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THRUSHES: Special Art Deal!

Trickster P

** “Tricksters” by: Thrushes **

I am an illustrator who enjoys creating wildlife and fantasy pieces.
When I’m not drawing, I’m hiking with my mutts, sculpting, baking, studying. This account is primarily for FA related works. My personal art blog can be found at

So…special shoutout goes to THRUSHES! I reached out to him via FurAffinity for an interview, and while he politely declined because he does not identify as a Furry and therefore felt he could not answer all the questions I pose for artists, he pointed me in the direction of another person who would help me out.
While I would love to interview him, I told him he deserved a shout-out for getting back to me and plus, his work is SUPER gorgeous!!!

But right now, I saw that THRUSHES is having a really cool art sale for those who are interested in taking up a commission!!! Check it out:


There’s so much you can get for half the price of regular art…like I said, his stuff is beautiful :3
Totally worth it if you’re looking for a great artist, and again, he is super friendly and produces amazing quality work. Just make sure you follow the links below:

TOS via Tumblr:


Furry Highlight #2: NARNIA

Chib naroo by Narnia
**“Chib N’aroo” by: NARNIA**

1. Name: Narnia (Narn)
2. Age:  19
3. Gender: Female
4. Location: Canada
5. Hobbies: Drawing is my only hobby ;v;’
6.Fursona Name: N’aroo
7. Species: Siberian Tiger

FA link here:
DA link here:

8. When did you dicover/join the Furry Fandom?
I knew about it long ago, but stayed away from it because of all the porn. :’)
I then joined FA to keep in contact with some friends who were leaving deviantART, and then never left it lol

9. What inspired the creation of your main Fursona?
I like tigers. So I made a tiger. :^)
Not much thought went into it.

10. In what ways is your Fursona like you and in what ways may they be different?
I only made one so I don’t have to post my face on FA x3
They aren’t like me at all.

11. What are some common misconceptions you hear about Furries?
HMMMM WELLL that most of them like fucking animals
I’m sure that’s not true- right? >__>;

12. What are some problems you have seen within the Furry Community?
People who beg for art. People who try to be your friend and then ask you for free art later. Yiffers. Art thieves. Oh it’s a lovely community but artists do suffer.
There’s also a boundary issue. Most of the furries I’ve met are super clingy and overstep lines. It’s pretty annoying.

13. Have you ever been insulted for being a Furry?
Well I don’t actually consider myself a furry. I don’t want to be one at all. No thanksss
I’m just here to sell art and draw cute animals.
I don’t judge.

14. Have any of these things ever made you consider leaving the fandom? Why/Why not?
Naaah I’m not very sensitive. The block button is there for a reason lmao
AND if I did leave I wouldn’t have my friends. I’ve met so many ❤
Something-Awful, Chanrom, and Mekuso
(((srsly they are amazing, check them out)))

15. Has your character (Fursona) changed your life in any way?
Well she’s fulled my addiction to commissions. God help me.

16. If you could meet your Fursona in real life…what might you talk about or what activities might you do together?
I think if I saw a tiger walking on two paws I’d scream
Seriously, I wouldn’t want to meet them. 😐

17. As an artist, do you have trouble showing non-furries your artwork? Why/Why not?
Yea there’s a problem. I can’t put any of this furry artwork into my portfolios.. which sucks. I don’t show my friends or family my artwork either, so other then that I don’t have a problem. I don’t draw porn so most of my art is enjoyable by all.

18. What are your views on Art Theft? (Tracing, Heavy referencing, selling colored bases made by others, or flat-out taking artwork, etc).
I think it’s lazy. And really lame. Anyone can draw, it just takes practice. I don’t think that base recolours are art theft though. That’s a whole other issue..
heavily referencing imo is fine as long as the artist gives permission and is credited.
I’ve never had to deal with major art theft before. But I’m sure I will have to soon <:

19. Do you draw SFW or NSFW? If both…which do you prefer and why?
I draw SFW 🙂 I do pinups and artistic nudity , but I don’t draw porn.
In my opinion most of the porn on FA is disgusting. I’ve seen too much shit..
rape porn among other things is one of the worst. I don’t give a shit, it’s just not okay.
I like SFW because the art sells for the skill and the idea, rather then because it’s “hot”

20. Do you sell your artwork? Why/ Why not?
The only reason why I’m on FA is to do such that <:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

**All Art/Edits made by: NARNIA**

Serious thanks to NARNIA for participating in the “Furry Highlights”!!! The questions have been fleshed out for artists now, and still working on a questionarre for other types of furries (like other hobbyists, fursuiters, and etc). Still, it was an honor getting an interview from them as I watch their page for updates almost obsessively sometimes :3
Be sure to check out their page for awesome art, commissions, and the other pages linked in the questions up above.

Thanks so much for reading! More interviews will be posted later in the week and already have some fleshed out for next week as well! See you all in the next one 😉

Partner’s joining the Furry fandom

By Elle Cat
*** Milo and Rori by Elle Cat ***
[Characters owned by Amelia Rene Long]

I saw something the other day…and it made me think that I should write about it.
Couples in the Furry fandom…

Now, this encompasses a lot of different things. I’m not talking just about couples that are both furries. But, I’m talking about couples where one person is a serious furry and the other is not as serious, I’m talking about couples where one person is a furry and they someone bring their partner into it whether they want to be part of it or not, and then I’m talking about the couples where one person is a furry and the other is not and may not even know that their partner has a Fursona. It’s nothing bad…just merely something I find interesting.

I have been part of a lot of these types of ‘relationships’…all the different kinds mentioned above. So, I have learned a lot from it.

My first serious relationship was with a girl in NYC…and she was around when I first joined the fandom. She knew because I finally admitted to being addicted to Furcadia, and when asked about it, I finally explained how a friend had finally revealed to me that I was a Furry and that I was using Furcadia to become more a part of the community…to meet more people like myself. Well, luckily for me, she never thought it was weird or odd. I explained to her the misconceptions and then, she decided that while she could not really get into it herself…she would still make a Fursona so that maybe her and I could get art together one day. I still remember today that her character was a black cat with a white star over one of her eyes and purple punk clothing. Literally she just called herself “Star” since no depth was ever really added to the character. But…her and I eventually split and thus I moved onto a whole new relationship with a whole new idea about whether my being a “Furry” was acceptable or not…

The second relationship that comes to mind was with my most recent ex. I fell off the Furry bandwagon for awhile because I was too caught up in all that ‘puppy love’, but, once that faded and we were getting to know each other on that deeper level, I finally told her about my being a Furry.
It was more or less an accident. She stumbled in my room while we were moving and came across a folder with some old furry art in it that I had done. Either way, she questioned me about it, and alas, I explained the Furry fandom, what it meant to me…my interpretation of it and etc. Well, she was not having it at all. Like most people from around my hometown, she compared the fandom to zoophilia and bestiality. No matter what I told her, she would not believe me, and told me it was not right. I let go of the furry fandom for so long, and occasionally would sneak it behind her back…downloading Furcadia while she was away and then deleting it before she came to visit. It wasn’t until 2014 that I finally said enough was enough and finally embraced…me. But, that was because my current mate.

My current mate was luckily already part of the Furry fandom, and had been for much longer than I had ever been. She is not as into it or involved as I may be…but she never questions my characters, nor what I may or may not look at in terms of art. I don’t show her off nor her me…we don’t have to instantly tell everyone we are together because we feel the need to scream it to the world. We don’t need a title with each other to show we are exclusive to one another…but that’s just our model. And, I have never been happier in my life.

So, more to the point…

I have been seeing this surplus of people making ‘characters’ for their mates…and while being questioned over it, they say that their mate does not want to be a furry or has no interest in the fandom so their partners just went and made them a Fursona. I guess part of me thinks that is wrong. A fursona is supposed to be so much more than just a character. To me, it’s meant to represent someone as a piece of their soul. I can understand people wanting to have that character so their Fursona can be drawn with a mate…but at the same time, are you really representing that person in the right way? Would they even approve of that character? Couldn’t you find a way to draw your character and maybe have them drawn as they see themselves which is human? Either way…it’s not really any of my business, merely something I observed that interested me.

Most people are lucky enough to find someone from the fandom to date. Then there are the “closet furries” that i mentioned earlier. I was a closet furry with my family, and I still am to some extent…but then there are the people that are seriously involved in the fandom that have failed to tell their partners about it.
Dating anyone should always be about honesty. Two people can date each other and be fully compatible without having things 100% in common. My mate and I are like this. We don’t always like the same things…she hates horror and gore but I love it. She likes FPS games, and I’m more of an MMORPG person myself. But, we still work. But, these people are always on Furaffinity and chatting in furry groups…they role-play with their characters and are pretty well known in the fandom. Yes, they are keeping this secret from their mate because the mate hates the fandom, thinks it’s gross, and they do not want to lose this person.

I mean…it’s not healthy, right? From the get-go, I feel it should have been revealed to the party in question that this person is a Furry…that this is a really big part of their life and who they are. If that person did not agree with it, then you saved yourself heartache (because I made that mistake with my ex by trying to be a closet furry). I guess, to me, hiding it from family is one thing because you won’t live with your Mom/Dad forever…but, hiding it from someone you think you want a full life with because thy think it’s disgusting??? That’s like dying your hair because so-and-so prefers red heads and thinks being blond is not attractive. Or, it’s like starving yourself because he wants to see you in that bikini even though you were just fine with the way you looked, but he said you needed to look better.

Having to hide a piece of yourself is not giving him your 100% and it’s going to end up being toxic to the relationship. eventually he/she is going to find out and then you will probably have to make a choice: “give up the fandom” or “give up the relationship”.

Now, it’s not always so extreme…and sometimes people come out to their mates and the mates are totally cool with it. they support it even if they don’t fully understand the appeal of it. Other times, they just don’t want to hear about it and figure that what you do in your own time is your own business. Some say it’s okay so long as you never wear a suit…and somehow they make that compromise and everything is okay. But yeah, I’m still kinda on the fence about making a fursona of a mate without their input on it…
I don’t like it when people make their mate a character in secret because it feels like it’s just wrong…like they are placing a piece of their soul next to this empty shell of a character that doesn’t really exist because there isn’t a real person behind it. It’s a weird thought…but that’s just how I see it…and I know that other people will have their own opinions.

But, what about you? If you’re in a relationship…is your partner a Furry too? If they are not a furry, have you made them a character? Why/Why not? Did they have any part in making the character or did you do it alone based off of what you thought was best? What do you think about people having to hide being a furry from their significant others because that other person think it’s gross? Would the relationship even be worth it to you if you had to hide who you are?

Let me know in the comment-section down below.
I am still looking for furries to interview for “Furry Highlights” so hit me up if you’re interested in volunteering your time and words :3
I will see you in the next blog 😉

Furry Highlight #1: SHEWULF


** “Can’t Touch This…” by: Shewulf7 **

Name: Ru
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Location: USA

Furry (Fursona) name: Shewulf
Species: Wolf
Suit? No

Hobbies: Video-games, drawing, sampling new types of food, detailing vehicles, cleaning in general.

Artist Page(s):
FurAffinity LINK:
DeviantArt LINK:

When did you come to the Furry Fandom?
I was made aware of the term ‘furry’ and the fandom when I was 20 years old [8 years ago]. I was introduced to it by my Younger Brother who had discovered it via the internet and had already become part of the fandom himself.

What inspired your character?
The species chose because I always had a fascination with lycanthropy. I always had a thing for werewolves and it was the closest thing to the furry fandom that I had known previously, so that followed me over to the Furry fandom. So, I decided to make my character as natural looking as possible. However the orange sleeves and muzzle etc was inspired by my Brother already having a fox character. Showed we were related and etc.

Is your character like you or did you give them a different personality?
My character is me.

Has your character made you a better person in any way or changed your life at all?
My character inspires me to be stronger and to continue…despite how much strife I may come upon. Reminding myself the raw fierce character that is within myself has gotten me through many situations of my life. And making it through those situations has molded me into the adult that I am today.

If you could meet your character in real life what would you tell her (if anything)?
It would be a conversation with myself…so, that could be anything…literally.

Do you own a fursuit?

Any plans of getting a suit in the future? Why/ Why not?
I plan to get a partial fursuit in the future. I always wondered what it would be like to wear one, and it just seems like a fun thing to do.

What are some common misconceptions you have heard about furries and the fandom?
The classic “If you’re a furry, you like to have sex with animals.” or that you are a person that indefinitely owns or wears a fursuit. Also that the majority of the art for the furry fandom is pornographic.

Has anyone ever insulted you personally for being a Furry?
I was verbally attacked through XBOX LIVE on more than one occasion because my gamertag contains my character’s name. I was dubbed a “furry fag” and that I should go “yiff in hell”, and automatically because I was a furry, I was gay.

Have any of these insults made you want to quit the fandom?

Are there any issues that you have witnessed inside of the Furry Fandom?
I see people being too critical of others…and even harassing people simply because one’s character does not fit to another individual’s criteria. It defeats the whole purpose of making a character if one character has been made over several years and then gets ridiculed and disgraced over social media. If the whole reason is to find an outer shell to express yourself and then have someone tell you it’s wrong (because it’s a mixed species or has weird colors etc).

I feel that no one has the fucking right to say that about anyone’s outer skin. To me it’s the same as being racist. It’s only been made okay because there are rules being added. I have been told my wolf is too plain or it’s boring, it’s unoriginal, it’s not well developed…but I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks about my Fursona because it’s me. It’s no more exciting or dull as myself. And others shouldn’t care what others say about their character either. It’s like someone insulting you on the street saying you look plain or your eyes or messed up or something like that. That kind of bigotry within the Furry fandom defeats the whole purpose of it being a community.

As a Furry Artist do you have difficulty showing non-furries your artwork?
Yes I do.
Even before I was a furry, any self-portrait I did, I did as a wolf or a lycanthrope. I can not draw people. I do not have the capability to put true expression on paper with a human being. I feel that the body language or the simple presence of my character as a wolf as something that is raw and natural shows my true emotions behind any drawing that I do. But whether people judge me or not, I’m mostly indifferent to their opinions.

What is your view on NSFW artwork? Do you draw NSFW?
Well, like anyone else I have my preferences for different types of NSFW art. I’m not offended by one category over the other. If it’s someone’s way of expression or means of making money through commissions is fine by me. I do not draw it because I do not have the skills necessary for doing NSFW artwork.

What is your view on art theft?
Selling another person’s art without permission or recognition is always wrong. However someone tracing something for themselves should not be so heavily frowned upon. It’s a way of development for some, even if most people do not think so…and I think it’s a way for some people to become a better artist. However, claiming someone’s art as your own and trying to sell someone’s work that is not your own is always wrong.

Do you sell your artwork? Why/Why not?
I do not sell artwork.
My skill is not at the level for me to actually ask people for money. I also do not have the time because my job. I would not be able to get art out to people on a timely fashion. I still have a lot of development in trying to draw other species other than what I comfortable with.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

**Art being showcased by: Shewulf7, Thelostcause86, and Squiddybum**

That’s it for the first “Furry Highlights”!
I got a bit of a late start, but many thanks to Shewulf for helping me “test drive” the interview…
She was really patient with me and helped me develop questions to ask other people. Not all Furry highlights will be the same. I hope to ask different people, different questions based off of their interests, their characters, and etc. The goal of “Furry Highlights” is to showcase all furries from all over whether popular or near invisible to other people. Artists, fursuiters, writers, or watchers…it does not matter.

So, if you would like to participate in future interviews for “Furry highlights”, please leave a comment down below. But for now, that’s all we have, so, I will see you all in the next blog 😉

Welcome to Rune’s Furry Blog!

By NexyPoptarts

I have never been good with the introductions, but what else can I say other than “Welcome to my Blog”?

Instead of telling you about me right away…I will keep it simple and answer some questions you might be having:

  • What is the point of this blog?

The point of this blog is talking about the Furry fandom.
Whether this be about art, suits, things in the media, or etc…if I think it’s important to discuss and it concerns Furries, then it will be here.

  • What are Furry highlights?

Furry Highlights focuses on all furries EVERYWHERE!
It does not matter if you have a full suit, partial suit, no suit, no art, or whatever. So long as you have a character and have a story as to how you came across the fandom and/or why you joined in on being a Furry, I want to showcase everyone. My hope is to make YouTube videos of most of the interviews and then post them here for your watching. But, for those not wanting to be physically heard or seen, there will be written interviews posted here too.

  • What are your goals when it comes to this blog?

My goals? Quite simply…I want to make the Furry fandom a better place. I want to be a voice of reason amongst utter chaos (at times). I want to find a way to band us all together as one group and one family…and I want to cut the drama where I can. I want to showcase those that are lesser known and help them find their voice. I want to help people get ‘known’ for all the right reasons rather than all the wrong ones.

  • If I want to be interviewed, how would I do that? What do I need in order to be interviewed???

If you want to be interviewed, you can always comment on my blog, or message me if you know me on social sites (Facebook Page and Furaffinity will be listed down below). You just need a character and be a Furry. No art or suit required. Just be prepared to answer some questions!!! 😀


That’s all there is to it really.
So again, welcome to my Blog…I look forward to seeing new followers, new faces, and look forward to seeing the good things this blog might bring. It might be slow-going since I still have to set up a YouTube and all of that…but ultimately, once this thing gets kicked into gear and the ball gets rolling, hopefully there will be no stopping it.

Thanks again for checking this out, and let’s make this fandom a better place, even if it’s just one blog post at a time 😀

Rune’s Facebook Page:
Rune’s Furaffinity:


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