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Fursuit Friday Feature #1: Pearl

Heya, it’s Fursuit Friday and I want to start featuring all the awesome fursuits out there!!!!
So just like the “Furry Highlights”, every Friday I’m hoping to have a new fursuit to showcase!!!

For our #1 spot, we have “Pearl” the Ice Angel Dragon!!!

1.Name: Snow (preferred)
2. Character Name: Pearl
3. Character Species: “Ice” Angel Dragon
4. Fursuit Maker: Skypro Fursuits: [[]]
5. Total Cost (optional): $2100 with extra partial tail


6. How long did it take you to get a Fursuit?
I first designed Pearl in July 2013. I got her fursuit a year later – in July 2014 at Anthrocon


7. Do you go out in public while wearing your suit?
Yes! I tend to wear her in public events, including: coventions such as Anthrocon, Fur the ‘More, and even MidWest Furfest one year, and I have also worn her at parks around my home and also at the MD Renaissance Festival, and I have even worn her to a child’s birthday party as an entertainer 😀


8. Have you been to any Cons in suit?
Yes 🙂 Anthrocon, Fur the ‘More and MFF


9. How have people reacted to your Fursuit?
Very positively – I have gotten a lot of positive feedback about the quality of the suit, how it looks, etc. I also get a lot of feedback on my performance in suit. :3 I love making people smile, and it means a lot when I hear the positive feedback I get when I suit as Pearl. Just knowing I can put a smile on a person’s day is enough for me. ;3; I even had a few people tell me that my videos and seeing me suit has helped them through depression and stopped them from suicide… which tears me up. IDK what it is that makes me so special or why my videos and whatnot cheer them up, but I am honored that I can help people, even in just a small way.


10. What was your main goal in getting a suit? Did you have any plans for it or did you just get one for fun?
I love being able to represent that part of me / be my fursona, and be able to share that experience with others. I also love using Pearl to help with charities, and fundraisers, and to help bring a smile on people’s faces when I suit as her. 😀 I want people to feel the same joy I feel when I am able to suit as her.

I aim to try to help as many as I can with Pearl – and hopefully do more fundraisers and whatnot with her.

You see, while she is an “ice” angel dragon, her primary powers are light/healing – and while I might not be able to do that in real life – heal the sick, wounded, etc., I would love to use her to bring “light” in people’s lives and hopefully raise tons of money for charities and even just brighten up their days. ^w^ Be the light that can hopefully shine in the dark. :3 Kinda thing.


11. Do you make any videos while in suit (YouTube)?:

Yes – my boyfriend and best friend record most of my videos. They can be seen on my channel or his – some videos are exclusively on his, and vice versa.

His channel:

My channel:


Special thanks again to Pearl for participating in our Fursuit Friday questionnaire!!! If you’re interested in being showcased, leave a comment down below…drop a link to your FB, FA, DA, or any other place where I might reach you. 
As always, I will see you all in the next blog 😉


Furry Highlight #7: Dragon_Kai

*** Art by: Dragon_Kai ***

1. Name: Dragon Kai
2. Age: 28
3. Gender: male
4. Location: Belgium
5. Hobbies: drawing, gaming, movies, anime and manga, fitness
6.Fursona Name: Kai and Kaya Romero
7. Species: Dragon

FA link here:
DA link here:
Other Gallery links here:

8. When did you discover/join the Furry Fandom?
I have always been interested in cute animals and disney had some really good movies about them when I was little. I made an account on FA about one and a half years ago.

9. What inspired the creation of your main Fursona?
I got inspired by Rudragon and his little dragon Ru to make my own dragon. Kai was born from this, and he got a twin sister a little later. They grew up to be totally different from Ru, to the point that it would be hard to pinpoint the influences.

10. In what ways is your Fursona like you and in what ways may they be different?
Kai and Kaya have their own personalities, I didn’t base them on myself or anyone I know, but they have some traits that I like in a character. Kaya is bubbly, cute, enthusiastic and naive at times, while Kai is more the thinking kind of guy (kid). He is less naive than his sister. He can get a little competitive at times and is overall fun loving like his sister.

11. What are some common misconceptions you hear about Furries?
They’re those people that think they’re wolves and howl to the moon at night.
And of course, the porn -_-

12. What are some problems you have seen within the Furry Community?
Drama, lots of it at times.

13. Have you ever been insulted for being a Furry?
Nope, but not many people consider me furry, I’m just the guy that draws cute dragon kids xD
(heck, I don’t even consider myself furry, I just like the community :p )

14. Have any of these things ever made you consider leaving the fandom? Why/Why not?
Nope, just let it go and move on :p
I’ve met some wonderful people due to the community and many people like what I do, so I’m here to stay.

15. Has your character (Fursona) changed your life in any way?
Kai and Kaya are known by at least 500 people now, that’s quite something I guess :p

16. If you could meet your Fursona in real life…what might you talk about or what activities might you do together?
Go eat some ice cream 😀 (with extra chocolate for Kaya, with sprinkles on top)

17. As an artist, do you have trouble showing non-furries your artwork? Why/Why not?
I was a little worried about the reception of it, but people seem to like it. Belgium might just be more open minded about it (or more ignorant so they don’t know about it other than Disney movies, and who hates Disney movies 😀 )

18. What are your views on Art Theft? (Tracing, Heavy referencing, selling colored bases made by others, or flat-out taking artwork, etc).
Burn at the stake!
Just kidding, the death penalty never helped anyone, but I’m strongly against art theft. Referencing is one thing, copying someones art almost exactly goes too far though. I only condone that as a form of practice and you should never post the results online and claim it as your own. It just doesn’t show any respect to the artists that put their heart and soul into making the art.

19. Do you draw SFW or NSFW? If both…which do you prefer and why?
strictly SFW. I didn’t join the fandom for the porn. In fact, I’d rather have people see the fandom for the SFW side instead of the NSFW side.

20. Do you sell your artwork? Why/ Why not?
I would love to do commissions and sell artwork. A man’s gotta earn a living somehow :p
You see people telling artists that if they start asking money for their art, they’re sellouts. I think that’s such backwards thinking it’s painful. How can an artist be free to do what he wants to do, namely make art for himself and for all of you to enjoy, while starving? Almost every artist of name in the history of mankind has sold his works at some point in time. Did they get rich doing it? Most of them didn’t, and the ones that did were aware of how the economy worked at that time. Artists were known to adapt to new methods of creating art to make money. When the etching print method was discovered, almost every artist started making limited prints to sell, so why wouldn’t we be allowed to make some money?

That said, my webcomics are and will always be completely free ^^
I don’t believe in paywalls. I believe in the strength and generosity of the community to support their artists.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*** Art by: Dragon_Kai ***

I remember seeing “Gamer Dragons” posted on a Furry page on Facebook and then following the link to Furaffinity. I then began reading the comic from the beginning, and then the gaming spin-off comics which always gave me a chuckle. Gaming is one of my passions, and the way that Kai and Kaya work together…reminded me a lot of my mate and I, and how dysfunctional our gaming really must look when we try to play together (since we have 2 VERY different ways of playing a game).

But, these games always make me smile, always give me a chuckle, and it’s always exciting to see what will happen next and/or what new gaming adventure these dragons might have 😀

Awhile back, Dragon_Kai even had a little questionnaire thing that he wanted people to fill out about his art and etc. He wanted feedback, and those that wrote back would receive a doodle in his style. Haha, I was only able to write him something (unfortunately, a video testimonial was not possible at the time), and as a thanks, I was given this hilarious doodle of my wolf, Ula…trying to play a 3DS which I found absolutely adorable!!! ❤

Ula by Dragonkai

*** Art by: Dragon_Kai ***

I like that his stuff is free, and it’s always improving as well. The main comic has a fascinating back-story about hybrids being a genetic mutation, and the gaming side-comics always find a way to relate to gamers of all kinds. So, I highly recommend checking this artist out, giving their page a watch, and giving their comics a fave!

So WOW! We are almost at 10 posts for the Furry-highlights series…and we still have so many more to go! I’m still looking for people to interview…so drop a link in the comment-section down below so that we might arrange that! you do NOT have to be an artist in order to be interviewed. I want to spotlight artists, musicians, art collectors, just your average fur, and fursuiters all the same!!! So, don’t be shy!
Also, it would help me a lot if you share this blog with your friends…the more watchers I get, the more artists and others can get recognized for the amazing things they do!!!

Anyways, I will see you all in the next one 😉

A petition to class all Furry activities as Zoophilia?


Recently I saw on social media that furries are starting to notice a petition circulating…and this petition is trying to get ALL Furry activities classed as Zoophilia.

One of the most common misconceptions of the Furry Fandom has always been that it is synonymous with bestiality (the act of having sex with an animal). Even though it has been proven time and time again that the Furry fandom as a whole has NOTHING to do with Zoophilia of any sort…naturally, there are those that continue to shout that Furries are disgusting and just want to sleep with their pets.

It’s gotten to the point where people aren’t even TRYING to understand the fandom…they just want to hate on anything that is outside of their personal comfort zone. This petition only needs 500 more signatures to go to the US Senate and US House of Representatives…and while I am in no way scared of it having any affect on the fandom (as far as real legal matters), it more or less just has me flabbergasted that people could still be so ignorant.

The Furry Fandom is not in the closet anymore…it has become more and more mainstream as the years go on. But, with that being said, I still feel like a lot of the Furry Fandom is being misrepresented. How? Well…take a look at what you have seen in the media.

When a reporter from an actual news station talks about furries, they go to con. But, who do they normally interview? Fursuiters…
Now, people who dress up in the fandom are great. But, they are just a small percentage of the whole fandom. And yet, the way the reporters make it sound, they are the ENTIRE fandom. That every furry eventually makes a costume of a character and parades around in it. Also, when they ask people to explain the furry fandom, the person that talks always says something about it being for people who are normally shy and/or just socially awkward. That they can hide behind an animal face, meow, bark, or whatever…and be someone completely different. That’s great…for some, this is the truth. But what about the artwork? What about admiration for anthropomorphic animals? What about the people that don’t have a fursona? What about the artists, the writers, the musicians inspired by the fandom…
What about making friends? What about the online aspect??? So much is left out that there is no wonder that people (who for some odd reason lack the motor skills to use google) have the idea that the furry fandom in its entirety is based around dancing animal suits, hugging, and complete envasion of personal space. I feel like the reports are rigged to make furries look crazy…to look stupid.

Am I the only one seeing this???

Other times that you see furries…guess where they are? Addiction shows, weird habit shows. They are kids, teens, and even adults that take being a Furry to a type of extreme to where they are placed on these shows as oddities of the human race to be gawked at and made fun of. Furry, Therian, Otherkin…to someone who has not even bothered to understand what these things are outside of these shows…they think we are all crazy, all weird, and unstable. They act as though being Furry is something that requires an intervention or a cure…

And guess what? That ignorance produces petitions like the one mentioned above.

It’s frustrating…it angers me. How is stuff like this still possible? How is it okay for people to still be so ignorant and so hateful? So…tell you what, some people are already on the petition and leaving comments on their thoughts. I almost challenge this to go somewhere in the legal system (which it won’t because luckily some people in this Country still have a brain)— so if you follow the link to the petition, feel free to leave a post on what you really think of the whole thing. I know that I’m going to.

Idk…maybe I am overreacting to this…but at my age, I just cannot fathom people being this stupid. Feel free to leave me a comment with your thoughts. More interviews coming this week.

Furry Highlight #6 Aimee-Lesley Sim

Khodi painting P

*** Kodi painting by Aimee-Lesley Sim***

1. Name: Aimee Lesley Sim
2. Age: 21
3. Gender: Female
4. Location: England
5. Hobbies: Model railway, bird nerd, crochet, violin and sculpting,
6.Fursona Name: I do not know which character identifies as me.
7. Species: Canine / dragon.


FA link here:
Commission account:
Personal Account:
DA link here:
Other Gallery links here:

Picarto (streaming)

8. When did you discover/join the Furry Fandom?
I can actually also pin point the person who inspired me to draw and help me decide “what I wanted to do when I grow up”. In 2008 I was on a social media website called, BEBO I was introduced by a school friend to role play. From then on, I primarily used it for alternative characters and role-play’s. I then stumbled on an artist, who went by the name of JC (a chow-chow) who drew anthropomorphic character and her character’s story and role-plays. I was so inspired and blown away by her images that I wanted to try it for myself.

I noticed people really started to like my art work. I got (and still do get) excited when people let me know that they like my art. Eventually the same friend who introduced me to BEBO also recommended that I upload my art work to Deviantart. I never knew about this website (keep in mind I was only 13 and I was exploring the internet) and I was much more at home.

All of this happened in the space of 12 months and although I was not as active on DA as I was on BEBO, I did have people asking for requests and art trades. I was so flattered people wanted to trade with me so I said yes. Someone approached me on deviant art asking if I would draw their feral tiger and that was when I made my first big sale of £20 at the age of 16. Looking back on it, I feel a bit silly but it was such an achievement for me. I won’t forget that.


9. What inspired the creation of your main Fursona?
My first character that I created was Neytiri and she was inspired by a wolf, bird and dinosaur. She has developed a lot over the 8 years of drawing her.



10. In what ways is your Fursona like you and in what ways may they be different?
All of my character have at least one hobby or personal trait that stems from my own self.
Emma enjoy to garden; it is something I don’t personally do as a hobby but my mother and grandmother use to and enjoy gardening and I help out when I am home.

Loki is a relevantly new character, but he is a blue dragon who I like to see in the Assassins Creed Black Flag/ Rouge universe. I recently have been able to purchase the games and experience playing and I fell in love with the environment, story and art style!

Lucius had a hard upbringing, has a short temper and is more aggressive (that is where we differ) but he does enjoy half a bottle of Whiskey as do I. We’d defiantly have a round of drinks and he’d proceed to hit on me.

Neytiri: She’s my hippie character (minus the drugs), down to earth and spiritual. She probably best represents my physical body type rather than in character.


11. What are some common misconceptions you hear about Furries?
All draw porn.
All fuck animals.
All dress up as animals.



12. What are some problems you have seen within the Furry Community?
Sexually deviant and requiring to put a penis or vagina on everything! I’ve been approached by people wanting to do sexual role-play and to masturbate on skype calls. Single or in a relationship I’ve never been interested in that sort of thing and I’m too class for that nonsense. My boyfriend and I refer to these people as, “husky-butts” regardless of their “fursona’s”. I still get people requesting such sexual favours even though it is clearly stated that I am in a closed relationship.



13. Have you ever been insulted for being a Furry?
Yes, many times. I try to reason with these type of people and give them a better perspective of the fandom but if that fails I just polity state that it is their opinion- even though a bit close minded on their part.



14. Have any of these things ever made you consider leaving the fandom? Why/Why not?
Nope because I enjoy sharing my art work and I can make money from doing what I love.



15. Has your character (Fursona) changed your life in any way?
Yes because drawing for myself and my own creations was one of the main sources of entertainment, coping mechanism (I was badly bullied) and helped me refine my own drawing techniques. I still experiment when I draw for myself, but now that I have a larger audience and appreciation for my work, I often offer experimental freebies to my watchers.



16. If you could meet your Fursona in real life…what might you talk about or what activities might you do together?
I have a lot of characters and I am unsure to which I should label as my Fursona, so I’ll label a few of my characters
Neytiri; We would talk about how great mangos and apples are and proceed to fight over the last fruit. She’s a dragon, so she would win.
Emma: She would love to enthusiastically talk about gardening and her latest plant baby; I’d probably be interested and inquire if she has any apple trees.
Lucius: “SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS, EVERYBODY!” We’d get drunk on whiskey “HEY, HEY”
Loki: We wouldn’t; he would steal me booty (by which I mean, whatever treasure/ gold that I am wearing) because pirate!



17. As an artist, do you have trouble showing non-furries your artwork? Why/Why not?
I do not feel shame in showing my art work but over the years, I have become reluctant to. In secondary school and college, I received a lot of comments varying from, “You like fucking animals”, “You draw porn?” (at the time, I had never draw nsfw images) and just all around mean comments from fellow artists. I am now in university studying ba (hons) illustration and even though I do keep what I draw to myself, a few classmates did discover my furry art and it was met with encouragement and enthusiasm. My tutors do not think much of my current style (“unoriginal”) and I believe they look down on what freelance work that I do. I think they are under the impression I get $5 for hours of work. If only they knew.



18. What are your views on Art Theft? (Tracing, Heavy referencing, selling coloured bases made by others, or flat-out taking artwork, etc).
Whatever has the word “theft” in the name is surely bad, right? I, personally do not mind people using images as a reference but I think it is should be for personal uses only and not having it posted on the internet. I think if people are going to heavily reference an artist/s work, they should ask for permission.

I believe that it is easier for a beginner artist to learn how to copy simple lines of others work firsts, before trying to reference real life. However, I strongly recommend trying to research and observe into the “skeleton” of what they are trying to draw.


19. Do you draw SFW or NSFW? If both…which do you prefer and why?
I do draw both NSFW and SFW illustrations but I primarily offer SFW art work because I think there is enough pornographic imagery on the internet. I am new to drawing pornographic images and I have recently come to my conclusion that I do not like drawing it commercially.

I do not want to be ladled as a porn artist, but I have been enjoying drawing personal NSFW art for me and my boyfriend. I am not opposed to drawing NSFW images, but sometimes I feel that some artists only draw it because they can get well paid for it. I don’t people should draw porn because they feel that is the only way to make a quick quid (buck $). However, if someone enjoys drawing that type of images and can get well paid for it, then I say good for them! I only enjoy drawing such images for me and Nexooku.



20. Do you sell your artwork? Why/ Why not?
Yes, I sell my art work. I have been selling my images since I was 16 years old. One of my aspiration is to be able to support myself by solely relying on selling my art work. I am not sure if that is a possibility for me right now but I feel that I am going in the right direction.


Additional note:

I’m really flattered by being asked to write something for the blog and I really do like the concept of it. I think we could really make this blog special and we could offer a variety of tips, help and business advice. I am always open to sharing what I have learned over the years and if anyone ever needed help from red lining an image or constructive criticism on their image contact me over on;
skype (aimee.sim1) or

I remember how hard it was to start drawing and how frustrating I found it when artists would be rude and not willing to share some general advice. I think we should encourage people to draw and not deter people before they even try. I have my own little techniques that I like to keep to myself because they are style related, but I’d have plenty of advice from where to get software, valuable resources and some useful exercise that I was taught during my time spent studying at university.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

***All art featured in the slideshow by Aimee-Lesley Sim***

For my own note, I would like to add that this was the most extensive interview that was ever submitted to me XD
But seriously, I really do admire Aimee as an artist. Aimee was actually the first person that I ever commissioned for my own character. I had bought artwork for my mate, and, in turn, she gave me money to get art from an artist of my choosing. I saw that Aimee was having a sale, and I had been following her on FA for awhile…so I commissioned her right then and there, sent her my reference sheet, and was lucky enough to watch her draw my character in a stream THAT VERY DAY. ❤
This might sound weird, but, that was a very magical moment for me…having come back into the Furry fandom with such an under-developed character…that was truly something, and, that moment has stuck with me since then.

So, not only is she a trusted artist with great, quality work…I have spoken to Aimee over Skype-call and have been to numerous streams to chat off-and-on while she works. What sets her apart from a lot of artists is that her customers are like her dear friends. She does not treat them as walking wallets (as I have seen other artists do). She cares for everyone in her stream, she jokes with everyone, and never leaves anyone out. Here and there she will set aside whatever she is working on if someone has a particular question on how she might draw something or how she might color something.

For instance…in one stream, I was drawing and could not do the partial side-face for a canine character. She asked me to scan what I had and she would show me some ways I might be able to fix it. Not once did she say my drawing was really wrong or that I had made any real mistakes. She merely gave me suggestions then showed me how she personally drew certain things. She offered real constructive criticism to help me with my drawing even though she had been in the middle of painting something else (view the mosaic below to see my before and after pic from the stream):

***Art/character is by (and belongs to) Amelia Rene Long***

As you can see, I took down notes of what she showed me in the stream and my drawing improved by 100% just with a few tips and tricks. She is not closed off to her fans or her customers, and she is always eager to joke, chat, and help in any way she can. She gives out freebies sometimes in streams and it’s always just a  good time…always just fun 🙂
I think what is also exciting is how I have gotten to see her improve over the course of time. Granted, I only started watching her some time last year…but already I have seen her style and everything else change and improve so much!!! She is always trying to better herself…another reason why I consider her an amazing artist and why I will always recommend her for commission! Also, all the things mentioned above was why it was such an honor to me that she agreed to be interviewed.

Here are the two pieces I have gotten from her thus far (my first-ever commission and then a Valentine’s Freebie piece):

***Art by Aimee-Lesley Sim // Characters belong to Shewulf7 and Element02***

So there we have it, another “Furry Highlight” under our belt.
If you like these blogs, feel free to share them with your friends…the more watchers we have, the more interviews we can do, and the more this blog can grow! If you’re interested in being interviewed (we don’t just interview artists) so that you can appear in Furry Highlights, leave a comment down below with either an e-mail or an FA page where you might be contacted with interview questions!
As always, I will see you all in the next blog 😉 Thank you for tuning in!!!

Coming back into the Furry Fandom…

By Rei Chan GAIA

*** Art by: Rei-chan (GaiaOnline) ***

I debated writing this blog for some time…and I’m not really sure why I always hesitate on it. Maybe it’s because I cannot find the wording, or maybe it’s because I find it embarrassing or something along those lines…? Either way, I decided to talk about my joining the furry fandom…but mostly cover what happened when I came back into the fandom (and all the crazy stuff I had to learn).

I came to the fandom back in 2008…and I did not even find the fandom, but rather, someone in the fandom found me. My friend Dillon and I shared the same chemistry class, and, it was there that him and I started talking about his SecondLife character. Online he was a hermaphrodite cat called “Tome Yifu”, and I asked him why he played as an animal character (I was on SecondLife as well…my character was a winged human). He simply stated he was a “furry”, and, being open to new things, I asked him what a furry was. To him, being furry was explained as wanting to be an animal when behind a computer screen. He said he had an animal personality…a character that was part of his being, and that was Tome. When online, he became Tome and would talk to other people whom had created an animal personality because it just felt right to them. That’s all he could say about being a furry. He also explained it as a “fetish” (something that I later found out did not apply to all furries but we were both still young).

I will admit, I kinda thought it was strange. I told him how I had played wolf characters in past role-plays but how they were all “werewolves”, and therefore, they were still human in some aspect. He often caught me drawing myself as a wolf in human clothing and explained to me that this was part of what being a furry was all about…somehow, in chemistry class, I had created my “Fursona”. I couldn’t really say my character was just a werewolf because she still had human hair, she had wings, she walked around still able to speak perfectly normal, did not have a bloodlust…she really was just a wolf character, something I used to identify myself with, and, sure enough, when Dillon found out I played “Furcadia” with a friend of mine, he established that I was a furry. While I appreciated the furry artwork he would send me, and I finally admitted that anthro animals were cool…I never found them super sexy or anything like that. I could not see myself getting aroused by every sort of furry porn out there…so I said I was a half-furry, and most of all, I was a “closet furry” because I refused to tell anyone what I was slowly starting to discover of myself. I remember fighting with Dillon saying over and over again that I was not a furry…so, as a last resort, he offered to make my wolf-character in SecondLife and told me just to play around with it, to see how it felt. This was a long time ago, but, the minute he made me my custom skin and I wore it around for the first time…something just ‘clicked’ with me. Something just felt right about it. Suddenly this character finally felt like an extension of myself…and after that, I was able to admit openly (if asked) that I was a furry, that I was blue, winged-wolf named Mia (Attica on SL).


But enough nostalgia…

So, after finding out that I was a “furry” well, I stuck to what I knew…and those things were Furcadia, GaiaOnline, and SL. Back then it was hard to find genuine furry sites (at least from what I remember). Every furry art site required a long application process, and I remember being so mad because I either was not accepted (generally due to not being able to confirm my age or something like that) or found myself on a porn site which really lacked any sense of “community” that I was looking for. Also, a lot of furry forums were just bait to lure in n00bs to the furry fandom so that they could be harassed and poked fun at by bullies and trolls. Not good times. Furaffinity was more exclusive, and other sites were just hard to navigate. Even GaiaOnline which was like a second home to me basically shunned anyone calling themselves a furry. Furry artists were hard to find and even the Gaia items were not very accommodating to people wanting to express themselves to be something other than human (though this has since changed a LOT). My being a furry really never went beyond my friends off of the 3-web-based-games / social sites mentioned above…that’s where I intended it to stay because I did not know that the furry community or fandom went any deeper than that.

So…fast forward 2 years and I meet my ex.

I forget when it was but, we had already been together a few years when she caught me talking with some furry friends of mine. Being from the same state as me, she basically had the same idea as everyone else…that being a furry was linked to bestiality and zoophilia. Though she was generally an open-minded person, once she made her mind up about something, it was generally set in stone…and though I had explained to her that being a furry was not what everyone else said it was, she still thought it was weird and made me pretty much promise never to tell anyone that knew the both of us that I was a furry and to not do “furry things” around her. I became so ashamed of being a furry that it was something I decided to let die. But, by 2014, I met someone that rekindled that spark:

By Lia Watling Smith

***Photo Edit/Art by: Squiddybum a.k.a Lia-Rose-Watling Smith***
Characters belong to Rue (Shewulf7) and Mia (me/Element02)

In July of 2014 I met Rue…

I had moved from Indiana and had been living in Germany for well over a year now. My furry-activity had pretty much died and I gave up on the fandom all because I was ashamed of myself and how I felt. But, meeting Rue changed that when she flat-out told me that she was a wolf trapped in human skin. When I asked her if she was a furry, I expected a half-ass answer…or something dismissive (which is what I would have done), but she openly said she was indeed a furry and had a simple wolf Fursona. She said she only drew wolves, had always loved lycans, and while not a huge part of the fandom, she had her Fursona, loved the artwork, posted on furry art sites, and that she liked wearing tails and fangs. I guess I envied her for her ability to be so open and honest. I remember looking over my shoulder to make sure my ex was not around before finally telling her that I was a furry too…that I also had a wolf, a blue one. She just nodded approvingly but did not really press the issue. But, even just that small bit of conversation made me realize that if she did not feel ashamed, why should I?

While my furry activities would then continue in secret (via IMVU and going back to Furcadia), it wasn’t until 2015 that I really came back into the fandom full-swing (and openly) and really started reaching out to others in the community.

I cannot even begin to tell you how crazy coming back into the fandom was!!! I found myself joining furry groups on Facebook and suddenly I am just overwhelmed with all this new stuff! I had only gotten 2 pieces of furry art in my life…

***1st piece drawn by me, 2nd art piece by Rei-chan (GaiaOnline***

Suddenly I am in these free art groups, and when I get picked to get some art of my character, people are asking me for a reference sheet! Reference sheet? What was that? So, I hand them the only thing I have of my fursona…and try and tell them some of the flaws in the design that I would change, and then they just draw what they see and say they “don’t do written descriptions”. I remember people asking about my character and all I could say was that she was a blue wolf (sky blue), she had long Sapphire hair that she kept tied up, she had large breasts, and she had a white muzzle and underbelly. Also I told people her eyes were an olive-gold color…ad when they heard “olive”, they always made her eyes green. Yellow/golden olives are a thing…but not to artists when I say olive-gold haha.

Suddenly I’m in the middle of this booming fandom (it seemed a lot smaller and exclusive back in 2008) and I don’t have an established character, let alone a final design for my wolf. I had changed her so many times because people kept telling me back in 2008 that a winged, blue wolf was so “unoriginal”, then when drawing my character…I couldn’t draw wings, other people had refused to draw wings, and so I just got used to not having the wings. But it wasn’t me…this old character I had sketched up a long time ago, was no longer me. So, I had to come up with something else.

Mia Wolfmaker Wyndbain

***Made in Wolfmaker by Wyndbain***
Character belongs to Mia (me/Element02)

Someone eventually lead me to find wolfmaker by Wyndbain on DA (DeviantArt), and when I finally finished the design, I knew that I had breathed new life into my character. I had set in motion something that was always meant to be because now I knew how I was always meant to look as a furry. Things seemed to fall into place after that.

There was still a LOT to learn about the fandom…
There were the different species, the difference between closed species and open species. Then there were just species rules in general. I finally learned that being a furry did not always have to involve the sexual aspect, and that, to me, was one of the biggest reliefs ever! I also had to learn about bases and linearts…about adopts, and how to credit an artist. I learned a lot about what art theft was and eventually found myself making an account on Furaffinity (FA) because I had taken to drawing furries as well. Through FA I learned about commissions and realized that I could buy art…(because before I thought you just had to make really good friends that would then draw you, which you can do, but I’m an introvert and pretty much invisible soooooooo).

I learned how to reach out to other furries, I learned that it was okay to have a Fursona and then have other characters that you use for role-playing or just have because they represent a certain aspect of yourself (or you just want to horde characters, it’s really all up to you). I learned that there are those that like to be secretive about being a furry, those that only tell you when they are asked (like me), and those that flaunt it. I learned that…you do NOT need a fursuit in order to be a real furry. In fact, you don’t even need to wear tails or ears if it’s something you do not wish to do.

I guess it’s just amazing how little I knew back in 2008 and how I did not try that hard to figure out what a furry was or how I could become more involved in such a community. Even now, I’m pretty much just a tiny voice among much louder voices…but at least now, I don’t feel so alone. My character has changed…and I have got to see her evolution into something that is really me. I ended up getting a free reference sheet. I have since commissioned artists, won free art. I actively participate in raffles, do art trades, help others develop their characters, and even doodle for people wanting to create their own species.

Rune by Talia Quinn

***Art by Talia-Quinn (FB***
Rune belongs to me/Element02

I created “Rune” -My Angel Dragon- (who runs this blog lol) as a separate piece of me, as a vision of my innocence and child-like personality. He is the “new beginning” for me in coming back to the furry fandom. He started off right…with a reference, with a name, with a story…knowing where to go and how to introduce himself. Rune started off by knowing how to become something, and like Mia, he is part of me, part of my soul, and represents what I fight for and believe in.

So yeah…this could have been worded better, could have been something more “amusing” if I gave it the time, but, I figured I would ramble a bit instead and kinda give you an idea of what being a furry was like for me. :p

More furry highlights to come later in the week! I see you in the next blog 😉

PS= For those wondering what happened with Tome, while him and I do not speak that much anymore, he is no longer a cat. Last i knew, he had become a Sergal, but, that was forever ago. lol.

Furry Highlight #5: ZATA-S


sweet sleep my love

*** “Sleep sweet my love” by Zata-S ***

1. Name:
My Real Name is Marissa but i prefer to be called by me username Zata ^^
2. Age:
Will be 19 on 7 march :3
3. Gender:
4. Location:
5. Hobbies:
Sculpture , Drawing, Listening music, and Working on a future comic
6.Fursona Name:
Zata or Marissa
7. Species:
Mexican Wolf


FA link here:
DA link here:
Other Gallery links here: Facebook :

8. When did you discover/join the Furry Fandom?
Huuuum i don’t remember well :O

9. What inspired the creation of your main Fursona?
First I had a pokesona but i wanted an animal sona and i love wolf sooo xD

10. In what ways is your Fursona like you and in what ways may they be different?
Hmm i don’t really know we have the same accessories ( earring bracelet necklaces [ sorry i’ve a terrible english X.X])

11. What are some common misconceptions you hear about Furries?
I don’t understand the question 030″

12. What are some problems you have seen within the Furry Community?
some people are hum “original” to not say weird or strange x3 I was a little bit afraid of that before x)

13. Have you ever been insulted for being a Furry?
Me best friend XD But not really for being a furry she was telling me ” Stop drawing anthro you draw a wolf or a human but not a mix of it D8<” XD

14. Have any of these things ever made you consider leaving the fandom?
Nope :3

15. Has your character (Fursona) changed your life in any way?
I don’t know how to tell it in english can you translate? I got more Confidence en moi

16. If you could meet your Fursona in real life…what might you talk about or what activities might you do together?
I don’t know XD

17. As an artist, do you have trouble showing non-furries your artwork? Why/Why not?
Nope i like to draw everything :3

18. What are your views on Art Theft? (Tracing, Heavy referencing, selling colored bases made by others, or flat-out taking artwork, etc).
That depend of what type of art theft a lot of beginner Retrace drawing from other artist and it help them to progress i did it too! But if you do Credit the artist or put the link of the base image you used
After for character theft like copy past a Design or a pattern I totally dislike it …


19. Do you draw SFW or NSFW? If both…which do you prefer and why?
I started draw some NSFW It’s pretty fun xD But i like drawing SFW too :3


20. Do you sell your artwork? Why/ Why not?
Yep I do YCH and Digital traditional drawing and sculpture commission . Why? Because i don’t have a real job for the moment and next years i’ll continue too study soooo that’s how i win some money i save money for a lot of thing My School, better drawing material and sometime to buy manga or anime figurine that’s true ^^”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*** All artwork by Zata-S and one collab featuring Tsuntsun ***

So there we have it for Zata-S…one of the youngest artists we have ever interviewed here 😀 It’s interesting to see the difference between new artists and those that have been drawing for years in the fandom. It would seem that those involved in the fandom for longer generally have more to say and have experienced more of the drama and seen more of the issues in the fandom even though their love for it has grown deeper as well.

Also, remember that Zata-S has special art deals going on all through the month of February!!! Get special YCH for your characters at relly cheap prices as well as commissions and etc!

While I have yet to commission Zata-S for art, it’s def something that I would like to do in the future. I wish her the best in her future works and future comic, and I really can’t wait to see how her art continues to develop and improve!

So, we have now reached 5 different Furry Highlights! How are you liking them thus far??? Whether you’re an artist, watcher, or other type of hobbyist…so long as you are a furry, this blog wants to interview YOU!!! So, if you’re interested in being part of “Furry Highlights”, please leave a comment down below so that we can connect via social media and work out the details 😀

And as always, I will see you in the next one 😉

Furry Highlight #4: HIPPIEWOLF

WARNING: Some Content might be NSFW 😉

Seth the Absanyx by HW

*** “Seth the Absanyx” by: hippiewolf ***

1. Name: Javier
2. Age: 22
3. Gender: male
4. Location: Argentina
5. Hobbies: antiques restoration
6.Fursona Name: Seth
7. Species: Absanyx

FA link here:
DA link here:

8. When did you dicover/join the Furry Fandom?
Back in 2010



9. What inspired the creation of your main Fursona?
Well, this is related to when I joined the fandom. One day I dreamed about my sona. Weird? Oh yes. Never seen a furry before, but that night I saw a winged wolf flying in the forest. My sona! A wolf with blue and grey fur flying around and looking at me D:
Then woke up and thought… wtf happened. Took a piece of paper and drew a sketch what I saw to not forget it, then went back to sleep. Next day I wanted to find some answers about that and…ended up here, in the furry fandom. But never knew why this happened.



10. In what ways is your Fursona like you and in what ways may they be different?
We’re absolutely equal. x3 personality, attitude, some physical aspects



11. What are some common misconceptions you hear about Furries?
idk, i dont pay attention to what people think about furries



12. What are some problems you have seen within the Furry Community?
Too much drama, young people with lots of mental issues, you know, another day in the fandom.. xD



13. Have you ever been insulted for being a Furry?
Yup, and some people have tasted the taste of my fists as well. :3



14. Have any of these things ever made you consider leaving the fandom? Why/Why not?
Nope, as i said before, i don’t about people’s opinion about furries



15. Has your character (Fursona) changed your life in any way?
I’m not sure…but maybe a bit, yeah



16. If you could meet your Fursona in real life…what might you talk about or what activities might you do together?
I think i’d faint first lol



17. As an artist, do you have trouble showing non-furries your artwork?



18. What are your views on Art Theft? (Tracing, Heavy referencing, selling colored bases made by others, or flat-out taking artwork, etc).
Meh, i dont care. Karma exists.



19. Do you draw SFW or NSFW? If both…which do you prefer and why?
Both, and prefer nsfw, I like characters looking natural.



20. Do you sell your artwork? Why/ Why not?
Nope, I only do free art because it’s a hobby for me :3


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*** All art featured by: hippiewolf ***

I was actually recommended to go watch hippiewolf some time last year when a friend of his posted in one of the Facebook groups I am part of. He was doing 50 pieces of free art, and needed more people to volunteer for it. In fact, he is the reason I created a Furaffinity in the first place 😀

Seeing his style was…awe-inspiring. Just the roughness of it but how it feels so fluid and natural no matter how sketchy. I also fell in love with his use of cooler colors outside of specs for his character (which are generally a yellowish-orange). Just a very unique and interesting style. While the 50 free pieces never did come to be, now hippiewolf does (almost) daily raffles for free art, and I was one of the lucky winners. He did an artistic nude of my winged wolf Mia which I still cherish to this day:

Mia by Hippiewolf PAINT

I still try for the daily raffles, and, from what I have seen of this artist…he is is ‘fun’. Literally. He likes to play, joke, be flirty…and people love him for it. Are they begging for his art? Well, a lot of people enter the raffles, but they also just like the interactions with him. They like him just as much as a person (it seems to me) as they want art from him as an artist. He has great chemistry with his followers…which is something that I find very important. Interviewing him with these questions was a treat, because, it’s always interesting to see the battle between SFW versus NSFW art. A lot of the artists I follow think there is too much p0rn in the furry fandom and they like to keep their stuff clean…but, hippiwolf’s art is not ‘porn’. As he said…he likes to keep things natural….and that’s what his art is, “natural”.

When drawing nudes his are always very tasteful and artistic…and even when drawing sex, it’s not crazy or porn-like, but rather like the act of actual love-making. It’s sensual, passionate, and raw. Hardly like any other form of NSFW that I have ever seen.

But, enough rambling 0////0
Thanks again to hippiewolf for taking the time to answer my questions and submit art for this  blog! As always, please give this amazing artist a follow on either DA or FA (feel free to let them know how you found out about them 😉 ) and seriously, try out for these amazing raffles!!!

There are more Furry-Highlight blogs to come with artists and regufurs alike! If you want to be featured in “Furry Highlights”, just drop a comment down below with a link to where I might reach you and leave you a message!!! Until the next one 😉

Furry Highlight #3 KEYLAWOLF

Tag Youre It by KeylaWolf PAINT

*** “Tag You’re It” by: Keylawolf ***

1. Name: Vivi
2. Age: 15
3. Gender: female
4. Location: Germany
5. Hobbies: drawing, swimming, gaming, cuddling :3
6.Fursona Name: Keyla
7. Species: Wolf

FA link here:
DA link here:

8. When did you dicover/join the Furry Fandom?
Well, I guess one and a half years ago.


9. What inspired the creation of your main Fursona?
Probably boredom. oh my.


10. In what ways is your Fursona like you and in what ways may they be different?
Actually Keyla is a lot like me. She might be a little slimmer than I am (haha) but other
than that…


11. Have you ever been insulted for being a Furry?
No, probably because nobody really knows what a furry is in my area. 😛


12. Has your character (Fursona) changed your life in any way?
A little. I have a char to draw when I’m bored now 😀


13. If you could meet your Fursona in real life…what might you talk about or what activities might you do together?
I guess we’d say likely to nothing. We’re not very talkative, and i guess we know each other pretty well… i think we would just play some video games and chill. And we’d eat A LOT of cookies.


14. As an artist, do you have trouble showing non-furries your artwork? Why/Why not?
When I show my artwork to some of my classmates they are equally impressed. It’s art, it doesn’t matter if your character is human or not :3


15. What are your views on Art Theft? (Tracing, Heavy referencing, selling colored bases made by others, or flat-out taking artwork, etc).
Ugh. I absolutely hate it. Why don’t you (art theft people) take the time to practice yourself and get popular because of people adoring YOUR artstyle ?


16. Do you draw SFW or NSFW? If both…which do you prefer and why?
Only SFW. I’ve been through some rough times and I just… idk, I don’t think it’s necessary… well at least it shouldn’t be…


17. Do you sell your artwork? Why/ Why not?
Yes, because I like drawing other people’s characters and i can always use some extra money QwQ

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*** Artwork being featured by: Keylawolf, zimpuppy, and nyogart ***

I actually had the honor of getting art from Keylawolf when she replied to a journal I had written on FA about a dying friend. This friend of mine has a serious infection in the lining of her heart and it had been just recently that she was told she only had 6-9 months left to live unless they could come up with some miracle cure for her (as she had not been responding to other treatments).

Keylawolf reached out to me and even though I could not pay, she said she would do a piece for my friend, consisting of my friend, myself (whom she considers her sis), and my mate (her Bro). A family piece since this friend considers herself a wolf, and my mate and I her pack…so, it was a very sweet gesture, and only one of 2 people that decided that they could help. I had not even been a watcher of her page before that, and her art  turned out to be really well-done, and she has been a favorite on my list ever sense. So, it was a real joy and honor getting her to interview with me so that I might showcase her art.

Here is the piece she presented me last year:

By Keylawolf PAINT

Even now I have it on my wall and it is one of my favorites! 😀
So, many thanks again!

Anyways…this has been our third interview and “Furry Highlight”.
If you are liking what you see, please feel free to follow the blog, share it with your friends, and as always, please give these amazing artists a like and watch! If you would like to be featured in “Furry Highlights”, leave a comment down below with a link to where I might contact you, and you might soon see yourself featured in this blog!
I am going to try and post at least 1-2 highlights per week…

Until the next one 😉

Tony Tiger and Chester Cheetah supposedly getting sexually harassed by Furry Fandom.


I have been hearing about this since last week…and needless to say it makes me…sick?
It makes me angry….and for a lot of people in the Furry Fandom, it has them in a rage as well.

Furries in the media are often portrayed one of 3 ways. Either they are portrayed as being people that wear suits to conventions, they are shown on “strange addiction” shows with a concerned parent, OR they show up in stuff like this up above where they are being deemed as a super sexual sub-culture that liked to look at animal dick. -_-

It’s really sad because in all honesty…I want to think that these people are trolls. But, I know there are some that are being legitimate in their need to see these character’s genitalia…and some are indeed furries and therefore a voice in the community…and they are choosing to give us all the wrong sorts of attention for ourselves.



So the gist of the story is that Tony the Tiger (mascot of “Frosted Flakes” cereal) started getting some weird tweets. People wanted to see his genitalia, wanted him to say they were loved by him, and also that he might do them some sexual favors. Naturally, the mascot replied to keep it all family-friendly on his page, but the tweets got worse, and so, the person running the Twitter Account (or multiple people) started blocking the creepers…but would often go too far and would just start blocking random furries.

People lashed out and were getting angry that furries were getting randomly blocked when they had done nothing wrong. One basically said to stop blocking random furries because, not all of them were “after Tony’s frost”. It was only after the incident with Tony the Tiger started that Chester the Chetah from “Cheetoh’s” brand chips also started getting hit with the same strange tweets. Furries have come out and said that their image is being damaged by these trolls…but what it rolls down to is that not all of the people posting weird tweets were trolls. Some were legit members of the fandom, and they think things like this are okay.

Unfortunately, like any fandom…there are those dark corners where some members reside. The darker, more sexual side with the kinkier and creepier fetishes that most fans try to avoid. They exist…and some are in the furry fandom for sexual purposes and nothing more. While they may be few in comparison to the majority of the fandom, they still exist…and are enough in number to represent us all in the wrong light.

That’s why I get so frustrated! Even if I was not a furry, when would something like this be okay? When it is okay to go up to a mascot’s personal page followed by adults and children alike and ask for sexual favors and dick pics? I am beyond baffled because unlike the creep tweeters, I was actually raised to be a decent human being.

Just one more reason to add to my: “Why I hate humanity” list -_-

But, tell me what you think!!!
Leave your own thoughts in the comment-section down below, and I will see you in the next blog 😉

Coming out as a Furry?


I saw a post on my Instagram and finally someone had the balls to say what I have been thinking for some time: “STOP COMING OUT AS A FURRY!”

some of you might be tilting your head (as is expected), but this is a thing…it’s a thing I see every single day, and when I do, I kinda cringe. Listen, back in 2008 when I joined the fandom, no one was “coming out” as a Furry…and this person on Instagram basically said it best: “It’s not a sexuality.”

How can I best word this? People complain that being a Furry is often mislabeled as Zoophilia and tied to Bestiality. But, if you’re “coming out” as a Furry, wouldn’t people assume it’s something sexual? As someone who is a lesbian (irl of course), my “coming out” was my announcing to the world that I am attracted to other women, that I want to have sex with the same gender, that I quite literally want to one day have my face in a vagina. So, by “coming out” as a Furry to the uneducated…what would that look like? It would seem as though you are attracted to animals…that you have sexual feelings towards (often) four-legged creatures…and it…looks weird.

Plus, I guess I just don’t see being a furry as being the same struggle as other types that have to come out…like those in the LGBT Community. Being a furry is a hobby. Yes, it can be a type of lifestyle for some, but it’s one that is often pretty private for most. if you want to shout it out from the rooftops, then by all means do so…but, I can already tell you that most people will not even care. Asides from the occasional hater (which you would experience for liking anything else on this planet because there is always someone hating on something), being a furry is not going to make you alien. In fact, outside of some playful teasing and some stupid questions…most people are going to forget you’re a furry unless you have gone and decided to live in your fursuit and never show your human face anywhere ever again!

People have this crazed and deranged fear of coming out to their families and partners asking: “What if they don’t like it?”, “I’m worried…they might disown me”, and etc.

Here’s the point-of-the-matter: If you’re family ends up finding out that you are a Furry and does not like it…worst case scenario is that you have to take the multiple furry posters off of your wall, cannot wear a fursuit around the house, and have to keep photos in a folder under your bed or keep it strictly online. It might only restrict you from talking about it at the kitchen table while your Dad is home. But, chances are, your parents are going to find out…you can sit down and speak with them calmly about the fandom and what it entails (leave out the pr0n bits or any weird fetish you might unearthed), and then they will NEVER ask you about it, EVER again. Coming from a place where furries are synonymous with “animal fuckers”, I know this to be true.

SECONDLY: If you by chance tell your partner you are a Furry and/or they find out by other means and then they leave you — THEY ARE NOT MEANT FOR YOU!!! Having come out of a 5-year relationship where I was made to keep my “furry self” a secret because my ex thought it was weird and gross…you can either live in secret for the rest of your life and be miserable about it, or you can watch them walk away, find someone better who will understand you, and then live a much happier life. You’re choice.

But seriously..stop acting like coming out as a furry is such a strenuous deal when it really is not. You should not have to outright tell someone, but rather, wait for them to fucking ask. It’s no one’s business what you like, what fandom you’re in, or otherwise. It’s not something you should have to rub in people’s faces. Fandoms are personal preference and should be kept as personal as possible. If you find more furries to talk with, that’s great…but there’s no reason to wear a big button on your shirt to identify yourself. Whether it be in your home, at your partner’s house, out in public. This is all coming from someone who will gladly say: “I am a furry”, but, only when people ask.

My FB profile picture? It’s my winged wolf. My cover photo? Again, my winged wolf. Does my family ask? No. Does my partner care? No. Do my friends care? Not really…but some had some questions (those questions literally being: “Are you a furry” and “When did this happen?”…then after that it was nothing. They did not care.). Do I flaunt it? Why would I? What’s the point? Do I talk about it? Sometimes…
Naturally, if someone seems to have the wrong ideas about the fandom, I’m going to correct them but otherwise, I don’t say anything unless I’m talking to another furry.

Someone made the point of saying: “Coming out as a furry is like coming out to say you like basketball or that you like Van Gogh paintings.”
Both of which I find to be true. So, I know it’s an unpopular opinion…and there will be those who find this and rage about their struggles of being a furry, being misunderstood, and maybe kicked out of their home. I’m not saying that struggle cannot be there…but it’s 2016, and no one is really giving so much of a flying fuck about furries anymore since they are becoming more and more a mainstream thing. I’m from a time when it was still pretty secret. Websites were still hard to find and trying to join a forum was a hit-and-miss whether you were running into actual furries or a troll-trap for haters of the furry fandom to pick on people. So yeah…things are not so bad now, and being a furry is just not something I find worthy of a “coming out”.

So again…please stop. :/

More art interview being posted this week!
Shoutouts at the end of the week! If interested in being interviewed for the “Furry Highlights” section, either drop a comment in the comment-section down below or find me via my FB Page or FA and send a message my way! See you all in the next blog 😉

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