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Would-You-Rather-Wednesday #2


Hello again Furs and Fuzzbutts and welcome to another “Would-You-Rather-Wednesday”!!! If you’re unfamiliar with this type of blog, it is that time of the week where I ask the furry fandom a random question taken from the internet and they put in their responses to be featured right here.

Now, last week we had a lot of different answers and this week we had some new faces, but not as many people answering as before. But, let’s get to the question and see the answers.

  • QUESTION: “Would you rather use eye drops made of vinegar or toilet paper made from sandpaper?”


Nikki Wolfe chari Bugjuice by Jess Napper

**Bugjuice chari owned by Nikki Wolfe / Art by: Jess Napper**

Nikki Wolfe: Oh god both are so pleasurably evil…I would have to go with the sand paper though because after a while your eyes will just dry up or die out but with sand paper…it just get rawer and rawer until you just keel over from the pain. Or at least that’s what Bugjuice would do in torture cases

Andie Clark chari Denim by EmberDragon
**Denim chari owned by Andie Clark / Art By: EmberDragon**

Andie Clark: My answer to this is sandpaper for toilet paper, simply because sandpaper always has the smooth side, so it won’t hurt for one, and since its cardboard basically, then it will absorb more and stiffer means it can get more when wiping the back

KittenLynn AikaKnight chari Phantom colored by  Korrinku Adopts base is by Keesness

**Phantom chari owned by AikaKnight / Base by Keesness / Colored by Korrinku**

Kitten-Lynn AikaKnight:  I would have to say the sandpaper toilet paper. As yes it’s absorbent. But it can also be used for other uses in the bathroom where as the vinegar in the eyes could cause permanent blindness. So, better to be sore than blind I’d have to say.

Sammy Evison-Jones chari Brandish by venoushound

**Brandish chari owned by Sammy Jones / Art by: Venoushound**

Sammy Evison-Jones:  Tbh I would go with vinegar eyes drops, I mean it can’t be worse than getting chili in my eye. I was cutting it up one time I was cooking then rubbed my eye. Worst. Idea. Ever.

Ruby Alldredge

**Shewulf Art and Chari owned by: Ruby Alldredge**

Ruby Alldredge: I go for vinegar… I don’t need eye drops that often, but I do have the need to wipe my ass daily… Temporary distortion in vision is nothing compared to bleeding anus… I love to sit…

Adrian Nash art by Gemma Macklin

**Chari owned by Adrian Nash / Art by: Gemma Macklin**

Adrian Nash:  Sandpaper toilet paper. Vinegar would feel ten times worse

Deanna English chary Eshe Seble art by Elyssa Podge
**Eshe Seble chari owned by Deanna English / Art by: Elyssa Podge**

Deanna English:  I’d use the toilet sandpaper before vinegar eye drops. I say that for undisclosed reasons that happened in real life. Another reason is sandpaper is similar to a cat’s tongue.

by Acid the Angel Dragon

**Rune chari belongs to Amelia Rene Long / Art by: AcidTheAD**

RUNE: I would rather use vinegar for eye drops. Looking at it from the logical standpoint…I never use eye drops. Plus, I would rather do temporary burning than to have scabs all over my hind-end. Blindness threats aside, I feel like vinegar is the least-ouchie option…so yeah, would rather have the vinegar.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in this week’s edition of: “Would-you-Rather-wednesday”! If you would like to be in next week’s blog, then answer this question: “Would you rather be without elbows or be without knees?”

Answer the question above in the comments and leave a link to a picture of your Fursona (make sure it is credited) so that you too can be featured in next week’s blog! More blogs coming this week, thanks for tuning in, and as usual, I will see you in the next one 😉


Zootopia Discussion


  • Is Zootopia good or bad for the Furry community?
  • Was it even made for Furries?

So I finally jumped on the hype train and was treated to see Zootopia by my mate. I will write a review later, but, today I am focusing on a question I see often in groups which is: “Is Zootopia good or bad for the Furry Community?” and “Was the movie made for Furries?”

I remember seeing the trailer for Zootopia, and naturally, the Furry fandom blew up with excitement! They finally thought that they were being recognized as a community, that Disney had finally decided to make a Furry movie…but is this true?

Well…hate to break your heart, but, no. Much as I will admit that the Furry Community has grown and become more mainstream over the years, Disney is not beyond making anthro animal movies, and so, this in no way was meant to be about furries and make people “understand” us.

In fact…people outside of the fandom were groaning thinking it WAS a Furry movie, thinking it was meant to recruit young people into the fandom…but alas, it is just another animal movie, with another moral lesson to teach, it’s Disney, and it’s amazingly adorable and fun to watch.

Granted…it did pose a good question about being equal. In the movie (no spoilers I promise), the premise of it was prey versus predator, and whether they are really all that different. It covered stereo-types really well…so naturally, people assumed that it was about accepting Furries…when really it was about people just accepting other people. Accepting people no matter their race, no matter their gender…Furry, LGBTQ, it is all about acceptance and loving each other.

So…is it only about Furries? No. Is it a Furry movie? No. Does it help teach acceptance towards Furries? Well…yes actually. It teaches acceptance and love in general. So yes.
But back to the other question…

So, is it good or bad?

Well…in truth, I see it as a little of both.

While I admit it is NOT a movie about Furries, I think it did put the spotlight on the Furry community and give us a little recognition in the right ways. Seeing furries talk about Zootopia and start more vidoes and write more blogs discussing what a furry is and what they hope for in the movie really brought us all together to hype about something. I think the community really came together for this movie and kinda set aside the general drama for a minute that drives us apart at times.

However…is the movie recruiting for Furries? Not literally…but it will bring in a new flux of younger furries and that spells bad news for me.

Allow me to explain before you come up in arms about me saying I am not liking the idea of younger furries…

I joined the fandom in 2008 (I was 17), and luckily I had someone to guide me about it…but, even that person did not tell me all the rules about the fandom. It wasn’t until I became super active in 2014 (now I was 23) that I started learning about crediting art, the rules of commissioning an artist, about art theft and what it entailed, and etc. Being a furry is a lot more mainstream than it used to be…and I see so many people ages 12, 13, 14…coming online and breaking rules left and right because they don’t know any better, and when they get corrected on their behavior by veterans in the community, they flip out!

I’m not even kidding…

A lot of “beware” posts are posted about teens that joined the fandom and thought they could trace a picture and earn a quick buck. I see kids blaming mental illness on their backlash to authoritative figures (Admins of groups mostly) in the community. Kids are usually the ones threatening to take their lives because they got in trouble, they are the ones deleting one Facebook Account and then creating another one a week later and starting drama. I will say now that this is NOT always the case though…there are adults that do this as well, but, it’s rare (actually the adults and generally the ones getting a beware for sexual harassment and more adult-themed reasons).

Zootopia is bound to bring in numbers because more kids will find out what Furry is via the movie (by looking up reviews, pictures, finding Furry fanart, reading furry articles about the movie, and then following the bread trail with this fandom)—they will see the fandom and think it’s a place where they can easily belong, and they will jump right in without even trying to figure out the rules. So many people will hop on Google, search up an animal picture (that belongs to someone else), they will join groups and then get called out for art theft…and it will be a mess.

So…while the movie has been good in bringing us together, and while the movie is good in the sense that it will bring us new members that will actually try to follow rules and be a positive influence, there will also be a huge flow of bad people coming into the fandom…trolls and kids that don’t want to play by the rules, and I am not ready to handle it. The older I get, the less tolerance I have when I see kids mate-begging or asking for art because of this woe-reason or that woe-reason…

I’m not looking forward to seeing more art thieves, tracers, and kids arguing with an Admin because they broke a rule that was very clearly posted at the top of a group but they are too cool to actually read something -_-

Call me bitter and negative, but, I see it all the time…and half of these kids that joined the fandom as a mainstream trend do not even intend to stay, and, given a few months they leave and quit because they weren’t instantly popular, did not make many friends, and probably made a bunch of enemies. I feel like this is the cycle with every fandom…but, because I’m in THIS fandom, this is why it’s so annoying to me.

So…Zootopia was good for furries that have been furries and it brought all of us dedicated members of the community together, the lesson of the movie was really good in that it not only talked about race (predator and prey), but it was hinted with things that could very easily mean to be accepting of all peoples (Furry, LGBTQ, etc). It’s bad for people thinking that being a Furry is cool in the sense that it will make them popular and they don’t even really know what being a furry is about…that they will come in thinking the fandom is one way, when really, it’s not the way they thought it at all…then they will leave after causing an uproar, and in all honesty, we need people that will help mend the community, not destroy it.

Sorry to end this on something of a bitter note…I know there will be that group of people that do not agree with me, but hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I do thank you for tuning in though, we have “would-you-rather wednesday” tomorrow, and then we will have another blog on Friday.

So, until then, I will see you in the next one 😉



^^^ Is your first instinct saying “WTF?” Well…it just gets worse from here. ^^^

so this blog will not be very long…but, this has been going around for a week already and i think it’s time to finally make a “Beware” category here just for this very reason.
This is a Fursuit…it’s not great quality…but not because it as made by a first-time Fursuit maker or anything like that…this Fursuit was made in china, ordered via  website called // DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!

Not only do they produce Fursuits of very crappy quality but all these characters are STOLEN!!! That’s right, they are not original designs! they are based off of Fursuits that have already been made, are already being worn by someone because it is their character…and all you are doing is purchasing a stolen character made derpy because it’s a cheap rip-off!!!

Fursuits are expensive for a reason…like a tattoo…you pay for the quality you want, and the more it costs, the better the quality work you will get! Do not support this site because they are stealing and, in wearing the suit you buy YOU are also stealing as well.
If you have not noticed from my previous blogs…thieves and scammers are not welcomed in this Fandom or in the Community -_-

If you already have a Fursuit and are worried your design might have been stolen, you can either check out the website and search “Fursuit” OR you can check out an FA journal with a list of characters right HERE:

People have already been looking into how to get rid of these suits, sue the people involved, get them shut-down, and so far, nothing has been working. However, you can help out by spreading the word, warning your Friends, and having them pass on the message to not buy Fursuits from these people!!!

^^ Here’s a video from a furry explaining the site and what they are doing for those looking for more information!

Again, this is a short blog, and something I think needed to get put out there so that others could be looking out for their friends and family, and so that maybe, working together, we can get this operation shut down because THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!

This is Rune signing out…and as always, I will see you all in the next blog >.>


Fursuit Friday Feature #4: Dawn the DAD


Hello everyone and welcome to another “Fursuit Friday Feature” where we give highlight to those in the Furry Fandom that are fursuiting!!! Today we have another person from the Facebook Group FaLi (Furry-and-Loving-it)…an Admin no less: Dawn the Dutch Angel Dragon!

Angel Dragons and Dutch Angel Dragons are super adorable and have been taking the fandom by storm for some time, so, it has always been really fun to feature them, talk to them, and get them to do interviews for this very reason. They always have such amazing art, great communities, and all that jazz. So, without further adieu, lets get down to knowing more about Dawn and the person suiting this adorable creature!!!

1. Name: My name is Nikki
2. Character Name: Character is Dawn
3. Character Species: He is a Dutch Angel Dragon

4. Fursuit Maker: Shanti Y. Smith
(I think her company is Monster’s Creations)

5. Total Cost: $400

6. How long did it take you to get your Fursuit?
About 3 months I think

7. Do you go out in public while wearing your suit?
Duh of course

8.Have you been to any Cons in the suit?
Not yet. Just fur meets

9. How have people reacted to your Fursuit?
Well I did get called the devil once…but usually get called adorable

10. What was your main goal in getting the suit? Did you have any plans for it or did you just do it for fun?
My main goal was to get it to make people happy. I enjoy cheering people up and making them smile.

11. Do you make any videos while in suit (YouTube)?
I haven’t made any yet except for a vlog and an adventure videos but they’ll be coming soon!




So there you have it folks…another wonderful Fursuit Friday Feature is finished and we will just as quickly begin to work our way towards the amazing #5…
I am running out of submissions for Fursuit Friday and would love to feature your Fursona in this very blog!!! If you’re interested in helping me out for this, please leave a comment down below, dropping a link to a place where I might reach you (Facebook, FA, DA, doesn’t matter) so that I can send you the questions and then maybe YOU can be featured in next week’s Fursuit Friday Feature!!!

More blogs to come throughout the week…for those celebrating it, hope you are having a wonderful and eventful “Good Friday”. Wishing everyone the best and a lovely weekend, and, as always…I will see you in the next blog 😉

Would-you-Rather-Wednesday #1


Welcome to a new feature in this furry blog called: “Would you Rather Wednesday”!!!

Every week I plan on asking a new question which the people in the furry fandom answer across all the different groups I am in. This is not only a way to showcase thoughts of people in the fandom, but naturally, they get to showcase their Fursona characters as well.

This feature was a bit last minute, but luckily, I know that every Wednesday, a new question will be posted so that more people can participate in this in the future! So lets get down to the first-ever question for “Would-you-rather-Wednesday”!

QUESTION: “Would you rather live one life that lasts 1,000 years or live 10 lives that last 100 years each?”

Courtney Conder DEPP

***Depp art and chari by Courtney Conder***

Courtney Conder:  Neither. Everyone around me including my friends and family would die. You’d have to keep making new friends. The 10 times 100 years thing would be hell going through middle school an high school again, but then the 1000 year one could be awful you could possibly live to see more wars, nukes and you’d see everyone you love or care about die no matter how many times you made new friends. So I honestly can’t pick.


Caitlin Stubbs BORF art by Gatito Tierno

***Borf owned by Caitlin Stubbs art by: Gatito Tierno***

Caitlin Stubbs: I’d rather live 10 lives that live 100 years. You’d get to experience the changing of tech and the world, bet get to start anew every 100 years. You’d be able to redo things based on past experience as well, make a whole new reputation, achieve new things.

Kajsa Forsberg art by Princessshadowmoon
***chari owned by Kajsa Forsberg // art by: Princess Shadowmoon***

Kajsa Forsberg: I would rather pick 10 lives then one because i think that it would be better to start over 10 times then never have a chance to start over a new life once. You will always have the chance to be the child 10 times then live 1000 years.

Josh Ely art by DeadDog INC
***Chari owned by Josh Ely // art by: DeadDog INC***

Josh Ely : 10 lives that lasted 100 because if and when you die you can start over and you could do whatever you wanted to you would just have be careful on the last few


Ashley Ringwig chari Star Dancer art by Squiddybum
***Star Dancer owned by Ashley Ringwig // art by: Squiddybum***

Ashley Ringwig: Would u rather live one life that lasts 1000 years or live 10 lives that last 100 years each ?
Now that’s a good question . Now I know they are a lot of personal beliefs and some may agree and some may not . But personal I would say 10 life’s for 100. But in all honesty we already do . This isn’t your souls only life . There is truth to the old saying .. you have an old soul . Or deja vu.. your soul lives multiple lives. Living just one would be lonely and boring … you would no longer find the join in the sun .. or watching the breeze push the flowers on a field . To watched ur loved ones pass and u stay the same. Would be more torture then living life . So multiple life’s it is ^.^


Michaela Hardin art by Naoki-chan

***Chari owned by Michaela Hardin // art by: Naoki-chan***

Michaela Hardin: One life thats 1000 years old because i dont want to search for my love every 10p years by the end of the 1000 id have found it and loved him id be lost without him


Deanna English chari Vickie DAD art by Carson Ackerman

***Vickie the DAD owned by Deanna English // art by: Carson Ackerman***

Deanna English: I’d live 10 times that lasts 100 years each because, I think of it as being reincarnated. Phoenixes are a great example


Sundown by TheLostCause86

***Shewulf chari by Ruby Alldredge // art by: Thelostcause86***

Shewulf7: I would rather live 1,000 years as myself.
That would require me to relive the chaos of puberty and childhood all over again. I would rather not.


Allissa Taylor  chariNaru adopted by Cekara Strider

***Naru chari owned by Allissa Taylor // adopted from Cekara Strider***

Allissa Taylor: I would rather live 10 lives for 100 years each that way I can meet people I haven’t met in a previous life and like the movie fluke hopefully one of those times I’m a dog or cat.I like the thought of different perspectives rather than living 1000 years and having to watch several people die in my life when I can die at a good age and start again while only watching a few people die in one life.


Ozzie Xiao

***chari and art by: Ozzie Xiao***

Ozzie Xiao: I would live 10 likes for 100 years because you can be different and play with life


Ashley Marie Hamilton chari Glitter Star base Furvilla colored by Peachiekyuu

***Glitter Star chari owned by Ashley Marie Hamilton // colored by Peachiekyuu // base by Furvilla***

Ashley Marie Hamilton: One Life that lasts a 1000 years because I can learn everything and do all the things I want rather than starting from scratch every single time. Even though I would have a new fresh start, in my opinion it’s not worth going through school again and working my way up all over. I’d rather work my way up once and continue to develop my life. Once I have money around 40 years of age or more I could spend the rest of the time doing all the things I couldn’t. A lot of people die unsatisfied because they never had enough time to do all they wanted. They were too focused on working and earning enough money to get by. So rather than be stuck with 10 mediocre lives, I’d rather have one that lasts longer. Quality over quantity.




Nikki Wolfe chari Dawn art by Squiddybum

***Dawn chari owned by Nikki Wolfe // art by: Squiddybum***

Nikki Wolfe : I would live 10 years of being 100 mostly due to the fact that Dutch Angel Dragons can be ‘reborn like a Phoenix’. That way I get to re-experience life instead of seeing my friends die of old age while I age at a more slower pace.


Gabby Baron chari Erika

***Erika chari owned and art by Gabby Baron***

Gabby Baron : Ten lives. 1000 as one life is so long to not experience so much and you’re essentially stuck in this seemingly endless loop. With ten separate loves you get to see ten different perspectives, and your range of viewing/doing becomes more expanded.


By Aimee Element_LOWes

***Rune chari owned by Amelia Rene Long // art by: Aimee-Lesley-Sim***

RUNE: I would rather live 1,000 years mostly because the 10 different lives are not guaranteed. As in, there’s no telling if I would remember my past life, and there’s no way of choosing what new life I would lead. Yes, it would be exciting to an extent to have a new life and identity each time…but, I would rather watch the world change over 1,000 years and collect all the new knowledge as it comes, would rather see the world evolve as one collective person than to have the ten-life gamble.


Thanks again for everyone that answered this week’s question, and, if you would like to participate for next week, answer me this question:

“Would you rather use eye drops made of vinegar or toilet paper made from sandpaper?”

Submit your answers in the comment-section down below, and drop a link of your Fursona (credit the artist as well please otherwise your image cannot be used) if you would like to be featured in next-week’s blog!!!

Thank you for tuning in, and as always, I will see you all in the next blog 😉


Reliable Artists 411

By Aimee Element_LOWes

***RUNE Commission // Art by Aimee-Lesley-Sim***

Just got this lovely commission today from a friend of mine, and decided that it was the perfect time to talk about reliable artists. In the last blog (non-highlight-related) I spoke about how to avoid bewares and bans within the fandom…and this expands on this (to an extent) for artists-only.

But, this goes beyond bewares and bans…and basically will just cover how to be a reliable artist and how to keep your customers happy and satisfied so that they keep coming back to you with orders.

So…lets get down to the “Reliable Artist 411”:

  • Have examples of your work:

—Any artist wanting to get out there and start taking commissions (selling art for money) needs examples of what they can do. This should be common sense, but I have seen people in the community asking for money in return for something that is a complete mystery because they want to “protect their style”. People will not take kindly to this and will see it as a scam. Besides, if they can not post the artwork afterwards to show it off, most likely, people will not want it anyways. So, make sure you have examples.
Not only just a few examples, but examples of all the different things you might be offering…so if you do chibi characters, have examples. If you do anthro and feral, have examples of each of those. Show the difference between sketch and colored commissions and what they look like. Show off the different species you have drawn. People are particular in what they want because they want to see their character in a style that represents them best.


  • Keep consistent Prices:

—Again, common sense.
Yes, over time your prices may lower because they might be too high and the customers are not biting. Same as prices may go up because your quality of work has become better…but, in-between all that, make sure your prices stay consistent. Don’t offer headshots on Facebook for $10 and then do them on FA for $15. Someone is bound to notice. also, changing prices weekly is bound to make people mad when they know they paid more than the last guy and/or they paid more than what you might be offering that week. So, stay as consistent as possible with prices to keep people happy and avoid stupid feuds.


  • Never bite off more than you can chew:

—When taking on commissions, it’s easy to get carried away. It’s easy to think that you can take on a lot of orders and finish them quickly…but guess what? Life happens. Artist block happens…THINGS happen. Then what? Suddenly you have this massive list of people expecting art from you and you can not provide it to them. Suddenly you’re getting angry letters wondering why they have not been drawn yet, you have people posting bewares on you thinking that you merely scammed them for money. People will demand refunds, and you will now have a crappy reputation as an artist.
This is why long-term artists often open up ‘slots’, only taking on 3-5 people at a time then taking another 3-5 once those first ones are cleared. Pace yourself…focus on doing a few pieces at a time so that you can get them out in a timely manner and still have them be pieces of quality rather than a rushed mess. I know people can get eager when it comes to money, but, it’s not worth all the mess it can create if you can not deliver what you promised.


  • Don’t jump into art expecting to be famous/popular/or in huge demand:

—I’m not saying to not be ambitious…but you have to understand that while art may in be in high demand, people are looking for certain quality art. They are often looking for experienced and trusted artists…and even if your artwork is amazing, someone just joining the art scene will have to work up to having a steady customer base. This means joining art sites and posting your art and figuring out if people are interested. This means setting up reasonable prices based on what you think people might pay for your art and then raising it/lowering it based on the results of sales or lack thereof.
This means joining furry groups, getting your name out there, hosting some events for freebies, and finding ways to advertise your product. People jump right into commissions and think they will be super popular and always be busy doing art, but this is not often the case…then they stop posting examples, stop trying to keep their pages current and stop trying to find a customer base, and, I have even seen people quit art in general just because they were not immediately as popular as you wanted to be.
So, know that this is not an easy road to be an artist…and know that it takes a lot of work, a lot of patience, and a lot of determination.


  • Do NOT spend money until you have finished an order:

—I do not know why I need to cover this, but I’m being completely serious when I say that you should NEVER spend money before you complete an order. I understand that some artist do emergency commissions to get rid of some sort of debt, but, it still stands true that the money is not yours until you complete and order and have sent the finished product to the customer. A lot of the time…life happens, and then, if you cannot complete and order, the customer will ask for a refund. What happens when you can not refund that money? You get a beware post…you are now officially a thief. Yes, they sent you money to help with your cause, but they were expecting something in return. It was not charity…it was not free money, and it’s not yours for the taking until you have given them what they have asked for. Again, not worth all the mess and trouble it will cause in the end if you get a beware post slapped on you…and then no one will commission you ever again because you scammed someone out of their money.


  • Expect criticism…constructive and otherwise:

—Artists have it hard because their work is always being scrutinized. People will be blunt with you…especially when you’re trying to sell your work. They will tell you if the anatomy is not correct, they will offer advice on different techniques for this, that, or the other thing. Do not take it badly, do not get mad…just take it and do with it what you will. Usually, these people are only trying to help…because, as an artist, you are only expected to do one thing: improve. Also, if you’re selling one type of media, some people might try and argue prices because of online demand and what might be more popular (like how people prefer digital art to traditional art a lot of the time)…or they might tell you that you might have better luck doing a different style as to what you are currently doing. Do not take it as an attack…and if it bothers you, ignore it. However, you will get a lot of criticism in the art world and sometimes it is insulting…so, take it with a grain of salt and just keep pushing forward. Trolls happen too…but hopefully you can just brush it off and know that they are deliberately trying to get a rise out of you. DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS!
It’s quite simple: If they do not like your style, they do not have to buy it. However, this does not mean you can not take their advice if you find it particularly helpful.


  • Have some sort of queue or list (stay organized):

—If you’re going to be taking multiple orders, then, it’s advised that you have some sort of list that you can show your customers so that they know where they stand. It’s always helpful and calming for customers when they can see who might be in front of them so that they can gauge when they might be getting their art. Leaving it open and a mystery and then posting art at random makes people think they are being ignored or are being pushed aside for friends and etc. I have this issue right now with someone I am waiting on…they post freebies and etc as they feel like it, and I don’t even know where I stand in the list. I don’t even know if my art will ever be done, and I might need a refund. So, even if you think it’s stupid…it puts your customers at ease and makes it so that they do not think they are being scammed.

*** “Opportunity Awaits” Art beginning to end by Thelostcause86***
***Characters belong to Element02/Shewulf7/Thelostcause86***

  • Be prepared to show a WIP:

—If an art piece has been in the works for awhile (weeks or months), occasionally, a customer might ask you for a WIP. Especially if the piece is an expensive and/or very important one. What a WIP does is that it helps the customer make sure you have the basic sketch right, that the details on their characters are correct. It’s always a great feeling to get a WIP and be asked if everything is correct because it really means that the artist cares about the quality of their work. Now, for quick pieces this is not necessary and sometimes, customers might not even ask for a WIP…but if they do, be polite, and show them what you have been working on so that they can approve it and you can move on. Best to catch mistakes now rather than later.


  • Be polite and answer questions:

— If a customer has a concern or wants to know something, the please be considerate enough to try and answer them question, even if you don’t always have the right answer. So, if they want to know how long it might be…if you’re not sure, let them know….but tell them what your working hours might be, tell them if there are orders in front of them. Offer to mail them once you start the commission if it might make them feel better. Same with the prices…if they ask to add a character or take out a detail, or have questions regarding the piece itself…answer them. If you’re too far in to add anything else, let them know. If you will have to charge them more for something they want to add, let them know. If they throw a fit about it…remember, YOU are in control. you might have to refund their money and refuse to finish the piece…but you still answered their questions, stuck to your principle and policies, and (hopefully) remained polite and calm about it. It’s give or take…but, the more you cooperate with your customers, the more likely they are to recommend you to friends.


  • Keep your customers informed of any changes:

—As I have said again-and-again: LIFE HAPPENS.
Computers get a virus, flash-drives get wiped for whatever reason. People get sick, relatives die (sad but true), and sometimes other things like work and school get in the way. We all have trouble like this, but, you NEED to let your customers know if there is something that pops up which will affect their commission. If you no longer have a computer in which to do art, then you have to be willing to accept that you might have to give a refund since you cannot complete an order. If you’re going away on Holiday…let people know and usually they will be patient with you. Same if you’re sick. People can be very understanding but, only if you let them know what is going on.


  • Try and get your orders done in a timely fashion:

—Everyone has their own pace, and quality art takes time…but, that does NOT mean to get around to it whenever you feel like doing it. When you take an order, you are making a promise to get started on that piece as soon as possible and to make sure it gets to the customer. As I said above…the money they paid you is not yours until you have completed their order, so, why put it off? Yes…art blocks happen and sometimes people fall into a depression and just can’t even fathom drawing something or painting, but, if you’re deliberately putting it off just because you think you can get it done quickly then you are not being very fair to the customer. I have many artist that finish my art within a  few days or within a week at most…they are what I consider top-notch quality and they are professionals. They do not always feel like doing something, but they know that this is their job, this is about their income, this is about keeping a steady and satisfied customer base. Being an artist is a thankless job…because it’s not about you, it’s about the customer and about you giving you 100% so that they can show off your work to the world. As mentioned before…if there is a legitimate reason as to why you can not do art, then let your customer base know. Most will understand…but, don’t be that jerk that ignores messages and then just posts when they feel like it.


  • If you can not finish a piece…provide a refund:

—Simple as that. If you will never EVER finish a piece, then give that person a refund and let them know why you are giving them their money back. If you are giving up art, or are too depressed, or you re grieving, or you are too sick, and etc…give people their money back. Like the points above, the money is not yours until you have finished their order, people rely on you for a product and not giving them that product but keeping the money is stealing. Blocking the person so they can not message you is the lowest thing a person could do…you will get a beware post, you will most likely be reported to Paypal, and it could cause a lot of legal trouble as well as issues on social media or wherever you post your art. If people tell you to keep the money, that’s one thing…but don’t just assume people will just forget about what they ordered because, that’s not generally how this works.


Being an artist is tough work…it takes a lot of practice and a lot of determination. Some people cannot cut doing commissions because of all that it requires. That’s not to say that you should not give it a try, but that you should be somewhat prepared before taking it on. Getting your name out there and finding that steady customer base takes a lot of work if you do not have the right connections…and it’s a very competitive field, especially in the furry community.

But, follow these small tips and hopefully it will help you on your way…be a reliable artist instead of the other guy and you’ll already shine brighter than some. The one thing that furries worry about most is scams…we see them happen all the time. The last thing we want to lose is our money and/or our characters…so please keep that in mind. It’s hard trusting a little-known artist, and that’s because there are so many thieves out there that it’s hard.

Anyways…thank you for reading! Share this blog if you found it helpful in any way and tell your friends to follow (please)! A new feature is coming tomorrow called “Would-You-Rather Wednesday”, and I’m pleased to say that we already have some answers to post!!! If you would like to participate in future “Would-You-Rather” events…please follow my Facebook Page at:
and watch for the post for next-week’s question!

Thanks for tuning in, and, I will see you in the next one 😉

Fursuit Friday Feature #3: Yuki the Bundog


Welcome all to another Fursuit Friday!!! The best day of the week where we get to see all the amazing costumed fuzz-butts out there! So guess who we have today? Is it a Bunny? Is it a Dog? Is it adorable…hell yes it is! It’s Yuki the Bundog!!! and not only that, but, today is a double-feature because Jess agreed earlier to do a regular interview for this blog! So lets get down to the questions!!!

Fursuit Friday Questionnaire:

1.Name: Jess
2. Character Name: Yuki
3. Character Species: Bundog
4. Fursuit Maker: Sanctuary suits
5. Total Cost: N/A
6. How long did it take you to get a Fursuit?
Wanted one for a number of years, go one when I felt I was old enough (18). The partial took little under a year to make.
7. Do you go out in public while wearing your suit?
Once at a shopping centre
8. Have you been to any Cons in suit?
Two times, three this May
9. How have people reacted to your Fursuit?
A lot think its cute, others avoid me which I’m fine with because hey, it’s not everyone’s thing. I’ve had my ears tugged a few times which I’m not too happy about.
10. What was your main goal in getting a suit? Did you have any plans for it or did you just get one for fun?
Mostly for fun and because I really love suits hehe ❤
11. Do you make any videos while in suit (YouTube):
I do! —


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Furry Interview:

Name: Jess
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Location: South East England, UK
Hobbies: Drawing, PC gaming
Fursona Name: Yuki Bundog

FurAffinity Link:
“I’m optimistic for the most part, enjoy meeting new people although I’m quite shy in person…Ummm…
I don’t know what else to say xD”

1. How and when did you come across the Furry Fandom?
I came across the fandom about 6 years ago, through the internet.


2. What inspired your main Fursona?
My previous fursona had been made when I was in a very low state of mind, so I wanted to make one that was more cute and happy!


3. Do you have any other characters?
My first fursona, Tyroski, who is a demon wolf, an unnamed black cat, a Tea Tiger named Ferrero and a Kotae named Zurine ^-^


4. How is your Fursona similar and/or different from yourself?
She’s very bubbly and enjoys cuddles ;w; she’s also very small…


5. Does your Fursona have a backstory?
Yuki doesn’t, no.


6. How open are you about being a Furry?
Very, almost everyone who knows me knows I’m a furry ^W^


7. Has it been hard for you to talk to non-furries about the fandom?
Not at all, friends and especially family are very accepting.


8. What is it you like most about the Furry fandom?
The sense of togetherness – It’s easy to make friends and find support no matter what you’re going through.


9. Has the fandom changed your life at all?
It’s helped me


10. What are some common misconceptions you hear about Furries?
The whole sex with animal thing, ew.


11. What are some of the biggest problems you have seen within the fandom?
Art begging, art theft, fursona theft, although most of the people who do this are young or simply ignorant.


12. Do you own a Fursuit? Why/Why not?
Yep! I own two! I use them for cons, mostly for entertainment purposes. I have a little cousin that adores it!


13. Do you commission artists to draw your character?
Occasionally, yes, I love supporting artists when I have the money to ^w^


14. List some of your favorite furry artists here:
Blackteagan, NARNlA, MidgieMew, Maroko


15. Do you draw for yourself?
Most of my art is for myself, yes


16. In what ways do you connect with other Furries?
Depression seems to be a big link in the community, and the fandom seems to be a way we all get away from it ^^


17. Have you ever attended a Con? (if answered yes, please explain your experience).
Only MCM London, which is a Comic con NOT focused around furries, however there’s a large furry audience. We hold meets there, were furs gather in and out of suit, it’s one of my favourite times of year ❤


18. What is some advice you might give to anyone in the Furry Fandom? (general advice, it can be about anything).
Don’t get a bad reputation, it is very, very hard to get away from.


*** Blinking GIF and Blue Yuki image by Tyroski — Other yuki art by Chitsu ***

Jess was one of the first people that I started drawing for when I came back into the fandom and wanted to get into art. I did a lot of free doodles and was doing trades as well. I was lucky enough that I got chosen while Jess was doing realistic/feral drawings…and then was chosen again when Rune got featured in a small doodle session (along with other Fursona characters of course) 🙂

***Art by: Tyroski***

Jess was nice enough to help me out by participating in my regular non-artist interview as well as Fursuit Friday questions, and she has been a big part of the FaLi Community and is everyone’s favorite Bundog. While Bundogs are exclusive right now to Jess and some close friends…maybe one day we will get an interview on the species 😀
Here’s hoping!

But thanks to Jess for the awesome interviews! Thanks for being in Fursuit Friday…Yuki is super adorable!

If you want to participate in Fursuit Fridays, you can either leave me a comment with a link to where I might reach out to you, drop your e-mail, or find me on my YouTube of Furaffinity Page!!! More blogs coming next week because tomorrow is this little Dragon’s birthday!!!!

As always…thanks for tuning in, and I will see you guys in the next one 😉

Avoiding Bans and Bewares in the Furry Community


** Art by: Senka Bekic // found on their DA: **

This is a post that I have been wanting to make for awhile concerning bans and bewares in the Furry Community. I know that being a Furry has become more mainstream. Nowadays…people of younger and younger ages are joining the fandom, and the more that join, the more that the rules of the community become ever-more blurred…and people get banned and get stuck on beware posts for totally avoidable reasons.

So lets talks about what a beware and a ban is…

A beware post can be when someone has done something that could be considered a “scam” in the furry community OR they have shown to be extremely rude, violent, or a troll. For example…say that a customer pays to have a Fursuit head made. They pay the money for the head (or at least enough to get the project started) and then the artist/maker says that they will begin right away. A few months pass, and the customer has heard nothing from the maker about the progress of their head. At this point, they might have made more payments…so now they reach out to the maker asking for pictures of the progress of their head. That maker says they can’t take pictures…because their phone is broken, or because they messed up the head and had to start over. A few more months pass, and there is still no evidence to show that the head is being worked on. Now the customer is asking for a refund…but they can’t get one because the maker has already spent the money and/or claims they need it and will pay it back in payments (that then never come back), and/or they block the customer altogether and still say they are open for new commissions. At this point, that maker can be written up for an “Artist Beware Post”…meaning that a good chunk of the Furry Community will see what they have done, that they are not reliable, and it will mean they get little to no business from now on. These posts happen for non-suit makers as well, and regular artists can get a beware post on them as well for not completing pieces of art that were paid for and/or not giving refunds when they drop a project. These beware posts also get posted because of art-thieves. When someone traces someone else’s work and claims it as their own or they re-color something that was not made by them original and sell it for profit…this can be a reason for a beware post as well.

The other type of beware post is a “behavioral” post. This means that someone has gone out of their way to be a complete asshole in the community or has proven to be nothing more than a furry-hating troll. Usually the people that get behavioral-beware-posts are people that get mad when confronted about possible art-theft (usually for using a profile picture that is not their art, not their fursona, or just not crediting an image) OR they are mad because they added a stranger expecting to have some sort of sexual role-play, they get turned down, and then get angry about it. Also, as mentioned before, trolls just wanting to start drama will get the beware post so people can avoid adding these people in the future. Also, people that get angry in groups for not following rules and then they lash out…they may get a behavioral post as well.

Speaking of groups…lets discussing banning people…

People who get banned are people that join some sort of Furry-related group, and then fail to follow the rules. Every Furry group is different, and while mistakes happen, it’s important that a member often remind themselves what they can and can-not do within a specific group. For example…I am part of the group “Furry and Loving it” (FaLi). The group is a safe-haven for those in the furry community, and because there are younger members…there is a limit as to what can be posted in the group whether furry-related or not. Obviously, there cannot be anything NSFW (not safe for work) considering the fact that not everyone in the group is 18+, also, there is no gore or other fetishes allowed (no scat or watersports or anything of that nature…no dirty diapers or birthings…nothing of that nature)— also, anything that might deliberately start drama is not allowed…so no discussions on politics or religion. There are other topics that get added to the list of things that cannot be posted as well because it starts so much drama (dog breeding was recently added to this list), and, Neko characters and anything MLP/Brony related (my little pony) cannot be posted in the group because of how many people feel that being a Brony is not the same as being a Furry.

Another thing about FaLi is that they are strict on crediting art…and this is a great thing! They try to prevent art theft at ALL costs, but, there are some people that just fail to understand this logic. Instead of crediting an artist, they will just say “I found it on Google”, and that’s not good enough. Then their post is removed, they are given a warning, and, if they continue to make this mistake…they will get banned. FaLi is not the only group that does this…in fact, it’s pretty common and mandatory in ALL furry-related groups since art theft has become such a big problem. But, people just don’t feel like doing it and/or try and make an excuse saying they cannot credit an artist because they are posting from their phone. But, it’s simple…if you can NOT credit the artist, then just don’t post anything…and avoid getting in trouble 😀

Banning can also happen for other reasons as well…such as fighting with an Admin in a group or harassing another member. If at any point you fight with an Admin and disrespect them in any way, you can almost guarantee a ban. I can say that Admins are not always right, but they are in control…and their word is law. I know that there have been instances where a member has gotten an Admin removed for their behavior, but those instances are few and far in between.  Also, harassing another member can be anything. It can be constant messaging where the other person does not wish to be spoken to, or it could be attempts at a role-play where it gets sexual and the other person does not want to participate and yet, the person mailing them tries to keep it going anyways. These are several examples of what could get someone banned, and just like beware posts, they are completely avoidable.

…and while you might not think a ban or a beware is that bad, you are sorely mistaken…

For those looking to sell their artwork…a beware can literally ruin that dream in an instant. People that love their Fursona and that have become pretty established in the fandom often join beware groups and ask the group to watch out for anyone using their character without permission. If you steal someone’s artwork, or trace over a pose of a well-known character, you WILL get caught. And when you do…your name will be posted all over Facebook, all over FurAffinity, and All of DeviantArt, and other art sites where they will tell others to report you as well as to NEVER buy art from you. Sure, maybe you learned from your mistakes…that won’t matter. All it takes is that one beware posts and you are on people’s watch list for life.

Same with behavioral bewares and bans.
Your name will be known…every time you make a new account, they will list your new account. People will report you, will not friend you, and you will be shunned among the community for how you held yourself. You will not be allowed into groups if they find out you are on some sort of beware list, and you will basically be marked as a troll. While it may not seem like a big deal now…the furry community is pretty tight-knit, and you eventually figure it out that it is NEVER a good thing to be isolated and alone within a  fandom that you joined because you finally felt like you belonged somewhere.


So, here are some tips on how to avoid getting bewares and bans:

  1. NEVER copy another artist. Do not trace the poses or the faces. Practice makes perfect and while tracing may help you…keep the works you have traced to yourself. Do not post them online to show off or give them to your friends so that they might post them and get you into trouble. Only post your own original works online. Coloring over something already drawn does not make you an artist.

  2. Editing bases is 50/50…some artists allow you to color/edit their bases for personal use, others will let you make adoptables for sale, but there are some artists that do NOT allow free use of their base, let alone allowing a person to make adoptables with it…so before you go and edit a base, make sure you read the rules of that artist and ALWAYS credit the person that made the base (same goes with lineart).

  3. ALWAYS credit art…
    If you just found it on Google and cannot find who really made it, do NOT post it. Also, if you can not credit because you are on a mobile device or something of that nature do NOT post it. You can wait until you can reach a computer or just not post at all since you are only going to get yourself in trouble.

  4. When joining a group…ALWAYS read the rules! If a group says you cannot post something particular…do not whine about it, just don’t post it. You’re arguing about it will not change the rules, it will only get you warnings and then a ban (most likely).

  5. Do NOT disrespect an Admin in any group…EVER! Maybe if you see them harassing another member you can take it up with a different Admin, but never attack them directly. You will get banned.

  6. NEVER make a promise you cannot keep. If you say you will make someone a tail, you make it, and then suddenly cannot ship it…this is bad business. People will understand that life happens…but eventually it just becomes annoying and looks more like a scam. ALWAYS have funds set aside for shipping that you will not touch for anything else. Always have that plan A,B,C,D and so-on to get your product to the customer. Life happens…but not everyone is patient, and a beware is not worth it.

  7. Do NOT offer to make something you are not comfortable making. If you are just trying out suit making for the first time…do not take commissions! See how much all the materials cost. See if you can make a few suits for yourself and close-friends before you make something for a complete stranger. Dropping a project due to lack of fund or because it’s stressful and etc will mean refunding money, lots of angry messages, and could lead to a beware…so practice on yourself first, build up a nice gallery of images to show potential customers later. Watch how long it takes to make something so that you can give a proper time-estimate, and gauge the supplies so you know what to charge and do not end up short on money and unable to buy supplies.

  8. This is just a tip…but, if you’re making art (or even making a suit), please make sure you give a WIP or Updates on a piece that is going to take longer than a week. Let someone know if there are customers in front of them and/or when you might be able to start their project. Set aside time to get commissions done…even the smallest little message saying: “Hey, I’m almost done with the person in front of you and then I will start on your piece”…even that little bit is helpful, keeps the customer from feeling angry about not having their piece yet or nervous, thinking they might be scammed. the calmer and happier you can keep a customer, the better your chances of not having to give a refund or facing a beware post.

  9. NEVER use a profile picture that is not yours (For any social site. Do not even use them for RP purposes…that is still art theft)…
    It does not have to be a real picture, but rather, make sure it is art that you made or that you paid for. Make sure it is ALWAYS credited properly and that it is YOUR character and not someone else’s. This will avoid a lot of conflict.

  10. Be considerate to people in the fandom. If someone asks you politely to not post something because they find it hurtful and an Admin agrees that the post should be removed…do not attack the Admin or the person for it. Just keep in mind that this is something not allowed in the group or forum and just be careful not to post something like that in the future. It is true that everyone is different, and being a furry is not a hive-mind of peoples…but even still, you can carry on conversations and remain involved in the fandom even if you cannot post a specific type of thing because it tends to start drama or triggers people.

  11. Do not join a group and beg…for ANYTHING.
    Do not beg for someone to help you make a Fursona, do not beg for artwork, do not beg for a mate or for a role-play. There are free furry art groups where you can post for artwork or help with a sona…and while some people might want to help you, the majority will tell you that you either need to draw it yourself, or find a way to make money so that you can afford artwork like everyone else.

  12. Do NOT make fanart of anyone without their permission. Might seem crazy…but, it’s actually very important. People love free art, but some people do not like to have their character drawn…and they especially do not want their characters presented in a certain way. Making a T-shirt of your favorite furry and then wanting to send it to them, or drawing someone in a NSFW way or something that is revealing may not sit well with the owner and can cause drama.

There are other examples as well…but most of it (as mentioned before) is just common sense. Do NOT blame it on being young…even younger people can read and can follow rules. If you merely get a warning for something, do NOT lash out…just fix the mistake and never make it again. Lesson learned, right? Do not go blaming behavior on mental illness…if you can not find a way to control yourself, then maybe you should not put yourself in situations where you are bound to break the rules in the first place. I know several people with varying illnesses at varying degrees and even they can keep themselves composed and can follow the rules. No one like someone that begs for attention and that deliberately causes drama.

So please take this into account when becoming part of the furry fandom.
We are not new…we are a fandom that has been around for quite some time, and we do have our rules and codes of conduct that we expect people to follow. But while this mostly speaking out for people just joining the fandom…let this be a reminder to those that have been in the fandom for awhile that we are coaches, we are teachers to the newer ones joining our ranks each and every day. Before reporting someone…try and talk to them, try to explain the rules to them so that maybe they can change their ways and do better next time.

But…that’s all I have for this one.
Stay tuned for more furry-highlights coming up and then a new “Fursuit Friday” within the next 2 days!!! See you all in the next blog 😉

Furry Highlight #8: Squiddybum!

Squiddy icon

***Art by Squiddybum***

1. Name: Squid Watling
2. Age: 19
3. Gender: Gender Fluid
4. Location: UK
5. Hobbies: Drawing, making crafts, singing, Puppetry, Baking
6.Fursona Name: Squid
7. Species: Mutant

FA link here:
DA link here:
Other Gallery links here:

8. When did you discover/join the Furry Fandom?
I kind of merged into it around 10 years ago maybe It was very gradual


9. What inspired the creation of your main Fursona?
I first started off with a brown cat and then a dragon, then a fox, then a dragon fox, then what I have now which I would describe as more a mutant cat than anything


10. In what ways is your Fursona like you and in what ways may they be different?
My fursona is me in all ways but just more interactive and positive


11. What are some common misconceptions you hear about Furries?
I hate when people thing all we do is act like children and draw “Anime” when its obviously a completely different art style and we are more mature than people think


12. What are some problems you have seen within the Furry Community?
People who are immature about prices of work and how money works. Asking for free art and asking for a suit to be made for nothing. Its very insulting


13. Have you ever been insulted for being a Furry?
Not to my knowledge but I’m very subtle about it, I’m not a very loud fur in public or on personal social media


14. Have any of these things ever made you consider leaving the fandom? Why/Why not?
No, I do what I do because it fun and if people have a problem they dont have to pay attention, again I am very subtle and wont be all up in someone’s face about it


15. Has your character (Fursona) changed your life in any way?
I feel that my character has helped me figure out who I am and evolved with me and helped me make new friend to then grow from too


16. If you could meet your Fursona in real life…what might you talk about or what activities might you do together?
Draw and stay very quiet maybe watch a movie or make something to eat


17. As an artist, do you have trouble showing non-furries your artwork? Why/Why not?
A little, I just think they dont quite get why I dont draw people but they dont seem to mind either way. If they like it they like it


18. What are your views on Art Theft? (Tracing, Heavy referencing, selling colored bases made by others, or flat-out taking artwork, etc).
It needs to be stopped at all costs. It needs to be clear to everyone that it is not ok to just take something from google and keep it for yourself. Or for people to figure out how to watermark properly…


19. Do you draw SFW or NSFW? If both…which do you prefer and why?
A bit of both but mostly SFW as I run an instagram that I like to keep pretty safe. But whatever mood im in Ill draw that. I dont share everything online


20. Do you sell your artwork? Why/ Why not?
I do. As I dont have a “IRL” job this is my only way of income, and if I can get paid for doing what I love I’m going to do that

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

***Art by Squiddybum***

The first time I ever commissioned Squiddy was when I saw that they were doing the photo edits online…taking real pictures and drawing a Fursona over it. They were priced relatively cheap, the artwork was amazing, and I had just started getting artwork of my characters. I thought it would be amazing to see how my mate and I might be drawn over a photo…and so, I paid to have my fursona and my mate’s drawn over our duck park date (2015).

That picture now hangs in my living room, in a frame, and is one of my favorite commissions to date. I must say that Squiddy is one of the few artists that has ever attempted to draw my Fursona with hair, is one of the few that can get the right color and style, and was the reason that I kept the old sapphire hair on my wolf because it looked that great.

Since then, I have been a follower on instagram…have gotten a free chibi from those giveaways, and just recently commissioned a cute YCH for my mate and I when I saw they were available. Squiddy’s work is always quality and always done in a timely manner. Squiddy is always very polite and will ask questions if there is something that might not seem right with the design…or if there are any particular details that need to be discussed.

I know that I will commission more works in the future. It’s always exciting to wait and see what the final piece will look like once Squiddy starts something. Even when it’s not art specifically for me, any lines or WIP, I always look forward to that finished result because the characters always looks so quirky, the colors are always so bright and fun. 🙂
So this is def someone you might want to check out in the future if you like fun, cartoony styles and bright pictures to add to your collection.


***Art by Squiddybum***

Thank you all for sticking with me while I get some things in order. I know I fell behind with the “Furry Highlights” for awhile, but I’m trying to get back in the swing of things, and find my balance between work and my hobby-activities such as blogging.

I will be needing more artists soon for more Furry Highlights, as well as just interviewing general furs. So, if you’re interested in being featured in Furry Highlights or Fursuit Fridays…please drop a link in the comments below to a place where I might reach you via PM… 😀
I will see you all in the next one 😉

Fursuit Friday Feature #2: Stormus

Clap your hands because it’s Fursuit Friday!!
Today we have an awesome wolf/fox and long-time Furry named “Steve King” that we got the chance to interview!!


1. Name:
Steve king- 33 years of age, will have been a Furry for 20 years in September of this year.
2. Character Name: Stormus
3. Character Species: Wolffox
4. Fursuit Maker:
Stormus is a combination of myself making the handpaws, armsleeves and tail while RisingDragon fursuits custom made his head for me, though I’ve modified the head by retrofitting a cooling rig that I’d designed for the head.
5. Cost:
Total Cost of Stormus so far is around £550


6. How long did it take you to get a fursuit?
I waited best part of 19 years before deciding to finally have my fursona made into a fursuit.
7. Do you go out in public while wearing your suit?
Only been out in public wearing my fursuit at furmeets, but is so much fun and rewarding when the public are smiling cos you’re there ^.^


8. Have you been to any Cons in your suit?
I’ve not hit any conventions in my fursuit yet, although I will be doing my first furry con this year and as well as meets have a few other bits n pieces lined up too 🙂


9. How have people reacted to your Fursuit?
Stormus as a suit has been generally well received from how I see it, ya have your usual detractors now and again, but I can pretty much say he’s been accepted into the fold 🙂


10. What was your main goal in getting a suit? Did you have any plans for it or did you just get one for fun?
My main goal in getting my fursuit made up was that I’ve been a furry for so long that I felt it was now time to bring my fursona to life in more than just artwork and within myself, as Stormus is a part of who I am :3


11. Do you make any videos while in suit (YouTube):
I’ve not made any vids yet while in suit, but I have featured in a couple of vids done at meets 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And there you have it, another awesome submission for Fursuit Friday!
We do this little feature no only to showcase some really awesome characters, but, a lot of people are curious about fursuit makers for themselves…and getting a glimpse of the general costs and then some makers that do quality work, well, that always comes in handy as well.

Luckily, not only was this just a submission with answers…I got the chance to talk to Steve King about a multitude of topics including issues within the furry fandom, the coverage of furries via the media…and I found him very entertaining to talk to and insightful. As someone that has been in the fandom for awhile, he had a good number of things to say.

We had some very awesome talks and I am very happy that I got to show off Stormus in my blog 😀

UPDATES: Hey guys, I’m sorry for not posting here recently. I usually try and post 2-3 times a week and have been slacking a bit because I just started a new job (still trying to get the swing of things). Another ting going on is that I’m trying to get Rune made into a fursuit…finally bringing him to life. My mate is helping me make him, and the only thing I’m commissioning from a maker will most likely be the head. Still, this is a journey and I would like to document that journey with you.
So…maybe look for something similar to “journey into fursuiting” in the future 😀

Anyways, if you would like to be featured for fursuit friday, leave a comment down below, answering the questions above and dropping links to pictures of your suit! Hope to see more participate in this in the future!


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