very unreliable for business, the parents are generally unawares of what said-child is actually trying to buy…and, because minors tend to change their Fursona, change their mind about being in the fandom, and are still growing and changing…it’s just not smart for a maker to do business with someone that is under the legal age of 18.

  • Minors (sometimes) are still growing:

—Fursuits are made to fit you…YOU individually. That means your head size, your body…and oftentimes, minors are people that are 14, 15, 16…and they are still growing. My wife is almost 30 and she even got a growth spurt and now her jacket sleeves are too short. So, you want to wait until you are at least 18 before even considering getting a suit. Now you’re thinking: “I could just get it redone or adjusted”. Yeah…sure you can…IF you have the money for a whole other suit. Professional makers won’t just make you a new body suit because you grew. You will have to pay for a new suit. Sometimes makers will do repairs, but not something like growing. Get too fat? Well, you’re going to have to buy a new suit. Suit gets too big because you lose weight? Chances are you will also have to get a new suit because the patterns of the fur won’t look right if you take them in.
Fursuits are made specifically to match the character reference you give the maker…and they take into account your personal measurements so that they know where the fur patterns fall and how it would look right sitting on top of you. So, a lot of makers do not sell to minors because they don’t want complaints when a suit is now too short or too small…because they are not going to make you  anew one for free. Also, it’s practically a waste for them to make you something you can only wear a few times before it’s of no use anymore.

  • Your Fursona might change a million times:

—Consider this for a moment: I became a Furry in 2008, I was 18-years old. My Fursona at the time was very simple: blue wolf with wings, glasses, blonde hair, and baggy clothing. but, over time, I grew…and, my fursona grew with me. I’m not the only person that has done this either. Fursonas change all the time, and, with a majority of people not even making their own Fursona anymore but buying pre-made designs from artists…you find more often than not that, a person will not connect with a character after awhile and will sell them off for something newer. Tastes change and circumstances can also make one want to change their Fursona. So, even once you are no longer a minor…please consider how long you have had a Fursona before making it into a suit. I have had my character for over 7 years now…and my Angel Dragon I have had for over a year but have invested so much in him, I know that I will never sell him as he is a part of me. Other characters like my DAD Orion I’m still giving some thought into…
I’m not sure if I will have him forever or always use him, so, I’m debating on making him into a partial. All I’m saying is that take your time in deciding whether or not you want a fursuit…find a maker, get a quote…make sure your character is complete and is not bound to change any time soon. Make sure you connect with that character and wouldn’t mind being known as said character at meets and cons.

So those are just a few examples of why begging for a Fursuit or starting a charity fund to get one is all just a bit silly. That would be like starting a fundraiser because you want a PS4. You having that console does not really help anyone other than yourself, and sure, you might get to play more games with your friends which makes them happy…but, there are other ways you could make them happy without even having a PS4…which is the same as a Fursuit. You may want the suit for charity and you may be planning to raise money and do all sorts of cool things with it…but, nothing is stopping you from doing that without the suit? You could still try to raise money, still volunteer your services for charity organizations…you could still go and make the difference without the suit, but you’re choosing not to.

Anyways, thank you all for tuning in! I’m sorry that blogs have been few and far in between but I am still on vacation. I will be back to showcasing Fursuits again this Friday and then maybe figure out some more posts for next week. But thank you for reading and as always, I will see you all in the next one 😉


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7 thoughts on “Fursuits are a LUXURY [not a NEED]

  1. Brownee Bear on said:

    well I might not owned a fursuit. Never will its too expensive. But You can still get a suit. I have a Bear suit.Most of the Furries ask who made your suit. I said Marylen costume . Actully My Bear is a Mascot type Costume. If you look at fursuit. Fursuit is a nickname for mascots. If you just want a ordinary fursuit. all you haffta to do. go to the costume shop. If your Design is there. Go for it. Whats makes Fursuits very expensive is its the Spefication yes Fursuits have issues just like mascot costumes. But even Mascot Makers can make a suit of your choice all you need is a Ref sheet. Well I got my bear for $500 its a full suit. Actully my bear was made by the Mascot Manufacture Currently my suit is 12 years old still in good shape.You can actually buy a suit at the costume shop which will be lesser than 10 grands.No I don,t live a luxious life. I just make do of the suits I have. Mascot costumes can pass as a Fursuit as long its a Animal. That’s all I haffta to say.


    • True. Mascot suits can pass as Fursuits, and there are people that do this…but, what most people want are the expensive, custom suits like what Telephone has or any other popular furry. People want to make a custom character…and mascot shops dont often provide what they want at the quality they are looking for. Im just talking about those custom fursuits though. Anyone can get a mascot costume, a mask, or animal props to wear. But the point still is that these things are a luxury, they are not a need or necessity in the fandom and theres no reason for minors to go out to get fursuits when they can not afford it, dont want to make their own, and they dont stay in the fandom very long or even keep the same character. Also, makers have been scammed by minors not able to make payments which is a big problem.


    • Or, you know, you could just, find a fursuit maker who isn’t popular. The expensive fursuits are only expensive because of their maker. we should support those small makers who have lots of talent, but aren’t well know. Also partial fursuits, in my opinion, look better. also they last longer. so you could get one of those


      • True as well. Rune (my suit) was made by a beginner and is a partial…and my 2nd suit is made by a friend and is also a partial. Commissioning lesser-known makers is always an option as well. Though, that also comes with its own risks. So always do your research first!


  2. What confuses me is that they just want a suit, why they don’t just at least try and make one themselves. I think it’s far more rewarding to make one yourself and improve on your own skills rather than just relying on someone else. Plus, I’d be really worried about commissioning anyone for exactly the reasons you said As in it not fitting or not wanting it anymore. I too hate it when people in this fandom moan and whine that they didn’t get something free. Why, no, HOW can anyone have the mentality to think that someone would love to spend their time making someone else’s random character that means nothing to them, for free? This “I want= I need” mentality really gets to me.


    • It gets to me too…everyone feels entitled to cheaper or free stuff, not even taking into account that some people do this work to pay bills and make a living. I agree that if they are too young to commission someone or they do not have much money, they should invest to try and make something for themselves.


  3. Amora on said:

    I will admit until I read this I was in between.


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